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    Wolfenstein has come a long way since it's debut in 1992 with Wolfenstein 3D for Windows Dos, following up with it's expansion, "Spear of Destiny later in the year. Then for a long while, nothing had happened with Wolfenstein, and many thought it couldn't be expanded until ID software released Return to Castle Wolfenstein on November 19th, 2001. The game's multiplayer was such a huge success that they made a multiplayer expansion called, "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory".

    It's now 2009, and Raven Software and ID software have brought us "Wolfenstein", which takes place right after the events of RTCW (Return to Castle Wolfenstein).

    Story: You play as William "B.J" Blazkowicz, as you have for the two previous game. This time around you're sent to the town of Isenstadt. The town was recently inhabited by Nazis who are at it again. Their plan is to master an occult force known as the Black Sun. With this mysterious power source at their disposal, no army on Earth would be able to stand in their path.

    Controls The Controls of the game are perfect. Basic controls are (A) to jump, (B) to crouch/stand, (X) to reload, (Y) to "use" things, (LB) to throw a grenade, (RB) to switch weapons, (RT) to shoot, (LT) to aim, (Click Left Stick) to sprint, and (Back Button) to view the Journal/objectives.

    Graphics: The graphics for Wolfenstein are great.....that being my opinion. In Singleplayer, I liked how well the game looked, compared to some other WW2 games where it didn't seem look anything like a WW2 premise (MOH: Airborne). Sadly, when you enter Multiplayer, the graphics actually look a little downgraded.

    Gameplay (Singleplayer): The Singleplayer gameplay is great. It's more than great, it's probably the best for a game like this. There is a story that leads just about as long as RTCW's storyline (6-7 hours), there are 2 or 3 side missions, and there is also some collectables that add to the game even more. There is gold, which the more you find, the more money you will have for upgrades, there is intelligence, which can unlock some upgrades, and there are tomes that also add some upgrades.

    Gameplay (Multiplayer): Sadly, this is where the game goes downhill. The multiplayer of Wolfenstein is bad. That is an understatement. Let's put it this way, if you are not the host, it will be very difficult to kill due to lag. Also, there are only three classes as opposed to RTCW's five. Everybody will either use the MP40, Rockets, or Flamethrower, because all the other weapons are useless. Takes too long to rank, and finally, there is a 25 frames per second cap.

    Sound: The game honestly sounds great. There are a couple things that seemed to annoy me, such as every NPC (Even the Russian guy) seemed to sound very German-like. Why does every member of the "Resistance" (Insert Terminator Joke here) sound German? Not only that, every German you seem to come in contact with says, "It's the American SPY!", why can't they just say "It's the American!", for that matter, why is there not an option to turn their voices to German? Why is every German in the game speaking near perfect English?

    Achievements: To be honest, I don't agree with people when they say there are too many Multiplayer achievements. There is a well balance between Single and Multiplayer achievements, especially since I've almost gotten them all, though there are some I doubt I will seriously ever get (most of the MP achievements.) If you feel brave, you can go about completing Singleplayer on "I am Death Incarnate" Difficulty your first time through, as the difficulty achievements ARE stackable.

    Final Thoughts: In my opinion, if Raven and ID had worked on the multiplayer a little more, it could have been even better, but like most other companies, they saw another game coming out soon, and wanted to release early instead of waiting. They thought that releasing a week before Batman: Arkham Asylum that perhaps they would get a better impression, and change people's minds. But in releasing early, they hurt themselves, and harcore Wolfenstein Multiplayer players like myself.

    4/5 stars.
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    Wildboy WileyYou're right, there is a 2D wolfenstein called "Castle Wolfenstein (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_Wolfenstein) but it doesn't relate at all to the series started by ID Software....
    Posted by Wildboy Wiley on 19 May 11 at 00:24
    Well ... if only the multiplayer would count my exp./gold correctly. Often the exp. gained in a match simply don't add after it's over (and YES i always waited for the timer to expire).

    That way i doubt i'll be going for my final 24 ranks to level 50 ... damn that final achievement ... and damn max. rank achievements in general.
    Posted on 20 May 11 at 22:01
    CybaDAZBeing a massive RTCW fan on the big old Xbox , i was really looking forward to this .
    That said i traded it in within a week of its release due to the worst lag i had ever seen in a game , and yes i played Q3Arena on the Dreamcast LOL.

    Fast forward a couple of years and i decided last week to pick this up for £5 , i finished off the really good single player campaign , and prepared myself for multiplayer.

