4. World of Final Fantasy Maxima Chapters 6-9

Chapters 6-9

Depending how many battles you've done in the game, during these Chapters, you will likely unlock

Battle Aficionado

Battled 100 times.

Battle Aficionado
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Chapter 6 - Solace from the Ice

From the start of the Ice Region, head over to the inn called Sherlotta's Solace. Make sure you in Jiant form, so you can get Chest #1/1 with a Rename Prism in. This will let you rename your Mirages if you wish. You can only rename Mirages in your party, not any that are in the Prism Case. Then examine the glowing item on the desk, and you'll get a cutscene. This will introduce you to Refia, and you'll receive the Warlock's Warmer, which will let you travel through the Ice Region. Refia will join you on your travels. Before you set off, look for the white cat that's in the far right corner. Interact with it to get Old Personal Posting 1. There are 5 of these you need to collect for the Champion Mirajewel's achievement.

Upon completing the Intervention Quest Never Cross The Boss, the Undead Princess★ will reside outside Sherlotta's Solace. Completing A Grudge That Won't Budge will allow you to fight her. She's difficult for a low-level boss. If you wish to imprism her, it's necessary to go in with a Mirage that knows Banish (e.g. Baby Paleberry). If you just wish to defeat her, then you'll need stacks with good Dark resistance and a way to cure or resist Confuse.

Undead Princess★Fire, Wind, LightUse Light attacks

Icicle Ridge

To access all of the Icicle Ridge, you will need Mirages that know Sizzle and Smash. I personally went in with a Black Nakk for Sizzle, and a Mythril Giant for Smash. The Cockatrice and Fritt Mirages are two others you may have that can learn Sizzle too. To get a Mythril Giant, you just need to level up a Copper Gnome to Level 10. There is a weighted puzzle in this area that requires a stack that has a weight of 11 and an Earth Resistance of 11. I personally went in with a Mythril Giant, Mandragora, and Babyhemoth, and these requirements were met.

You won't be able to imprism White Nakks until after the boss fight. There is also an area that's on the north of the map you won't be able to get here at the moment, so don't worry about it.

Baby PaleberryFire, Dark, Confuse, DeathUse Physical attacks
BabyhemothDark, BerserkUse Physical attacks
Babyhemoth Stack
Quachacho, Babyhemoth
Fire, Dark, Poison, Confuse, DeathN/A
Babyhemoth Stack 2
White Nakk, Babyhemoth
Fire, Dark, Confuse, BerserkN/A
Babyhemoth Stack 3
Baby Paleberry, Babyhemoth
Fire, Dark, Confuse, DeathN/A
DeathskullFire, Wind, Light, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, SlowInflict Oblivion
Deathskull Stack
Baby Paleberry, Deathskull
Fire, Wind, Light, Confuse, Sleep, OblivionN/A
Holy DragonDarkUse Light attacks
Ice BatFire, Light, Confuse, BlindInflict Blind
QuachachoFire, Dark, Poison, Confuse, DeathRestore HP
Right Claw
Ice Bat, Deathskull, Right Claw
Ice, Water, Earth, Dark, Oblivion, BerserkReduce HP
Right Claw StackFire, Water, Light, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, SlowN/A
White NakkFire, ConfuseUse Ice Attacks

From the entrance, head past the portal and you'll come to an ice obstacle. These need to be removed with Sizzle. Head on down and there will be another ice block to use Sizzle on. Here will find Chest #1/8. Go back and then proceed down, going down the winding path. You'll come to your first ice puzzle here. These puzzles are fairly straightforward - you'll use cn_LS to determine the direction you want to go in, and you'll travel in that direction until you hit an obstacle. For this puzzle, there are two exits and an ice-block covered chest. Start by going for the chest, and the route you want to take is right, down, left, up, and right. You'll automatically melt the ice block and then you can open Chest #2/8.

