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    First of all forget about the usual "Movie Tie Ins are shit" trail of thought. This game is VERY good, you could say that calling it a movie tie-in is wrong, the game loosely follows the plot in the film, and when I say loosely very little is actually the same as the film aside from the characters.

    I think this makes the game good, you can tell the developers have not been forced to follow the storyline of the movie and thus allows you experience things the movie did not show.

    The FIRST thing you do is free fall out of a plane claws first and as your about to impale some guy in the face the game goes into epic slowmo as the title fades onto the screen only to fade out and have Wolverine absolutly destroy the unlucky soldier.

    The controls are very simple and as easy to get a hold of, like any other hack n slash game X is your light attack, Y your heavy, A jump and B grab, from the grab you can throw, punch or execute a quick kill for some gory moments [ripping a guys arm off and beating him to death with it].

    The graphics are solid and there are some beautiful jungle environments, however there are some minor glitches, the ragdolls like to spazz around on the floor and stretch out a long way, this usually fixes itself out though. As well as this, half way through the game you tear some gigantic bosses head off only to have no blood come out which kinda disappointed me.

    These glitches dont stop the game from being fun though, Im currently on my 4th play through for the final achievement, speaking of achievements this is an easy 1000G, the ONLY thing that should give you the slightest trouble is the dogtags [head on over to achievementhunter.com for full video guide on all of them though].

    Boss battles include Sabretooth, Agent Zero, Sentinel, Gambit, Blob, Sabretooth [again] and Deadpool. All of which are generally beaten the same way which is flurry of combos, block attack, counter, repeat but it doesnt get boring because a new range of attacks are coming at you every time and the Gambit battle takes place over huge buildings and construction sites in New Orleans.

    BEWARE: stats reset so if you play through on easy get ALL achievements on easy, starting a new game on HARD will cause every stat to be reset [dogtags and progress towards the "Kill XX enemies with XX" achievements]

    Overall Id say this game is a definate must buy for any fan of XMen and Wolverine, it is a solid game with fun and easy achievements and will give you atleast 2 full playthroughs to net the full 1000G. But like me, any Wolverine fan will replay this multiple times simply because its amazing.

    Good: Lush environments, characters look great, gore, good controls

    Neutral: HARD isnt hard at all

    Bad: Some glitches that CAN force you to restart at the last checkpoint

    9/10 Dont let this game slip by you
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    ADROCKgreybeardNice review and I definitely agree on EVERYTHING!
    I believe I read an interview where they said were in development well before the movie came along.
    It really stands head and shoulders above all other movie tie-in games.
    Posted by ADROCKgreybeard on 19 May 09 at 19:54
    Skotty WoooYou do know the game was being developed two years before the movie even started production right? That's one reason it does not tie in exactly like the movie. In other words the game had a head start. Which if you ask me might be the best idea for any movie title game and get people that want to do justice for the character(s). Look at Origins the game was created by fans of the character and they wanted to do justice for him and they did because they knew what they wanted. So many other movie title game the people working on them don't have as much time to get the exp they want out of it or know nothing about what they're working on that we get those games that were either okay or bad. If given enough time and having the right people working on it we could have more movie games like Origins that are worth our time. I will admit there are movies that should not have a game.
    Posted by Skotty Wooo on 16 Jun 09 at 19:14
    prokopgreat review. This game was awesome, beat it once and playing it for a second time and almost have every achievement except for hard mode which ill do very soon.

