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    Worms is a really fun game, but as an arcade game is suffers from having a limited amount of content. It does come back to 2-D which is something that fans of the series will be happy for. The classic arcade fun is back as well, but there are only 20 weapons and 5 environments to choose from. The map generator works as well as it always has, but even with the cheap DLC (which adds a new map) you will still want more environments and weapons. If you played Worms Armageddon and loved it, this is like a mini-version of a great game. However it is very hard to get a match online, but you can still play with your friends at home.
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    20 Jun 2011
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    "Use the dragon punch!!!!!! Welcome to Worms."

    Welcome to worms for your xbox 360. Prepare yourself for epic battles and comedic wars only the live arcade could handle.


    A long time ago a young . . . wait a second, wrong game. To be honest this game doesn't have much in the way of a story . . . well there is no story. This is a party game. Your squad of four worms will wage war with up to three other teams over xbox live and against a computer team in the challenges. The game offers up 20 challenges for players to go through in single player. If you feel you need something else to do, join xbox live and have a nice battle with some friends. The game offers up a large variety of weapons at your disposal, with some unique stages to add. My only complaint is that at times it may feel a little unfair starting off corned by three opposing worms and have to wait till they have beat on to try and even it out.


    Very easy and simple to use. The x button is your jump button. Tap it twice to perform a double jump. Be careful though, falling or jumping form to high will cause damage and cost you your turn with that worm. The a button is used to attack using the weapon you have chosen. Hold it to charge up the selected weapon. The b button is used to open the weapon select screen. To choose your weapon you simply push the a button. The left stick is used to move your worm around and to aim your weapon. The right stick moves the cursor around the map so you can see where your team is and all the other worms. The left and right triggers zoom the map in or out. Very simple controls and they are easy to master. Once again my only complaint with the control would be sometimes it's hard to judge your jump or double jump. Not that big a deal though as it does not take away from the game at all.


    Yes fun. This game is great fun. You'll have a blast playing with your friends or other people on live, and the single player if great too. The things the worms say as they get hit, attack, and dies are hilarious.


    Nothing mind blowing here in terms of graphics, just simple 2d animations and bright colors that look very nice. The death animations are nice as the worm will blow its self up and turn into a grave stone(which you can choose in the settings menu).

    In the end this game offers good clean fun for everyone to enjoy. With the ability to make your own team, name them, and take them on live for an all out war, this game just screams good times at you. I really urge you to download this game now. Also be aware that more content for the game is on its way so there will be plenty of things to blow up and tons of worms to kill. Have fun and see you all online.
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    Worms is a action, turn-based 2D shooter brought to you by the British Team 17, released onto Xbox Live Arcade in 2007.

    A very fun and entertaining game from its original back in 1995, Worms allows you to create your own team of 4 worms to battle against any other team of 2-4 worms, with maps which are entirely destructible.
    The game itself is humorous and brightly coloured, from worms mouthing off at each other to just plain trash talk.

    Single Player
    The single player contains 3 tutorial stages for those who haven't played the game before and 20 single player deathmatch challenges against the CPU.
    There is also the option to start a quick match game, which you choose the difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate or Pro depending on how hard you wish the CPU to be), this mode also chooses the map and team of worms for you, instead of you having to create a custom game.
    You have an array of weaponry at your disposal from the bazooka, hand grenade, shotgun and banana bomb, there are also weapon drops, health kits and other items that will drop down whilst playing, grab these to get some new weapon or tool for your enjoyment.


    Multiplayer in Worms is much like the Single player, where it pits your team of worms against one of your friends team of worms (up to 4 teams), you can also use multiplayer to create a custom single player game, choosing your own team of worms and map.
    Worms has the ability to play over Xbox Live to play against some of your friends or have a deathmatch against another player(s) team.


    The visuals in Worms are fantastic, beautiful backdrops and ridiculous maps to blow away your enemies, the worms looks as silly as ever, making the game look stunning and very polished though even in 2D style.


    There is not a lot of DLC available for Worms, these being new voice sound banks and more landscapes to play on, a few nice additions to keep the addiction flowing and pulls you back to the game, but not anything to celebrate over.


    The achievements for Worms are as follows:

    Training (10 points)
    Complete all the tutorial challenges.

    Challenges (15 points)
    Complete all twenty single player deathmatch challenges.

    Bronze Damage (5 points)
    Deal 500 points cumulative damage to win this award!

    Silver Damage (20 points)
    Deal 2,000 points cumulative damage to win this award!

    Gold Damage (35 points)
    Deal 20,000 points cumulative damage to win this award!

    Three Bagger (15 points)
    Kill three worms with just one shot to bag this award (includes damage from oil drums and mines)!

    Body Count (20 points)
    Send a cumulative total of 100 worms to meet their maker and win this award!

    Greedy Worm (15 points)
    Collect a cumulative total of 50 crates and this award is yours!

    Barrel Buster (15 points)
    Blow up 25 barrels and receive this award!

    Hot Foot (15 points)
    Detonate a cumulative total of 25 mines and you'll 'trigger' this award!

    Shepherd (15 points)
    Kill a cumulative total of 15 worms using just the sheep for this award... baaa-gain!

    Worm Community (20 points)
    Play a four player Xbox Live game.

    They are pretty straight forward, and not very difficult to obtain, some can just be time taking, and others like "Worm Community" can take a lot more time, depending if you can find four players online to play against.


    I have loved Worms since my first Sega Megadrive, and have always came back to play it, regardless of the console, for my this was a must buy from the arcade, and will always be staying in my game library.
    17 Jun 2010
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    this is defintely a great game and even fun for the family, it definitely different and fun and challenging an would recommend to anyone looking for something different. its always kinda funny for a warms to shoot a missle at another worm.the achievments are not that bad at all only one achievment will give you a little trouble cause it requires you to beat the whole game, and be aware that level 13 is teh hardest level of the game for some reason. you will need skill and to think outside the box to get past the harder one. worms 2 armagaddean is also available for download, and might be worth downloading if you like this game
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    I totally agree with the comments in the review above it is far better staying to 2d versions of worms, having 3d versions of worms such as worms forts and worms 4 mayhem on the computer really ruined the concept of worms. The problem is still i find the characters a bit to small on the screen still even with a very large HD LED TV. They need to add an option onto the game to make the worms look slightly bigger rather than finding it hard to locate the characters on screen. (and i dont have bad eye sight either). Once more what the review said above it needs 50+ weapons to make this a really good arcade game for XBLA but then again for £3.40 i dont think you can argue about anything for that price.