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    This game shows you exactly what it's like to take Toyota's hot new Yaris car out for a spin!

    The game starts off pretty exciting, as you barrel down the track, picking up coins. See that curve up ahead? It's pretty sharp. Maybe we should slow down so we don't run off the road. Hrm, the A button doesn't brake.. neither does B... X, no, Y, no... Maybe it's a bumper, or trigger, let's try that, but hurry, because that curve is really close!

    Crap, there's no way to slow this car down! The brakes aren't working, and it's still moving after I took my foot off the gas! And now that you're careening out of control, you've just ran over a fat guy on a motorcycle!

    I have yet to play a more realistic driving sim.
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    11 Aug 2009
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    Yaris was the first in what promised to be a whole new genre of video games -- the free adver-game. Free XBLA titles had been done before (see Aegis Wing), and obvious marketing games were nothing new (see the Burger King series), but this was the first game for the 360 that was been released free in order to promote a product.

    The product in this game is Toyota's Yaris, a car that is being marketed toward the younger generation. The main game features various versions of the car in a single player racing game, with one major modification to the cars... They all have a rather awkward tentacle-like weapon coming out from the hood. That's because as you're driving through the twisted, apparently zero gravity tunnels (very F Zero-esque), you're attacked by hundreds of various monsters all trying to stop you from reaching the finish. These poorly-made monsters range from flying MP3 players to fat guys on bikes to giant rolling 8-balls.

    Of course, there are helpful items on the way, too, with shield pickups that recharge you, and coins which allow you to upgrade your car. Other random objects are placed on the track, like barricades and bumpers that damage your shield when hit. There's also the stereotypical racing game "boost" arrows that give you a temporary boost in speed when driven over.

    With such a strange concept, it's obvious this game wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Still, it's hard to hide the fact that this game is just bad.

    The controls of this game are absolutely horrible. You push up on the thumbstick to accelerate, and down to decelerate. Left/right moves you around on the track. But the problem is, everything is "automatic". By not pushing anything, your car will maintain speed and automatically turn for you at curves. But with a control system like that, it's hard to tell how you'll come out of a curve (because every turn in the game is 90 degrees), and impossible to aim for an item that is in a turn. The only glimmer of redemption lies in the firing system. It isn't great, but it's at least functional, with the right stick moving the aiming reticle and the right trigger firing.

    And you'll certainly be doing a lot of that. Even during those few moments when there are no enemies on screen, it doesn't pay to do anything but keep the fire button held down and wait as your automatic car rolls forward. Points in this game are earned by shooting down enemies and picking up items on the track. Stronger enemies are worth more points, although weaker enemies often come in swarms which can earn some bonus "swarm points" if the entire group is taken out. However, the points in this game have no purpose whatsoever, except for meaningless online leaderboards. It really makes so sense--if anything, the lap times are the focus of the game.

    Even with the game's complete lack of physics concepts like momentum (you stop moving left immediately after letting go of the thumbstick, for example), the game can be moderately hard at times. However, that quickly changes, once you realize that the entire top and bottom of the tunnel can be driven over. Also, the enemies spawn in entirely predictable patterns; you'll recognize everything by the third lap of your first runthrough of a track. Mixed in are a few haphazard boss battles, which are really more tedious than anything else--they always occur after beating a track, and you have to race a few more times around the track while shooting at the boss to kill it.

    Different weapons can also be randomly dropped from enemies and picked up. You start off with a simple gun that fires once about every second, but some of the other weapons include a "Gatling Laser" and a "Shield Discharge" which do exactly what you'd think. The weapons can be cycled with the bumpers, although only a certain number of weapons can be held at one time. There actually are different uses for the different weapons, although for the most part it's beneficial to simply use one gun and never change.

    There actually is a bit of an upgrade system, with hundreds of coins spread throughout the different tracks. You can use these coins to purchase upgrades for your car, such as new paint (purely aesthetic), upgrading the wheels, increasing weapon capacity, or even using a different model of car. Unfortunately, trying to get upgrades is annoying in itself. If you want plenty of coins, you'll probably just end up playing a certain track over and over again to slowly earn money (the "oval track" of this racing game, if you will).

    There is a sort of online multiplayer mode, and you can either race against another player or with them in a coop mission. However, this really doesn't change anything about the game. You'll race on the same tracks, with the same respawning enemies. At the current moment, the game's online mode is pretty much dead; I've found it near impossible to get a random game going.

