13. Yooka-Laylee Galleon Galaxy (Expanded)

Galleon Galaxy (Expanded)

Welcome back to the final World, Galleon Galaxy. As usual, you'll see the overview of all the new things to do, and since this world was so tiny the last time you were here...you've got your hands full.

Start by flying straight forward towards the Lighthouse, then head left to the pier and have Dr. Puzz transform you into the Space Ship. Use your Triple Shot and Flamethrower to deal with the Meteorites in your way, then use the Ice Shot to lower the gate and sail out to sea. Our first area of business is on Red Crane Island straight ahead. Deal with the Meteorites blocking the entrance as you did before, then head right along the outer ring of water. Just like in Moodymaze Marsh, a few new Quills were added into this already existing area once we Expanded the Grand Tome. Grab the 3 Quills in the Outer Ring of water, then make your way to the Inner Ring to grab 3 more Quills behind the Red Crane (71 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills).

Galleon Green Ghost Writer

With that, we're done here for now, so exit Red Crane Island and head left towards the large orange spherical building with meteorites in front of it. Melt the lone Blue Meteorite in front of all the others to reveal the Green Ghost Writer. Use your Space Ship to chase him down and cut him off, leaving only one Ghost Writer left in the game, albeit a well-hidden one (4 of 5 Galleon Galaxy Ghost Writers).

With the Ghost Writer dealt with, melt all of the remaining Blue Meteorites, then destroy the two Orange Meteorites to open the way into the Orange Building. That's all we can do here, for now. So continue right around the Orange Building to find a few more Meteorites in front of a large floating Purple Planet. Use Triple Shot to destroy the Orange Meteorites and reveal a strange-looking character floating around on the water. Fire a Triple Shot at it to destroy it and invoke the wrath of this World's Boss.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #5, Boss: Planette


It turns out that you just killed the lover of this World's Boss. Planette will start the fight by landing in the water on her "Fire-Side". In doing so, she will fire flamethrowers out from her craters that you must dodge. In between her attacks, get an Ice Shot or two on her craters to make her shift to her "Meteorite-Side" This side will fire off Meteorites from its craters. To deal with this, use your Triple Shot on the craters to get her to spin to her "Ice-Side". Ice-Side works just like the Meteor-Side, as she'll fire off Icy Meteorites in the same manner. Use the Flamethrower on her craters to end this phase. From here, Planette will sink into the water and fire Meteorites into the sky to rain down on you. These track your current location, so keep moving to dodge them. After dodging, Planette randomly fires off Meteorites from above while also entering Ice-Side again with her remaining Ice Craters, take them out with the Flamethrower. Next comes Meteor-Side again, dodge the frontal and occasional aerial Meteors and use the Triple Shot to take out the craters. Lastly is Fire-Side, fire off Ice Shots right away and close in in order to deal with the middle craters and give yourself some breathing room from the Flamethrowers. Deal with the remaining craters while dodging the random Meteorites to enter the final phase. Planette will sink back into the water and fire off quite a few aerial Meteorites, keep moving to dodge them all like before. Planette will now literally face you and fire Meteorites from her mouth. Dodge them all and she will take a break, giving you time to get in and shoot her with the Triple Shot. After enough shots, she will explode and you will automatically receive your 5th Pagie for this World (5 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). You will also unlock...

Planetary Annihilation

Defeat the World 5 boss

Planetary Annihilation
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

With Planette destroyed, there are only two things left to do in Space Ship form. Head back to the World Entrance and face the Lighthouse, on the right side and in the water you should see a "Hoop" of Arrows as well as Nimble from back in Tribalstack Tropics.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #6, Space Race

Space Race

Speak to Nimble and she will challenge you to a race in which you must sail through all of the Hoops and beat her to the finish line. After accepting, take off and sail through the rings as you see them, making sure to keep an eye on the arrows to identify which way you need to head next. At some points during the race, Meteorites will block you and you'll have to use the Triple Shot to destroy them, you will also eventually be blocked by a gate and must shoot the Ice Switch on the right with your Ice Shot to lower the gate. Overall, this race is one lap but fairly long, the positive side being that you'll likely be way ahead of Nimble after a while. Once you reach the finish line, you'll receive your 6th Pagie for this World (6 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies).

