Word Puzzle Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the walkthrough for Word Puzzle, a casual word search game that is fairly quick and simple to complete. We'll be playing through several different game modes that involve both single-player and multiplayer aspects in order to get every achievement. I'll be using what I believe is the most efficient way to obtain all 12 achievements.

1) Free Play Mode is a stress-free, time limit-free mode that houses 1 achievement.

2) Arcade Mode contains 3 achievements that are straight-forward and can be done in one go.

3) Survival Mode is the longest and arguably toughest section, but it still isn't very difficult, especially with methods I will present. There are 4 achievements to catch here.

4) Local Multiplayer has 1 painless achievement as long as you have a second controller and a second Silver/Gold Xbox Live account.

5) Finally, Online Multiplayer (Ranked) will require four Xbox Live Gold accounts and contains the last 3 achievements needed for completion.

All in all, completing this game can easily be done in one sitting (though the online portion will require some coordination with others if you don't have four consoles and four Gold accounts).

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