3. World of Final Fantasy Maxima Prologue and Chapters 1-5

Prologue and Chapters 1-5

Prologue - Awake at Last

This is predominately a long cutscene. You can skip them by pressing cn_start and then cn_Y. Once the cutscenes are over, you'll be able to go through the doors labelled North Promenade. Head over to the blue sign on the wall and go into Nine Bean Coffe. Either watch or skip more cutscene and then you'll be in your first battle of the game.


YuruguPoison, Sleep, BlindUnimprismable

You can't lose this battle, and it's mainly an introduction into how to fight in the game. You'll be with Tama and Lann. Fight as you wish, you can't really do much else. At the end of the battle, you'll be given Tama as your first Mirage, and she'll be in Lann's stack. To start with, she'll be good in the game, but as you progress through the game, you'll find that you'll be leaving her out of your party. After another cutscene, you'll go through a portal to Grymoire, starting the game properly.

Gateway to Adventure

Arrived in Grymoire.

Gateway to Adventure
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Chapter 1 - Land of the Lilikin

You'll start with Lann and Reynn in their small (Lilikin) form. You can switch them to their large (Jiant) size by pressing cn_LB+cn_B for Reynn, and cn_LB+cn_X for Lann. The same buttons will make them small again. At the moment, you'll probably want to stick with them as their large forms, as it seems to be that your stacks will benefit better. You can also change who you're controlling by tapping cn_RB.

If there's a bit of talking going on, you can speed it up by pressing cn_RB. I found this incredibly helpful as Tama speaking was incredibly annoying after five minutes.

You can also open the map by pressing cn_back.

Wellspring Woods

This is the first Dungeon and serves as more tutorial for the game. Head up the path and to the Chocochick you can see. You'll then go into a fight with it. you can speed up the fight by tapping cn_RB

ChocochickIce, Dark, DeathUse Physical attacks

Your aim for this battle is to imprism it. For this fight, you'll do this by attacking the Chocochick once. You'll then see an indication around the Chocochick appear. This means that you can Imprism it. On your next turn, select Imprism from your battle menu. You should them imprism it. At the end of the battle, tap cn_A to get to the rewards and Exp hand out more quickly.

After this fight, you'll be able to modify your stacks. It's best to place the Chocochick in Reynn's stack. Continue up the path, and you'll find a block stopping you from proceeding. This is a Gimme Golem. Examine the Golem to learn about it. It will say that it needs a Lusterleaf. You'll then be shown how to modify a Mirage Board. Go into the Chocochick's board and unlock the ability Stroll. I'd also recommend unlocking the ability Ram too, but you can hold out for Cure if you want. You unlock nodes on Mirage Boards by spending SP. You gain these by leveling up Mirages. Each Mirage has it's own pool of SP. You'll also have 4SP for Tama that you can use on her Mirage Board as well if you like.

With the Stroll ability unlocked, you'll see that the Chocochick is walking alongside Reynn and Lann. When the Mirage is strolling next to you, there's a chance that they will find something. Most of the time what a Mirage finds will be linked to something a Gimme Golem wants. Turn around from the Golem and your Chocochick will indicate that there is something in the bush nearby. Examine it for a Lusterleaf. Go back to the Golem, hand over the item, and then you can continue on your way.

Heading up the path, on your left you'll see Chest #1/2. The game doesn't show you how many chests you've collected along the way, and there is an achievement for collecting all of the chests. When you clear the Postscript, you'll be able to get the Treasure Tracker, which will make a certain noise depending on how close you are to any treasure chests in dungeons. Be aware though, that for every item in your inventory, you can have a maximum of 99. If you have 99 Potions, for example, in your inventory and then open a chest that contains potions, the chest will not count towards the achievement. So it's a good idea to ensure that you keep the number of items in your inventory to below 90. Luckily, you can use items like Potions outside of battle, so you can keep yourself topped up on health.

Continue on, and on the right - in a little opening - you'll find Chest #2/2. Continue on until you come to a black, cloudy cube. This is known as a Murkrift. This is the first Murkrift fight and provides a tutorial into them, and you're supposed to lose it. When you do, you'll be back in Sylver Park of Nine Wood Hills. You'll end up here any time you KO in battle, except for Boss fights.