With that done, head around Lighthouse Island and to the pier with Balloons opposite Dr. Puzz. Use the Flamethrower to melt the Blue Meteorite and then melt the frozen Torn Pagie (assuming you didn't back in the Non-Expanded version of this world). We're finally done with Space Ship form, so return to Dr. Puzz and become Yooka-Laylee again, then return to the Balloon pier.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #7, Pagie Pieces

Pagie Pieces 1

Speak with the Torn Pagie and it'll tell you that it's pieces are inside Chests floating in the sky via Balloons. Your goal is to find these Balloons and pop them with Sonar Shot in order to send the chest crashing to the ground and acquire the missing Pagie Pieces. The Balloons next to you have nothing in them but are an example of what to look out for.

Pagie Pieces 2

The 1st Pagie Piece Balloons are located behind and to the left of the Torn Pagie. Fly over to them and use Sonar Shot to pop the balloons and grab the Pagie Piece from the wrecked chest.

Pagie Pieces 3

The final 2 Pagie Piece Balloons can be seen behind the Lighthouse, head over to them one by one and pop their balloons before grabbing the Pagie Pieces. Once you have them all, return to the Torn Pagie to restore it and collect your 7th Pagie for this World (7 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies) in terms of the Video Walkthrough, I return later and go after a few more Pagies first.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #8, Star Fishing

Star Fishing

Very close to where you got the final Pagie Piece, you will see a Frog Fisherman standing under an Umbrella. Speak with him and he'll challenge you to a Mini-Game where you must collect 15 or more Yellow Stars within the time limit while avoiding Red Stars which will dock you points. Time will be very tight so once the game starts to spin in a circle until you see a Yellow Star, then use Lizard Lash to grab it. Once you catch 15, you'll receive your 8th Pagie for this World (8 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies).

After grabbing the Pagie, head in the direction the Fisherman is facing to grab 3 Quills (74 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills) and arrive on Robot Island (as there is a giant Toy Robot here).

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #9, Rusto


Begin climbing up the robot to find a bunch of Quills on him. One on his left foot, one on his right knee, one on his right hand, one on his chest, one behind his neck, one on top of the Ice Cube in his left hand, one on his right ear, one on his left ear, and one on his tongue (83 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Once you have all of the Quills, enter his mouth. From here, lick the Battery that is sitting against the wall, then exit back outside. Head over to Rusto's Left Arm and stand on the Electricity Icon on his shoulder to power his arm and move the Ice Cube in front of his face. Next, head behind Rusto's back and lick the Brazier to become Fire-Type, then climb up and back into Rusto's Mouth. Once inside, jump on the unlit brazier in the center of his mouth to light it. This will cause the wind blowing through to mix with the flames and become a flamethrower which will melt the Ice Cube and allow you to get your 9th Pagie for this World (9 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies).

Next, drop down to the left of Rusto to find a woman standing in front of several red energy barriers.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #10, Self-Destruct


Speak with the woman and she will ask you to assist her in bypassing her enemies defenses and gaining access to the planet above. Agree and start by using Sonar Shield to pass through the, now yellow, energy barriers. While disabling the energy barriers and before entering the Fly Tube, you should have found 6 Quills along the way (89 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). After a cutscene with the woman, she will unlock the Fly Tube which will take you up to the planet once you try flying inside it, do so. Once on the Planet, grab the 3 Quills in front of you (92 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills), then take a shortcut by flying to the red arrow platform pointing into the center of the planet. Activate Sonar Shield and jump inside the Planet from the red arrow platform to bypass the yellow barrier. Once inside, roll up the slope in front of you and use Reptile Rush to break through a few glass panes. You'll finally come across the rotating Self-Destruct Switch, wait for it to come down to you, then Rush into it and enjoy your 10th Pagie for this World (10 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). Use the nearby Fly Tube to return to the main area of the world.

