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    Alright after a while of thinking about what to write for my review for this game I decided I will have my personal opinions of the game only because I don't really see any other reviews that I can base my factual review part off of.

    Game play:
    (My opinion)
    Overall good for what it is but there isn't any special attacks which seems to make everything a lot more boring. The game play is very repetitive if you want to beat the whole arcade mode.

    (My opinion)
    The achievements for this game are easy for the most part expect for when you get to the second to last guy (Tonfun). He is by far the most annoying character in the game and doesn't have a pattern for you to figure out that can easily be manipulated. This doesn't mean he's impossible just he'll beat you right before you fight Blue and get your "Invincible" achievement. The preform all kicks and punches achievements are also annoying because the game has a weird way of registering some attacks making it hard to connect some of them.

    (My opinion)
    This game at first seemed really easy and fun but the game gets a lot more stupid as you go on with the challengers having weapons and you only having two different style of attacks. Everyone expect one guy can be beaten with a pattern and the only guy who will wish you never bought this game is Tonfun and he'll just piss you the hell off with all of his moves having priority over yours. With the exception of Tonfun the game is pretty easy.

    (My opinion)
    I haven't been playing fighting games long enough to experience 8 bit fighters but this game is just one step ahead of that style of graphics. I'm pretty sure they redid the graphics so the game doesn't look too ancient but I didn't mind the style. The colors and backgrounds for each individual character weren't all remember able but they were at least different.

    (My opinion)
    This game had light sound track playing in the background the whole time and it wasn't significant enough that anyone would remember it not to mention it was the same song over and over again.

    Replay ability:
    (My opinion)
    I'm the type of person to sell/trade in my games after being done with all the achievements unless there is awesome replay ability and or new content coming out for it. For most cases most arcade games fall into that category and this game is no exception because there is only Arcade, versus, and xbox live battle modes on it which makes no incentive to replay the game especially after the game is completed (gamer score wise).

    (My opinion)
    I didn't like the game too much mainly because of Tonfun. He made the game a lot less fun and a lot more harder than it should have been. This game is a buy if you want to play this game again from old memories or just want to complete a moderately challenging fighting arcade game.
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    wBRYTonfun sucks ass, just like this game does.
    Posted by wBRY On 06 Dec 12 at 03:13
    Gearman3I really wanted to defend this game but with Tonfun in it I just really couldn't. I was very close to just quitting after trying for about 4 hours without success.
    Posted by Gearman3 On 06 Dec 12 at 03:20
    wBRYYa, I quit after trying for a week. I need time off from Tonfun and then I will go for it again later.
    Posted by wBRY On 06 Dec 12 at 21:01
    wBRYAfter a year break, I now destroy Tonfun. Blues became a pain for me, but finally got 12/12. Only 4 years after I started the game.
    Posted by wBRY On 20 Feb 14 at 00:23