Then go left, down, left, down, right, and down. This will take you to the southern exit. At the bottom of the slope is Chest #3/8. Go back up the slope and then take the following route to get to the platform exit up, right, down, right, up, and right. Head along the path and into the next area. Arriving in this area, you'll be greeted with two White Nakks. You can't imprism these, and they'll run away when you've defeated them. Head down the path and slope until you come to another ice block. Behind it is Chest #4/8. Then go back slightly, and take the slope up and around to the second puzzle of this area. Start by going:

  • Up, right, up, right, and down.

This will take you to the right-hand exit. Then go down and left (on the ice), which will take you to Chest #5/8. Then go right and up, taking you back to the exit. Now take the path and on your way around, open Chest #6/8 for a Squishsparkly. You'll then have to fight three White Nakks. Once you've done that, go to the end of the path, and give the Squishsparkly to the Gimme Golem. This will get you back on the ice, and you want to go down, left, down, right, and down, which will take you to the other path. Follow this to get to the exit of this part.

In the next area, you'll meet Grandfenrir, who is the leader of the White Nakks. On the left of the first platform is a treasure trove. Head up the slope to the next platform to get to the next puzzle. This is where having a Mirage that knows Smash will come in handy. It's also where the weighted puzzle is located. To get to the puzzle first, go left, up, left, up, right, up, left, up, right, up, right, down, left, down, left, down, and left. This will take you to a path that leads up. You'll have to smash the block along the way and the weighted puzzle is at the top. Completing this puzzle will cause the upper platform to fall down, which makes the puzzle easier to complete.

Open Chest #7/8. The top left exit takes you to an area called the Secret Slip which will be a bit too difficult right now. So take the other path which will take you straight to the area exit.

The fourth area is where you'll find a save point, followed by a boss fight - against Grandfenrir and four White Nakks. I went in with the following stacks: Lann + Floating Eye + Zapt and Reynn + Cockatrice + Black Nakk. I had Zapt know Thunderbolt and as it damages multiple enemies, it dealt with the White Nakks very easily. Having Reynn as a "fire stack" meant that the fight was over fairly quickly. When Grandfenrir's health gets low, he'll summon another four White Nakks. Completing this boss fight will reward you with 2 Arma Gems and a Fenrir Memento. You'll also now be able to imprism White Nakks which requires the use of Ice attacks (I had Bablizz, which made that fairly easy to do).

Then head back to the boss platform and have the path of the right that leads down. There is a Murkrift here, which shouldn't be too difficult for you to complete. It's worth attempting to imprism one of the Mini Flans in the Murkrift as they can be a good Mirage to have at this point.

Murkrift - Level 15

Mini FlanFireUse Physical Attacks

You'll be up against 6 Mini Flans in this Murkrift. It's straightforward enough to imprism one - and if you have a good fire stack, you'll be able to wipe any remaining Mirages fairly easily.

Then back at the previous platform, take the path down on the right where you'll find Chest #8/8. Then you can make your way to the exit of the Icicle Ridge and you'll head to Saronia Harbor. As you make your way, there is another Murkrift here.

Murkrift - Level 28

Ponini Thunder, Dark, Poison, Blind, SlowLand a Critical Hit

If you have a Black Nakk in your stack, you'll have access to the Cross Slash ability. It has a hit Critical Hit chance, so it is a great and easy way to create the prismtunity for a Ponini. You can also go about healing the Ponini and use Cross Slash again to make imprisming easier. This is a great Mirage, and I ended up having it stacked with the Holy Dragon from about Chapter 13 onwards. This gave me some incredibly powerful Light Magic attacks, and despite its stack being weak, it rarely toppled.

Icicle Ridge Secret Area

Assuming you've already done the puzzle to get to this area, head down to the bottom where you'll find a Holy Dragon. Approaching it will start a fight with two Holy Dragons. They can hit hard and if you kill one, the other will revive it. So what you want to do is focus on imprisming one of them and then killing off the other one. They're weak to Dark magic, so you want to use that to your advantage. Personally, I didn't complete this fight until I had completed Chapter 9, as I was more powerful then. I had also gone back and completed the Murkrift with the Poninis in, and leveled up a Ponini until I had unlocked Banish. I then used this ability to stack a good prismtunity against the Holy Dragon.

