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    If there ever was a movie game that I really, really disliked (and I usually don't mind any of them, I even like some) it's this game. X-Men: The Official Game is the movie game for X-Men: The Last Stand, the third movie in the series. The storyline takes place between the second and third movie, of course explaining (in a stupid way) why Nightcrawler isn't in the third movie.


    The story is told in missions, separated by the three different mutants. You can't proceed down one single story line, needing to complete someone else's in order to proceed with another's. This forces you to have to endure Iceman's and Nightcrawler's missions. Don't get my wrong, Nightcrawler can be fun, but they often cram his levels with sometimes impossible bosses or frustrating spots to bamf too.
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    Anyways, I'll get started on the story. There's three different characters to play in the story: Wolverine, Iceman and Nightcrawler. There's different types of gameplay associated with each of them: Wolverine is the classic hack n slash gameplay, Nightcrawler has fighting moves as well but is a mode where you're encouraged to use stealth, and Iceman has a frustrating gameplay where you ride his ice slide and shoots things in the air. The characters in this game have a meter that builds with more hits made or time that passes, and they each have their own special moves to do with their respective powers. Also, each of the mutants have five genetic factors that can be evolved five times each. The evolutions are earned by completing the story missions, higher difficulty levels earn more upgrades. Which means you'll have to re-beat the already boring, tedious waves of horrible AI enemies in order to see your mutant at his full strength.

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    I'll start with Nightcrawler's gameplay. Nightcrawler's teleporting gets really annoying after awhile. You'll tend to miss whatever you were aiming for and "bamf" somewhere else; sometimes when you do it's to a random location that you didn't know was possible to reach and after you do you get confused and tend to fall off... usually into the dark abyss below. Anyways, Nightcrawler's teleporting does save time getting around. The developers decided to give all the characters slow running speed, which is time consuming whenever you want to back track to something, and often because of that it discourages you from exploring more. Nightcrawler's fighting moves make up for his frustrating teleporting. He has some pretty neat combos which sometimes awe you because they're so long and just look plain cool. Though they start to lose their lustre when you repeat them 100 times by only mashing a single button. Nightcrawler builds a Shadow Aura meter, which activates a healing factor and invisibility for Nightcrawler. This is weird... considering Nightcrawler doesn't have any of those powers. His missions tend to be the hard ones and the ones you dread to do (you'll dread to do the game in the first place though). With Nightcrawler the most common thing you'll be doing is teleporting right to them and then doing a flurry of punches and running away to lick whatever wounds that you weren't able to defend against because of the bad blocking system. Ha.

    Wolverine is, as always, the ruthless killer he is, hackin' and slashin' his way through people. Lots of mechanics are choppy and sluggish. Wolverine does rolls (my faster way of getting around), jump attacks and can pounce. He also has his Fury Meter, an absolute must in any game involving Wolverine. Once this is activated his wounds heal exponentially faster and also make his moves incredibly faster. With Wolverine you'll never have to block throughout the entire game, just keep mashing that button throughout the hordes of enemies.
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    Iceman... God give you strength to endure his missions. Imagine a horribly programmed Tony Hawk's skater game, going in many different directions, but just not fun at all. Yup, bumping into anything is a real let down because it slows you down so much and is frustrating. When you aim your shooting completely takes you away from riding the ice slides, and you bump into a bunch of things. There's a boost feature and many different types of way to shoot ice at people. I'd say the only missions I enjoyed were Wolverine's in this game, just because you seem overpowered. Iceman and Nightcrawler are really weak and tend to get their asses respectively handed to them.
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    There's different collectibles to get, like Sentinel Tech and Weapon X files. These unlock extra costumes; there's two costumes for each, one for collecting all of the Sentinel Tech and one for collecting all of the Weapon X Files. The Danger Room missions add extra gameplay by making you go through a trail of enemies to kill as quickly as possible.

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    Back to the horrible factor of this game, graphics are pretty bad (and apparently the same for whatever port), the enemy AI is pretty bad, and the gameplay is all really, really repetitive. I got this game hoping for a slightly bad, movie game, you know, like Jumper or Avatar. Instead, I got this which was horrible. There aren't that many achievements though on the plus side! But you'll be banging your head against the wall on the last one or two. My advice: don't get the game if you're looking for a game to play, it's heartbreakingly disgusting to play. If you're achievement whoring like me, go right ahead!
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    smokin cheezProbably, they're not so much difficult as they are annoying, and whenever something's annoying to me, it's difficult to deal with. Also, Nightcrawler doesn't have invisibility, he has camouflage from his fur and the lightbending features of the Brimstone Dimension, which allows him to blend into the shadows, but even then it's still pretty limited and pretty useless. I remember this, I'm big on Marvel.
    Posted by smokin cheez on 11 Apr 12 at 19:58
    mcass23I wanted to thank you for this review. This is the most honest one, and being that I saw this game on sale at the local used store... for cheap...really cheap.... your review helped save my time and effort. Thumbs up
    Posted by mcass23 on 12 Jun 15 at 01:18
    Dan B 697I’ll leave it at the fact that I’ve been playing this game for about 3-4 days now and I’ve gotten 0 enjoyment factor out of it. Sheer anger for every mission
    Posted by Dan B 697 on 07 Jul 19 at 07:59
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    I thought this game was really good for a kids and film game, the controls are really easy and the achievements are easy if you got TIME. Big fan of x-men but had to put it on the shelve for the time got more games to play,

    The graphics i would give is 3/5 average and the cut scenes are pretty good set out in comic mode. Once you get the achievements you unlocked costumes which look pretty good, havent played the new game but cant wait.

    The game is set in a story mode with 3 playable characters.

    If you dont know the buttons dont worry it will give ya trainning at the beginning.

    But over all i would give this game a 4/5 just for being a fan of xmen but game play 3/5 ..average

    Crooksey dance