7. Worms: Revolution Achievements - Worminator & Bug GulpUpdate notes

Our next task is the 'Worminator' achievement, which requires you to kill 300 worms online. After all the boosting so far with your friend, you will have probably done at least 50-80 kills, dependant on how many kills you got during the allied matches.

On the main menu, click 'Xbox Live' and then click 'Create Player Match'. On the menu that comes up, you want the following settings:

Max Players: 2

Friend Slots: 1

Game Mode: Deathmatch

Game Settings: MEDIC!* (This will be right at the bottom of the list)

* If you did not name your game mode 'MEDIC!', it'll be listed as whatever you called it.

Turn Time: 90s

Wins: 3

Teleport In: On

Once the game lobby has loaded, invite your friend in. For the first two rounds, get your friend to pile all four of his worms up, one on top of the other, right on the edge of the land mass. Kill them with an explosive weapon. Then, on rounds three & four, you let your friend kill you. For the fifth, and deciding round, your friend pile's his worms up, and you kill them. This will give you 12 worm kills for this match, and your friend 8 worm kills for the match. In the next match do the same thing, but this time, your friend gets to kill you in the fifth round.

Whilst you're playing these games, the following achievement will pop:

Keep alternating matches like this until the following achievement pops:

Our next achievement is to unlock all classes, and for that, we need to go back to the Single Player puzzles...

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