    Urgh there are usually 2 lobbies running early evening UK times , tho the lag in a 4v4 is still totally unacceptable.
    It is a good laugh tho , and buried in the lag is a good shooter wanting to get out.
    Wolfie has been surpassed by the Cods and BFs in multiplayer -but still this isnt as good as RTCW some 7/8 years earlier !.
    Posted by CybaDAZ on 11 Sep 11 at 08:59
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    Developed by Raven
    Published by Activision
    Platform(s): xbox 360
    Genre: FPS
    Release: Out now
    Co-op: None
    Multiplayer: 2-12
    PEGI: 18+
    Worth buying? Yes but a grind for 1,000 g

    Story side of the game:
    Wolfenstein is a sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein and is a WWII First Person Shooter. You play as a resistance fighter called B.J. Blazkowicz who is fighting the Germans in a town called Isenstadt (Not a real place). You being the player gets a very rare and powerful Medallion which has very useful powers. These are Veil sight, Empower, Shield and Mire. Veil sight allows the player to see areas that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Empower gives the player an added boost in damage. Shield allows the player to produce a shield which protects from all incoming attacks, as long as they are not within the shield area and Mire allows the player to slow down time giving the player more time to perfect shot or dodge incoming attacks.

    You recieve main and side missions from two main factions, who's intensions are to rid the Nazi's. They are found on the open area of Isenstadt which is split into sectons, Midtown-East, West, and Downtown. There are 10 main missions and 5 side missions. There are many secrets to be found throughout the game such as Gold, Intel and Tomes. With these, you can upgrade your character's weapons and Veil abilities which makes the game much easier. Gold being your money to buy upgrades, Intellegence telling you about the guns and upgrades and Tomes unlocking your Veil upgrades.

    As you progress through the game, the town of Isenstadt becomes stranger and stranger. Supernatural creatures roam the streets of the town, working with the Nazi's. The game itself can be finished in about 7-10 hours if getting all the collectables.

    I thought the campain was really good and was worth buying it, but there were so many collectables that put me off it so i am rating the campain side a 7/10.

    Multiplayer: :
    The multiplayer side of the game is not so good and the game should have stayed a Single player game only. There are 50 ranks which is grind to finish, there are three multiplayer modes which are; Team Deathmatch, Objective, and Stopwatch. Team Deathmatch is a standard game mode in most online games where the first team a certain amount of kils in a time limit wins. Stopwatch is a game mode where players must complete objectives in a set period of time and Objective players must defend and attack targets.

    There are three classes which have individual specialties. The Medic can heal allies, Engineer can repair damaged objectives and the Soldier can supply ammo. Each have special powers which can be progressed through spending your money (exp).

    There have been several prolems with the game like people loosing their stats and xp but a patch has been released to fix these issues. The multiplayer is not as good as the main game itself and i would ate it a 5/10. It cannot compete with other shooters out there like Call of Duty or Halo.

    The graphics are good but not as good as other games which could be compared with. I think they are about a 7/10 but this is all down to opinion and what else you have played.

    The controls for this game are easy to use and get used to. Most of the buttons are standard, A to jump, X to Reload, B to Crouch, Rt to shoot ect. These buttons are like alot of games (Call of Duty) so players are familiar with them.

    Overall Verdict:
    I think this game is definately worth buying for the single player but not for the multiplayer. The ame is an interesting and different take on a FPS and for tis i am rating it a 7/10 (3.5/5). If you are looking to 1,000 g this game then it is going to take a long time but it is not a difficult one (30-35 hours if boosting multiplayer and including 2 playthroughs).
    23 Jun 2012
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    Hi again I seem to have a typing thing going

    now im gonna give you my review of wolfenstien

    The daddy is back and i was so glad that i saw this and though lets go
    based in the 1940 during WWII

    A town is being held by the germans which they have embressed dark mojo lol the game has a free roam feel as to the orginal version with lots of side missions where on your mission you uncover a taslim which hold's great power and the mission begins.

    I really loved the updated look of the game the veil (no spolliers here) looks cool and very sharp. quite spooky in some sections.

    Great audio effects from the weapons and the background effects can be a little touch and go Germans with a litle accent which doesnt really fit.


    Well you know the phrase if it aint broke dont fix it works like every other FPS games altho some of the collectables ( there are quite a few 100 i think) are scattered through the game and the side missions. The hardest diffculty once you played through once but can be finished quite quickly with only one real snag (HANS the final boss ) is very very hard.

    Once you get the medalian you can get 4 powers veil, armour peicing bullets, slow down time and shield.

    Its a nice twist on a standard game style

    Its really standard and really has not much new to add expect the medialin powers through which you re-charge via pools in the game.

    Single player is a great game. The mulitiplayer is really just an add on to be honest i could of been dropped and this is the only real draw back on a great title and return of the daddy of First Person Shooters.

    my score 7/10
    only drawn back was the muliti player mode