Look behind the Fly Tube to see the backside of Robot Island and a few Quills. Fly over and grab these 3 Quills leading up towards the front of the island (95 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills), then drop back down and follow the pier around the back of Robot Island to find Kartos.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #11, Kartos' Gems, Part 5

Kartos' Gems, Part 5

As usual, you need to assist Kartos in gathering Gems along one of his courses, however, this is the last time you'll have to do this. Speak with Kartos and accept his challenge, this time around, you'll need to gather 175 Gems before reaching the finish line. There is one difference in controls this time, that being that gravity works differently and you will jump much higher and slower. If you need assistance with this section, please refer to the Video Walkthrough for a visual example. Once you win, you'll acquire your 11th Pagie for this World (11 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies).

Lighthouse Quills

From here, fly back towards Lighthouse Island and grab the 3 Quills on the pier behind the Lighthouse (98 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). It's at this point in the Video Walkthrough that I return to the Torn Pagie and get Pagie #7, "Pagie Pieces". Next, look behind the Lighthouse to see a Pirate Ship docked at the pier and head over to it.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #12, Shadowblight


Follow the pier around to the side of the Pirate Ship and grab 3 Quills before boarding via gangplank (101 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Once onboard, fly over to the bow/front of the ship and grab the lone Quill on the edge of the figurehead (102 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills), then turn around and glide across to the back of the ship and grab the Quill ahead of you and another Quill above you by the wheel (104 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Lastly, fly up to the Crow's Nest and grab the 3 Quills before flying to the top of the mast for one more Quill (108 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). With the Exterior finished, enter the Pirate Ship. Inside, speak with the Captain straight ahead of you, then head down below deck. Down here, on top of the red metal bars will be several crates and Chests, the crates contain Butterflies, and the Chests contain Quills, you can also find a Gemstone in the back so you can light up the area, and a Fire Berry Bush on the other side which we'll need to get the Pagie here. Break open all 5 Chests down here for their 5 Quills (113 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills), then lick a Fire Berry and head back up to the Captain. Use your Fire Breath to light the hanging lantern just next to the handrail and speak with the Captain to scare him and retrieve your 12th Pagie for this World (12 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). Exit the Pirate Ship.

Note: The Quill at the top of the Mast and the Chest Quill behind the Fire Berry Bush inside the Ship are forgotten in the Video Walkthrough until much later on at the end of the World. You can either get them now as I mentioned them or get them when I do in the Video Walkthrough.

Next, fly left of the Pirate Ship's Gangplank to reach the Orange Planet from earlier. There are two entrances to this location, one above and one below. Both have a Pagie, so we'll deal with them one at a time starting from the bottom.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #13, Double Dome, Lower Section

Double Dome, Lower

Enter the Lower "Door" to the Orange Planet. Head forward and hold the switch fully down to unlock the door to the next room. Inside the 2nd Room, use Camo Cloak to avoid the Security Drones, then hold down the switch to unlock the next door. Inside the 3rd Room, use Camo Cloak to avoid the Security Robots, then enter the middle area to find and hold down the switch, unlocking the next door. n the 4th Room, use Sonar 'Splosion to destroy the blue block, then hold down the switch to access the next room. In the 5th Room, use Camo Cloak to bypass the Security Drones, then use Sonar 'Splosion to break the blue block. Hold down the switch to open the door. In the 6th Room, do the exact same thing as the 5th Room by using Camo Cloak to hide from the Drones and Sonar 'Splosion to break the blue block. Hold down the switch to access the next room. In the 7th Room, ignore the Drones and switch between them for now and leap/fly up to the rafters above you. Step on the switch up here to activate a red barrier, destroying all the Drones below. Before dropping back down, grab the 6 Quills also up here (119 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). When you're ready, drop back down and hold down the long switch to unlock the final room. In the final room, hold down the switch to both reveal your 13th Pagie for this World (13 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies), and open a shortcut in the floor leading back to the entrance. Before leaving, make sure to grab the 2 Quills in the room on the way to the Exit Shortcut (121 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Head through the shortcut in the floor, then turn around and exit back outside.

