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World Of Tanks is a free to play MMO game on the Xbox market place. It was released on the PC before this version but I've never played the PC version so I do not know how it stacks up. Judging this version alone, I think this is the best free to play game to come come out on the Xbox 360 so far. (Excluding games for gold games) Load up your war machine and head out to the battlefield to cause some mayhem and destruction!

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Story - There isn't a story to the game.

Graphics - I was surprised at how good the graphics are for this game. They are finished to a high standard and though they aren't flashy and don't compete with the best the 360 has to offer, they get the job done. The graphics are crisp and clear and there is attention to detail.

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Gameplay - The game offers quite a bit of customisation and depth to your tanks. Whilst playing you earn XP and silver. The better you do in the game will determine how much you earn. Also, winning the game will net you extra too. The XP you earn can be used to research upgrades to your tanks. You can upgrade the stats of the tank so it moves faster or does more damage. You can also research different types of tank which is where the game gets very interesting. Once you've researched something you can spend your silver to unlock it!
There are 5 different types of tank to choose from and as you might expect each one has its pros and its cons. You can choose from:

Light tanks: Very fast tanks both in speed and reload/fire time. They can be upgraded to fire several shells before needing to reload. However, as you might expect, they aren't the most powerful tank available, and though they can be upgraded to do more damage, they still aren't as powerful as the other tanks available. There is also the fact that their armour isn't as strong as the heavier tanks.

Medium tanks: They aren't as fast as fast as the smaller tanks but they are stronger. Again you can upgrade their speed but they won't compete with the smaller tanks but you can upgrade their power to a higher level.

Heavy tanks: Here's a shocker! They're much slower than the other 2 tanks but are much more powerful and harder to take down. There's also the downside that these tanks are more expensive to unlock and buy and aren't available right of the bat.

Tank destroyers: These tanks pack quite a powerful canon and can make quite light work of most tanks assuming you see them first. They can't take too much punishment though. As for the speed, it varies quite a bit. You can get smaller tanks with weaker armour which are quite fast or you can get larger ones with stronger armour which are pretty slow.

Artillery: These tanks are very, very weak in the armour department and can't take much punishment at all. The speed varies in a similar way to the destroyers. The benefit of these tanks is that you can hang way back and weaken/ take out enemies from miles away. Only if they've been spotted or you know where they are, you won't see them whilst aiming unless they've been spotted.

You can also get different tiers for the tanks. The higher tiers are stronger and can be upgraded to be faster and stronger but the higher the tier the bigger the price tag so get earning. Unless you're willing to spend real money to get it done quicker.

It's great that you get such a good selection and you can have up to 6 tanks in your garage so you can have a nice variety. (You can have more than 6 if you're willing to part with some cash)

Now as I said earlier you can use your XP to research new upgrades and tanks then use your cash to purchase them. That's not all your cash is good for though. You can purchase different types of ammo for your tanks which vary in areas of penetration of armour and explosive damage. You can have a highly explosive shell but if it can't get through the armour, it's no use. So it's good to keep a variety in stock. You can also purchase equipment which can have a variety of effects such as making you harder to find or allowing you to repair damaged parts of your tank or making you harder to spot among others. You can also buy paint jobs for your tank which can improve camo or make it look a bit more badass. So as you can see, there's a lot of customisation available.

Once you've chosen your tank and upgraded it how you see fit, it's time to roll out. The idea of the game is incredibly simple. Roll with your crew and either kill all the opponents or take over their base. The maps are quite varied and provide some excellent cover and vantage points. You have the option to give commands to people on your team and or request help from them during the battle which can be very useful. The challenge varies depending on how skilled your enemies are. The game balances the teams incredibly well to the point each side has the same amount of each tank; this creates a very level playing field. One thing the game does which I really like is that if you're unlucky enough to die before the game ends, you don't have to sit around waiting. You can back out to the garage and start a new game without loosing any XP or cash, you won't be able to use the tank you were using in the game again until the game finishes, which doesn't matter as you can have 6 tanks. The game runs on servers and from what I can see you're put into a server depending on where you live, I haven't tried playing with people from other countries yet but I'd imagine you're able to if you invite them to the game.

What makes this so much better than the like of Happy Wars is that the online is very consistent. I haven't been kicked from games early and I haven't been suck waiting for games to start for ages. It's quick to get in to a game and once you're in then, from my experience, you're in to the end.

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Achievements - The achievement list is very simple and straight forward but it will take quite a while to get enough XP and cash to unlock the highest tier tanks. I am not sure if there is a quick way to get XP and cash but you'll need to play around 500 games at least as their is an achievement tied to playing 100 games with each type of tank. Unlocking the higher tier tanks might take a while but can be done very quickly if you're not against spending your hard earned money.

Summary - There is a lot on offer here for a free game. Lots of hours of good tank mayhem to be had. And taking a look at where the game is on the PC, it's likely there will be many additions coming our way.

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- Balanced gameplay
- Smooth online experience
- Lots of customisation

- Microtransactions
- Some people are having issues connecting

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