    Helping to top it all off is the game's poor presentation. The models in this game are poorly done, and while I'm usually not one to complain about bad graphics, these just make me want to wince. The sound and music department also made a bad showing. The same 45 second long techno song plays everywhere: the main menu, the loading screens, and during actual gameplay. It doesn't even loop seamlessly; there's an odd half a second-long pause as it restarts. Sound is practically nonexistent, which is probably good as they probably would have messed that up even more had they tried any harder on it. Your car runs completely silently save for the firing of your gun, and most enemies are completely silent, which is just as well, because I do not wish to hear the death cries of hundreds of flying MP3 players and rings of fire.

    Finally, even the achievements of this game are laughable. Although there are a few good ones (like reaching a certain max speed or completing courses below certain amounts of time), some are just ridiculous. There is the "earn a million coins" achievement, with is tediousness defined. Then there are the horrible ones which need to be done in a single session, such as "race every track in one sitting and finish the final track at full shields." Or "collect every weapon before turning the game off." Achievements like these really have no place in modern games (we can save now for a reason), and there was no reason to create them.

    It's easy to tell that the developers of this game simply did not care, and that it was rushed to simply meet a marketing deadline. When it comes down to it, the fact that this game is free is its only redeeming factor. (Keep in mind, though, that's it only free because of the blatant advertising.) Yaris is no longer available for download, but if for some reason you have it and have never tried it out, don't bother. This game is a complete waste of time.
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    18 Mar 2009
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    Toyota could have hit a goldmine with this game, as far as advertisements are concerned, instead I'm now afraid to go buy a real Yaris because it might be as horrible as this piece of work.

    As far as free goes, this is an OK game. It's very easy to pick up and play, and it can be fun in small doses. It's kind of neat to be driving a car with a gun mounted (attached) and shooting at stuff, but the controls are iffy. Trying to steer with your left stick and aim with the right is very hard conidering you have to look away from where you're driving to aim the gun. Your car has shields that are your life, and when they are all gone you spin out. Game Over. The objective, (from what I've gotten) is to pick up gold and silver coins to upgrade your cars abilities, then drive through halfpipes shooting random creations that will kill you if you don't kill them.

    Thank goodness this isn't available for download anymore, because I won't recommend it to anyone except little kids and people that enjoy a challenging game that mocks their simplicity. It is too hard for me, I've had it for about a year now and I can't beat the third level. Granted I don't try too many times, but the thought that I can't get past something is pretty frustrating and makes me turn it off. Someone with a little more patience and skill at driving games might enjoy it a bit more.
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    "You get what you pay for." This simple quote essentially summarizes Yaris, as anyone will tell you this game is trash BUT what are you paying for it? Nothing, except 30 seconds to download it, and your dignity.

    What is Yaris? It's a simplistic arcade psuedo-on rails game, where the only real controls are go left, go right, go faster/slower, and fire. Simplicity should be a good thing, right?

    Wrong. There are 8 different tracks and 3 different variants on the Yaris automobile. Fair, but all the tracks feel exactly the same, embracing the whole "tube" track layout. I got the feeling of F-Zero GX on the gamecube from playing this, but without the speed, awesome soundtrack, (Yaris has the same generic, but somewhat catchy beat throughout) and fun.

    But what about the gameplay itself? This is a little odd, and a catastrophe on the whole "marketing" of the Yaris as a product. You "control" (As i mentioned above theres not much to the control) a Yaris down a tube shooting at the most random enemies, including garbage trucks, rabbits in UFO's, Ipods, and fat men on crotch rockets. The "WTF" factor is in full force here, in fact you shoot at these enemies with a tenticle-like thing sticking out of your Yaris like an ugly tumor. There are a fair amount of weapons but really only 2 are useful. (The shotgun-like one and the gattling gun)

    But I know your thinking "ooh! Free game! Free achievements!" No. Most of the achievements are piss-easy, (Win a track under 3 minutes, collect 1000 coins) some require effort that's not worth putting in, (Collect all weapons in one playthrough, complete all tracks under 40 minutes) and one in particular that's just idiotic. (Collect 1,000,000 coins) It's not tough but be prepared to amass about 8 hours to do this.

    In conclusion, this game has been ripped to shreds by critics and players everywhere dispite it's price, and you can really see why. The premise is dumb, and for a marketing gimmick it doesn't get the point accross at all, (I vowed after playing this to 200/200 i'd never buy or drive a Yaris) and it's simply no fun too play, as it's somehow simplistic yet overly tough. I could go on an on about this one, (Like how the online is virtually non-existent and no different from the main game, or how this game was actually pulled from the marketplace) but i'll bring it to a close by saying this game does get one thing right: the concept of "Caveat emptor," which translated means "let the buyer beware." Beware of "free" games!