    its a shame the movie was horrible, i couldnt sit through 30 minutes of the movie and yet i love this game. so glad i played it first thanks to this review.
    Posted by prokop on 21 Feb 11 at 08:50
  • ADROCKgreybeardADROCKgreybeard173,177
    06 May 2009
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    X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a solid game. Not since the Punisher game on the original XBOX has there been such a visceral and gory Marvel superhero game, but like the Punisher game before it there are some problems but they don't keep it from being an enjoyable game.
    Playing as Wolverine feels a lot better this time. Sharp claws actually cut. Imagine that. To see limbs severed, heads ripped off, and people impaled should tell you that this isn't the same old tame Marvel game. The fun lasts throughout the game, and even after a couple run throughs most of the hack 'n slash never got old.
    The problems with the game though are typical of Activision issues. They definitely rushed to get the game out and shipped day and date with the movie. That's a shame, because they really had something good going and you can tell that with a few more months they really could have created one of the best comic character games ever.
    Aside from some small glitches, awkward wall collision issues, there's one thing that really stood out for me: starting a new difficulty.
    I understand when a company wants you to play a higher difficulty from ground 0, but the game resets your stats as well. I was over 3/4 of the way to several of the stats and started Hard. Then I was back to square one. That seems unforgiveable in this day and age.
    Overall, this may not be the "must have" game of the year, but at about 7-8 hours in length, it is certainly a solid rental for anyone looking to break up the routine of FPS games.
  • ZombiephobiaZombiephobia524,300
    24 May 2009
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    I usually hate movie tie-in games since they are mostly rushed, glitchy, and cheap. They always seem like they were thrown together as quickly as possible to match the movie release window. Thankfully "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" does not follow this formula.

    From the very beginning of the game I truly felt like I was controlling Wolverine in all his awesomeness. The claw attacks, speed, and regeneration all felt true to the character. Sure the developers took some liberties with his abilities but overall this is a very enjoyable game. I liked that the story was told through a series of flashbacks with very well integrated cut scenes and in-game video.

    The game controls are pretty well laid out and easy to pick up. As Wolverine gains level ups, his powers become stronger which make replaying earlier levels really enjoyable. I thought the use of QTEs was handled well and were not over-used as they were in "Ninja Blade".

    The achievement list was pretty decent overall. There were the easy ones including kill counts, specialty kills, complete the level, etc. These were interspersed with the more detailed ones including special boss achievements, collection achievements, etc which made the gamer re-play levels thus getting more time for the gaming buck.

    I hope that more developers follow this formula and begin to give us more quality games tied to movies instead of the trash that we have been fed for years. I think that movie tie-in games can be so much better than they have been. Movie characters and stories can and should be just as exciting in game form as they are on the big screen, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" proves that.

    Gameplay 8/10
    Graphics 8/10
    Controls 8/10
    Achievements 8/10

    Overall 8/10
  • N18p73pwn3rN18p73pwn3r1,534,597
    27 Jan 2011
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    this is my first review on a game so far but i do try my best to keep up to the expectations :)

    so, x-men origins:wolverine, what shall i say.
    its not your usual movie tie in (they usually suck and suffer so many things that u cant find a point where to start negativing it ^^) because its pretty fun AND balanced in so many ways.

    Story 10/10
    i actually liked the fast paced action which the movie delivered, not to mention that wolverine is actually the coolest super hero ever created in my opinion.
    the game actually doesnt have to hide behind the movie, i would even say its as good as the movie itself, even though thats rather hard to achieve.
    it follows roughly the story of the movie, following up fights on different enemies you know from the movies. but as raven software is always trying to notch things a lil bit up it has created a story on logans past as well, explaining the relationship to his brother, former superior, teammates and allies.
    switching between past and present never makes the experience dull since even though you happen to be on the same places, through the flashbacks it never feels like you run around the same boring places.

    Enemies, Environments and Graphics 9/10
    the flaws only come once you play it a lil bit deeper.
    enemies are changing quite frequently but it happens that after some time it feels dull killing off the same enemie over and over again. enemies always behave the same way which makes it easy to predict what comes next, but sadly steals away the surprise effect. the enemies get more challenging the bigger they get, but are mostly doable in a blink and start to act dumb sometimes.
    even though the flashbacks make the environments feel fressh and even though you happen to change locations frequently, the jungle levels always feel like "dude, ive allready been here" (which is sometimes really the case ^^).
    even though you happen to see some of the environments often, the graphics are beautiful and even though the gore factor is sometimes over the top, it never seems enough to satisfy your gory needs xD.
    wolverines injuries are real and you see actually how bad he got injured! taking a direct shotgun hit wont leave you unharmed, it will shred off your skin and thats exactly what wolverine is showing. the more severe, the better the looks and since its wolverine you heal over time, which you can watch like a flower blossoming!

