5. World of Final Fantasy Maxima Chapters 10-13

Chapters 10-13

Chapter 10 - Too Warm a Welcome

You go straight into the next area from the Rainbow Shore. If you want, you can go and tackle some more Coliseum battles. It's worth going to Chocolatte to stock up on some items - Bomb Fragments, Electro Marbles, and Frigicite are useful, as well as healing items.

The Dragon Scars

You'll need a Mirage with Flutter in this area, so bring along your Floating Eye.

Bihydra Ice, Water, Blind, DeathLeave only this Mirage standing
Bihydra Stack
Mini Golem, Bihydra
Ice, Water, Blind, Oblivion, Death N/A
Blood EyeWater, Light, Poison, Blind, Slow, Death Leave only this Mirage standing
Cerberus LightUse a Fire, Ice and Thunder Attack
Copper GnomeThunder, Wind, Sleep, Oblivion, BerserkReduce the Mirage's HP
Copper Gnome Stack
Mini Golem, Copper Gnome
Thunder, Wind, Sleep, OblivionN/A
Mega Red DragonIce, Water Unimprismable
Mini Golem Wind, OblivionUse Physical Attacks
Red Dragon Ice, Water, Confuse, SleepLand a Critical Hit
Red Dragon Stack
Mini Golem, Spark Dragon, Red Dragon
Ice, Wind, Water, Earth, Confuse, Sleep, OblivionN/A
Spark DragonWind, Earth, Confuse, Sleep Inflict Status Ailments

It worth trying to imprism all of the Mirages in this area. If you bring some Dream Powder, imprisming a Spark Dragon isn't too difficult.

When you start in this area, head up the path and take the left at the fork to go to Chest #1/16, then head back and take the right path. At the next fork, go right and down and then take the left path up the slope. Look in the nest for Chest #2/16. Then use the Flutter point to cross the game, and go down to find Chest #3/16 on the platform below. Drop back down and then follow the path to the next area.

At the start of this area, take the left fork and use the Flutter point to get across. You'll need to defeat the Red Dragons here to get to Chest #4/16. Then go back to the fork and take the right-hand path. On your way down, look for a shallow cave that has Chest #5/16 in. Walk up the path and you'll come to a set of steps (sort of) that lead down. There are three ways you can go down, using the path at the bottom to get back up here. From the leftmost Descend Point, go down two levels to for Chest #6/16. Walk right past one Descend Point to a second and go down. Go right for Chest #7/16. Drop to the bottom and take the path leading to the area exit. On your way, you'll pass a Flutter point leading to Chest #8/16. Make your way to the next area.

The path is blocked by a Gimme Golem, so take the right-hand path. On your right is a Flutter point, where Chest #9/16 is. Continue along the main path and then take the diversion on your left to fight a pair of Red Dragons as their nest is a Treasure Trove. Continue along the main path to the next Flutter point on your right. This leads to Chest #10/16. Back on your main path, you'll be given a choice for which way you can go. You want to ignore the path that is blocked by the Red Dragon for now. Instead, take the other path to find Chest #11/16. Drop back down to the main path, and now take the other path where you'll have to fight three Red Dragons to get to the next area, which is a (not so secret) secret area.

Head forward to face the Cerberus. I'd highly recommend imprisming it, just to make the fight easier. Using a combination of any Fire, Ice and Thunder spells or items do the trick. You need to perform a spell/use an item of each element to create one prismtunity, i.e. three attacks - one Fire, one Ice and one Thunder - will only cause a prismtunity once. You may find that you need to stack prismtunities to imprism the Cerberus. I personally used Bomb Fragments, Electro Marbles, and Frigicite to help. Defeating/imprisming it gives you the Cerberus Memento. This will be your first Mega Mirage. If you keep it in your lineup, you will be able to summon it in place of your regular stacks. It's not a great Mirage for an XL (compared to something like the Behemonster). Imprisming it will allow you to complete the White Nakk's Mirage Board (eventually). Open Chest #12/16 for the Fluffiflower the Gimme Golem wants. So head back to the Gimme Golem to proceed.

This area is another one with multiple paths down and a return path. Start by dropping down one level for Chest #13/16. Go down another level and do not take the leftmost Descend Point. Instead, take the second one to a platform where Chest #14/16 is. Drop down and make your way back to the top. Drop down from the other Descend Point and go down two levels for Chest #15/16. Go back to the top again, and this time, make your way down the left hand Descend Points to the area exit.

