11. Yooka-Laylee Moodymaze Marsh (Expanded)

Moodymaze Marsh (Expanded)

Upon returning to this world, you will see the usual cinematic of all the new things we need to do.

To start things off, walk or fly straight forward to get to the bend where Trowzer is located. Follow the path with the red mushrooms to find our first new area with many Quills on floating logs (Use the picture below for reference).

Moodymaze New Area

Hop along the floating logs, making sure to dodge the lone flamethrower and grab the 6 Quills along the way (127 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills), then jump onto the pier at the end. Follow the pier around the corner to find a set of 3 Lily Pads in the water in front of you, ignore these, for now, are turn left to see some scaffolding built into the large rock next to you. Leap or fly up onto the scaffolding, then leap straight up to grab 3 Quills in the air above the scaffolding (130 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills). With those collected, you'll notice a red platform inside the thorns in front of you. This is a trap that will lower you beneath the thorns and make escaping difficult unless you fly. Instead of triggering it, fly over it to see another pier on the other side of the rock. Land on this pier, then fly across the gap ahead of you to collect 3 more Quills (133 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills) and land on the square-shaped platform, with a suspiciously ready-to-grab Pagie, in front of you.

Moodymaze Marsh Pagie #16, Cage Match

Cage Match

Once you step foot onto the square platform, the Pagie's Cage will slam shut and an even larger cage will imprison you inside it along with a bunch of enemies. Simply defeat all of these basic enemies to free yourself and grab your 16th Pagie for this World (16 of 25 Moodymaze Marsh Pagies).

Once you have the Pagie, backtrack over the thorn-covered rock to the 3 Lily Pads from before. Cross the Lily Pads, grabbing 3 Quills along the way (136 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills), and you'll arrive on a section of land with 2 shacks in front of you. Use Lizard Lash on the building's lash points, then walk backwards to pull out some platforms and collect 2 Quills above one of the platforms (138 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills). After climbing on top of the buildings, you'll notice another lone building to your left and a much larger building to the right. Fly or lash your way to the lone left building first to grab 2 more Quills (140 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills). Next, fly over to the larger building to see a caged Pagie at the top, ignore it for now and follow the side walkways around the building to find 2 more Quills (142 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills). Drop down to the ground below the building and you'll have a left and right path to take around a lake of water. Take the right path to find a wooden pier with 2 Quills on it (144 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills).

Moodymaze Marsh Pagie #17, Path of Flames

Path of Flames

While still standing on the wooden pier, you'll notice many lash points and flaming pipes in front of you. Wait for the flames to die down, then lash across the first three platforms. Turn left on the third one to see another platform and a Brazier just beyond it. Get over to the brazier and lick it to become Fire-Type and immune to flames for a short time, this will be necessary as the remaining platforms' flames will not die down at all. While Fire-Type, backtrack to the 3rd platform, then continue along the platforms until you reach the final one with a switch trapped in the flames. Buddy Slam the switch to open the cage we saw before on the large building and grab your 17th Pagie for this World (17 of 25 Moodymaze Marsh Pagies).

Once the Pagie is in hand, drop back down to the ground and take the right path yet again. This time follow the right path all the way to grab 3 Quills (147 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills) and find a Pumpkin and open pipe at the bend.

Moodymaze Marsh Pagie #18, Lizard Lash Time Trial

Lizard Lash Time Trial

Speak with the Pumpkin on the platform to begin the next Pagie Challenge, a Time Trial. Your goal is to use Lizard Lash to grapple your way from platform to platform and pass through all the hoops along the way. Time may be somewhat tight for this challenge as you will have to pull down a box and wait for spinning platforms to have their lash points line up. A trip or two through the course should easily be more than enough to get the hang of it and retrieve your 18th Pagie for this World (18 of 25 Moodymaze Marsh Pagies). Also before leaving, make sure you collect all 7 Quills along the course (154 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills).

Moodymaze Power Extender

Once you grab the Pagie, enter the nearby pipe and you will exit next to the starting Pumpkin. From here, face the Pumpkin again, then fly straight up to the top of the pipes to find a platform from the previous Time Trial. Land on this platform and look around you to find this World's Power Extender sitting on top of a pipe next to a very large tree (1 of 1 Moodymaze Marsh Power Extenders). Additionally, this should have been your 6th and final Power Extender, unlocking...