    Gameplay 9/10
    even though its dumb hack and slay, you will find out that theres more behind it than the eye catches at the first climpse!
    you surely got your normal experience meter, which gives you points to augment any aspect of wolverines physics and skills. nonetheless theres more to it.
    finding mutagens durin your adventures even the odds a lil bit, giving you additional exp, health, rage, etc. also theres the addition of combat reflexes, which works on a different exp scale and grants you damage boosts against certain enemie types depending on the level you reached on it.
    the normal combos and movements work really good too, but i only gave it a 9/10 because they are not changing a lot, serving you with the same (even though there are 3 different animations) animation often during your crusade.

    Achievements 10/10
    easy obtainable achievements and even the hard mode is easy with some dedication. most of them are grinds, but dont bother, they come faster than yo might think.

    Overalle 9/10
    even though suffering minor flaws, wolverine is a game title you can be happy about having it ever played. i only know a handfull of better games in this setting, so dont miss on it, you might regret it :)
  • motley gunnermotley gunner294,755
    08 Nov 2009 08 Nov 2009
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    This is a great game for fans of hack n slash and or marvel/wolverine, first of all the cgi cut scenes are superb, I knew this game had gore but when the opening clip played I thought holy crap this is awsome.Hugh Jackman's likeness and voice is used ingame but doesn't really look like him in the cgi.

    The game starts of great and keeps giving you new moves and killing different types of enemies. From machete dudes to helicopters and all the in game cut scenes play through out the opening stages to add some extra flavour to the kills, theres even a 3rd person shooting section on a boat (that doesn't work very well) to add some variety.

    About half way through the game you realise that there isn't anything new being thrown at you apart from a few enemy types, all the best cards have been played and it can become repetitive (especially the back and forth playing in africa)

    There are a few puzzles thrown in that work well and make you feel smart when passing them but when playing the level again while working on the various achievements it feels like a chore.

    I had read in places that there were a few glitches but I only had to restart a checkpoint once when I got knocked out of the playing area and couldn't cross back into where I was supposed to be.

    The controls were really great and the combos are easy and there is enough variety of moves to keep you amused and there's 4 fury moves you get to use when youv'e built up enough rage: claw spin, claw drill, claw tornado? and rage or something can't remember. Well the tornado one is a waste because I never found myself using it because it wasn't accurate and didn't seem very powerfull.

    The achievements are a good list with only two you might have trouble with, the one for finishing the game on hard because you'll probably be sick of the game by the time you've finished the game to unlock hard and got the other achievements.


    And collect all 95 dog tags, that's a pain because you don't know which ones youv'e missed and might as well play the whole thing again to find them.

    Well an almost great game that starts with all cylinders firing but's running on empty at the halfway mark, definite rental, trade or cheaper than full price at least.
  • aliginda4aliginda4This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    06 May 2009
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    x men origins wolverine is a fantastic movie tie in game so much better than warning xmen 3 unlike that abomination of a game this game great you rip people in half cut off heads blood gore all that stuff but this is one of the best third person action game of the year.

    unlike most recent games this actualy not short about 10 hours long

    graphics 8.5/10 fantastic slow motion kills shiny cutscenes and great jungle settings

    sound 7/10 cheesy cutscene dialog but the ingame sound effects are great

    playability 10/10 great smooth controls easy to use combos

    achivements 8/10 easy achivements great for boosting but 95 collectables seriously

    overall 9/10
  • TonyMedhurst28TonyMedhurst28467,346
    01 Apr 2011
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    After purchasing the game, i was expecting your typical film turned cheaply made game, however it was such a joy to see that the developers had actually spent time to make the game as good as it is.

    Very few games have been good enough to make me want to play them through again and again. (Those being Batman Arkham Asylum and Dante's Inferno). And now this game has also made it into my illusive list of gaming greats.

    If you are a fan of Wolverine, X-Men, or other Marvel characters, this is most certainly a game for you.

    On a sadder note however, I did encounter several glitches during gameplay that somewhat ruined it. Ocassionally glitching into objects or behind walls, camera angles fluctuating rapidly and on one occasion I actually fell off the planet. lol. Its such a shame that these few minor inconveniences haven't been fixed, as it would certainly put this game at the top of popular gaming lists.