Head to the North Promenade, and you'll be introduced to Chocolatte. She's a rather annoying merchant, but sells a lot of items - her inventory increases throughout the game. You probably can't afford to buy anything right now, so head back to Plaza 99 to meet another Mirage, Serafie. She is basically your Mirage manager. You can only carry ten Mirages, so once you've filled up your Mirage inventory, the other Mirages will be stored in a Prism Case - this is managed by Serafie. You'll be able to access your Prism Case at save points (the blue, spinning diamonds) and Portal Gates. You can also use your Prism Case to transfigure Mirages to other forms, when you have unlocked them. Serafie will give you a Sylph prismarium, which gives you the Sylph Mirage. This mirage isn't really worth bringing with you.

You'll also be given a Seraphone. This allows you to call in Serafie wherever you are. They are expensive though at 3000 Gil each, and you can only carry three at a time. You'll want to talk to Serafie, then open your Prism Case, and then talk to Serafie again. This will initiate a cutscene, and at the end of it she will give you an Ether. It's worth talking to her whenever you're in tow, as sometimes she'll have items on her head to give you. A useful item she has is called a Mover, which grants all of your personal inventory Mirages 1SP. Head back to Sylver Park, then through the Portal to Wellspring Woods.

From here on out, you'll experience random encounters in the game. At the start of each area there will be a table listing all of the Mirages available in a given area, their weaknesses, and their imprism conditions. If you can, it's a good idea to try and acquire the recommended Mirages. If you can, get all of them, as it will ensure that you fill up your Mirage Manual quicker.

ChocochickIce, Dark, DeathUse Physical attacks
MuFire, Thunder, Oblivion, BerserkUse Physical attacks

Imprisming a Mu is worth doing at this instance, as while you won't be able to fully utilize it until later in the game, you can swap Tama for a Mu.

Whenever there is a Murkrift in an area, the information will be listed for it as you get to it. The Murkrift here is worth attempting when you get to around level 20-25. You can imprism the Mirage within it.

Murkrift - Level 26

BehemonsterDarkReduce HP

Behemonsters aren't that difficult to defeat, and this one just has a lot of HP. It's worth focusing on using Magic attacks, so you don't worry about it's Heavy Counter. It's resistance to Thunder, Water and all status ailments.

Head past the Murkrift and make your way to the exit of this area. You'll then get your opening credits to the game, which you cannot skip.

Chapter 2 - Foretold by Prophecy


Map displays both Cornelia and the Cornelia Region.

Upon loading this area, you'll see a bridge leading towards a town in the distance. A train appears, and you'll get a couple of cutscenes, introducing you to the Cactuar Conductor. You'll receive the Semi-Lifetime Pass, which will allow you to use the train when you need to. The train will take you to the first town, Cornelia. You start here by being pitted in battle against two Goblins and a Goblin Guard.

GoblinWater, Light, Poison, Confuse, Berserk???
Goblin GuardWater, Light, Poison, Confuse, Berserk???

You want to focus on removing the Goblin Guard first, as it can block attacks that you aim at the other two Goblins. Once you've defeated all three, Lann attempts to imprism one of them but fails. You'll be informed that they're under the control of someone else, and therefore are unimprismable.

After another cutscene, you'll be able to explore Cornelia. Start by going to the train station, and looking for a shining object. Interact with is to get the Old Journalist Notes 1. There are 5 of these to collect for the Champion Mirajewels achievement. Then head down the stairs to find Chest #1/1 on the roof of a building. You'll need to be in Jiant form to collect it. Head up to the Castle, where you'll be introduced to Princess Sarah. Once you're back in control, head down to the main square. You'll see a soldier with a ? above his head. This is a townsperson quest. The Townspeople Quests page lists all of the ones in the game, but they will be listed throughout the walkthrough when you can pick them up.

Townsperson Quest - Best Helm in the Realm

  • Deliver 1 x Earth Hammer
  • Reward - 5 x Hi-Potions

Notes: You can find 1 x Earth Hammer in the dungeon Nether Nebula.

Head down the hill to where you'll find a Portal. You can save your game at these, or travel to another area, or to Nine Wood Hills. Keep going down the steps to find a save point. There is a townsperson to your right who will give you an Antidote if you talk to them. Then head under the bridge and into the next area.

Chapter 3 - Old Acquaintances

Cornelia Region

Walk along until you come to a fork in the road. You'll only be able to go down the right path at the moment. There's Chest #1/1 here. Head into the cave, which leads to the next dungeon.

