12. World of Final Fantasy Maxima Townspeople Quests

Townspeople Quests

For completing all of the Townpeople Quests, you'll unlock


People Pleaser

Fulfilled the requests of every last townsperson in need.

People Pleaser
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For the Needle for Speedle Quest, if you don't pick this up before the Cogna invasion, you'll need to wait until you get the True Ending achievement, and then you can return to Agathir to pick up the quest. (this is because Agathir changes during the invasion, and then reverts after the True Ending.)

For the quests that require you to show a certain Mirage, it may be worth leveling a Mirage up that can transfig to the required Mirage, as it'll allow you to work towards mastering a few boards at the same time, which will make the Legendary Caretaker achievement easier. 

NameAvailableQuest GiverFulfilmentNotes
Best Helm in the RealmChapter 2Guard in main square, CorneliaDeliver 1 Earth HammerFound in Nether Nebula
Buy from Chocolatte after Chapter 9.
Who Watches the WatchplainsChapter 5Citizen by save point, CorneliaDefeat 8 GoblinsFound in the Watchplains. Stay in Backroad 1.
Needle for SpeedleChapter 10Citizen in AgarthirDefeat 3 cactuarsFound in the Phantom Sands.
Do not imprism them, it won't count.
Pick up this on the way to Nibelheim.
The Birthday PresentChapter 11Citizen by chest, NibelheimDeliver 3 Dragon ScalesBuy from Chocolatte
Hot Hot HuntingChapter 12Citizen by shop sign, NibelheimDefeat 5 Mirages in
Valley Seven
Her Jiggly HighnessChapter 13Girl in Caravan near the portalImprism the Flan PrincessEither imprism the Flan Princess from the Windswept Mire, or defeat it and get the Memento, then level up a Flan to transfig to the Flan Princess.
Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness IChapter 13Merchant outside the CaravanDeliver 3 Dragon WingsBuy from Chocolatte.
Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness IIChapter 13Merchant outside the CaravanDeliver 2 Healing SpringsMist Dragons in the Underground Prison - Secret Ophion
Prison. Equip the Treasure Hunter Mirajewel to make getting this more likely. 
Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness IIIChapter 15Merchant outside the CaravanDeliver 3 Lightning SpellstonesYou get 2 from completing the Coliseum fight Team Yellow 1. The first time you get them from a chest is 4 in Chapter 15.
Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness IVChapter 16Merchant outside the CaravanDeliver 5 Star CurtainsChest on pirate ship, Saronia Docks
Completing the Time Attack for Test of Might 5 gives you a Star Curtain. At around level 50, it's not that hard to exploit the weaknesses. 
Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness VChapter 16Merchant outside the CaravanDeliver 3 Fire SpellstonesYou get 2 from the first time of doing Bombs Away 2, and 2 from The Nebula Nitwits. 
The Battle for Teatime IChapter 15Woman on top of Figaro CastleDefeat 5 Red CaptainsFound in the Watchplains - Backroad 2 and Backroad 3
The Battle for Teatime IIChapter 16Woman on top of Figaro CastleDefeat 3 MalborosFound in the Windswept Mire - Fen 2, Fen 3.
The Battle for Teatime IIIChapter 16Woman on top of Figaro CastleDefeat 5 UnicornsFound in the Crystal Tower - Third Floor . 
Picking Up the Slacker's SlackChapter 15Guard by stairs in Figaro CastleDefeat 10 Sand WormsNear the save point in Phantom Sands
Mirage PandemoniumChapter 18Man by portal in TometownDefeat 10 Mirages in The
Train Graveyard
The Spellstone ScholarChapter 18Man in passage opposite portal
in Tometown
Deliver 1 Wind + Earth SpellstoneCompleting The Reactor Pack 2 Coliseum fight for the first time gives you 2 Wind Spellstones. 
Completing Mountain Mirages 2 Coliseum fight for the first time gives you 2 Earth Spellstones. (As does Team Brown 2). 
The ScareseekerChapter 18Man in main plaza, TometownImprism an Undead MirageFor example, Deathskull
Dancer's DilemmaChapter 18Woman in station, Eclipsed RegionImprism a Lady MirageFor example, Bablizz
Scaling the Walls of LoveChapter 18Man in main plaza, Port BesaidDeliver 5 Fish ScalesBuy from Chocolatte. 
The Young Mirage Hunter IChapter 18Woman on pier, The Shore, BesaidProduce a White NakkImprism in Icicle Ridge or transfig a Black Nakk.
The Young Mirage Hunter IIChapter 18Woman on pier, The Shore, BesaidProduce a Water ToadImprism in Windswept Mire, or transfig the Lucky Toad you should have imprismed in the Windswept Mire when it gets to Level 35. 
The Young Mirage Hunter IIIChapter 18Woman on pier, The Shore, BesaidProduce a Mimic QueenComplete the I Hate Lightning! Intervention Quest, and transfig a Mimic. 
If you get the Kobold Mimic from the Coliseum, level up that, and transfig it to a Mimic, and then spend the SP to get to the Mimic Queen.
The Young Mirage Hunter IVChapter 18Woman on pier, The Shore, BesaidProduce a MalboroTransfig a Mandragora at level 19, or imprism one in the Windswept Mire.
The Young Mirage Hunter VChapter 18Woman on pier, The Shore, BesaidProduce a Magitek ArmorImprism one in the Underground Prison/Mako Reactor 0, or transfig a Searcher
The Young Mirage Hunter VIChapter 18Woman on pier, The Shore, BesaidProduce a ManticoreImprism from Murkrift in The Train Graveyard. 
Easier to imprism a Sandicore in the The Phantom Sands and level it up to 42 and transfig. 
The Young Mirage Hunter VIIChapter 18Woman on pier, The Shore, BesaidProduce a MordskullImprism in The Train Graveyard. Or imprism the Metalliskull from the Coliseum fight Local Ghoul, then level it up to transfig to a Deathskull, and at level 28, transfig it to a Mordskull. 
The Young Mirage Hunter VIIIChapter 18Woman on pier, The Shore, BesaidProduce a Mega NightsqualYou can imprism this in the Sunken Temple, or imprism the Sharqual from the Murkrift in the Pyreglow Forest, and level it up to level 30 to transfig to a Nightsqual. Then transfig this to a Mega Nightsqual.
The Young Mirage Hunter IXChapter 19Woman on pier, The Shore, BesaidProduce RamuhRamuh★ from the Coliseum fight The Responsible One works for this. 
The Young Mirage Hunter XChapter 19Woman on pier, The Shore, BesaidProduce ShivaShiva★ from the Coliseum fight The Nebula Nitwits works for this. 
The Young Mirage Hunter XIChapter 19Woman on pier, The Shore, BesaidProduce IfritIfrit★ from the Coliseum fight The Nebula Nitwits works for this. 
The Young Mirage Hunter XIIChapter 19Woman on pier, The Shore, BesaidProduce TamamohiméYou won't be able to do this until you've completed the Vestiges of Life (Postscript). Transfig Tama after getting the Tamamohimé memento.
A Plight for Sore EyesChapter 20Woman on Balamb Garden DeckDeliver 3 Eye DropsBuy from Chocolatte
Research AssistantChapter 20Woman in Balamb Garden LobbyDeliver 3 Bomb FragmentsBuy from Chocolatte
Taking Trouble by the HornsPostscriptMan in main plaza, TometownDefeat 6 MinotaursFound in Big Bridge - Segment 2 only.
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