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Posted on 28 November 13 at 15:23
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Alas, the Xbox One achievement that is unlocked for having the Day One iteration of the console. This magical and sleek packaged card comes loaded with a 25 digit combination that will allow you to unlock this whopping 0 Gamerscore achievement of which you can proudly display on your gamertag forever. Overall the design of the card is a nice deep black with some shine to it that every owner would be proud of. Though I will comment that this design doesn't seem as aerodynamic as it could be, won't really take negative points for that though. The use of the code is rather simple and takes response from the Kinect well. I'd say that this point card is one amazing addition to any collection that you would be at loss without it

-Amazing Sleek Black Design
-Whopping 0 Gamerscore
-Kinect Compatible
-Easy 100% for you Achievement Hunters
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