6. World of Final Fantasy Maxima Chapters 14-17

Chapters 14-17

Chapter 14 - Lost Powers

Underground Prison

Death MachineN/AUnimprismable
Magitek ArmorThunder, WaterReduce HP
SearcherThunder, WaterUse Physical Attacks

You'll start in this area, so talk to the prisoner with a ! above his head to be updated on what's going on. Talk to him again to purchase some items, it's worth getting some Potions at a minimum. You will have no Mirages or Mirajewels, so you'll just have to make so with Lann and Reynn right now. Head into the next area and walk to the central platform for a scripted fight that you will lose - so don't waste items in this fight.

Once you've been defeats, Squall will come to your aid, and you'll be given an Eldbox that allows you to imprism the Magitek Armor that you just lost to. These Mirages are actually called Cogna, and capturing them means you can use them in your stacks. You'll then be given another Eldbox to capture another Cogna in a minute. Keep walking and you'll be attacked by a Searcher. Attack it and imprism it. You really do not want to defeat this Cogna. You then want to put a Searcher in one stack, and the Magitek Armor in the other.

Start by heading down the stairs, and turn left for Cheat #1/17. Now ensure that you have Zap unlocked on the Searcher's Mirage Board, and head to the right. There's a barrier that can be removed using Zap. Here, you'll find Chest #2/17 and Chest #3/17. Go down the next set of stairs, and you'll see another Searcher patrolling. While you can avoid them, it's worth fighting them for the extra EXP for your newly captured Mirages. Go past where this Searcher is patrolling to find another barrier to zap. In here is Chest #4/17. Then head left around the gangway, and go past the stairs to get to Chest #5/17 with an Eldbox in. With this Eldbox, it's worth attempting to imprism another Magitek Armor/Seacher, so you can have both stacks with one in.

Then go down the stairs you passed and you'll find another barrier in front of you to zap. Instead of going through this barrier, head right to see another Search patrolling. Deal with the Searcher as you please, and then continue around until you get to Chest #6/17 and Chest #7/17. When you get to the stairs heading down a level, you'll encounter another Searcher.

At the bottom of the stairs, go through the Zap barrier to get to Chest #8/17. Then go left, get past the patrolling Searcher, and then head down the next set of stairs. Then immediately past the next downward staircase is Chest #9/17 with another Eldbox in (you'll now be able to complete your stacks). Slightly further along to the left is Chest #11/17. Then continue round, past the stairs to get to Chest #12/17. Then backtrack, and head down the stairs. Defeat the patrolling Searcher and head down another level. You'll come to a save point, so save.

Then head right for a boss fight against a Death Machine. While I didn't have Libra to find out what weaknesses this Death Machine had, it's usual stats show that it is weak to Thunder and Water, so you should have picked up some Lightning Marbles along the way that can be used to make this fight easier. Once you've defeated the Death Machine, you'll go into the next chapter.

Chapter 15 - The Mako Reactor and the Black Mages

Underground Prison (Part 2)

You'll start this portion meeting Shelke, and you'll be thrown into a fight you will lose. She'll restore your powers afterwards, and you'll get your Mirages and Mirajewels back, so you can sort your stacks out. Now walk around the gangway you're currently on to get to Chest #13/17. Then go to the inner gangway, and go around to the back to get Chest #14/17.

You can now head back to the Save Point if you wish, as you'll be able to access the Prism Case again. If you wish, you could pick up a Mirage with the Flutter ability to get to the secret area here. Before going into the next area, Chest #15/17 is here.

You can now also access the secret area. You'll need a mirage with the Flutter ability. Ideally, you'll also have access to wind magic. Light resistance and the ability to dispel are useful as well. Head down to the Flutter Point and go across. There's a chest (15/17) containing 2 TURBO ETHERS. Go through the exit to the Secret Ophion.

Secret Ophinon

Mist DragonWindRestore a lot of HP

It's best to save this fight until you can purchase X-Potions, as it will provide you with a quick prismtunity. I personally came back once I've reached the postscript to get the Mist Dragon, and it was an easy imprism and fight then. If you really want to tackle it now, you'll need to use Dispel a lot and Wind Magic. Don't attack them with the Attack command, as they have Evade & Counter, which will hit you most times. Beating this fight will give you the Mist Dragon Memento and a Healing Spring. You can repeat this fight over and over to get Healing Springs if you really want to.

There are also two chests here, Chest #16/17 and Chest #17/17.

