1. Woodle Tree Adventures Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Woodle Tree Adventures is a 3D platform game. It's a children's game so you will be happy to note that it is a cheap, easy, and quick completion. I suggest buying this game on sale as it has no replay value. The whole objective in each of the eight levels is to collect three fairy tears and bring them to the end, while at the same time collecting berries across the environment. You don't lose any of the tears or berries if you die but are reset back at the beginning of the level. This is a very easy game and ideal for anyone looking for something that isn't stressful.

This game can be completed in under two hours with only one run through the game. Level select allows for no possible missed achievements, which are all either for completing levels or collecting berries. The game autosaves, so do not turn it off immediately after finishing a level.

On with the game!

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