(I only did it this way as I was struggling to imprism a Pale Tonberry)

Holy DragonDark, Confuse, I-Death Use Light Attacks

Chapter 7 - The Thane and the Knave

At this point, you could go about completing some of the things that you need to. Any Murkrifts before this point will be easy enough to complete for you now, so I'd recommend going back and getting them all. Any intervention quests that you haven't done are worth doing now (there should be two of them that you can do by now), and if there are any Coliseum fights that are in your level range, go and do them. There are a few Mirages - like the Red Bonnetberry and Dark Behemoth - that are easy enough to imprism and it just gets them out the way. By this point, I had done enough Coliseum fights to get the fight with Shiva★ and Ifrit★ to appear. I also managed to imprism both in one fight (the Coliseum fight is called The Nebula Nitwits). I then did more to get the Coliseum fight The Responsible One to appear, allowing me to imprism Ramuh★. I'd also completed all of the following Coliseum fights (and imprismed the Mirages) - the Coliseum page gives more information:

  • Never Mess with a Moogle
  • This Chest Ain't Pretendin'
  • The True King of the Skies
  • The Dark Behemoth Becometh
  • Rainbow Resurrection
  • The Flan as White as Snow
  • The Red-capped Speed Demon
  • Chocobo Princess Sakura
  • Nero's Magitek Menace
  • To Serve and Protect
  • The Santa Wannabe
  • The Malice Striker
  • Fighter Type III
  • Where the Topaz Gleams

You also want to talk to Mel, who's standing on the right side of the Coliseum desk, so you can fight him and imprism him. He's incredibly easy to imprism - just give him a couple of Potions.

Saronia Harbor

Back in Saronia Harbor, start by looking to the left of the Portal. You should find Old Journalist Notes 2 in the tree here - if not, you'll be able to get it post-True Ending. Then talk to the two people with "!" above their heads. Head down to Shanty Town. Ignore the "!" person here for now, and instead, head left to find Chest #1/2 Then talk to the "!" person for a cutscene. Once you're back in control, go up the stairs to meet the Thane. After another cutscene, you'll be in a fight against a Federation Guard. He's not too difficult to kill, as he only has 3840HP.

Federation GuardNoneUnimprismable

You receive 3 Arma Gems for defeating him. After another cutscene, you'll get your next task. Talk to the three "!" people and the path to Saronia Docks will open up. Head on down, opening Chest #2/2 along the way.

Chapter 8 - Buccaneer Blues

I'd recommend going to The Girl's Tearoom and purchasing Refia's Champion Medal as it's quite powerful for a 1 Star Medal. It's worth purchasing a couple of Flash Bombs and War Gongs from Chocolatte too. I also made sure that the Mirages in my stacks were at least level 20 and I personally went in with the following stacks:

  • Ponini > Lilikin Reynn > Holy Dragon
  • Zapt > Lilikin Lann > Ramuh

In reserve, I had the Floating Eye, Black Nakk, and Sharqual. This meant I met all of the requirements for this area. The remaining spaces were filled with a Babyhemoth, Mini Flan, Glow Moogle, Kolbold Mimic, and Red Bonnetberry for levelling.

Saronia Docks

Before making your way through this area, ensure that you have a Mirage with Flutter and a Mirage with Sizzle in your party. I had a Floating Eye and Black Nakk for this. You also want a Mirage that has a Water Resistance of 50. If none of your Mirages have that, replacing one in your party with a Sharqual will meet this requirement.