When you're ready, go back to what Shelke is (in the area to the right of the Save Point) and enter Mako Reactor 0.

Mako Reactor 0

BihydraIce, Water, Blind, DeathLeave only this Mirage standing
Bihydra Stack
Searcher, Bihydra
Thunder, Water, DeathN/A
Bihydra Stack
Bombino, Bihydra
Water, DeathN/A
BombinoWater, Confuse, Berserk, DeathInflict Confuse
Death Machine Stack
Searcher, Bihydra, Death Machine
Thunder, WaterN/A
GarchimaceraLight, Poison, Blind, DeathInflict Confuse
GigantrotFire, IceBestow Haste
GigantuarFire, IceLand a critical hit
Magitek ArmorThunder, WaterReduce HP
Mimic JackpotNoneReduce HP
SearcherThunder, WaterUse Physical Attacks
WerebatWater, Earth, SleepInflict Blind

Starting in this area, you'll need a Mirage with Zap and one with Flutter. You'll also have a Portal back to Nine Wood Hills if you want to do other things. Purchasing some Loco Weed may be a good idea do you can imprism the Garchimacera, and Flash Bomb for the Werebat. For imprisming, I'd recommend going for whatever you do not have, except for the Gigantaur and Gigantrot. You can easily get these by imprisming Cactuar Johnny from the Coliseum, and then transfiguring it into a Cactuar and Cactrot. Leveling a Cactuar to level 25 will allow you to transfig it into a Gigantuar, and a Cactrot into a Gigantrot. I say this as I stumbled into the secret battle with the Gigantrot and Gigantuar, lost badly, and never went back. I still managed to master the Cactuar's Mirage Board.

If I am wrong, and you do need to fight these guys for Mementos, the fight will be listed below. You can just defeat them for the mementos, but I will explain how to attempt to imprism them both.

From the start of Mako Reactor 0, go down the right hand set of stairs for Chest #1/9 and Chest #2/9 - you'll need to look behind the locked gate for the second one. Then go back upstairs and Zap the machines labelled 1 and 2 (in that order). This will open the left hand doors, which you then need to go through to get to the next area. In this area, there are three sets of stairs. Go through the broken fence and onto the pipe. Go down and right for Chest #3/9, which is a Mimic Jackpot. If you don't have one of these already, you should attempt to imprism it. With that done, backtrack along the pipe and use the Flutter point to get to Chest #4/9. Then go back across and down two flights of stairs. You'll see three machines to Zap here, with the first one being in the upper left. Once you've done that, Zap the console on the upper level to head into the next area. In this bit, you just need to walk over the bridge and into Sector 4.

When you get into Sector 4, go past the locked gate, and head down two flights of stairs, then head onto the pipe. You'll see a Murkrift here, and it's blocking your path, so you need to defeat it. This is one you really should do now instead of saving it for later.

Murkrift - Level 35

Mythril GiantThunder, Wind, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, BerserkUse Magical Enhancements

As long as you have a Mirage with Thunder and/or Wind magic, this fight shouldn't be too difficult for you.

Completing this Murkrift will allow you to get to Chest #5/9, which has a Dazzledisk. Then return to the platform, and head right for Chest #6/9, which is another Mimic Jackpot. With that defeated, go downstairs. You have four machines that you'll need to Zap. Number 1 is at the very bottom of this platform, and then you just need to work your way through the machines. I used the cables on the floor to help finds the other three machines. Then Zap the console and go back right, to where a gate has just opened. Go up the stairs and open Chest #7/9. Ten head onto the pipe, and head round. You'll come to a Save Point and a console. Interact with the console, and the gate will lock behind you. A door will open in front of you to run though, and you'll be given a 15 minute timer. This is plenty of time to do everything you need to, so head through the door.

You'll find yourself back at the start of the dungeon. Start by heading left along the new path to get to Chest #8/9. Then head into Sector 2, through Sector 3 and into Sector 4. In here, take the right set of stairs. At the bottom, go left onto the pipe to get to Chest #9/9. Ignore the nearby door, and continue going right. Then go up the right set of stairs (past a now open chest), and head onto the pipe. Go round and onto the next path. You'll see that the gate to the Save Point is locked, so go right. Then head over to the Gimmie Golem the Dazzledisk that you picked up earlier. Examine the console to cancel the alarm. This will open the gate and allow you to get to the Save Point. It will also open the gate to get to the Secret Sector.