A short way along the path in the next area is a Flutter point leading to Chest #16/16. Head to the Save Point and get ready for a fight against the boss - the Mega Red Dragon. It's weak to Ice and Water but uses Fire attacks, so you need to find a good middle ground for your stacks. Using Ice items is a good idea here. If it uses Flare Star, heal yourself before going back to attacking. It shouldn't be too difficult to defeat. You'll then have a cutscene, introducing Tifa. Head to the exit and into the Babil Region.

Babil Region

When you get here, there are two places you can go to. The closest one - on the left - is a small town called Agarthir. Speak to the person here for a Townsperson Quest.

Townsperson Quest - Needle for Speedle

  • Defeat 3 Cactuars
  • Reward: 2 x Hi-Ethers

You can find Cactuars in the Phantom Sands (Chapter 13) - Toil 2 and Toil 4. You need to defeat them, as imprisming will not count.

Open Chest #1/1 and then look in the corner on the right-hand side of the gate to find Old Journalist Notes 3. Then leave this town and head to the large city. Talk to the person by the fork in the path for some Smelling Salts. Then head into Nibelheim to start the next chapter.

Chapter 11 - Crimson and Azure

Upon completing Chapter 10, Mirajewels are unlocked. If you go to the Girl's Teamroom and purchase one for 2 Arma Gems and then equip it, you'll unlock:

Avatar Change

Acquired your first Champion Jewel.

Avatar Change
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You don't need to keep it equipped, and personally I found no benefit to them as equipping them means you can't use Champion Medals - which are far more useful.


You'll find Old Journalist Notes 4 here by looking in a alley between an inn and the Honey Bee Inn. This should be the last set of Notes you'll need to collect, and if you have, you'll unlock Firion's Champion Jewel for purchase in the Girl's Tearoom.

Upon entering Nibelheim, you'll have a cutscene. Then approach the girl with green hair, Rydia, for another cutscene. This will give you your next location - Valley Seven. Then talk to the girl with the "?" above her head for another Townsperson Quest. There is a good chance you'll probably have already completed the requirements for this one.

Townsperson Quest - The Birthday Present

  • Deliver 3 x Dragon Scales
  • Reward: Berserk Seed

Open Chest #1/1 and then talk to Rydia again. When you're ready, head out of Nibelheim, past the guy you got the Smelling Salts from earlier, and then up into Valley Seven.

Valley Seven

In this area you'll need the Chill and Smash abilities, and some Mirages that can build up a Fire Resistance of 150 for a puzzle switch. Mirages that have Chill (hopefully by this point) are Bablizz and Quachacho. Mirages with Smash (that you may have already) include the Holy Dragon and Mythril Giant.

My personal stacks by this point were:

  • Holy Dragon + Lilikin Reynn + Ponini
  • Zapt + Lilikin Lann +Ramuh

(By this point, these were pretty much my stacks until the very end of the game, excluding a few times where I needed a specific attack.)

There are three puzzle switches in this area, and the maximum requirement is a Weight of 12 and a Fire Resistance of 150. I bought three Mirages that would meet all of this (as well as to help level them up):

  • Ifrit★ (Fire Res 100, Weight 6)
  • Fritt (Fire Res 100, Weight 2)
  • Babyhemoth (Fire Res 0, Weight 5)

To imprism all of the Mirages you need here (apart from the Phoenix, as you'll come back for that one) it's worth bringing some Bomb Fragments (for the Bomb and Flammantoise), some Poison Fangs (for Cocadrille), and Dream Powder (for Korrigan and Spark Dragon). If you have Shell (either as a Seed or Mirajewel), you can imprism the Lead Gnome - but as you can transfig a Copper Gnome to a Lead Gnome by levelling, you can just do that.

Behemoth Dark, Berserk Reduce HP
Behemoth Stack
Black Nakk, Bomb, Behemoth
Water, Light, Confuse, Berserk N/A
Black NakkIce, Water, Light, Poison, Confuse, Oblivion Use Physical Attacks
Blood Eye Water, Light, Poison, Blind, Slow, DeathLeave only this Mirage standing
Blood Eye Stack
Black Nakk, Blood Eye
Water, Light, Poison, BlindN/A
BombWater, Confuse, Berserk, Death Use Fire attacks
Cocadrille Wind, Dark, Sleep, Blind, SlowInflict Poison
FlammantoiseIce, Thunder, Water, Sleep, Blind, Oblivion Use Fire attacks
King Bomb WaterUnimprismable
Korrigan Fire, Wind, Light, Oblivion, Slow, DeathInflict Sleep
Lead Gnome Fire, Thunder, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, BerserkBestow Shell
Lead Gnome Stack
Black Nakk, Lead Gnome
Ice, Thunder, Water, Light, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, BerserkN/A
Phoenix Water, DarkRestore a lot of HP
Spark Dragon Wind, Dark, Confuse, SleepInflict Status Ailments
Spark Dragon Stack
Flammantoise, Spark Dragon
Ice, Water, Earth, Confuse, Sleep, Blind, OblivionN/A