Bar star

Collect all 6 power extender items

Bar star
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Fly back down to the ground by the Pumpkin and continue around the bend and along the previous right path. Collect the 3 Quills in plain sight (157 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills), then talk to Clara the Explorer along the left side of the path.

Moodymaze Marsh Pagie #19, Gem Hunting

Gem Hunting

While speaking to Clara, she will ask you to enter the pipe next to her and locate a gem inside, agree and enter the pipe. Inside you'll be consumed by a deep fog and will be able to see the glowing silhouettes of blue blocks. This is a hint that we should use Sonar 'Splosion to break the blocks and part the fog momentarily. Head through the cave, using Sonar 'Splosion when you can't see or are blocked by a block, and break the Gem free from the last blue block. After grabbing it, turn around and backtrack through the fog to enter the pipe and give Clara the Gem. Doing so grants us our 19th Pagie for this World (19 of 25 Moodymaze Marsh Pagies).

Moodymaze Marsh Pagie #20, Moodymaze Marsh Ghost Writers

Moodymaze Pink Ghost Writer

Next, leap or fly onto the pipe we just excited to grab 2 Quills (159 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills), then follow the pipe to the island in the center of the lake. This island is home to this world's Pink Ghost Writer. The goal is to walk around the base of the building to find the Ice Berry Bush, lick an Ice Berry, then scale the building and shoot and Ice Shot into the Pink Ghost Writer to feed and collect it. We'll make this slightly easier by heading along the right side of the building and grabbing the 2 Quills inside the building's alcoves (161 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills), then drop back down and head to the Ice Berry Bush at the back of the building. Lick an Ice Berry, then simply fly straight up to the Pink Ghost Writer above you and shoot an Ice Shot into his mouth to both feed and collect him (5 of 5 Moodymaze Marsh Ghost Writers). As this was the final Ghost Writer for this World, you'll also automatically collect your 20th Pagie for this World as well (20 of 25 Moodymaze Marsh Pagies).

Once you acquire both the Ghost Writer and Pagie, just straight down to the grassy area in front of you to find 3 more Quills (164 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills), then head right along the path and around the bend to find 2 more Quills above the water near a broken bridge (166 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills).

Moodymaze Health Extender

After grabbing the Quills, jump into the lake and use Buddy Bubble to sink to the floor. Nearby will be another blue block, use Sonar 'Splosion on it to break it open and reveal this world's Health Extender (1 of 1 Moodymaze Marsh Health Extenders). Continue walking around on the lakebed to find a pipe in the floor, jump into it to enter Hotswitch Hollow.

Moodymaze Marsh Pagie #21, Hotswitch Hollow

Hotswitch Hollow

Once you arrive in Hotswitch Hollow, reapply Buddy Bubble if you need to, then quickly jump on all four floor switches to open the gate. In the next room, use Sonar 'Splosion to dispose of the enemies, then jump and glide along the 5 raised switches to open the next gate. Pop your Buddy Bubble and carefully swim through this hall of blue electric bars to reach the third room. In the 3rd Room, wait until the moving platform in the center is at or near the top of its length, then begin climbing up the switch platforms in order. Once all 5 switches are pressed the next gate will open. In this final 4th Room, jump and glide across the 5 switch platforms, as usual, you may have to glide over or around the moving blue electric bars to get to the next platform. Once all 5 switches are pressed, enter the final gate and grab your 21st Pagie for this World (21 of 25 Moodymaze Marsh Pagies). Exit through the pipe in the ceiling above where the Pagie was.

Once outside, surface and get back onto the land surrounding the lake. In one of the corners, you likely saw an angled wooden platform with Quills on it earlier. Head to this corner area and use Reptile Roll to roll along the angled platform and grab the 3 Quills on it before it sinks into the swamp (169 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills). Straight ahead of you will be a pipe, enter it.

