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    09 Jul 2009
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    Finally we get a proper version of Worms!

    The first XBLA Worms was released in 2007 and proved to be one of the most popular digital releases and one of the most played games online. You couldn't knock the playability or presentation but it fell short from being the full Worms experience due to limited arsenal of weapons.

    Worms 2 is superior in pretty much every aspect to XBLA Worms - there are so many improvements I don't where to start!

    In no particular order...

    Customization - there are masses of options available to mutilate your Worms appearance, from hats to skin colour, obligatory speech banks and naming options. You can also design custom levels and game modes to use in Player multiplayer - think Halo Forge with annelids.

    Game Modes - Fort, Crazy Crates, Pro and Standard rank matches add variety. Unlimited options in Player matches

    Single player - now worth investing some time in and not just for the achievement points. Earn credits to buy items to customise your Worms and unlock bonus levels. Be warned - the later levels are really tough!

    Weapons - the only thing missing now is the kitchen sink! The Holy Hand Grenade is back (thank God lol!) but I'm loving the sentry gun, bunker busters, napalm, concrete donkey and super sheep! At least double the weapons and gadgets available in original Worms. The power of the standard weapons has been increased slighty but this, coupled with the new bunker busters, means hiding is not longer a viable tactic on some maps. Worm slaughter heaven!

    Fire - set stuff on fire and watch the map burn! Destroying crates now results in explosions and flames. Not enough to kill, but molten map falling on your worm is enough to end turns.

    The funniest addition for me is the way worms react to the action. If it looks like they are about to take damage, say a grenade lands next to them, they look at you and scream in fear!

    Presentation - avatars now make an appearance whether you like them or not. Flames and smoke are nice, and everything has a bit of polish about it.

    In summary - the best Worms game ever
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    AdamRawrryou know. your reviews making me buy this lol

    i wanted it and just as i thought, "hmm imagine if you could create stuff" and blow! i saw customization ^

    :) great review, thanks!
    Posted by AdamRawrr on 11 Jul 09 at 05:34
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    06 May 2010 07 May 2010
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    Worms 2 Armageddon is a turn-based strategy, where you can use various weapons to destroy other worms. This is a very funny game, because when you throw a dynamite near worm, he SCREAMS. laugh And this game has a GREAT MULTIPLAYER.

    GAMEPLAY: Very good and fun. 9/10
    MULTIPLAYER: GREAT!!! smile 10/10
    SINGLE PLAYER: Not bad. roll 6/10
    ACHIEVEMENTS DIFFICULTY: Achievements are not difficult. The most difficult achievement is a "Ranked Master". 5/10
    GAME MODES: Fort, Rope Race, Standart, Pro, Crazy Crates (new!!!). 8/10


    Gameplay is very good. Game has easy controls, and playable in multiplayer. You can play in Hot-seat mode with 3 friends.


    FORT: In this mode you must destroy enemy's fort. You can use grenades and bazooka to destroy other worms. This mode playable in single player, but I recommend to play it in multiplayer. This mode is very fun and cool, but you can't destroy worms with dynamite or sheep. 8/10
    ROPE RACE: This mode is not playable in single player. In this mode you must reach an exit point to win a round. This mode also not playable in Ranked Mode, and I think this mode is BORING. cry 3/10
    STANDART: This mode is standart game mode in Worms 2 Armageddon. 10/10
    PRO: This mode is similar to Standart game mode. Very boring. cry 6/10
    CRAZY CRATES: This mode is similar to Standart game mode. Crates are unlimited. Very fun. 10/10.


    QUICK MATCH: Quick game against CPU. Boring. 4/10
    CAMPAIGN: In this mode you must complete 35 single player missions. They are very difficult. But if you want to earn achievement "Going Solo", you must complete the campaign. 7/10
    CUSTOM MATCH: In this mode you can play single game against CPU. You can create teams and schemes. Very fun. But I like MUTIPLAYER!!! angry 9/10


    This game has good weapons. It includes Super Sheep, Banana Bomb, Earthquake, Poison Strike and........ ARMAGEDDON!!!!!! shock shock shock Also you can try other weapons. Here are basic weapons:

    BAZOOKA: This weapon is standart weapon in Worms 2: Armageddon. Infinite. Powerful. Damage: max. 45 points

    GRENADE: This weapon also infinite and powerful. You can perform cool tricks with grenade. Damage: max. 45 points

    DYNAMITE: Very powerful, but not infinite. When you drop dynamite near worm, he screams. Damage: max. 75 points

    SHEEP: Powerful like dynamite. Sometimes can stick into the landscape. Damage: max. 75 points

    AIR STRIKE: Very powerful. Damage: max. 65 points


    Achievements are easy. You can earn 6 achievements in Training mode. This game has 3 Xbox Live achievements.

    Summary: This game is best turn-based strategy and recommended for all!
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    Finally! The Worms game that finally makes fun more better!

    Graphics: 9/10
    I really like the graphics for some reason. The smoothness, the color, and most importantly, the main thing: Worms! =D

    Sound: 10/10
    They really mixed it up a lot! I can't believe how good the voices and explosions and stuff are! They are really good! Must be some GOOD voice actors. Or just CG Sounds.

    DLC: 0/0
    They haven't added any DLC yet! I hope they do soon! Wait, why did i put this here then?

    Overall: 10/10

    I really love this game. Only comical violence is in this game. It's actually a fun family game related to War, but more EXPLOSIVES.

    This is a fun game so, BUY BUY BUY. It's only 800 MS points on the xbox live marketplace! Hope you like this review better than my other!
    From a epic Worms lover,
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