Secret Sector

In order to even attempt to fight the Gigantrot and Gigantuar, you will need the Haste ability, so ensure that either a Mirage in a stack has it, or you equip a Haste Mirajewel. Then enter the secret area, and go down the stairs to initiate the fight. Gigantrot has a very high rate of regen, so you want to bestow it with Haste straight away in order to imprism it. Keep bestowing Haste if you're struggling to imprism it. You must not allow your HP to fall below 1000HP, otherwise the Gigantuar's Thousands of Needles will take you out. So as long as both stacks health stays above that, you'll be okay. Landing a critical hit on Gigantuar will create a prismtunity. Defeating them will give you the mementos a lot of XP.

If you're in the Secret Sector, leave the area, and head back to the door you ignored earlier. Go through the door and you'll be in Section 3, but on a lower level. Then head over to the Save Point. If you're attempting to imprism every Mirage, this is the area where you can get the Garchimacera. It's most massively important to get one of these, as you can transfig it from an Imp, which is easier to obtain. Head through the right door when you're ready. This will lead you to a boss fight against five Black Mages and Vivi. The easiest way to win this fight is to solely focus on Vivi, and when the opportunity arises, attempt to imprism him. While you won't imprism him, it will end the battle. You'll then have a cutscene, where you'll obtain the Key of Earth.

When you're back in control you'll be in Figaro Castle.

Figaro Castle

Head up to the roof to talk to the man up there. This is the first Townsperson Quest to defeat 5 Red Captains. Then go back downstairs and speak to the guard, who has another Quest for you to defeat 10 Sand Worms. A list of all of the Townsperson Quests you can get from Figaro Castle are listed below.

Townsperson Quest - The Battle for Teatime I

  • Defeat 5 x Red Captains
  • Reward: X-Potion

From the woman on top of Figaro Castle. You'll find these in the Watchplains.

Townsperson Quest - The Battle for Teatime II

  • Defeat 3 x Malboros
  • Reward: Turbo Ether

From the woman on top of Figaro Castle. You'll find these in the Windswept Mire, Fen 3.

Townsperson Quest - The Battle for Teatime III

  • Defeat 5 x Unicorns
  • Reward: Defense+ Seed

From the woman on top of Figaro Castle. You'll find these in the Crystal Tower, Third Floor.

Townsperson Quest - Picking Up the Slacker's Slack

  • Defeat 10 x Sand Worms
  • Reward: Earth Spellstone

From the guard by the stairs. Found in The Phantom Sands, near the Save Point. May take a while to complete, as the Sand Worms are hard to come by.

Then speak to Edgar for some more information, and exit Figaro Castle to end this chapter.

Chapter 16 - Clash on Big Bridge

Phantom Sands (Part 2)

It's worth heading back to the Save Point in the Phantom Sands - Toil 5 to get the 10 Sand Worms quest out the way, just make sure not to imprism them. Then in the next area, Toil 6, hug the left side until you come to a Murkrift.

Murkrift - Level 40

Mythril GiantThunder, Wind, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, BerserkUse Magical Enhancements

Then when you're ready, head into the next area from Toil 6.This Murkrift is against 3 Chrome Giants. If you have an ability like Evade & Counter, there's a good chance that you'll be able to get a prismtunity for this Mirage. However, you can get this Mirage by transfiguring a Lead Gnome at level 18 - which may be easier.

Big Bridge

Baby Tonberry Thunder, Light, Confuse, DeathUse Physical Attacks
Bahamutian SoldierNone Unimprismable
BombinoWater, Confuse, Berserk, Death Inflict Confusion
BrothertaurWind, Dark, Confuse, Blind, DeathUse Earth Attacks
Brothertaur Stack
Baby Tonberry, Brothertaur
Wind, Dark, Confuse, DeathN/A
Gilgamesh NoneUnimprismable
Imp Water, Light, Poison, Blind, SlowInflict Confusion
Iron GiantThunder, Wind Use Magical Enhancements
Kuza KitEarth, Dark, Berserk Land a Counterattack
Kuza Kit Stack
Bombino, Kuza Kit
Water, Earth, Dark, Confuse, Berserk, Death N/A
Left ClawFire, Thunder, Wind, Light, Oblivion, BerserkReduce HP
Left Claw Stack
Baby Tonberry, Kuza Kit, Left Claw
Fire, Thunder, Wind, Earth, Light, Confuse, DeathN/A
Magic Pot Dark, SlowGive the Mirage an Elixir
MinotaurWind, Dark, Confuse, Blind, Death Inflict Confusion
Mythril GiantThunder, Wind, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, BerserkUse Magical Enhancements

Note that Minotaurs will only start appearing once you're in the Postscript, and it's part of a Townsperson Quest. You'll only be able to fight them in Segment 1.