From the first platform, make your way down the spiral path and cross the bridge to the next platform. Then follow the spiral down to get to Chest #1/8. Cross over the platform and take the left path. You'll come to a Puzzle Switch that has a requirement of Weight 4 and Fire Resistance of 50. Once you've activated the switch, go down, around and over the new bridge. You'll find Chest #2/8 with a Jaggejaw in. Head back to the third platform and then take the right path. Go along the path, past the Gimme Golem and over the bridge to the next platform. Use Chill here to get to Chest #3/8. Now head into the next area.

In this area, cross over the first platform to trigger a cutscene. Follow her to the next area as you can't do much else. Then head up and smash the rock that's blocking your path. Cross the platform to find a Treasure Trove. From here, take the path down and around to find Chest #4/8. Go back to the previous platform and take the path left to another platform. Use Chill here and head up to the next platform. You should see a Murkrift here and it's relatively easy to complete.

Murkrift - Level 30

MemecoleousWind, WaterInflict Poison

This Murkrift is against 3 Memecoleous and I did the Murkrift when I first got to it. I had a few Poison Fangs in my inventory that I used for the prismtunity, and then used a combination of items and normal attacks to get rid of the other two.

Head up to the Puzzle Switch at the top. This requires a Weight of 12 and Fire Resistance of 12. This will lead you to the secret area.

Go back to the previous area, head back to the first platform here, and then take the right path. This area has four paths leading from the platform. Take the lower one first and use Smash to get to Chest #5/8. The upper and lower right paths also have Smash points, and the lower right path leads to Chest #6/8. Now head down the path with the quest marker for another cutscene. You'll then have to fight 6 Bombs. This isn't too hard to do and you can imprism one if you wish. Once you've defeated them, you'll have another cutscene.

Make your way all the way back to the area called Cauldron 2. You'll get another cutscene here and the flame column that was blocking your path will be removed. Cross to the next platform and continue on. When you get to the next platform, follow the path down for Chest #7/8. Go back up and right to the area exit.

In this area, head to the Save Point. Open Chest #8/8 on the right. Head up to the boss platform to start a fight against the King Bomb. You want to keep at least one stack at full health by the time the King Bomb gets to low health. When he does, put the full health stack into defense mode. This should ensure that the stack survives the Explode attack.

You get the Key of Flames from killing the King Bomb, along with the King Bomb Memento.

For completing this chapter, you'll unlock:

Crimson vs. Azure

Found the first key from the Crimson Prophecy.

Crimson vs. Azure
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Secret Area - Secret Cauldron

In here, you'll be able to fight (and imprism) the Phoenix. This mirage is incredibly powerful at the moment, so you'll probably want to come back when your a bit stronger. Also, with the prismtunity requirement being to restore a lot of HP, it's easier to wait until you've unlocked the ability to purchase X-Potions. A couple of these thrown at it will ensure a quick imprisming. For doing that, you'll get the Phoenix Memento.

Chapter 12 - Ribble Jiggle Panic

The Windswept Mire

FlanThunder, Confuse, Death Use Physical Attacks
Flan PrincessWater Face with one party member
Flan Stack
Mini Flan, Flan
Fire, Thunder, Confuse, DeathN/A
Flan Stack 2
Mandragora, Flan
Fire, Thunder, Wind, Oblivion, Slow, DeathN/A
Golden FlanFire, Ice, Thunder, Wind, Water, Light, Dark Unimprismable
Lucky ToadLight, Sleep Reduce the Mirage's HP
MalboroFire, Oblivion, Slow, Death Inflict Status Ailments
Malboro MenaceFire, LightInflict Status Ailments
Malboro Menace Stack
Flan Princess, Malboro Menace
Water, LightN/A
Mandragora Fire, Wind, Oblivion, SlowUse Physical Attacks
Mini FlanFire. Confuse, Death Use Physical Attacks
Nut EaterFire, Thunder, Poison, Confuse, Berserk Use Magical Enhancements
Water ToadIce, Thunder, Sleep, Death Inflict Berserk

Once you're back in control, you'll be in a new area. Head right, and after a quick cutscene you'll be left with Lann. Go up to the Lucky Toad and talk to it to start a fight. I was able to imprism the Lucky Toad after two attacks. Once you've defeated the Lucky Toad, Snow will be uncursed and he'll accompany you through the area. His companion, Shiva-Ixion, will create an ice bridge to the next island and a portal to Nine Wood Hills will appear. At this point, it's worth going to Chocolatte and stocking up. Then head to Nibelheim where a Townsperson Quest will have appeared.