Ahriman Wind, Light, Poison, Blind, Slow, DeathInflict Blind
Ahriman Stack
Mini Flan, Floating Eye, Ahriman
Fire, Wind, Light, Poison, Blind, Slow, DeathN/A
Federation Guard NoneUnimprismable
DualizardIce, Earth, Blind, Death Reduce HP
Dualizard Stack
Mini Flan, Dualizard
Fire, Earth, Confuse, Death N/A
Floating EyeWind, Light, Poison, Blind, Slow, Death Leave only this Mirage Standing
KupicaroonThunder, WindInflict Berserk
KupirateThunder, Wind, Poison, Sleep, Slow, Death Reduce HP
Mimic NoneReduce HP
Mini FlanFire, Confuse, Death Use Physical Attacks
SharqualThunder, Wind, Sleep, Berserk Use Fire Attacks
Sharqual Stack
Mini Flan, Sharqual
Fire, Thunder, Wind, Sleep, Death N/A

When you start in the Docks, walk forward and examine the cannon to get over to the next platform. Interact with Chest #1/20 which is actually a Mimic. Defeat the Mimic and then head right, up, and then down the stairs. You'll come to a small island in the water where Chest #2/20. Go back up the stairs, and then down and right to the next cannon. This will fire you over to a platform with a puzzle switch on. The requirements for this platform are Weight 5 and Water Resistance of 50. This will cause the water level to rise. Then go back to the previous cannon and fire across to the previous platform. Head up and right to the next area.

Go down to the platform with the hut. Then go down the plank to the docked ship. You'll find Chest #3/20. Go back to the main path and ignore the other ship right now. Head down the steps instead to find Chest #4/20 with a Swirlshell in. If you have a Mirage strolling along with you, it'll tell you that the shell baskets contain a treasure. There's also a bell here, and for now just remember its location. Now, go back and over to the ship you ignored, and use the cannon to get over to the next platform.

On the dock you land on, on your left is a Murkrift.

Murkrift - Level 25

Mega SharqualThunder, WindDeal a lot of damage at once

This Murkrift isn't that difficult, and it doesn't matter if you fail to get a prismtunity for this Mirage. If you level up a Sharqual to Level 20 you'll be able to unlock this transfig.

There's also a Gimme Golem here, so give them the Swirlshell. There's a basket of seaweed here with a bell next to it. Interact with it to ring this bell. Then go down the steps, and turn right to find a rowing boat. Use Flutter to get to the next boat, where Chest #5/20 is. Then go back, and ignore the bell that's next to a basket of fish. Instead, fire yourself out of the cannon that's here. This will take you back to the dock where you can get to the bell next to the shell baskets. Ring that bell, and then get back to the area you were just on. Then go and ring the bell by the basket of fish.

Ringing these bells summons a Ghost Ship which is the secret area. It's not too difficult of an area, you just want to make sure your stacks aren't vulnerable to Berserk.

Saronia Docks Secret Area

Head onto the Ghost Ship, and on the stern is a mini-boss fight against six Kupicaroons. They're not difficult to beat but it's very possible that they will cast Berserk (and a chance they will cast it a fair amount). If you want to imprism one, you want to use a War Gong at the start of the battle. If your stacks become Berserk-ed, you'll just have to hope they don't die. Some good Mirage options for Berserk resistance would be:

  • Mandragora
  • Floating Eye
  • Ahriman
  • Moogle
  • Glow Moogle
  • Baby Paleberry
  • Red Bonnetberry
  • Ice Bat
  • Mini Flan
  • Ponini
  • Holy Dragon

to name a few. All of the Mirages are easily accessible to you. My personal stacks were:

  • Ponini, Lilikin Reynn, and Holy Dragon - giving the stack a Berserk resistance of 50.
  • Zapt, Lilikin Lann, and Ramuh - giving the stack a Berserk resistance of 0, but access to Thunder magic to exploit the Kupicaroon's weakness.

You do not need to imprism a Kupicaroon, so don't worry about that. I had access to Thunderbolt through my Lann stack, so I used that to really work away at the entire enemy party. Reynn's stack provided single attacks, including using the Electro Marbles. And because of her stack's resistance to Berserk, I only had to remove Berserk from Lann (luckily it was only once). Winning this battle will reward you with the Kupicaroon Memento. There are 11 chests here for you to open (Chests #6/20 to #16/20). One of them is a Mimic.