The Big Bridge is the newest dungeon you'll come to. You'll have a new Intervention Quest you can do, as well as a couple of fight in the Coliseum. You could go and clear up some of the unfinished Townsperson Quests if you wish. When you're ready to proceed, head from Figaro Castle to the path that was blocked by the sandstorm. This will take you to the foot of the Big Bridge. Walk forward and you'll be introduced to Eiko. After a cutscene, the lift will have taken you part way, so now you'll have to walk up the rest of the bridge.

In this segment, there's nothing worth going down for, so head to the top, where you'll see a Murkrift on the left hand side.

Murkrift - Level 40

Devil WolfIce, Water, Light, Poison, Confusion, OblivionInflict Berserk

This isn't an incredibly hard fight, and if you can't imprism it in the Murkrift, you'll be able to do so in the Coliseum. The easiest way to inflict Berserk is to use the War Gong item.

In Segment 2, go to the right side and use the jump pad to get up to the climbing bit. Go all the way to the top, and then head left and go down the other side. Half way down you'll come to Chest #1/8, and at the bottom is Chest #2/8. Then climb all the way back up and go to the next area.

Start by going up the left side of Segment 3, but this time, as you climb up, Mythril Giants will fire glyphs at you. If you're hit by a glyph, you'll be thrown into a fight against some Mythril Giants. At the bottom of this climb is Chest #3/8. Keep fighting your way to the top - picking up Chest #4/8 in the middle, and Chest #5/8 at the top. Head into the next area (you should have come through the left side) and head over to the right side and go back into Segment 3. You'll then need to head down to remove the other three Mythril Giants. This is because you need to defeat all of the Mythril Giants in order to get to the Secret Area here. You'll also be able to pick up Chests #6/8, #7/8 and #8/8 on this side. Once you've done that, climb back up, into the next area and use the Save Crystal.

You should see a Mythril Giant blocking your path, so defeat it, and you'll see that the Secret Area will lower.

Secret Area

Go round and to the left of this area, then run up to the Iron Giant. To imprism the Iron Giant, all you need to do is cast a few magical enhancements on it. I cast Shell, Protect and Regen on it a few times and was able to imprism it without to much difficulty. Defeating it will grant you the Iron Giant Memento.

Back in Segment 4, make your way to the large, round platform. After a cutscene, you'll be up against Gilgamesh. This is an easy fight, and the best way to defeat him is to use physical attacks over and over. You'll be given 5 Arma Gems for defeating him, and then you can keep going via the Jump Pad to get to the next area. You'll also complete the Chapter.

Chapter 17 - Naught but Nightmares

Start by heading to the train for a cutscene, then talk to the Cactuar to continue. When the train stops, there will be a portal to Nine Wood Hills and the entrance to the next location. There are two new Intervention Quests available for you, and a couple of Coliseum fights. When you're ready, head into the next area, the Tometown of the Ancients.

Tometown of the Ancients

VampireWater,Light, Sleep, SlowUse Dark Attacks
WerebatWater, Light, Confuse, SleepInflict Blind

After a cutscene, follow Cloud where you'll be forced into a battle against two Werebats and two Vampires. If you wish to attempt to imprism a Vampire, using Syphon will count as a Dark Attack. Once the fight is done with, you'll be taken to the library. Once you're back in control, head to the Save Point and look for Chest #1/1 on the right side (you'll need to be a Jiant to get it). Then go back outside and head to the back to find a white cat in the alley. Examine it to get Old Personal Posting 3.

For the next area (and for the Murkrift mentioned below), one of the Mirages you may want to try and imprism requires you to have Reflect. You can either stock up on Star Curtains, or if you have a Mimic, level it up and transfig it to a Magic Jar, then go about unlocking Reflect.

Back in the Library, there's a puzzle here that you'll need to do in order to create a Murkrift. In the southern area, you need to look for some shining lights. You need to examine these in the correct order, which is:

  1. The bookcase against the wall on the right.
  2. The bookcase against the wall on the left (the one that has the chest on top).
  3. The bookcase NOT against the wall, on the left, in front of some tables.
  4. The bookcase NOT against the wall, on the right, near the previous bookcase.
  5. The bookcase on the far right.