Townsperson Quest - Hot Hot Hunting

  • Defeat 5 Mirages in Valley Seven
  • Reward: 2 x Bomb Cores, 2 x Bomb Fragments

Just go into the first area of Valley Seven to get this one out the way.

Back in The Windswept Mire, cross the bridge. As you make your way through the area, you may run into some ambush points. Continue across the land until Shiva-Ixion creates another bridge. Before crossing this bridge, go left around the pool for Chest #1/4. Then cross the ice bridge and head to the right. Shiva-Ixion will create another bridge to a small island where Chest #2/4 is. Head back and examine the nearby brown patch. Shiva-Ixion will create a shortcut to the Save Point. From here, head down to Chest #3/4. You'll also see a Puzzle Switch here that requires a Weight of 14 and a Water Resistance of 25. I used Ramuh★, Zapt and Babyhemoth to meet this requirement. This will open up the secret area.

The Windswept Mire Secret Area

At the start of this area, you'll be ambushed. Then continue down the path to fight the Malboro Menace and Flan Princess. You can go for the imprism, but personally I didn't as you get both the Flan Princess and Malboro Menace Mementos upon winning the fight. I used my Holy Dragon, Reynn and Ponini to deliver a fair amount of Light damage, and my other stack threw Water items at them. At level 35 the fight wasn't too bad, and honestly, it's easier to defeat them than to try and imprism them. Completing the fight will also give you 80,000 XP.

Head to the save point and examine the indicated point for another ice bridge to be created. The Golden Flan will then appear and you'll need to fight it. It's extremely easy if you have a good Thunder stack (I did) and two hits of Thundara took it down without any issues. After beating the Golden Flan, Snow and Shiva-Ixion will leave you. At this point you'll need a Mirage with Chill (e.g. Bablizz).

Leave this area via the sandbank. Before heading to the next area, head around to the right to find a Chill point. Use it to get across to Chest #4/4. Then head into the Desert Region.

Chapter 13 - Castle in the Desert

Desert Region

Head towards the caravan site, and you'll see a merchant with a ? above them. This person had a total of 5 Townsperson Quests for you. You have to talk to the merchant each time to pick up a new one - once you've completed the previous one. The five quests are listed below.

Townsperson Quest - Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness I

  • Deliver 3 x Dragon Wings
  • Reward: Aerora Seed

Buy these from Chocolatte for 1000 Gil each.

Townsperson Quest - Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness II

  • Deliver 2 x Healing Springs
  • Reward: Regen Seed

By far the easiest way to stock up on Healing Springs is to do the Time Attack Coliseum battle A Grand Oddity over and over. The stacks are weak to Thunder. You'll need to imprism a Largebuncle first to access this fight, which you can do from a Murkrift in Chapter 17. The other way is to keep defeating Mist Dragons in the Underground Prison, but I found repeating a Coliseum fight to be a bit more efficient.

Townsperson Quest - Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness III

  • Deliver 3 x Lightning Spellstones
  • Reward: Thundara Seed

The first time you'll get Lightning Spellstones is from Chapter 15. You'll get 4 from that Chapter that you can use to complete this.

Townsperson Quest - Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness IV

  • Deliver Deliver 5 x Star Curtains
  • Reward: Reflect Seed

You will have gotten 5 of these if you defeated the Kupicaroons in the Saronia docks Secret Area.

Townsperson Quest - Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness V

  • Deliver 3 x Fire Spellstones
  • Reward: Fira Seed

You can get 2 Fire Spellstones from completing the Coliseum fights Bombs Away 2 (available from Chapter 11) and The Nebula Nitwits. Otherwise, wait until postscript and you can get three from EX Dungeon C.

Enter the Caravan site for a cutscene and you'll be given some Sunscreen, which will let you get through the Desert Region. Near the portal is Chest #1/1. Talk to the man next to the chest for a Tranquilizer. THE NEXT BIT REQUIRES YOU TO HAVE A FLAN IN YOUR PARTY. If you don't have one, use the Portal to access the Prism Case and put it in your party. The easiest Flan to get - if you don't have one - is the Kaguya Flan from the Coliseum.

With a Flan in your party, you'll see a "?" appear over a woman's head.

