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Posted on 13 May 17 at 00:59
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A review of XCOM 2 compute

To this day, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is still one of my favorite Xbox 360 games. When I heard XCOM 2 was coming only to PC, I was heartbroken. Now that the game made it to consoles, I finally got my hands on it!

Story: XCOM 2 takes place in the year 2035, two decades after the first game. The aliens have taken over the planet and you must lead the resistance and reclaim Earth. It's a really fun premise. Rather than defending countries like before, it is now your job to travel to these countries and seek out local resistance fighters while completing objectives along the way. I do wish that the story was a little longer; there are only a few story missions to complete and they are relatively short.

While playing the game, you have to make sure the aliens don't complete what is known as 'The Avatar Project'. The Avatar Project is measured by twelve points. Over time, the aliens will complete different breakthroughs and gain progress in the project. However, you can set back the Avatar Project by completing story objectives and destroying alien facilities.

These aliens used to be so little and cute. Clearly alien puberty changed them a lotThese aliens used to be so little and cute. Clearly alien puberty changed them a lot

Gameplay: The combat remains largely similar to Enemy Unknown. You command a small group of soldiers in turn-based gameplay. Initially, there are four different classes available, the Ranger, Grenadier, Sharpshooter and Specialist. All of these are very unique and powerful in different ways. I personally found the Ranger a lot more useful than the other classes, but depending on your playstyle, your preferred class could be much different.

A 104 percent chance? I like those oddsA 104 percent chance? I like those odds

Perhaps the most interesting revision to the gameplay is the added element of concealment. With concealment, the aliens don't realize you're there and they won't be on alert. This allows your troops to flank the aliens before they even see you.

The most annoying new feature is the turn counter featured on most missions. When these happen, every soldier must succesfully extract within a certain number of turns or else they'll be left behind.

Customization: One of my favorite parts about XCOM is the options available for customizing soldiers. You can make your soldier have pink hair, an eyepatch and a wolf tattoo if that's what you want. It really makes each individual soldier feel more special. I probably spent more time customizing my character's appearance than I spent editing their loadout.

You can enhance your soldiers with a variety of different upgradesYou can enhance your soldiers with a variety of different upgrades

Replay Value: There is a lot of value that can be found in multiple playthroughs. There are four different difficulties, as well as the return of Ironman mode. Overall, it's a very fun game to go back through.

Bugs and Glitches: And finally, I am touching on the not-so nice portion of this game. This game is full of weird bugs, some of which may force you to start a new game. These glitches include crashes, framerate drops, enemies being on the wrong movement tile and invisible objects. The worst part is that the more you play the game, the more frequent these glitches become. Loading screens are short early on in the game, but later, they decide to add a progress bar at the bottom because that's how noticeable it is. I don't know how much support goes into this game, but I don't think any of these problems will be fixed anytime soon.

I know! I'll place this X4 charge in midair! That's logical!I know! I'll place this X4 charge in midair! That's logical!

Achievements: Very difficult. Beating the game on Commander and Legend is so tough, and then you have achievements for not losing a soldier, not buying a squad size upgrade, etc. It would be a very difficult completion to attempt.

Conclusion: XCOM 2 is a really great game with some great, new ideas. However, it's held down by an enormous number of technical issues, which is so disappointing. If you were a huge fan of the first game like me, I would really recommend buying XCOM 2. I managed to pick it up for $30 last year, so I imagine that it would be pretty cheap by now.

Pros and Cons:

+ Gameplay brings the same amount of fun and challenge that Enemy Unknown had
+ Customization of each soldier is incredible
+ Interesting plotline and premise
+ Unique and original enemy designs
+ Looks very good visually

- Single player campaign is too short
- Multiplayer feels pointless and tacked on
- Too many bugs and issues with no patch in sight

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