James Patterson's Women's Murder Club (WP) Achievements

Full list of all 13 James Patterson's Women's Murder Club achievements worth 200 gamerscore.

  • Lab Investigation

    The player has viewed the cutscene saying that Jennie Kwong's body is to be taken to the lab.

  • Investigating Tso

    Begin Investigating Judge Tso's office

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  • Investigating Wong

    Begin investigating Donald Wong's office

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  • Investigation Complete

    The player has successfully completed every investigation in the game.

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  • Crime Scene Investigator

    The player has completed levels on all 8 crime scenes.

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  • Keeping It Together

    During gameplay, the player has paused the game and accessed the Investigation Docket

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  • Lady MacGyver

    The player has used an inventory item within a scene.

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  • Sharp-shooter

    The player needs to select 3 items in a single crime scene inside a 5 second time-frame.

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  • Elementary

    The player only made 5 mistakes, or less in completing the investigation.

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  • Methodical Investigation

    An investigation was completed by identifying every object in the order displayed on the HUD

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  • Quick Worker

    A player completes a scene in half of the time alloted to complete the scene, or less

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  • Eagle Eye

    The player completes an investigation scene having never used the zoom functionality on that scene

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  • Lightbulb

    The player must complete three consecutive scenes without using any hints

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