1. Wordament (Android) Walkthrough overview

Howdy, and welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Wordament, a small, and currently the only game for Android. Note: you do NOT need an Android-operated device to play the game, as explained by TSG Dwaggie.

Please note: whilst I put '1 playthrough required', this is not necessarily true. Unless you have completed a previous version of Wordament (Web, iOS, Windows Phone or Windows 8), you will have to play 100 rounds. If you have already completed 100 rounds, the achievement will unlock after a single full round is completed.

There are tons of languages available and you can get all of the achievements in the language you have picked, except to find a themed word. Themed puzzles are not available in every language. To choose a language to play in, scroll to the 'Help and Options' menu.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please go to the Wordament (Android) Walkthrough Discussion thread.

Good luck!

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