Moodymaze Marsh Pagie #22, Reptile Roll Time Trial 2.0

Reptile Roll 2.0

As the title no doubt told you, we have another Time Trial to deal with. The rules are the same as usual, go through all of the Hoops as quickly as possible to reach the caged Pagie at the end. This time around, you'll have to roll up many sinking angled platforms, and may miss several Quills along the course. If you do miss any Quills, ignore them to focus on the challenge. Once you reach the end, you'll grab your 22nd Pagie for this World (22 of 25 Moodymaze Marsh Pagies). After grabbing the Pagie, head back through the course and collect the 9 Quills (178 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills). Drop down and exit through the same pipe you used to get in here.

Once back in the main area of the world, fly straight forward across the lake to find the final new area along a few floating wooden platforms (Use the picture below for reference).

Moodymaze Final Area

Hop along the wooden platforms to get 3 Quills (181 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills), then jump on the platform to the right of the flamethrower. You will see a hidden Quill behind the wall on the other side of the flamethrower, jump over and grab it, then continue along the path of platforms to grab 2 more Quills (184 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills). Turn around the corner to find 3 last Quills (187 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills), then hop over the fence to enter the final new Pagie Challenge.


The following Pagie Challenge was accidentally done in an unnecessarily difficult way in the Video Walkthrough! I pushed and attacked the seeds to move them through the course and into the holes. The intended solution is to use Lizard Lash to pull them along with your tongue. I apologize in advance for this as it is the only challenge I didn't quite understand at the time of recording.

Moodymaze Marsh Pagie #23, The Garden

The Garden

Start by talking to Planker and he will ask you to plant the 3 Seeds hanging from the nearby trees. Do this by using Sonar 'Splosion to knock the seeds down, then use Lizard Lash to grab onto the seeds and pull them along to the holes. You will occasionally have to let go to destroy any small mushrooms in your way. The first 2 Seeds are located in plain sight in the tree near Planker and their holes are also on the same level as their tree. The 3rd Seed and Hole are located on the upper area and there are wind traps that will blow the seed around. Once all 3 Seeds are planted, return and talk to Planker to get your 23rd Pagie for this World (23 of 25 Moodymaze Marsh Pagies).

After getting the Pagie, fly in the direction that Planker is facing to return to Trev the Tenteyecle's large building. Follow the circular path around the outside of the building to notice 4 Quills have been added here for some odd reason (191 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills). Next, head over to Rextro's and jump in the nearby lake. Swim into each pipe until you return to Swampy Station.

Moodymaze Marsh Pagies #24-25, Swampy Station + Moodymaze Marsh Quills

Swampy Station

We've been here before to get the Green Ghost Writer and a few Quills, but now that we have Reptile Rush we can clear this area. Surface and head to the ramp in the back of the room, then use Reptile Rush to blast through the glass and into the next room. Grab the 3 Quills while climbing to the main platform (194 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills). If you step on the switch here, you'll notice the gate in the distance open up, however, once you get off, the gate will slowly close. To deal with this, you must use Reptile Rush while on the switch to blast off and jump over the gap at the end to get through the gate in time. The 2nd Room will be the same, but with more jumps and enemies. Defeat the enemies first and grab the 3 Quills (197 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills) to get them out of the way, then step on the switch and use Reptile Rush with well-timed jumps to make it to the next room. Enter the final room and start by grabbing the last 3 Quills (200 of 200 Moodymaze Marsh Quills). As you now have all 200 Quills for this World, you'll automatically receive your 24th Pagie for this World as well (24 of 25 Moodymaze Marsh Pagies). With the Quills out of the way, all that's left to do is clear Swampy Station. In this 3rd Room, you'll have to stand on the switch, then Reptile Rush along several skinny logs floating on swamp water. Keep your cool and focus on your jumps and you'll get across alright. The 4th Room will have a set of thorns blocking your way to the door. Stand on the switch and ready Reptile Rush as usual, but aim to the right and curve your way around the thorns and through the gate. Lastly in the final 5th Room, you'll see several floating logs in the water, a few floating horizontally and one final one floating vertically. Step on the switch and ready Reptile Rush, after you blast off, immediately jump and aim to land on the lone vertical log, then jump to land and pass through the final gate. Grab your well deserved and 25th Pagie for this World (25 of 25 Moodymaze Marsh Pagies), then exit back to Hivory Towers.

Another World down, two to go. Make your way back to Capital Cashino and stand on the plinth in front of the Grand Tome, then spend 11 Pagies to Expand the World and head inside.

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