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Wordament (Web) Gets Discontinued

It appears that all of the fast-paced word creation action in recent months has resulted in Wordament needing a long break, as the web-based version of the popular title is no longer available to pla

Posted 4 years ago by Keith Gray, 96 comments

Wordament Gets New Platform and Update

Wordament is already one of those games that you would struggle to avoid. The free-to-play title is available on Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS and Now a fifth platform has been added to the

Posted 5 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 59 comments

Wordament Receives New Features in Latest Update

The multiplatform puzzle game Wordament has received an update, bringing along some new features suited for both Wordament regulars as well as welcoming newcomers. Xbox integration has been an integr

Posted 5 years ago by litepink, 16 comments

Wordament Leaderboards Overhauled

Wordment has received 11 new leaderboard categories across all platforms, and soon one of the more difficult achievements in the game will become much easier to obtain. World champ in Wordament (WP)

Posted 5 years ago by litepink, 126 comments

Wordament Gets Another Update

Wordament is one of those games that many people are likely to have tried, whether it be on the Web, iOS, Windows Phone or Windows 8. Developer You vs. the Internet is still actively supporting the t

Posted 5 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 42 comments

Wordament Improvements Arrive on All Platforms

Wordament (WP) has seen the addition of several European language options to its puzzles since being released last year. You vs. the Internet, the game's developer, has now confirmed that more improv

Posted 5 years ago by Keith Gray, 57 comments

Wordament Wanders on to the Web

If you're anything like me, you're always happy for an excuse to play more Wordament. After the successful launch of Wordament (WP), it was fairly expected to see the Wordament (Win 8) version appear

Posted 5 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 134 comments