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    World of Goo
    Game for Windows Live (PC) exclusive.

    A non-traditional puzzle game, where the aim on each level is to connect the "goo" in a structure so that it will feed in to an exit pipe. While not a completely new concept (think lemmings, with less tools and more physics, or the psp game Loco-Roco) it is novel and additive. Falling in to both the "love or hate it" and "easy to play, hard to master category". (which I'm a sucker for apparently)

    The gameplay is a fluid physics based puzzle game where the execution is packed full of beautiful cartoony-gravity. It will fill you with frustration and reward you pleasure
    The mouse based controls are intuitive and flawless but at times requiring a steady hand and a good eye.

    While the game is simple enough to play and most of the stages which are broken up in to five "chapters" are easy to "complete" (and subsequently unlocking the next level) There are high requirements to earn any achievements.... you better be committed to unlock even the most simple achievement which makes you to complete almost two dozen stages... and the next one from there will have you put in many hours "OCD-ing" each level

    To OCD a level you have to clear it in a way where you really have to execute with alot of skill, some out side of the box thinking, a little good timing and a whole lot of patience.
    Some levels require you to finish with a high number of goo, or a low number of moves, or within a certain time.
    While there are great videos and blogs to help you out in your journey to earn achievements this is a long game for achievement hunters and completionist...

    If your in for the GS you might want to move along unless you have a good chunk of free time. But if your looking at value for money this is a rather long arcade title that is additive and highly rewarding when you eventually figure out the solution.
    That is if you can get the marketplace to download and install the game without to much drama, and hopefully none of the achievements glitch as GFWL has notoriously gitchy achievements
    But if you get in on the holiday special, its well worth the 800MSP but at its regular price of 1600 its reserved for fans.
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    HemogoblinSSSuch a great game, I wish it had a bigger following on TA.
    Posted by HemogoblinSS On 09 Jan 10 at 01:48
    phatal1tyjust for the record i finished this game in 27hrs and 43mins... i only resorted to video guides a handful of times after a dozen or more restarts.... i tried to do it in one sitting where i was fairly successful (i fell asleep for a few hours at the keyboard but i managed to shut down the game so the time count is fairly accurate) i have played the game before on the wii, while the levels we're not completely new to me but i hadn't OCD'd every level till now.
    Posted by phatal1ty On 24 Jan 10 at 09:49
    Yoda ManeI can't 100% confirm if there are achievements, but if you're a Gamefly member, you can play this game for free unlimited via download on their website.
    Posted by Yoda Mane On 20 Apr 12 at 03:21
    I can't 100% confirm if there are achievements, but if you're a Gamefly member, you can play this game for free unlimited via download on their website.
    it s the top,but is without achievements :_/.
    Posted on 05 Dec 18 at 12:17