2. Wordament Snap Attack (Windows) General hints and tips

In my opinion, only one achievement really requires some skill/word knowledge, namely the Get in Shape achievement. I’ll give tips for this achievement, when discussing this particular achievement. The Hints and Tips page will be used for tips on scoring (a lot of) points. It’s not really necessary to be able to score a lot of points in a game, though it will make the grind shorter when you score more points per game.

The most lucrative way of earning points is by “goldmining”. The basic idea is to create a word with 4-6 of your own letters (a single snap) on a “times 3 tile”. Then use your remaining letters to create as many 2 or 3-letters words possible (Thereby also using one letters of the first snap you made). If you’ve got a good first single snap, which both is worth quite some points in itself and has a lot of possibilities of scoring 2 and 3 letters words, you can easily get 1000-2000 words out of a single combination of these multisnaps. I always first go for all two letter words, then for multiple 2 letter words in one snap, and after that for 3 letter words. You will also get a little bonus when you use all 7 letters in one snap. When you think you’ve made all possible snaps with the first single snap, try to find a new 4-6 letter single snap on a “times 3 tile” and start over again.

There are sometimes games when I’m not finding a good 4-6 letter word. Those are the games that simply don’t have a favorable set of letters, and words that are already placed. In these games, I suggest to either make a lot of low scoring multi-snaps, or to try and find some very high scoring multi-snaps.

Here are two videos with tips (made by the developers):

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