With that out of the way, fly up to the Upper "Door" and enter it.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #14, Double Dome, Upper Section

Double Dome, Upper

Once inside, slide down into the middle of the room, defeat all the enemies, then use the Fly Tube to get to the next area. In this new area, you'll find a 2D Glass Building, I say 2D because you enter a 2D mode once you go inside. There is also an upper and lower section to this Glass Building. Enter the building, then head straight left and grab the Quill above the hole leading to the lower section (122 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Once you have it, continue down into the lower section and make your way to a lone Quill (123 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills) and a switch. Hitting this switch will flood the 2D Glass Building with water for 25 seconds. Once you hit it, swim back up to the upper section, then quickly swim on top of either the left or right side platforms on either side of the cluster of wall arrows. Once the timer runs out, the water will drain and the wooden slab will slam down next to us, blocking the way back down. Jump on the wooden slab, then fly up to find 2 more Quills and another switch (125 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Hit the switch to flood the building again, then swim straight up to find a lone Quill (126 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills) and a large wooden block blocking the way. While still underwater, push the wooden block to the right constantly to move it out of your way and give you a little space to swim upwards to the highest section. From here, grab your 14th Pagie for this World right above the Wooden Block (14 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). Before leaving, there is actually a hidden area here that you can see on the left-hand side of the ceiling.

Galleon Health Extender

Fly up through this hole in the ceiling to find this World's Health Extender hidden away (1 of 1 Galleon Galaxy Health Extenders). This is also the final Health Extender in the game, which will unlock...

Raising the bar

Collect all 6 health extender items

Raising the bar
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

That's all for the Double Dome, so make your way back down and Buddy Slam down onto the wooden block beneath you to break it. Head further down to the wooden slab that's trapping you here, then head above it and hit the switch from earlier to flood the building. Loop around the wooden slab to get to the exit below, but you'll have to wait for the countdown to end as you cannot exit the building while it's flooded. Exit the 2D Glass Building, use the Fly Tube to get back, then exit the Double Dome.

Once outside, you'll see an enormous Meteor in front of you with a green pipe leading into it, fly over to this. Grab the 4 Quills on the island connected to the Meteor's Ramp (130 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills), then fly up the ramp, or lick the Beehive behind the Security Drone and walk up the ramp, to enter the Velocity Terminal.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #15, Velocity Terminal

Velocity Terminal

Once inside, head straight forward to the first dome room to see a locked Fly Tube, and two doors on either side of it. Choose the door on the right and head down the slide while doing your best to avoid the enemies located on it and the enemies waiting to ambush you at the end. Once you get off the slide, defeat the enemies if you like, then head around the room, through the next door, and down the 2nd Slide beyond it. Carefully bypass the barrier fences on this slide to reach the next room. In this room, climb up the right side platforms and Buddy Slam the switch to open the door to the 3rd Slide, before going down that slide, climb the left side platforms to grab 3 Quills (133 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Head down the 3rd Slide, carefully avoiding the enemies and barriers, to enter the final room. Defeat the enemies in this room if you like, grab the 2 Quills (135 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills), then Buddy Slam the switch in the middle of the floor to unlock the Fly Tube. Use the Fly Tube to return to the main lobby of the Velocity Terminal. Now in the main lobby, take the left side door this time and travel down its slide which leads to a pit of enemies. Defeat them, then leap/fly up and into the hole just above the pit. You'll end up on another slide, but this one has a sensor with an X and a Check Mark over two separate paths. Take the left path which will be marked with the X to find a slide full of enemies. Dodge them as best you can and you'll end up in an outdoor area with tough enemies and a Fly Tube.