Optional Boss - Princess Goblin

After completing the Intervention Quest Where Art Thou, Smoochy-Poo?, you'll be able to fight the Princess Goblin, as she'll now be found here. You'll only need to talk to her to fight her. It's worth waiting until you're at least Level 40 to fight her. But if you want to do a bit of save reloading, you can attempt to imprism her straight after completing the Intervention Quest. It will involve spending a bit of Gil by purchasing Flash Bombs from Chocolatte. Having a Mirage that has an ability to inflict blindness would be helpful as well.

Bear in mind, she has a 25 Resist to Blind, so inflicting Blind (which is the Imprism requirement) can be a bit tricky. This means you may be able to imprism her before she kills you.

However, you do have the Princess Goblin Memento from completing the Intervention Quest, so you don't actually need to imprism her, as you could imprism a Red Cap or Goblin and then transfigure into her. So you could just fight her normally (to defeat her) using attacks like Armor Piercer and Knife.

Princess GoblinIce, Wind, Water, LightInflict Blind

Nether Nebula

Copper GnomeThunder, Wind, Sleep, Oblivion, BerserkReduce HP
Copper Gnome Stack
Mini Golem, Copper Gnome
Thunder, Wind, Sleep, OblivionN/A
Floating EyeWind, Light, Poison, Blind, Slow, DeathLeave only this mirage standing
MandragoraFire, Wind, Oblivion, Slow, DeathUse Physical Attacks
Mini GolemWind, OblivionUse Physical Attacks
IfritIce, WaterUnimprismable
RamuhEarth, DarkUnimprismable
ShivaFire, DarkUnimprismable
BablizzFire, Dark, SlowUse Ice Attacks
FrittIce, Water, BerserkUser Fire Attacks
ZaptEarth, Dark, OblivionUse Thunder Attacks

This is the first dungeon in the game where you'll have random encounters with the enemies listed above (those with an asterisk are only found in either boss fights or secret areas).

There are two Mirages that are worth imprisming in this area - the Floating Eye and the Copper Gnome. The Floating Eye has the ability Flutter, which you're going to need to get to some secret areas. If you get to Level 10 with the Copper Gnome, it will unlock its next form, allowing you to unlock the Smash ability. This ability to remove large rocks, which in this dungeon, will allow you to access the secret area. This secret area has some Mirages that are worth having, and each fight in this area gives a large Exp boost for early on in the game.

Upon entering the Nether Nebula, you'll find a Portal near the entrance. You can save, and this will ensure that you're at max health. Go up the path, where you'll find Chest #1/9 containing a Libra Mirajewel. I would suggest equipping it straight away. You are given two empty slots at the beginning of the game, so either equip Lann or Reynn with this Mirajewel. It just means you don't need a Mirage to have the Libra ability. It's one of the few in the early stages of the game that is worth equipping.

Head up the ramp and head over to the next area (called Cavern 2). Heading up the ramp, you'll see a chest that you can't quite get to (but you will in a minute). Head up the next set of ramps to find Chest #2/9 with a Sleekstone in it. Further along is a Gimme Golem that wants the Sleekstone. Give it to the Golem to continue. Head down the ramp, ignoring the first ledge you get to (where the chest is you can't quite get to). Continue on your current path to Chest #3/9, then use the prompt Descend at the edge of the path to drop down to Chest #4/9. Then head up the ramp to Cavern 3.

You'll come across your first Puzzle Switch in this area. This switch requires you to place Mirages on top of it to fulfill weight and elemental resistance requirements. For this puzzle, place a Copper Gnome. Cross the bridge that rises up and - before going up the ramp - stay on the path you're on and head down to find another Puzzle Switch. This one needs a weight of 5 and an Earth Resistance of 75 - a Mini Golem stacked on a Copper Gnome meets this requirement. This brings up another bridge, allowing you to get to Chests #5/9 and #6/9. These contain a Phoenix Down and Earth Hammer.

Go back the way you came and then up the ramps to Cavern 4. To the right of the entrance to this area is a large boulder. This is blocking the route to the Nether Nebula Secret Area. You won't have the Smash ability you need to get through, so ignore this for now. Head up the ramp to a Save Point. Save and then move onwards for a cutscene. You'll be told about Thresholds, which basically means it's game over if you die in a fight while inside one of these.

