4. Worms: Revolution Multiplayer Walkthrough - FortsUpdate notes

For the achievements we'll be going for whilst playing the 'Forts' game-type, we will need to make a special game-type in the 'Forts' category.

On the main menu, go to 'Customisation'. Click 'Edit Game Settings'. Click 'Forts'. You will see a list of gameplay setups appear on the left. For now, go to the bottom and click 'Create Game Settings'. We cannot overwrite the base gameplay setups, but we can make our own.

Next, click 'Weapon Options'. For every weapon and utility, you want to set the 'Ammo' for each weapon to Infinite. To see what the infinite symbol looks like, check the symbol of the top left weapon, the bazooka. It looks like an '8' on its side. To set every weapon to infinite, highlight each weapon and press the Left Bumper (LB) to change the amount of ammo. One click after '9' will set the ammo to Infinite. Also make sure that no weapons have a delay on their usage. To see what a weapon delay looks like, check the fourth weapon on the row second from bottom, the Water Strike. This will have a delay of 4, if you've followed these instructions to the letter. Remove the delay by clicking the Right Bumper (RB) until the delay number has been removed.

Note that some weapons and utilities will not allow you to set an infinite amount. This is due to the game's programmed limitations. The weapons, and their limitations, are as follows:

  • Girder (4)
  • Sentry Gun (2)
  • Electromagnet (2)
  • Plug Hole (2)

Also note that if you do not have the Mars DLC, the following weapons will not appear:

  • Poison Gun
  • Lightning Strike
  • Crate Strike
  • Buffalo Of Lies

Please also note that if the Mars DLC is the only DLC you own, then this means that four weapons will be missing from your current weapon setup. These missing four weapons are not needed for any achievement.

Once everything that has been to Infinite, with no delay (except for the weapons mentioned above), click the B button to go back to the 'Edit Game Settings' menu. Next, click on 'Edit Name'. I called this game setup 'Infinite'. Next, go to 'Game Options'.

You want to have the following game options set:

Note that to scroll down the options, you have to select the thin, downwards-pointing arrow and press A to move down the options. I have no idea why the developers did this, as it is counter-intuitive.

Wins: 1

Round Time: 30m

Turn Time: 90s

Worm Health: 200

Retreat Time: 5

Worm Movement: On

Sudden Death: None

Fall Damage: On

Rope Retreat: 5

Rope Swings: Infinite

Worm Select: Off

Teleport In: On

Girder Restriction: Off

When you have selected the settings listed above, press B, to go back to 'Edit Game Settings'. Now click 'Object Options'.

You want to have the following object options set:

Note that to scroll down the options, you have to select the thin, downwards-pointing arrow and press A to move down the options. I have no idea why the developers did this, as it is counter-intuitive.

Weapon Drop: 0%

Utility Drop: 0%

Health Drop: 0%

Health Value: 25

Coin Drop: 0%

Mines: None

Mine Fuse: 3

Dud Mines: Off

Oil Drums: None

Physics Objects: None

Dynamic Water: Off

When you have the selected the settings listed above, press B, to go back to 'Edit Game Settings'. Click B again, and it'll ask you to save your changes. Click 'Yes'. Keep pressing B until you come back to the 'Customisation' menu. Now, click on 'Uniform'. Here, you can edit your worms' accessories, trinkets, gravestones, victory dance, their soundbank, and their fort. Click 'Fort'. Choose the fourth fort on the top row. It is a dark green in colour, and has a large, hole-less 'base'. You may have to hold left on the L Stick to go to the start of the row, and then press right three times to select the fort that I refer to. Now go all the way back to the main menu.

Now it's actually time to play games with your friend! Both you and your friend should have created a new default team of worms consisting of one worm of each class. If you haven't done this, do it now.

On the main menu, click 'Xbox Live' and then click 'Create Player Match'. On the menu that comes up, you want the following settings:

Max Players: 2

Friend Slots: All

Game Mode: Forts

Game Settings: Infinite* (This will be right at the bottom of the list)

* If you did not name your game mode 'Infinite!' it'll be listed as whatever you called it.

Turn Time: 90s

Wins: 1

Teleport In: On

In the game lobby that appears, double-check that the settings above are the same as the settings on the left side of the lobby display. Invite your friend to the game. When they're in, ready up and load the game.

When the game loads, you'll be given the option to place all of your worms. Unfortunately, both you and your friend are not allowed to place them on each other's fort. Your friend needs to place three of his worms (the Soldier, the Scientist, & the Heavy) on top of each other, right on the edge of the top of his fort, on the side furthest away from your fort (the side in question should be the right). The fourth worm (the Scout) needs to be placed out of the way inside the fort so that it cannot be hit by explosions. When placing your worms, make sure they're all on top of your fort, for easy access. On your turn, use a jetpack to fly one of your non-Heavy-class worms over to the top of the other fort. Drop the grenade near the vertical line of three worms that your opponent should have placed. Make sure that you have a jetpack activated/started before doing this. As you have a jetpack activated, you can press B and select banana bomb from your weapons whilst your jetpack is activated. Drop the banana bomb right next to them, on the left side of their bodies, with the X button. With the jetpack still equipped, fly back to your own fort quickly.

As the game mode we're on has the worm health at 200, these worms should all go into the water, and should pop the following achievement:

Next, get your friend to teleport his fourth worm right to the edge of where his three other worms were. Move your worm back over to him with another jetpack. This time, we're going to prod him. Prod him, and he should fall into the water, winning you the match.

You will go back to the game lobby. Restart the match, and do the exact same thing; except this time, instead of using a banana bomb, use the Concrete Donkey on the three vertically-stacked worms. On this game, make sure that your friend's fourth worm (the Scout) is right at the bottom of his fort on the left side, to give the highest possible odds of avoiding the Concrete Donkey's path of destruction. Alternately, skip your first turn, and allow your friend to teleport his Scout worm to the top left of your fort, which will definitely be safe. Upon using the Concrete Donkey, you will be awarded the following achievement:

Get your friend to Skip Go, or if he didn't teleport it out of the way of the Concrete Donkey, teleport his Scout worm to the edge of the fort, and then on your turn prod him into the water for your second match win from the Prod.

Note: The reason why we are not having a pile of four worms which can be Prodded off of the fort simultaneously, is that the worm that is Prodded is the worm that dies first, the other three worms die from drowning in the sea, which is why we have to kill the other three worms first, before prodding.

Follow the above method for killing the trio of worms, using a mine to fire them into the sea, and then Prodding the final worm off three more times, and you'll pop the following achievement:

Now we've got that achievement, the last five fort games can go much quicker. Load each game, have your friend place all four worms on top of each other, and use a mine to kill them each time, as this contributes a total of 8 mines towards the 'Claymore More' achievement. After the tenth game, the following achievement will pop:

If you and your friend followed this walkthrough completely, following every instruction, after each worm has died in the 10th fort match, you should also get the following achievements:

Doing all these kills with the sea should have also contributed between 33-40 kills towards the 'Bug Gulp' achievement, dependant on how many worms died from Banana Bomb and Concrete Donkey before they hit the water.

Next, we'll be boosting some achievements in a private match with your friend...

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