1. Wordament Snap Attack (Windows) Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the walkthrough of Wordament: Snap Attack. When I first played this game, I found it very difficult and very different from the other Wordament games. Though after playing it for a while I got better at it, and even finished in first place quite some times now. The game is much like scrabble, you start with 7 letters, which you can place on the board. The only difference is that a couple of words are already placed, and for 2 and a half minutes, you can try to make as many words with the 7 letters and with the placed words. This can be both single words (single snaps) and multiple words overlapping each other (multisnaps). In the 2 minutes 30 seconds, you’ll be competing against other persons playing the game. At the end of the 2 minutes 30 seconds, you can see what snaps you made, what the best scoring snaps where for that round, and what you scored in comparison with the rest of the players. (Thus much like Wordament, which has similar features.) Most of the achievements (around two-third) are quite easy to get. Then there are some achievements that require some grinding (playing 500 games and earning 2.5 million points) , and one that specifically requires some skill and luck: Play a snap in each of the following shapes.

Let’s get started with the achievements.

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