1. Worms: Revolution Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the walkthrough for Worms Revolution, on Xbox Live Arcade.

Worms Revolution is a 2.5D sequel to the classic Worms game. It is very unlikely that you've never played a Worms game, but if you haven't the basic premise is simple. You have four worms, and your opponent has four worms. You must kill the other four worms using a variety of weapons, tools, and utilities before the enemy team kills your worms.

Currently, there are four worms games on Xbox Live Arcade; Worms Achievements, Worms 2: Armageddon Achievements, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem Achievements, & this game, Worms: Revolution Achievements .

Luckily, like Worms & Worms 2: Armageddon (and unlike Worms: Ultimate Mayhem), all of the achievements in this game are currently attainable; i.e. there are no unobtainable achievements.

This guide will guide you through getting every achievement in the quickest way possible. This includes the Mars DLC achievements.

Interestingly, because of how the game has been programmed, the game is coded to award the Mars DLC achievements to people who don't have the Mars DLC, if they are playing against someone who does own that particular piece of content. This will be detailed more specifically later in the walkthrough.

On the overview of this walkthrough, you'll notice that the 'Playthroughs' is listed as 196. This does not mean 196 complete run-throughs of the game, it means 196 rounds. This is the maximum amount of rounds completing this game will take.

The matches are split as follows:

  • 1 match - All single player achievements.
  • 10 matches - 10 Fort-based online matches.
  • 10 matches - 10 Allied-based matches. These can be 2v1 or 2v2, as long as you have a teammate.
  • 1 match - 1 deathmatch-based match, for Weapons Crate collecting.
  • 3-4 matches - Mines & Health Crate collecting.
  • 20 matches - The 20 puzzle levels, which contribute to the 'Class Act' achievement by winning credits.
  • 17 matches - 17 campaign levels, which contribute to the 'Class Act' achievement by winning credits.
  • 65 matches (maximum) - For 'Worminator' boosting.
  • 59 matches (maximum) - Local 4-player matches, for two 'fiddly' multiplayer achievements, and the 1000-worm grind.

Without any further waiting, onto the walkthrough...

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