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  • Marc PilkingtonMarc Pilkington311,795
    01 Feb 2013 01 Feb 2013
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    For a game that's free and available to play straight from the xbox website itself, you can't really complain. It's already a known game on another platform, so this is a great addition.

    For those who don't know what it is, Wordament is a game where you have 2 minutes on the clock to find as many words as possible on a 16 piece board of letters. The words that you find all need to have the letters linking around the board so you can't go picking letters that are scattered around. It gets you thinking (hence the educational part), and you are in constant competition with a load of players all over the world that are playing on the same board! The higher you score, the higher rank you get on the leader board after each match. Obviously if you try to make words that don't exist the pieces will flash red and you'll get no points.

    From my short time on the game so far, I've randomly found words that I didn't even think existed so in a way it does help you to learn your vocabulary while at the same time test what words you do know, whether big or small (although the bigger words do score higher!). There's also the occasional themes of words that the game asks you to look for as well which is a nice touch. Sometimes there are pieces with two letters on them so it makes you think a bit more with how that could be used to your advantage in the 2 minutes.

    Another great factor about this game is that it comes with some nifty achievements! There are 10 altogether all worth 5 gamerscore making 50G for the game. They won't take you too long (apart from the play 100 rounds one) so just sit back and enjoy! Certain ones like finding the longest word on the board and getting in the top 50% of the leader board may be tricky but there are already really helpful solutions on TA to help with that.

    All in all it's a fun little game which can give you anything from a few minutes to a whole afternoon of enjoyment. It's free, easily accessible, fun, and comes with achievements! Why wouldn't you play it?
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    AssaultionAt first, when I was playing it the achievements were not popping up. But when I signed into my xbox it showed that I had achievements for the game. Ever since then it has been popping up when I get an achievement.
    Posted by Assaultion on 12 Jun 13 at 04:56
    Russell LeCroyIs this game still available on the website? If so could you possibly provide a link?
    I'm having trouble finding it myself. Thanks for your time. :)
    Posted by Russell LeCroy on 16 Oct 14 at 11:27
    Marc PilkingtonThe reason you're having trouble is because it's been removed. It says on the Game Info section of the page here on TA. I think it's been gone for a while.
    Posted by Marc Pilkington on 16 Oct 14 at 11:32
  • AxGryndrAxGryndr497,678
    01 Feb 2013 10 Feb 2013
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    I imagine that Wordament plays much better on a smart phone than it does in a browser. I found it a little difficult to select words as it seems that you have to pause at each letter meaning that you cannot 'swipe' over three letters in a row. (UPDATE: If you aim for the center of the letter tiles this works better.)

    Not knowing the contents of the dictionary being used I found myself using words it did not recognize and there were words that it would accept that I did not expect. The word list is not as restrictive as Scrabble which makes the game easier.

    The achievements don't always 'pop' yet are still unlocked. Hopefully with future web enable games this will get better.

    The game includes a typical leaderboard that stacks you against everyone, your friends and frenemies. Frenemies is an interesting concept that allows you to select a person, or people, on the leaderboard to compete with.

    Round Types:
    -Some rounds have high point tiles. For example an E may usually only be worth 1 point but in these rounds it may be worth 7. However there usually is only one of the high point letter which means making words with that tile is harder.

    -Some rounds have a theme. You earn extra points by finding some of the hidden words. There is a counter that lets you know how many more hidden words there are. These words are worth extra points.

    -Some rounds have a prefix tile. The prefix tile will be Letter(s)-. As it suggests this has to be the first tile of the word. This tile is worth more points.

    -Some rounds have a suffix tile. The suffix tile will be -Letter(s). As it suggests this has to be used as the last tile of the word. This tile is worth more points.

    -Some rounds have a digram tile. A digram tile is a combo letter title like 'ED'. Unlike suffix or prefix this tile can be used anywhere in a word. You earn a bonus for making words with these tiles.

    -Some rounds have an either or tile. These tiles appears as Letter/Letter. Making words with this tile is worth a point bonus.

    -Some rounds are speed rounds. Every word is worth 10 points. Focus on three and four letter words to maximize the points. These are every ten rounds of play.

    -Some rounds have extra points for the longest word. Finding the longest word will net you 200 points.

    -Some rounds are letter in the corners. Each corner is the same letter.

    In all Wordament was easy except for the little grind to 100 games played. Each round lasts 2 minutes with 30 seconds between rounds. So the game can be completed in just over 4 hours. For a Boggle variant I enjoyed this free game. It is fun in it's own right but nothing ground breaking.
  • AssaultionAssaultion194,201
    12 Jun 2013
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    Wordament is a online game available for PC, Mobile and Windows phone. It is a game where it gives you a set of mixed letters and you have to make words that touch. It is a lot like Boggle. You try to beat everyone score and at the same time trying to beat your own highscore. It is free to play online and has gamerscore to earn for those achievement hunters out there.

    I personally enjoy any and all word games and the competition it brings. It is fun for all ages and would make a great party game. It also works if you are just bored or trying to kill some time.

    I gave it a 5 out of 5 due to the fact it is free and it is really enjoyable to play. If you are into word games then this a much needed game to play, especially if you enjoy boggle.

    I know I am really bad a reviews, but I figured I would put my 2 cents in.

    The total gamerscore you can receive is 50 but you can spend hours upon hours, trying to beat your frenemies and your own highscore.

    If I was you, I would give it a shot due to it being free and has a ton of playability and replayability, trying to beat frenemies and your own highscore.