Then leave the secret area and go to the ship docked next to it for Chest #17/20. Continue right to the exit. The next area is a bit of a puzzle. You can't get to the Save Point as there's a Gimme Golem (that wants a Swirlshell) in the way. There are a number of cannons you'll need to use to get through the area. Start by going to the right to find Chest #18/20 - this is a Mimic. Then use the cannon that is the furthest on the right. You'll be sent over to another puzzle switch and a Flutter point. Start with the Flutter point to get over to Chest #19/20, and then go back to the puzzle switch. Use the nearby cannon to go back to the starting portion of the area. Use the left cannon and open Chest #20/20, which has a Swirlshell in. Go back to the puzzle switch and activate it. The requirements for this are Weight 5 and Water Resistance of 50. You'll now be able to get to the Save Point and remove the Gimme Golem.

Once you're at the save point, prepare for a couple of fights. The first one you'll be in is against six Kupriates. You won't be able to imprism them right now. Thunderbolt is the best attack to take them out. Once they're dealt with, you'll be thrown into a scripted fight against Syldra. You're not supposed to win this one, so just use Attack until the fight is over. After a cutscene, you'll then have a fight with the Federation Guard from before. When you've taken him down to 0HP, you'll get a cutscene.

This chapter then ends and the next one starts with a continuing cutscene.

Chapter 9 - The Low Seas

Once the cutscene is over, you can either talk to Quistis to continue the story or use the portal to go back to Nine Wood Hills. There are a couple more Coliseum fights that are now available and 3 new Intervention Quests. If you travel back to Saronia and then go to Saronia Docks that way, you should be able to encounter Kupirates to imprism.

When you're ready, go back to the ship and talk to Quistis. You'll have another cutscene.

The Low Seas

Upon regaining control, you'll be on the shore of the Low Seas.

Sea SnakeThunder, Confuse, OblivionUse Water Attacks

I've only listed the Mirages above that you need to engage and fight with. The others in the area are Adamantoise, Mega Sharqual, and Minimantoise. Information about them is on the Mirages page.

If you look near the Portal, you'll see two Sea Snakes tormenting a Minimantoise. Interact with them to engage in a fight. Once you've defeated them, you'll meet Addy. He's an Adamantoise, who agrees to take you across the sea. You'll see Mega Sharquals moving left and right along your path. You really want to avoid them as they are too strong for you to defeat right now. If you have a Mirage with Flee available, I'd recommend placing it in a stack. Otherwise, avoid the Mega Sharquals.

Once you've navigated the first portion, Rikku will join you on the second portion. Continue down, avoiding the Mega Sharquals, until you get to the Rainbow Shore.

Once you've completed the Intervention Quest Treasure Island, Ahoy!, you'll find the Adamantoise here. You can fight and imprism him, but he is a tad on the strong side at nearly 30,000HP. All the other enemies are manageable to fight when you're around level 42-45. The Low Seas is the only location where you'll find the Minimantoise in the wild. But if you get the Flammantoise from later in the game, you can transfig to the Minimantoise at level 10, you only need the Adamantoise Memento to complete the family (which you get from completing the Intervention Quest Treasure Island, Ahoy!).

The Rainbow Shore

There are two things to do here. One is to collect Chest #1/1 that is found in the rock structure. There is also a Murkrift here that is easily doable, and the Mirage is definitely worth imprisming at this point in the game.

Murkrift - Level 32

DramutWind, Earth, Light, Berserk, SlowUse Fire, Ice and Thunder Attacks

This Murkrift isn't that difficult, and all you need to do is land three attacks on him - one fire, one ice, and one thunder. Use any elemental items you have to do this. It's another decent Mirage, and after capturing him from this Murkrift, I did keep him in my party for a while, due to having three useful support abilities - Sizzle, Chill and Zap.

Heading to the next area completes this rather quick chapter.

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