Galleon Pirate Treasure

Ignore this for now and look off into the distance on your right to see a spherical dome we've been to before, but with an oddly flat roof. Fly all the way over to this dome and land on the roof to find this world's well hidden Pirate Treasure (1 of 1 Galleon Galaxy Pirate Treasure). As this is the final Pirate Treasure in the game, you'll also unlock...

Captain's Cache

Find all five of the pirate treasure items

Captain's Cache
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Once you get the Pirate Treasure, stand still for 10 seconds or so to let your Energy refill, then fly all the way back to the area you were just at and use the Fly Tube to return to the main lobby of the Velocity Terminal. In the Main Lobby, head back through the Left Door, into the pit, then into the hole to get to the X/Check Mark Slide. This time take the right, Check Mark Path and you'll go down a harmless slide with 3 Quills, and into a harmless room with 3 more Quills and a switch (141 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Buddy Slam the switch to unlock the Fly Tube as well as reveal your 15th Pagie for this World back at the Main Lobby (15 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). Exit back outside.

Galleon Play Coin

Once outside, fly over to Rextro's Island to your right. Before landing, you'll need to grab this world's Play Coin which is located on top of this island's highest mountain. After grabbing it, head down to Rextro's Arcade which you can spot on the Island's Coast from up on the mountain.

Galleon Galaxy Pagies #16-17, Rextro's Up N' Nova + Highscore

Up N Nova

Speak to Rextro to give him the Play Coin, then climb up on the Arcade Machine to play this World's Game, Up N' Nova. This game is a side scroller and the goal is to simply survive until you reach the end, you can grab Quills or Power-Ups if you like, but they won't be needed until you go for the High Score. You WILL take damage if you fly into anything or try to land on the ground, so you MUST stay airborne! Once you reach the end, you'll receive your 16th Pagie for this World (16 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). Afterwards, play the game again and grab Quills to beat the High Score, you need 14,000+ points. Once you succeed, you'll receive your 17th Pagie for this World (17 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies) and you'll also be done with Rextro's Arcades.

Quill Cave

Straight ahead from the direction Rextro's Arcade is facing, you'll see Sir Scoffsalot just beyond a low wall of rocks, and a cave entrance just beyond him. Start by heading to Scoffsalot to find a pool of actual water with 3 Quills hidden in it (144 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills), then fly over the wall behind the water to find a small building with 3 more Quills on it (147 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Once you have the Quills, enter the cave.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #18, A Knight's Treasure

A Knight's Treasure

Once inside the cave, head to the right and dive into the pool of water to collect 3 Quills (150 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills), then head to the back of the cave and speak with Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight will ask you to get the 4 keys from the Knights of Hamalot outside, starting with Sir Scoffalot. Head back outside and over to Sir Scoffalot on the other side of the pool of water from just a moment ago. Line yourself up with Scoffsalot, then use a Reptile Rush to charge into him and knock out his key. Grab his key, then report back to Shovel Knight who will ask you to get Sir Lootsalot's key next. Head back outside and then head right to the small building that had Quills on it earlier. Lootsalot is inside, however, the entrance is blocked with cracked blocks. While looking at the cracked blocks, turn right and you'll find a Grenady Berry Bush on the next area of land just beyond the closest section of space water.

Space Grenade

Lick a Grenade Berry, then return to the building and blow up the cracked walls. Back up a little, then use Camo Cloak and walk into Lootsalot to steal his key, then return it to Shovel Knight. Our next target is Lady Leapsalot, so head back outside and return to the Grenade Berry Bush. Right next to said bush is a Water Berry Bush, lick a Water Berry then turn right to see a slope heading up the mountain above Shovel Knight's cave. Quickly roll up this slope, collecting 3 Quills along the way (153 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills), then spray water on Leapsalot's armor. Once you hear the chime from the water, use a Sonar Shot on Leapsalot to knock out her key and return it to Shovel Knight. The final target is Sir Shootsalot who is standing on the small area of land to the right of Rextro's Arcade. Walk up to Shootsalot and hit him with the following 3 hit combo: a Tail Twirl to the stomach, a Buddy Slam on top of his head, then a Sonar 'Splosion. This will knock his key loose, which you should then take back to Shovel Knight. Once Shovel Knight has all the keys, he'll open the door to your treasure, 3 Quills (156 of 200 Gallon Galaxy Quills), and your 18th Pagie for this World (18 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies).