Townsperson Quest - Her Jiggly Highness

  • Imprism the Flan Princess
  • Reward: Berserk Seed

I'll assume that you defeated the Flan Princess and have the Memento. You can level up the Kaguya Flan, or Mini Flan to transfig into the the Flan Princess. You can always pick this one up, and then turn it in via the Adventure Log later in the game.

With that done, you can head back to Nine Wood Hills to complete anything you fancy. It may be worth stocking up on Spider Silks and Loco Weeds from Chocolatte as well.

When you're ready to continue on, head north of the Caravan site. Ignore the town on the left and head up the only path you can take to The Phantom Sands.

The Phantom Sands

This area has a bit of a puzzle requirement to it. Each area will have two exits, but only one will allow you proceed through the area. The map linked in the area title (above) shows you the correct paths to take but if you don't want to use that, all you need to do is pay attention to where the sun is, and where it's visible will be the exit you need to take. Note. One of the Murkrifts isn't shown on the map, but it'll be detailed in the text guide.

Bahamutian Soldier NoneUnimprismable
BombinoWater, Confuse, Berserk, Death Inflict Confuse
Cactuar Fire, Ice, DeathInflict Slow
Chocobo Ice, Dark, Berserk, DeathGive Gysahl Greens
Cocadrille Wind, Dark, Sleep, Blind, SlowInflict Poison
Cocadrille Stack
Sandicore, Cocadrille
Wind, Dark, Sleep, Blind, SlowN/A
Memecoleous Wind, Water, Sleep, OblivionInflict Poison
Memecoleous Stack
Sandicore, Cocadrille, Memecoleous
Wind, Water, Dark, Sleep, Blind, Oblivion, SlowN/A
Sand Worm Ice, Wind, Water, Oblivion, DeathLand a Counterattack
Sand Worm Stack
Sandicore, Cocadrille, Sand Worm
Ice, Wind, Water, Dark, Sleep, Blind, Oblivion, SlowN/A
Sandicore Wind, Water, Sleep, Blind, Oblivion, SlowLeave only this Mirage remaining
Sphinx Water, Dark Deal a lot of damage at once
Nut EaterFire, Thunder, Poison, Confuse BerserkUse magical enhancements

The man at the start of the area can be spoken to, to get a hint of how to get through The Phantom Sands. Walk up, and on the right - semi-hidden behind a rock - is Chest #1/7. Head towards the middle exit and you'll find Chest #2/7. Go through the middle exit to get to Chest #3/7. Go back through and take the ramp up. You can go through either exit to get to the next area. Make your way through this area and take the left exit.

At the start of this area (Toil 3) go down the ramp to get to Chest #4/7. The Lure Mirajewel you'll get will allow you to attract more enemies. Then head to the sinkhole in front of you and interact with it to descend. This will take you down to a secret area.

Secret Toil

Down here you'll see a chest. Approach it to start a fight against the Sphinx. It's not too hard to defeat, and don't worry about trying to imprism it as once you've defeated it, you can open Chest #5/7 for the Sphinx Memento. The Sphinx has 7910HP and I used a couple of Dragon Scales to make this fight easier (as the Sphinx is weak to Water). If you imprismed a Memecoleous from the Murkrift in Valley Seven, you'll be able to transfig the Memecoleous into the Sphinx - meaning you can technically master the Mirage Boards for the Manticore/Sphinx and Sandicore/Memecoleous.

With that done, walk to the other end of this area to get back up to Toil 3. Leave Toil 3 via the right hand exit. In Toil 4, start by going over to the left hand path to find a Treasure Trove. Then go down the middle path until you find another hole. Interact with this to get to another area, where you'll find your first Murkrift of the area.

Murkrift - Level 32

MoombaFire, Earth, Confuse, Blind, SlowRestore the Mirage's HP

This Murkrift is against 3 Moomba, and I cannot stress how worthwhile it is to imprism a Moomba. They're easy enough to imprism and it saves you needing to imprism a Moomba in the Coliseum, or waiting until the very end of the game to try and imprism one of the other Mirages in this family. Just throw a few Potions at one to get a good prismtunity and then defeat the other two.

To leave Toil 4, take the left exit. In Toil 5, head over to collect Chest #6/7. Then take the bottom right exit to go back to Toil 4 to get Chest #7/7. Then head back to Toil 5 and head over to the Save Point. Head north to have a boss fight against 3 Sand Worms. Exploiting their elemental weaknesses will make light work of them. After you defeat them, you'll get a cutscene where you'll be introduced to Lightning. Once you're back in control, talk to her to continue with the story.

During this Chapter - if you've opened all of the Treasure Chests in the game - you should unlock:

Treasure Hunter

Opened 100 treasure chests.

Treasure Hunter
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

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