    *I had to put the score as a 1 because i can't give a negative number*
    09 Jan 2010 09 Jan 2010
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    Review according to download from the Xbox Live Arcade back when this was available and free:

    Yaris is another one of those product promotion games, just like Dash of Destruction was, (although Yaris came first).

    The game has no storyline, you just race through the various 8 levels which get progressively harder, and you shoot different strange machines(?) to get points and coins. There are different versions of the Yaris that you can purchase, customize, and race with, (The Toyota Yaris is the product being promoted in this game). You can collect coins, points, and health, (shields) by driving over certain things throughout the game. There are also certain machines(?) that will drop weapon upgrades so you can use different unlocked weapons. (Note: Weapons WILL carry over to each level during the sitting, but once you exit the game, you lose them).

    The soundtrack is a bunch of techno music that gets somewhat annoying after a while. The multiplayer is dead, pretty much always has been, but the fact that this game is no longer available for download helps keep the multiplayer dead.

    The achievements are DEFINITELY a chore, and they're not fun in any way, neither is the game in itself!

    I'm giving this game 1 star because I can't rate it any lower than that. You can no longer download this game, but even if you could, and even though it was free I would still advise you to leave this game alone!
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    05 Sep 2011 23 Sep 2011
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    Ladies and gentleman I present to you:

    Yaris Review:Part One-"The Build-Up"

    Narrated by Yours Truly

    You may be wondering to yourself, “What is Yaris?” Well I’m glad you asked. You know those Marble Drop toys? You don’t? Well shame on you, you should have been prepared for this!

    Yaris is a game that is rests on three main pillars:
    1. Exciting Marble Drop Environments
    2. Advanced Vehicles and Weaponry
    3. Amazing 3D Shooting Action

    Yaris is proof that games and game developers can grasp what the human condition is. They set out to make a game that one can only hope or dream to play. Once you play Yaris, you will understand your dreams, nightmares and even reality; it`s like you have been “enyarised” ... I mean enlightened. This game is the living embodiment of the human spirit. When you drive that car it is a literal emotional roller coaster. You WILL cry. You WILL laugh, and most of all you WILL love it as if it were only baby panda.

    Now that you understand the general concept and feelings that Yaris is all about, how about a quick history lesson.

    The history of Yaris is a colourful one like that beautiful piece of art your Uncle Bob made you. It has been under work since the dawn of time. Humanity strived for the perfect distraction to their own pitiful lives. It has been passed on from generation to generation. In fact, some key historical events involved PROJECT: YARIS. When the U.S. dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan at the end of WWII, it was in hopes of delaying PROJECT: YARIS. You see if PROJECT YARIS had been completed there would have been three superpowers at the end of WWII. Japan would have become the power it's always wanted to be because of PROJECT:YARIS. After the bombs had gone off, the research for PROJECT:YARIS went missing.

    In 2000, it became public knowledge that work had started on the illustrious project. Now you might ask yourself how did this become an Xbox exclusive well that’s also an interesting story. In 2000, Microsoft was at its best and on the verge of shipping then original Xbox. When news broke that the illusive PROJECT:YARIS was being worked on, Bill Gates made a personal trip out to Japan. It was an honourable fight but Gates got what he wanted. 6 years later and the masterpiece is born unto XBLA.

    Yaris Review:Part Two-"The Finale"

    Now onto the specific categories.


    Yaris does what many games fail to do. Mix genres that complement each other. A First Person Shooter and driving Simulator is an ingenious idea that I has never been done to perfection until now. The driving while tight and realistic is fun and new. The new weapons will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what weapon you might pick up next. There are a slew of interesting enemies like sumos riding unicycles ...need I say more. The fact that you use not only one but two thumbsticks is revolutionary thinking in this generation. You can even use a wireless controller it’s like playing the future ...now!

    The release of the Xbox 360 brought hopes and dreams of realistic graphics to the living room. Yaris is the perfect example of this great execution. If this game was released on the Original Xbox many people would have passed on it because it would have looked too super realistic to them. They would have been even more confused as to what reality is and what Yaris is. But because of the graphics, art direction, and amazing attention detail this game is a must buy. Once you see it your eyes will bleed rainbows and baby otters because of the amazing and beautiful piece of art that is, Yaris. Ever heard of Michelangelo? Yeah well, he copied Yaris.