With your collectibles in hand, leave the cave and fly to the large purple planet that on your left that looks like two planets merging (see picture below for reference). Once you arrive, enter the planet from the right side to access the Spacecog Station.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #19, Spacecog Station

Spacecog Station

Once inside Spacecog Station, you'll find yourself looking at another Time Trial which will begin once you jump through the first Hoop in front of you. The goal is the same, jump through all of the Hoops to reach the Pagie on the other side of the room. Take note, however, that there are wind geysers which will attempt to blow you off course, use the Video Walkthrough if you need assistance in finding a path through the course. Once you reach the other end of the room, the green barrier will raise and reveal your 19th Pagie for this World (19 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). There are also 3 Quills in front of the Pagie, and 6 Quills in Chests on the ground floor of this room (165 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Once you have everything exit back outside.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #20, Dead Weight

Dead Weight

The next Pagie Challenge is right in front of you. Start by grabbing the 6 Quills on top of the barriers (171 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills), then defeat all of the enemies inside the course. To defeat the tougher orange enemies, hit them, then dodge by jumping and holding your glide until their attacks end, or their attack is locked in place, repeat until they are down. Once they are all dispatched, roll up one of the ramps in the back of the course to see energy balls falling through a blue square. Activate Sonar Shield and stand in the center of the blue square to block the next incoming energy ball, then push it off the platform and into the course. Our goal is to get the ball to the other side of the course and use it to weigh down the switch. The ball will harm you if you touch it directly, so use Sonar Shield for protection and shove it along the course to the switch. Make sure you grab a butterfly from the edges of the course to refill your energy if needed. Once the switch is weighed down, the cage in the middle of the course will raise and allow you to get your 20th Pagie for this World (20 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies).

Once the Pagie is in hand, exit the course and head to the left side of the area (opposite Spacecog Station), to find a row of Portable Bathrooms. The first one will be wide open with a lone Quill inside (172 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). From here, attack the doors on the remaining blue restrooms to open them, then collect the Quills inside them before leaping up and grabbing the Quills on top of them. Not counting the first one, there are a total of 6 Quills in and on top of the blue restrooms (178 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Next, grab the 2 Quills on top of the Red Restrooms (180 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Return to the Red Restroom in the middle of the blue ones and speak to the person inside to start the next challenge.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #21, Space Plumbing

Space Plumbing

The person inside the Red Restroom will ask you to help fix the plumbing down below before opening the door to the other Red Restroom. Grab the lone Quill inside (181 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills) and drop down to the new area. Once down below, head to the back of the room to see a few arrows pointing at a switch, if you hit the switch you'll see that the pipes in the area are not connected. Activate Sonar Shield, then roll partially through the pipe next to you, collecting 2 Quills (183 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills), then exit the pipe to the left when you can. Defeat the enemies here and hit the switch to open the gate leading back to the start of this room. Walk back towards the pipe and use Lizard Lash to grab the loose section above and pull it down into place. Next, head back through the gate you opened and Sonar Shield Roll your way back through the pipe. Go all the way to the end, collecting 3 Quills (186 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills), then climb up the platforms to the left and hit the switch to lower the gate. Turn back around with your back to where the gate was and you'll see arrows pointing up the pipe, follow them up. You'll see the missing piece of the pipe up here, but it's in some hazardous waste. Jump onto the platform behind it, then use Sonar Shield to enter the waste and shove the pipe off the side of the platform and into place. Head back through the gate to the start of the room and Buddy Slam the switch to fix the plumbing and reveal your 21st Pagie for this World, just outside the Red Restroom above. Exit back outside via the Fly Tube and grab it (21 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies).