In the boss area, you'll meet Ifrit, Ramuh, and Shiva. Then you'll have to choose who to fight. You can pick whoever you want, but personally I went for Ramuh. He is weak to Earth, and there seem to be more enemies in the game that are weak to Thunder Magic than either Fire (Ifrit) or Ice (Shiva).

You can attempt to use the Earth Hammer on Ramuh, and then purchase another from Chocolatte to complete the Townsperson Quest, but every time I tried to use it, the attack missed, so it's up to you if you want to try it or just stick to using attacks like Throw Stone. My stack setup against Ramuh was:

Reynn: Chocochick & Copper Gnome

Lann: Mandragora

Depending on who you fight, upon beating them you'll be rewarded with an incredibly useful Mirage:

  • Fighting Ramuh gives Zapt
  • Fighting Ifrit gives Fritt
  • Fighting Shiva with Bablizz

You'll also be rewarded with Arma Gems. They'll be explained a little further into the game. Add your newly acquired Mirage to your stack, and then after a cutscene, you'll see a Portal to go back to Nine Wood Hills. Before you head through it, you want to keep running around the Nether Nebula until you find and imprism a Floating Eye Mirage (if you haven't already).

Head back to Nine Wood Hills and speak to Serafie for another item (I got something that would temporarily increase Exp gained in battle). Then go back to Cornelia via the portal. This completes Chapter 3.

Nether Nebula Secret Area

In order to access this area, you need both the Flutter and Smash abilities. In this area are the enemies you'll have fought in the rest of the Nether Nebula, but you'll also have the chance to encounter the Mirages Zapt, Fritt, and Bablizz. It's worth having the No Escape ability as well, as these three will run away if you fail to imprism them (I personally didn't encounter this happening to me, however).

To be able to survive here, you want to be around Level 15. Smash the rock blocking your way, and fly across the gap to the secret area. As you make your way down the path, there are two routes you can continue along. The right path has Chest #7/9. The left route has two chests, Chests #8/9 and #9/9.

I'd recommend coming here when you are around level 15 and after Chapter 6. This means you'll be able to purchase some Bomb Fragments (which - when used - will create a prismtunity for Fritt), Frigicite (which - when used - will create a prismtunity for Bablizz) and Electro Marbles (which - when used - will create a prismtunity for Zapt). Note you will only need to purchase the two of the three items for the Mirages you didn't get earlier in the game. Use the items on the Mirage to set up a prismtunity and then go for the imprism. If you do this after receiving a Glowshroom from on top of Serafie's head, you'll pretty much get the Mirage without any difficulty.

Coming here with non-stacked Mirages that you need levelling up is a great idea, as the Exp you'll gain will give these Mirages a good, early game boost.

Chapter 4 - A Legendary Warriors

You'll have a cutscene and then you'll be tasked with your next objective - which is to destroy the Goblin Camp that's set up outside Saronia. While you're in Cornelia, you should be able to turn in the Townsperson Quest #1/35. Doing so will unlock:

A Helping Hand

Fulfilled a townsperson’s request for the first time.

A Helping Hand
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Go down the hill and meet with the Brigade Captain, then go back to the Cornelia Region and up the hill to the Watchplains.

The Watchplains

BabyhemothDark, BerserkUse Physical Attacks
Bahamutian CommanderNone Unimprismable
Bahamutian SoldierNone Unimprismable
Black ChocochickFire, Light Restore HP
Black NakkIce, Light, Poison, Confuse, Oblivion Use Physical Attacks
Giant Goblin None Unimprismable
GoblinWater, Light, Poison, Confuse, BerserkReduce it's HP
Goblin GuardWater, Light, Poison, Confuse, Berserk Bestow Protect
Goblin Guard Stack
Mandragora, Goblin Guard
Fire, Wind, Light, DeathN/A
Goblin Stack Fire, Wind, Light, Death N/A
Mandragora Fire, Wind, Oblivion, Slow, Death Use Physical Attacks
Red Cap Water, Light, Poison, Confuse, Berserk Deal a lot of damage at once
Red CaptainWater, Light, Poison, Confuse, BerserkInflict Confusion

Don't bother trying to imprism the Goblins here, as you will be unable to do so at this point. In terms of the usefulness of Mirages, only the Black Nakk and Babyhemoth are worth having and incorporating into your Stack. When you are able to imprism the Goblins, do so (for the achievement), but other than that, ignore them

At the start of the area, head along the rock wall that's on the right, and you'll come across a somewhat hidden chest, Chest #1/9. This is a useful item, as enemies here can inflict Blind upon you. Talk to the nearby guard to receive another set of Eye Drops. Start heading through the area, and on the first level head to the left. You'll find Chest #2/9.

