1. World of Final Fantasy Maxima Walkthrough Overview


Welcome to the walkthrough for World of Final Fantasy Maxima. This is a very lighthearted JRPG, and is fairly easy and straightforward, but there are some challenges that are more intense.

The whole idea of this game is to capture monsters from across the Final Fantasy Universe, stack them on your head (sort of optional), which then combines stats, strengths, and weaknesses, and then fight other monsters using an ATB gauge.

There is a story, but it's not that intense, and easy enough to follow. There are 21 Chapters and some post-game action that you'll need to do in order to unlock all of the achievements. There will be all the relevant information for each chapter in regards to capturing all the monsters, along with their stats etc, as well as where all the chests are.

All of the side quests will be fully detailed as well. You also need to complete the fights in the Coliseum, which has its own dedicated page with all the information you'll need to complete it.

And then there's reference material at the end of this guide for all of the monsters (which are called mirages in the game) and all of the information about them.

The maps in this guide are linked from the Final Fantasy Wikia. The effort has been made to match the number of chests and points of interest on the maps to the text.

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