From here, fly back towards the Lighthouse and you'll see a Strength Testing area along the way.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #22, Test of Strength

Test of Strength

Speak to the Weight-Lifting Frog to start this challenge, and he will ask you to hit the Test of Strength as hard as you can. Trying to Buddy Slam the button won't even get us halfway to the Pagie, so we'll need to try something else. Start by climbing up the Tower of Strength, defeating the enemies along the way, then grab the lone Quill above the Pagie (187 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). Next, drop down in front of the Tower of Strength and grab the 5 Quills scattered on the islands in front of you (192 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Lick a Cannonball from the box on the farthest island, then make your way back to the Tower, climb up on top of the Pagie, then Buddy Slam all the way down to the switch to break the glass and get your 22nd Pagie for this World (22 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies).

Look slightly to the right and you'll see the entrance to our final Pagie Challenge, Black Hole in One.

Galleon Galaxy Pagies #23-25, Black Hole in One + Galleon Galaxy Quills + Galleon Galaxy Ghost Writers

Black Hole in One

Before entering the building, grab the 4 Quills just outside (196 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Head inside and speak to the Frog at the counter to learn the rules, then grab the final 4 Quills surrounding him (200 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). As you now have all 200 Quills for this World, you will automatically get your 23rd Pagie for this World (23 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). As of now, you also have every Quill in the game, which will unlock...

Had one's Quill

Collect all 1,010 Quills

Had one's Quill
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Galleon Red Ghost Writer

Before starting the actual Golf Challenge, fly up to the top of the room to see a UFO-shaped building near the top. Enter the UFO from the top of it to find this World's annoyingly well-hidden Red Ghost Writer. While fighting the Ghost Writer, a fan will circle around the room, trying to blow you into the Ghost Writer. Do your best to resist it and counterattack the Ghost Writer when you can. Once you capture it (5 of 5 Galleon Galaxy Ghost Writers), you will automatically receive your 24th Pagie for this World (24 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). As that was also the final Ghost Writer in the game, you'll also unlock...

Grabbed the ghouls

Collect every Ghost Writer in the Grand Tome worlds

Grabbed the ghouls
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

With that done, fly back to the start of the Golf Course. When you're ready, attack the Golf Ball to knock it down the slope and start a time limit of 2 Minutes and 30 Seconds to complete the Course. This Golfing game plays out just like the one back in Capital Cashino. Keep the ball moving between and around the ramps until you reach the large orange enemy. Use Sonar Shot on all three Sleeping Golems to your left in order to lower the gate blocking your way, use a Sonar 'Splosion to knock back any enemies harassing you, then push the ball through the open gate. Take your time here and wait for your chance to push the ball through the windmill. From here, it's down a slope, around a rock or two and into the hole to gain access to your 25th Pagie for this World. Buddy Slam the switch in front of the Fly Tube to unlock it, then use the Fly Tube to get back to the start of the course and claim your prize (25 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). This is also the final Pagie (and collectible), in the game, which will unlock...

From someone else's book

Collect all 145 Pagies

From someone else's book
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Additionally, having all 145 Pagies unlocks the Pants Tonic (12 of 15 Tonics Unlocked).

Note: At this point in the Video Walkthrough, I head back to the Pirate Ship and grab the 2 missing Quills I warned you about.

Finally, all of the collectibles are gathered, and all of the Worlds are 100% Complete. All that's left to do is deal with Dr. Quack and Capital B. Exit the World and return to Hivory Towers.


Hivory Towers

Once you arrive in Hivory Towers, exit the Galleon Galaxy section of the area, and head forward towards the Wind Tunnel, then right to see Capital B.'s building right in front of you. Before going in, I HIGHLY recommend changing your Tonic from "Baller" to "Livewire" as it allows your Energy to recharge much faster and that will be very useful in the final battle. Once you're ready, open the door to the building and head inside.


