World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars Achievements

Full list of all 47 World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Grinner

    Winners are these!

    1 guide
  • Hard Charger

    Start in last position and win an A Feature

    2 guides
  • Trio

    Place first in 3 events in a row

    1 guide
  • Half-Dozen

    Place first in 6 events in a row

    2 guides
  • Skin Of Your Teeth

    Finish an A Feature with two or more parts of your vehicle severely damaged

    1 guide
  • Cross Country

    Complete a race at each Sprint Car track in single player

    1 guide
  • Gonzalez

    Set a lap record in single player

    1 guide
  • 1.21 Jigawatts?!

    Hit a top speed greater than 88MPH in single player

    2 guides
  • Handle With Care

    Finish an A-Feature in Arcade raceday with damage turned on

    1 guide
  • Running Blind

    Finish a race without using a Tear-Off in single player

    1 guide
  • 20/20 Vision

    Use 40 Tear-Offs in single player

    1 guide
  • Baby Steps

    Complete Volusia's first event

    1 guide
  • Cashing In

    Get your first payout from a sponsor

    1 guide
  • Local Star

    Place first in all Career events on a single track

    1 guide
  • Racer X

    Get a Large Trophy in a Speed Challenge event

    1 guide
  • Dodgem Car

    Get a Large Trophy in an Accuracy Challenge event

    1 guide
  • Time Bandit

    Get a Large Trophy in a Time Challenge event

    2 guides
  • On Your Way

    Earn 2,500 points in Career mode

  • Big Earner

    Earn 5,000 points in Career mode

    1 guide
  • Ka-Ching!

    Purchase your first upgrade component

    1 guide
  • Fully Tricked

    Deck out your car with the best upgrade components

    1 guide
  • Volusia Victor

    Complete all events at Volusia Speedway Park

    1 guide
  • I-55 Conqueror

    Complete all events at I-55

  • Knoxville Master

    Complete all events at Knoxville Raceway

  • Dodge City Slicker

    Complete all events at Dodge City Raceway Park

    1 guide
  • Cedar Lake Champ

    Complete all events at Cedar Lake Speedway

    1 guide
  • Huset's Hero

    Complete all events at Huset's Speedway

  • Eldora Expert

    Complete all events at Eldora Speedway

    1 guide
  • Lernerville Legend

    Complete all events at Lernerville Speedway

  • Williams Winner

    Complete all events at Williams Grove

  • Skagit Success

    Complete all events at Skagit Speedway

  • Silver Dollar Jackpot

    Complete all events at Silver Dollar Speedway

  • Down and Dirty

    Complete all events at The Dirt Track at Charlotte

  • Veteran

    Complete Career Mode

    2 guides
  • Come On Down!

    Host an Xbox LIVE game

    2 guides
  • Just Visiting

    Join someone else's Xbox LIVE multiplayer game

    1 guide
  • Red Hot

    Be 2 Hot Spots ahead of your opponents in an Xbox LIVE Hot Spot game

    1 guide
  • On Fire!

    Deliver 10 Hot Spots in Xbox LIVE Hot Spot Delivery games

    1 guide
  • Tag Sale

    Rack up 30 Tags in Xbox LIVE Tag games

    1 guide
  • Discombombulated

    Win 10 Xbox LIVE Bomb Tag Matches

    1 guide
  • Home Run!

    Finish a Xbox LIVE Bomb Tag game without getting the bomb

    1 guide
  • The Need For Speed

    Hit 5 Hot Spots in a row in a Xbox LIVE Hot Spot game

    1 guide
  • Fender Bender

    Collide with an opponent in mid-air in an Xbox LIVE game

    1 guide
  • See Ya!

    Give the Bomb to an opponent with 2 seconds or less on the clock in an Xbox LIVE Bomb Tag game

    1 guide
  • Airtime

    Fly through the air for 3 seconds in an Xbox LIVE game

    1 guide
  • Mud Runner

    Win a Xbox LIVE match

    1 guide
  • Mud Eater

    Win 10 Xbox LIVE matches

    1 guide