Head up to the next area to find a Goblin harassing a Guard. Talk to the Goblin to trigger a fight. After you've completed that battle, talk to the Guard to receive 3 Potions. Head over the bridge and then make your way around the rock. Keep going until the camera moves, revealing Chest #3/9. Head to the next area.

You'll see a path in front of you through (look through the stockade) and on your right will be some steps leading up. Go through the stockade, and head around until you get to Chest #4/9 (there is a chance you'll fight three Goblins on your way to this chest). You can use these Seeds on blank slots of a Mirage Board. You'll have to use 2SP to unlock a Blank Space, and then you insert the Seed to enable it. Then head back and up the stairs. Once you've gone up two flights, you'll see a Teepee. This is a Treasure Trove and I received a Potion from it.

Then go up the next flight of stairs to find a group of Red Caps. Go over to them to battle all four Goblin types. Defeat them and then go up the steps to the next platform. Walk around the fenced area to find Chest #5/9. Then go to the next area.

Walk through the gate and past the Guard. Turn left and go through the tunnel/archway (that's just behind the fence). You'll find Chest #6/9. Then go back through and up the steps to the next platform. You'll see another Goblin to initiate a battle with. Talk to the Guard it was harassing afterward for an Ether. Cross the wooden bridge, and then go past the guards holding the Goblins prisoners. Head up more steps to find a Save Point. Then head left to find Chest #7/9. Head forwards for a cutscene, which introduces the Warrior of Light.

You'll then head into a boss battle against the Bahamutian Commander and a Giant Goblin. The Giant Goblin should be your main target, to begin with, due to it being a heavy hitter. It also has 2860HP, and the Commander has 1350HP. Ensure that you use Potions when you need to, and make use of any good abilities you have. If you have already imprismed a Black Nakk, stick it in a stack to (hopefully) gain access to a Fire ability. Having Tama with Foxfire would also be helpful.

Once you've completed the battle, you'll be rewarded with 2 Arma Gems, and you'll unlock:

The Saviors of Cornelia

Repelled the Bahamutian Army.

The Saviors of Cornelia
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

A portal will appear, but you don't want to go through it yet. Now that the Commander is defeated, you'll be able to imprism all of the Goblin types and the Red Cap. You probably won't be able to imprism the Red Captain. If you have a Mu in your party, ensure that you have the Subdue ability unlocked. When you do, put the Mu in a stack and use Subdue to get an imprism opportunity for the Red Cap.

In terms of acquiring a Red Captain, if you level up the Red Cap to Level 12, you'll be able to transfigure into the Red Captain, negating the need to imprism one.

Head back towards the stairs that lead up to find Chest #8/9. Then you want to exit the area (that's next to the portal) to head back down the stairs and go across the wooden bridge.

Watchplains Secret Area

You'll see a Black Chocochick in an enclosure. Defeating it in battle (or imprisming it) will reward you will a lot of XP, along with the Black Chocochick Memento. This memento will allow you to transfigure a Chocochick into a Black Chocochick (once you've unlocked the slot on the Chocochick's Mirage Board).

If you wish to imprism the Black Chocochick (you don't need to though), you want to have a Mu in a stack with the Subdue ability. Use Subdue, and then use a Potion on the Black Chocochick to heal it, creating the opportunity. Once you've defeated the Black Chocochick, you can open Chest #9/9. Then head back to the Portal and go to Nine Wood Hills.

Other Tasks

Back in Nine Wood Hills. Go to the North Promenade to get a cutscene that opens the Coliseum. The Coliseum allows for you to fight various groups of enemies, both in normal battles and in time-attacks. The fights are a bit more difficult than the ones in the world, but you'll always start with full health and AP gauges. Winning fights doesn't grant you Exp, but it does reward you with unique items. You can also go about capturing Mirages that could otherwise be unavailable. At this point in the game, you'd be able to complete FF Mascots 1. I was able to at level 8. See the Coliseum page for information about all of the Coliseum fights.

If you do this fight and win it, you'll unlock:

A New Challenger

Won your first Coliseum battle.