The Murkrift that will be created contains two Mirages that are worth capturing.

Murkrift - Level 42

CarbuncleDark, Oblivion, BerserkReflect Magic back at it
LargebuncleDark, Poison, Blind, Oblivion, BerserkInflict Oblivion

The Carbuncles in this fight have Reflect on them constantly, so if you're not attempting to imprism them, just defeat them with physical attacks. If you want to defeat them, your best bet is to have some Star Curtains, and to use them on yourself. You then cast magic on yourself, so it's reflected onto a Carbuncle. It's probably best to try and imprism these guys once you've dealt with the Largbuncle. To inflict Oblivion, you can use Lethean Chimes. Note that once you've inflicted Oblivion, you only have a small window to imprism the Largebuncle.

Before heading to the next area, The Train Graveyard, make sure you have a Mirage with Zap and a Mirage with Smash in your party. If you need to, go back to Nine Wood Hills and stock up on all of the status inflicting items and potions you can afford.

The Train Graveyard

Chrome Giant Thunder, Dark, Sleep, Oblivion, BerserkEvade Attacks
Chrome Giant Stack
Imp, Skull Eater, Chrome Giant
Thunder, Water, Light, Sleep, Oblivion, Berserk N/A
DemivampireFire, Light, Sleep, Slow Reflect Magic back
Ice BatFire, Light, Confuse, Sleep Inflict Blind
ImpWater, Light, Poison, Blind, Slow Inflict Confuse
MordskullFire, Wind, Light, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, Slow Inflict Oblivion
Mordskull Stack
Ice Bat, Mordskull
Fire, Wind, Light, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, SlowN/A
Skull EaterOblivion, Berserk Bestow Regen
VampireWater, light, Sleep, Slow Use Dark Attacks
Vampire PrimeWater, Light Unimprismable
Vampire Stack
Werebat, Vampire
Water, Light, Confuse, Sleep, SlowN/A
WerebatWater, Light, Confuse, Sleep Inflict Blind

When you first start in this area, head up the ramp on the right and Zap the machine labeled 01. This will lift a carriage out the way, and will allow you to start your journey through the dungeon. Head forward to find Chest #1/19. Then head left, going up the ramp and onto the train carts. Go down, then left, down, left, down and up. This will take you to another ramp where Chest #2/19 is. Go back and head right, and then down. This should take you to a Smash Point. Smash the block to get to Chest #3/19. Then go back the way you came, and head down the ramp. Search behind the green container on the left. Here is Chest #4/19. It's a hidden chest, and probably the most annoying one in the game. (The linked image in the title above has the chest numbered as 4 too, to help you locate it). The rubble near the train carts is a Treasure Trove. With this area sorted, head to the next area.

In Necropolis 2, go up the ramp and then head right. You'll come to a machine for you to Zap, which will lift up the train carriage that you're standing on. Continue on up, and you'll come to another Smash Point. Smashing that will allow you to get to the Machine labeled 02 for you to Zap. This will create a crossing, but before you continue, head all the way to the right to get to Chest #5/19. Then head across the newly created crossing. When you get to this platform, start by going up the long carriage bridge to get to Chest #6/19. Then go back to the platform and take the other path/bridge. On the next platform, head left to get to Chest #7/19, then make your way to the next area.

Start by heading up to the platform, then over the bridge to the second platform, where you'll see Chest #8/19 and #9/19. Go back to the first platform and Zap the machine labeled 01. This will create a new path, so go up it and you'll come to a Gimme Golem. Head to the right, and when you're on the platform, go down and Zap the machine labeled 02. This will move a carriage, allowing you to get to Chest #10/19 and #11/19. One of these contains a Wearwheel for the Gimme Golem. Zap the machine labeled 03 to create a shortcut back. Give the Wearwheel to the Gimmie Golem and then head in the next area.

This area is where you'll find the Demivampire, so if you're inclined to imprism one, you'll need the Reflect ability. But given you can transfig an Ice Bat at level 15 to get a Demivampire, it's not entirely worth it. Starting in the area, continue along the path, and when you can head down, do so to get to Chest #12/19. Then go back up and continue along the path to a platform. When you head onto the path that heads left, take the diversion that heads down. This will take you to Chest #13/19. Then go up to the next platform, and continue up. When you get to the platform with the machine on it, Zap it to be able to get to Chest #14/19. Then go back and Zap the machine again to get to the next area.