    Yaris knows what it is and it does story the right way. Instead of creating an over the top bro-tastic explosion fest, they made the story so simple and subtle that many people from around the world would be able to understand and enjoy the amazing story. Some who don’t understand will deny and hate it but, those who do understand will see the game for what it really is, Love.

    To say this game hits all the nails on the head is an understatement. This game is not evolution of this generation but a revolution to what we can only dream of games becoming. I can only hope that the sequel can live up to the undeniable hype. The world shall eagerly await Yaris 2: Modern Combat Hero : Warfare Evolved.

    Unfortunately like a good captain, Yaris went down with its burning ship...time can only tell when PROJECT:YARIS shall arise.
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    27 Sep 2010
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    I spent 5 hours today trying to get Yaris onto a USB stick so I could play it. Why did I do this for such an 'awful' game? Quite simply because it is free gamerscore, and has a decent TA ratio. Call me a nutter, if you like.

    Is the game as terrible as everyone says it is?


    This game is not great, or even good, but it not broken or unplayable, which automatically makes it better than a few games I have played.

    The basic premise of Yaris is that you 'drive' around a monster filled, non icy bobsleigh type track. You don't actually drive, however. Your car automatically goes forward, and there are no brakes. You can influence your speed by pushing up on the left stick, which increases speed, and down to decrease speed. You slow down if you hit objects or get shot, and your speed rapidly increases when you go over turbo-arrows on the floor. Get this: minimum cruising speed is 100mph. Just don't expect it to look like 100 miles an hour when you are racing along.

    The game plays fine, as you dodge obstacles by steering left and right. There are plenty of enemies to shoot, you move the reticle which locks on to enemies with the right stick and fire with the right trigger.

    All the levels are fairly similar, so no points gained there really. Graphics are poor, but you hardly intend to play this game because it looks nice, eh? The music is fairly generic dance/electronic futuristic music, and it fits in nicely and does the job.

    Most of the achievements seem to be fairly easy to get, I just boosted the last level in an online match and I got 4 for 95g at the end of it. If you are lucky this may be 5 for 100. The big sinner in terms of the achievements is the one for collecting 1,000,000 coins. Ask me of my opinion of this game when i'm going for it and I may give you a very different response.

    In conclusion, Yaris is a small game that doesn't deliver or promise anything much, but doesn't offer anything negative. If you are going for the first 11 achievements, the goals they offer help enjoyment of the game. The TA ratio the game offers is nice, so it is a good game for those into TA ratio.
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    The game isn't that bad. I give it a one star in comparison to other $10/800 point arcade titles. But the game is free and has some short-lived kicks. This gives it 3 stars. I had some difficulty getting past all the levels initially, but after upgrading the best car all the way it's a breeze. There is a good amount of challenge in the beginning, some moderatly difficult achievments, and one long grind for the last achievment. Nonetheless, the difficulty and grind factor of the achievments is not as bad as many, many titles available. If this doesn't bother you and you would like to put some work into getting a free 200 GS points, this game can give you a week of fun. For the last 1 million credits achievment, just work on and off for a while. I got some enjoyment and a gamerscore boost from this game for free. I don't see why everyone hates this game.
  • waikiwaiki17,449
    18 Dec 2008
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    *not even worth free*
    don't waste your time
    achievements are a chore.
    gameplay is terrible.

    gameplay is terrible. the car drives down a track like a bobsled. Can only go forwards and slide side-to-side. This isn't even driving. And you shoot random crap that drives by you.

    graphics and sound are not even good. i don't see how this game even advertises the Yaris. I think they thought that a Yaris with weapons coming out of its hood would be cool to young people. But sadly, no, not even a freaking laser beam coming out it's hood makes this game any better.

    achievements are a chore to get. just look at the distribution, most people have abandoned this game after the 1st achievement.
  • SLN360SLN36031,146
    14 May 2009
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    clapHI.I am new to True Achievements and I don't have experience in writing reviews.But this is something i wanted to say.Although the graphics,the sound and everything is below what Xbox 360 gamers expected,I find the Glitches and Problems in the game very funny.You and a couple of friends can have a hearty laugh for hours while playing this game.For Example in level 7 your car gets stuck while moving inclined and upside down.I had to restart the game.It is very funny.It could be played instead of a Comedy Movie.Any friends are welcomed.You can add me to your friends list if you want.My xbox live gaamer tag is SLN360.Comments are welcomed.