A New Challenger
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

While you're in the Coliseum, go to the right of the Desk to look for a shining star object. This is Old Journalist Notes 5. You need to collect this to count towards and achievement.

Then return to Cornelia to start the next chapter.

Chapter 5 - The Champion Who Saved Grymoire

The cutscene will inform you that you need to make contact with the group known as League of S. You'll be given the Cornelian Letter. Before doing anything else, you're going to return to Nine Wood Hills, as a new location will have opened up for you. This is called The Girl's Tearoom. In here, you'll be able to talk to The Girl Who Forgot Her Name. You'll be able to spend the Arma Gems you've gotten on either Intervention Quests or Champion Medals. The page Intervention Quests and Champion Jewels & Medals provides you with all the information about these.

At this point in the game, you'll be able to do two things:

  • Unlock the Intervention Quest The Girl Who Forgot Her Name
  • Purchase your first Champion Medal, The Warrior of Light.

If you complete the Intervention Quest, you'll unlock:

The Power of Fantasy

Completed your first intervention battle.

The Power of Fantasy
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineShop

Purchasing the Champion Medal will unlock:

A Medium Awakens

Obtained your first Champion Medal.

A Medium Awakens
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

You'll need to equip the Champion Medals to use them, and you'll also be able to equip the ones that come with the game - Balthier and Sephiroth.

Another Intervention Quest will be unlocked called Where Art Thou, Smoochy-Poo?, though if you did the Intervention Quest and bought the Champion Medal, you won't be able to get this one due to the lack of Arma Gems.

Now that you're done in The Girl's Tearoom, you want to go to Chocolatte and purchase some Lethean Chimes if you can, and then talk to Serafie to check to see if she has anything on her head for you.

Return to Cornelia, and take the train to your next location, the Pyreglow Forest. You're going to want a Mirage that has the Sizzle ability. If you have a Black Nakk, unlock it on its Mirage Board. Otherwise, imprism a Cockatrice in the Forest.

Pyreglow Forest

BabyhemothDark, BerserkUse Physical Attacks
CactrotFire, Ice, DeathReduce its HP
CockatriceWater, Confuse, Sleep, SlowUse Physical Attacks
Cockatrice Stack
Reaver Mu, Cockatrice
Thunder, Dark. Confuse, Sleep, Berserk, SlowN/A
DeathskullFire, Wind, Light, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, SlowInflict Oblivion
DuallizardIce, Earth, Blind, DeathReduce its HP
Dualizard Stack
Moogle, Dualizard
Ice, Earth, Blind, DeathN/A
Magic JarLight, Dark, Blind, Oblivion, SlowGive an Elixir
MoogleIce, Dark, Poison, Sleep, Oblivion, Sleep, DeathRestore HP
MuFire, Thunder, Oblivion, BerserkUse Physical Attacks
Reaver MuFire, Thunder, Poison, Confuse, BerserkUse Fire Attacks
Right ClawIce, Water, Earth, Dark, Oblivion, BerserkReduce its HP
Right Claw Stack
Mu, Cockatrice, Right Claw
Earth, Dark, Confuse, Blind, Oblivion, BerserkN/A

If you haven't already, this is a great place to get the Babyhemoth. During this point in my game, it was a consistent Mirage in my stacks due to how useful it is. You also really want to get - and invest in leveling up - a Cockatrice. This is because they have an ability that can inflict Death.

I wouldn't worry so much about trying to get a Cactrot. It's easier to get Cactuar Johnny from the Coliseum, and then level him up to unlock the transfig to a Cactrot.

Also, if you don't have a Moogle, try to imprism one and then get it up to Level 5. This will allow you to unlock the Cure Mirajewel. You can then equip the Mirajewel on Lann or Reynn.

The Dualizard is another good Mirage, but as it's a Medium-sized Mirage, you'll probably struggle to fit it into a stack.

If you manage to come across a Deathskull, and you don't have the Oblivion ability, use a Lethean Chime to inflict it.

If you get to the Magic Jar in the Secret Area, you won't be able to imprism it get, as you don't have any Elixirs, but it's worth defeating now for the Exp boost.

So Pyreglow Forest will see you climbing a tree. You'll start on Branch 1, and you'll see Chest #1/8 on a raised portion. It contains 2 Rememb Herbs (these remove Oblivion). Then continue up on the left until you get to Chest #2/8. Then head back towards the next area.