Now you'll be in Necropolis 5, and starting here, Zap the machine labeled 01. This will lower the carriage, allowing you to go down the ramp to get to Chest#15/19. Then go left and up, until you come to an open container (the opening is on the left). Go through to get to Chest #16/19. Then head back, and continue along the path until you get to the Save Point. From here, head down and left for Chest #17/19. This has a Wearwhell that you'll need to use in a minute. Then go up the ramp to the machine labeled 02, and Zap it. Then go back to the Save Point, and Zap the machine labeled 03.

Then head up, passing the Gimme Golem for now, and head up the ramp that is on your right. Follow the path until you can head down another ramp. This will take you down, and then head left to get to Chest #18/19. From here, go along two carriages for Chest #19/19. Now head back to the Save Point.

Before we head to the Secret Area, ensure that you have Mirages in your party that will allow you to activate the Puzzle Switch that requires a weight of 11 and a Thunder Resistance of 100. When you do, from the Save Point, head right to the Puzzle Switch and interact with it to remove it. You'll now be able to get to the Secret Area called the Secret Necropolis.

Secret Necropolis

There are four Murkrifts in this area, and once you've defeated those four, another one will appear.

The Murkrifts

Starting from the top right, and working clockwise.

Murkrift - Level 35

ManticoreWater Inflict Poison

This is against 5 Manticores. Given that you can transfig a Sandicore to a Manticore at level 42, it's not the end of the world if you don't imprism one of these. They're resistant to Poison, which makes the prismtunity a little difficult. They will also use Venom Needle a lot, so be prepared to use a couple of Antidotes.But over all, they're not too difficult to defeat. If you do want to imprism one, the easiest way is to use Poison Fangs.

Murkrift - Level 37

Korrigan Fire, Wind, Light Inflict Sleep

This is against 5 Korrigans. Again, not to difficult to defeat, and if you wish to imprism one, using Dream Powders is the easiest way. Fortunately, Korrigans aren't resistant to Sleep.

Murkrift - Level 40

Reaver MuFire, Thunder Use Fire Attacks

This is against 5 Reaver Mus. You'll probably have one of these imprismed by now already (as they're first found in the Pyreglow Forest).

Murkrift - Level43

Red Cap Water, Light Deal a lot of damage

This is against 5 Red Caps. I personally didn't imprism one, as it was easier to level up a Goblin and transfig it that way.

Defeating these four Murkrifts will create another one. This Murkrift has a Mirage you really want to imprism and level up from the get go.

Murkrift - Level 35

NightmareLight Use Dark Attacks

It's an incredibly good idea to imprism the Nightmare at this point. You'll be able to level it up and gain access to the incredibly helpful ability Gravity. The way I got this Mirage was to have a Floating Eye that knew Dark. I then used that ability a couple of times to get a good prismtunity. Other Mirages that you will have been able to get at this point (easily) who have access to some sort of Dark attack are:

  • Floating Eye (Nether Nebula, Saronia Docks) - can learn Dark
  • Devil Wolf (Big Bridge Murkrift) - can learn Abyss
  • Left Claw (Icicle Ridge, Big Bridge) - can learn Draining Claw
  • Baby Paleberry (Icicle Ridge) - can learn Petty Grudge (you want to use this early, as it deal more damage relative to damage taken).
  • Baby Tonberry (Big Bridge) - can learn Petty Grudge (you want to use this early, as it deal more damage relative to damage taken).
  • Red Bonnetberry (Coliseum fight) - can learn Petty Grudge (you want to use this early, as it deal more damage relative to damage taken).

With the Murkrifts done, go back to the previous area, and take the path up to the large platform. You'll then have a cutscene where Reynn will end up being removed from your party. With Lann, go to the top right of the platform that you're on, and head into the next and final area here.

This area is a straight line to the boss. You'll then be up against the boss Vampire Prime, and luckily you'll have both of your stacks. It's not the hardest boss to beat, and one of my stacks had a combination of Ponini and Holy Dragon, meaning I had access to a decent range of Light magic.

Once you've defeated the Vampire Prime, you'll be given 6 Arma Gems, the Vampire Prime Memento and a cutscene. After the cutscene, you'll be given the Key of Shadows. Leave through the gate, and head back to the Eclipsed Region. Talk to Cid in the Library, who will tell you to head for Besaid. So leave Tometown to finish the Chapter.

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