Dr. Quack's Quack-Fire Quiz 3

The rules are the same as the previous quizzes, however, the Questions this time around will be about Capital Cashino and Galleon Galaxy. Please see the Quack-Fire Quiz Q&A Section for a list of all the Questions and Answers (I've encountered).

Once the quiz is complete, Dr. Quack will be down for good and we'll get the option to use the elevator in the middle of the room to reach Capital B. You may want to consider watching my Video Walkthrough's battle with Capital B as it's a lot of information to memorize through text.


Final Boss: Capital B

Capital B Boss

After Capital B's monologue is over, he will drink a Tonic to power himself up and the battle begins.

In the 1st Phase, Capital B will throw beehives at you which will surround you with bees, dodge the beehive itself, then immediately use Sonar 'Splosion to blast away the swarm of bees and cause Capital B to jump up and down in anger. Run up to him and hit him to knock him down, then constantly hit him until he gets up and flies away. Repeat this until he begins the 2nd Phase by saying "Ouch, right in my stocks and shares!".

In the 2nd phase, crates will raise up out of the ground and minor enemies will bust out and chase after you. Ignore them as they'll just infinitely respawn and break open the boxes that enemies don't swarm out of to find Ice Berries. Lick one and head straight for Capital B using double jumps and gliding to avoid the exploding beehives (the minions can't keep up). While double jumping and gliding, constantly pelt Capital B with Ice Berries to damage him, then as he flees to another corner chase him and collect a new Ice Berry as you come across them. Continue this pattern until Capital B lands and the screen transitions to the 3rd Phase.

In the 3rd phase, the room will open up and you'll be surrounded by a moat of acid. Capital B will try to slam down on top of you, and his slams will create a red shockwave you'll need to jump or glide over. Jump and glide away from Capital B and his quakes until he uses 4 of them. His fourth will stun him and allow you to rapidly attack him until he gets back up. Once he gets up, he will destroy the center of the area, giving you less room to work with. He will now continue with his 4 Quake assault, but will also drop a beehive with bees that chase you. Keep running/jumping/gliding to outrun the bees and dodge his quakes until his 4th one gets him stuck. Quickly use a Sonar 'Splosion to take out the bees, then attack Capital B until he gets back up. Repeat this process again until a cinematic appears with Capital B destroying more of the arena. At this point, Capital B will continue his usual 4 Quake assault, but Quake Beehives will drop on the arena and make their own shockwaves you'll have to dodge as well. Continue dodging as best you can until Capital B gets stuck, then attack him as usual. Repeat until he destroys more of the arena. Lastly, everything will come together: Capital B and his 4 Quake Assault, a swarm of bees chasing you, and Quake Beehives you need to watch out for. Keep moving to avoid the shockwaves until Capital B gets stuck, use a Sonar 'Splosion to rid yourself of the bees, then attack Capital B until he gets up. Repeat this pattern until you enter the 4th and final Phase.

In the final phase Capital B will fly around and shoot stinger missiles at you, and this is why we needed Livewire. Fly up as well and hide behind Capital B so that his own missile hits him instead, then quickly land on the ground so your power bar can recharge before the next wave of missiles. The moment it recharges get back up there and repeat the pattern, however, Capital B will start flying in circles so you'll need to lead the target in order to line the missiles up with him. For the final hit, you'll have to fly across the room long before Capital B gets there in order for the slow missiles to reach him in time.

Upon beating Capital B, you will unlock...

Out of business

Defeat Capital B at the end of the game

Out of business
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Defeating Capital B also unlocks the Butterthree, Helium, and Athlete Tonics (15 of 15 Tonics Unlocked). As you now have 15 Tonics, you'll unlock the final Achievement...

Potion Commotion

Unlock 15 Tonics

Potion Commotion
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

At this point, you should now have all 1000G and have completed the game! thank you for bearing through this long wait for my guide and I hope it helped you clear the game!

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