At the start of Branch 2, head down and left (south-west on the map) to find a branch blocking your path. This is where you need a Mirage with the Sizzle ability (like the Cockatrice or Black Nakk). Clear the branch and then go to open Chest #3/8. Head up to find Chest #4/8. Then head left, along the main path and you'll come to the Murkrift here. Pick up Chest #5/8.

Murkrift - Level 13

SharqualThunder, WindUse Fire attacks

This Murkrift is against four Sharquals. You can capture one if you wish. It's resistant to Fire magic, so it's worth defeating three Sharquals, and then weakening the last one to imprism it. You'll be rewarded with a good amount of Exp.

For this fight, I had a Black Nakk in one stack for imprisming, and Zapt in another stack to eliminate three Sharquals quickly. For a Level 13 Murkrift, you should be able to complete this without much difficulty.

This will likely be the first Murkrift you complete, which will unlock:

Sweet Revenge

Defeated your first murkrift Mirage.

Sweet Revenge
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Head left to the next area, Branch 3. From the start, ignore the dead-end in sight, as there's nothing there, so head up the main path to the next platform. The dead-end on the right is a Treasure Trove, and I received an Ether from it. Then go left along the main branch to the next platform. Take the right branch (as the left one leads nowhere), and at the fork, take the right side to find Chest #6/8. Then go back and take the left path to the next area.

On the first platform of Branch 4, you'll notice there are three paths leading off of it. Start by taking the leftmost one to get to Chest #7/8. Then back at the platform, the middle path leads to a branch blocking your path - this goes to the Secret Area. Use Sizzle to remove the blockage and head on in.

Pyreglow Forest Secret Area

This portion is like a maze, and you'll need to take a specific path to get to the end. This is the route you want to take:

  • Starting at Branch 5, take the South-West exit.
  • On Branch 6, take the North-West exit.
  • On Branch 7, take the North-East exit.
  • On Branch 8, take the North-West exit.

You'll then end up on the Secret Branch, where you'll see a Magic Jar. You won't be able to imprism this Mirage yet, but that's fine. You're going to want to fight it anyway, as defeating it will give you the Magic Jar Memento, allowing you to transfigure to it when you get a Mirage in its family. If you have a Floating Eye with Dark, before fighting the Magic Jar, add it to your stacks, as this will make this fight go a lot quicker. I personally didn't find it too difficult - just lengthy - as I was only inflicting 20-40 damage per hit. The Magic Jar has 1437HP, so it takes a while to take down. After you've defeated it, you can open Chest #8/8.

Now that you've navigated the maze, the way back will be shown on your map (accessed with [cn_Back]). Back in Pyreglow Forest, take the right path, which will take you to a Save Point and the exit for this area.

Forest Clearing

Going past the portal back to Nine Wood Hills, you'll find Yuna in a lake. After a cutscene, you'll be attacked by Yuna and Valefor.

ValeforIce, DarkUnimprismable
Valefor Stack
Yuna, Valefor
Ice, DarkN/A

This isn't a hard fight, but as Yuna uses Protect and Shell, this fight can take time. Valefor can use it's Energy Ray attack, which hits both of your stacks. If Yuna and Valefor stack, go about toppling it. I found taking down Yuna first was more effective, and using Dark attacks (from the Floating Eye) on Valefor meant he didn't last for long. Defeating them will reward you with 2 Arma Gems and a Valefor Memento. The memento can be used to transfigure a Cockatrice into Valefor.

After a cutscene, exit the Forest Clearing for another on. then open Chest #1/1 with a Teleport Stone in. This allows you to fast travel back to the start of a dungeon. Then before continuing with the story, you can go about doing a few extra tasks.

Other Tasks

If you head back to Cornelia, you'll find a townsperson with another quest for you.

Townsperson Quest - Who Watches the Watchplains

  • Defeat 8 Goblins
  • Reward - 2 x Phoenix Downs

Head to the Watchplains to find Goblins.

Note that you can complete Townsperson Quests from the Adventure Log of the cn_Y menu, under the Miniventure tab.

The Coliseum has some more fights, including one against Valefor, that you can tackle. Chocolatte is also selling some low-damage elemental items. It's worth getting a couple of each - along with some Flash Bombs - as these can inflict Blind, which may allow you to imprism some more Mirages in the next chapter.

When you're reading travel back to the Forest Clearing and then proceed into the next region, the Ice Region. This completes Chapter 5.

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