2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine General hints and tips

Quick Plot

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a game which is based upon the movie of the same name that was released in 2009. It is strongly focused on the X-Men character Wolverine, portrayed by actor Hugh Jackman (who also provides the voice for Wolverine in this video-game as well).

Unlike many games which are released in this world today, this game has 2 stories. One based in the past in that Wolverine was part of a Mutant Group in which they were trying to complete missions based in the African Jungles. The other story happens after he was betrayed by his group and his brother, and then he finds out his girlfriend Kayla Silverfox is known to be dead. Wolverine then sets out for revenge against his brother and the group he used to work for.

The game has unique features in which it is more aimed for an adult nature, rather than children since it includes blood and gore. And in this game, you have the ability to punish your enemies to the point in which you can slice off parts of an enemies body with your claws. This includes the legs, arms, hands, torso's and even the opponents head. Wolverine has moves in which can punish the opponent in very brutal ways.

The game has been given mostly positive feedback. It has been praised for it's addition of the blood and gore, and the style of game-play that is similar towards God Of War and Devil May Cry games. But the plot has been criticized because most users have found the story confusing. The length and repeating some of the levels as well has also been criticized. However the voice acting in this game though has been given positive feedback. Particularly Hugh Jackman himself who also won an award for his performance.

To help give you an idea of how much blood and gore this game will feature, here is a cutscene which is at the start of the game. Credit goes to PlatanoGames Network...

My Hints & Tips

This game does not use your Storage Device to save it's data. It in actual fact uses your gamer-card, so it means you cannot delete your data once you have started it. You can overwrite it though.

Once you have picked up a collectible in the game, it will be stored on your account, and this means you do not have to pick up that collectible again, should you die or need to reload your save data. The Dog Tags will re-appear however if you start a brand new game on a different difficulty.

Everytime you collect a Dog Tag, you will gain additional XP which goes towards your character's level requirements. You can get additional XP for grabbing Dog Tags though if you assign different power-up's for you character.

You can use Feral Sense in the game to track down where enemies are, so that you can plan out your attacks or just jump in for the kill. Feral Sense also shows you which way you need to go in a mission, and it also shows you dead bodies that contain collectibles.

The Feral Sense also shows you if there are objects in the game which can be useful for environmental kills, or if they posses a threat. If they're coloured green, it means they can be used for an environmental kill, or an item in that can be picked up and thrown, or pushable/pull-able. If it's red it means it's a threat such as a trap, and must be avoided.

Any abilities you obtain throughout the game will be kept as long as you don't start a brand new game. If you keep on selecting "Replay Chapters", your character will be at the strongest level possible.

If you rank up a new level in the game anywhere, your health and abilities will be restored back to their full state. Use this to your advantage when playing through the campaign.

Health Boosters are scattered throughout the game. They look like a Red Gene Chromosome. Collecting these will boost the total amount of health you can have.

If you pause the game and then select "Statistics", you can check and see how much progress you have done towards some related achievements you are going for in the game. You can also use the pause menu as well to check how much the bar for each Reflex class has been built, and you can check to see how much of the Skill Points you have obtained as well.

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