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Posted on 18 April 19 at 06:35
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World War Z is a third person shooter that features coop campaign and multiplayer as of 4/18/19.

First, lets dive into the campaign. For those who have played Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, you could consider this Left 4 Dead 3 with a ton of new features and upgrades. The campaign is episodic and tasks the player with making his/her way from point A to point B. While traversing the distance, you will come across barriers and certain tasks to perform in order to progress. Oh and did I forget the hordes and hordes of zombies? Its not called World War Z without reason, in my honest opinion there are more zombies in this game than any other I have played. Not only are there literally hundreds of zombies in each short episode but there are also special zombies thrown into the mix. As in the movie, the zombies are fast and can build towers in order to reach you. The gameplay and mechanics are great and create multiple ways to play. Each person will be able to select a class at the beginning of each mission, these classes have various skills to aid the player in the harder difficulties and each class has a very specific skill set. The character movement is smooth and seamless as well. The weapons are refined and aim is smooth also. They offer a good variety of weapons for the player throughout each mission. As the difficulty goes up so does the damage received from zombies and your buddy shooting you on accident. YES, there is friendly fire involved in the game. I tried the hardest difficulty on Insane just to see how it was...don't get shot in the back is all I can say. The episodes are really short which is kind of a buzz kill and you will be done with the entire story (Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4) in roughly 3-6 hours depending on skill level. This leaves us with multiplayer.

Multiplayer actually is quite decent. Here as well, there are a number of classes all with different loadouts to chose from. Not only that, there are 5 different modes to chose from as well such as the classics like King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch, and Domination. The creators included two other game modes called Scavenge Raid, were the goal is to collect resources for your team, and Vaccine Hunt, where the player must hold a vaccine in order to score points for his/her team. As with the campaign, the mechanics are great and very fluid. However I seemed to find the weapon balancing a slight issue but that is with really any game on launch nowadays. The multiplayer is fun and will actually keep you playing for a good bit.

Overall, the graphics are amazing for a $40 game. The case says 4k Ultra HD, which we all know just because it says that, it does not mean the graphics are that good. However with World War Z, the graphics are actually very refined and visually pleasing. The graphics alone stand with other games that have been released recently like Division 2 and Anthem. As for FPS, I am not sure what the exact rate is however I can tell you that I have not had them drop while being swarmed by hundreds of zombies at once and was satisfied with how smooth the game actually looked. As for gameplay, it is smooth, refined, and all around great. You are able to run, melee, shoot, vault, and crouch all in a smooth manner that feels natural. My only concern with the title is the amount of content available as of 4/18/19. There is only the multiplayer and 4 short episodes that you can easily complete in one sitting. I hope the company releases more content quite simply because it is a very fun game and we have not had a zombie shooter like this in some time.

Final Analysis:
Graphics: 7.5/10
Gameplay/Mechanics: 8.5/10
Content: 5/10
(Errors are instances of game crash, freezing, disconnecting, server issues, etc.)
Errors: 8/10 (10 Being no errors, 1 Being errors every mission/logging on)
Price of $40: 8/10 (With content available I personally believe pricing should be $30)

Final Score: 4/5 or 7.5/10
Final Remarks: The game is worth a buy at $40, if you can find it around $30 I would highly recommend picking it up. I loved the Left 4 Dead series and this game is essentially another Left 4 Dead with a ton of new upgrades and improvements. If you love zombies in general or were just a huge fan of Left 4 Dead, you need to pick up this game! Good luck and good hunting!
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