World At Arms (Windows) Reviews

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    World at Arms (WoA) is the typical "Earth has fallen into chaos, the last pockets of resistance fight to seize control and restore sanity" style war game. In WoA, you play as a General (or something similar) in Americas suedo army, fight back invading forces and reclaim North America (so far, not sure if it goes any further yet).


    The graphics are about what is expected for a W8 styled game, they aren't mind blowing, yet they don't suck completely either.

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    Have you played any recent "build something and wait for it to finish, while doing so, collect taxes, and invade other players" type game? If so, it's almost exactly the game.

    You pick something to build, higher tier buildings take more time to complete, some take a few minutes, others take a few hours, even days, to complete.

    Buildings can be bought with in game coins earned from competing missions, collecting taxes from your buildings, and from attacking other players. These are basic buildings that offer standard credit.

    There are also buildings to be bought with medals, the games rare tier currency which can be obtained from completing certain tasks or bought with real money. Obviously, these buildings offer better income, troops, etc.

    After you've trained troops, you can engage in PvP (player vs player) combat, though it's really more PvP with AI controlled enemies. You don't directly face the other player, rather the AI picks the best troops to use based on their defense rating.

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    The game also features Alliances, which are groups of other players who fight other Alliances and earn various rewards depending on the event that is currently happening in game.


    The game offers the typical variety of items, plus a bit more. Items gradually get better as you level, so you can go from earning 50 gold/min to earning 200 gold/5 min, as well as better troops and even vehicles, planes, and aquatic combat vehicles.

    The game does have a rather unique resource that I've not yet encountered in other games, and that's Electricity. Electricity is needed to build buildings, but doesn't regenerate over time like other resources in similar games.

    To gain more electricity, and therefore build more buildings, you must build more electricity generating buildings (electricity buildings don't need electricity, but other buildings do).

    You can also place boosters, which are things like fences, statues, trees, and other small items to boost the account of electricity or money generated by certain %'ages.


    Most achievements will require some dedication, such as "Attacking 1,000 enemies", "Collect from your HQ X Times" and a few others, but aren't necessarily hard. So if you're liking for a quick 200/200GS, you should look elsewhere.


    WoA is your typical "build and wait" game that offers very little in the terms of uniqueness when compared to the many other similar games out there today, but if you like these types of games, it should hold your interest for some time.