8. Yooka-Laylee Galleon Galaxy (Non-Expanded)

Galleon Galaxy (Non-Expanded)

Welcome to the final world, Galleon Galaxy! This world is heavily space-themed and has a sea made of stars, but I'm going to warn you ahead of time that you CANNOT swim in this sea or you'll take damage. As you arrive, you'll notice this World is fairly small compared to the other Worlds. This is due to the fact that about 85% of this world is locked inside it's Expanded Version.

Start this World by immediately turning right and following the wooden pier at the end of the path to a cluster of meteorites that you can lash up to. While lashing along them, you'll have to wait for a few to rotate into position, or you can simply ignore all of this and fly straight up to the building above us. The entrance to the building is blocked off by a meteorite lodged into it. Glide or fly over to the right side of the entrance to find a few platforms leading to a hidden back door and this world's Yellow Ghost Writer (1 of 5 Galleon Galaxy Ghost Writers).

Galleon Yellow Ghost Writer

Also, if I'm doing my math right, this is also your 15th Ghost Writer in total, unlocking the Loaded Tonic (11 of 15 Tonics Unlocked). Please note that the remaining 4 Tonics will be unlocked at the end of the game, 3 of which for beating the Final Boss, and 1 for collecting all 145 Pagies in the game. After grabbing the Ghost Writer, you can use the nearby Grenade Berries to blow up the Meteorite, or use the back door to get out and make your way back down to the World Entrance via Flight.

Back at the Entrance, run straight ahead and grab the 3 Quills on the pier before flying straight across the sea and grabbing 5 Quills along the way to the next pier (8 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Up ahead and to the right will be Trowzer with our final move of the game, the Sonar Shield. This move is used by holding cn_RT and then pressing cn_Y. It will constantly drain energy while it is in use, but it will allow you to bypass things that would normally hurt you such as lasers and even roll through things like acid. As with Camo Cloak, make sure you deactivate it when you aren't using it to conserve energy! With this move-in hand, you'll now have all of the moves in the game and will unlock...


Purchase all of Trowzer’s moves

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After getting the last move, turn around and you'll find a Fly Tube with a switch in front of it, hit the switch and you'll activate it allowing you to fly back to the entrance. To use the Fly Tubes, you simply need to stand inside them and use Flappy Flight. We won't be using this though so instead turn back around and roll up the ramp behind Trowzer.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #1, Scaling the Lighthouse

Scaling the Lighthouse

Use Sonar Shield to bypass the security fences and collect 8 Quills leading up and into the lighthouse (16 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Once inside, carefully fly through the passages while collecting 9 more Quills (25 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills) and avoid the security fences until they power down momentarily. Once you reach the top, Buddy Slam the Switch to gain access to your 1st Pagie for this World (1 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). While giving us the Pagie, we will also activate the lighthouse, spot this World's Mollycool, and help Dr. Puzz enter this World all at once.

After obtaining the Pagie, exit the lighthouse from the bottom entrance and either hug the cliff wall to make your way down or use Sonar Shield and roll down the slope you originally came up. Once you reach the bottom hug the wall around to the right to find a pier with 3 Quills (28 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills) on it and a cracked window (Vendi is facing this Pier). Use Reptile Rush to break the window and get into the Lunar Lockup.

Galleon Pink Ghost Writer

Once inside the Lunar Lockup, you'll immediately spot the Pink Ghost Writer. Lick up a Grenade Berry from the counter next to it and shoot a grenade into its mouth in order to collect it (2 of 5 Galleon Galaxy Ghost Writers).

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #2, Lunar Lockup

Lunar Lockup

With the Ghost Writer addressed, it's time to deal with the main purpose of the Lunar Lockup. To your right will be a Pagie behind bars with three red lights above it. In order to reach it, we must use very specific Slurp Shot and Slurp State combinations to reach and hit the three switches in the next room. Start by licking a Grenade Berry, then run down the hall into the main room. While Grenade is still in effect, also lick a Gemstone to glow and run into the dark tunnel attached to the main room. Use your Grenades to blow up the cracked blocks and use the light to see what you're doing, hit the switch on the left of the fork in the tunnel. Head back to the entrance and lick a Cannonball by the jail cell, then head down the hall and lick a Fire Berry (not the Brazier). Run up the ramp and into the Windy Tunnel using the Weight-Type to keep you from getting blown away, then use Fire Breath to melt the ice cube inside and hit the switch. Next head back into the hall between the main room and the entrance, then break open the barrels to find a Battery. Lick the Battery to become Electric-Type, then head into the main room and lick an Ice Berry. Head up the slope and stand on the electrical switch in the tunnel at the top to activate the moving wall, then fire an Ice Shot at the Ice Switch to free our 2nd Pagie for this World (2 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). Also, assuming you've collected EVERY Pagie I've collected up to this point, you will now have 75 in total and will unlock...

The Agie of Pagie

Collect 75 Pagies

The Agie of Pagie
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Exit the Lunar Lockup from the window you entered.

Once outside, if you haven't already, fly up to the top of the lighthouse and grab the Mollycool sitting on top of it (1 of 1 Galleon Galaxy Mollycools).

Galleon Mollycool

With the Mollycool in hand, land near Trowzer and Vendi, then head right from Vendi to find Dr. Puzz on the Pier. Speak with Dr. Puzz and hand in the Mollycool to become this World's Transformation, the Space Ship. The controls for the Space Ship are as follows: cn_LS to steer, cn_A for the Boost, lastly cn_X, cn_Y, and cn_B control the weapons. I'm not sure which button controls which weapon anymore, but one is an Ice Shot, one is a Flamethrower, and the last is an explosive triple shot.

As the Space Ship, straight ahead of you will be a few multicolored meteorites. Use the triple shot to destroy the orange ones, and the Flamethrower to melt the blue ones. Underneath all three will be a Quill to collect (31 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Melt the final Blue Meteorite to reveal an Ice Switch, then shoot it with the Ice Shot to open the gate and let yourself out into open water.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #3, Crane Game

Crane Game

Once the gate is lowered, straight ahead of you will be a small closed off-island with various Meteorites blocking the entrance to a large red crane. Blast your way through the Meteorites and you'll receive a short cinematic from the Pagie asking for help. Head in and go along the right side to melt a few blue meteorites, then turn and shoot at an orange one on the side of the red crane. Destroying the orange meteorite will reveal an Ice Switch for you to shoot and lower the gate in front of the crane. Head into the inner ring of water just next to the red crane and destroy/melt the meteorites surrounding it. After destroying the orange meteor blocking off the crane, you'll find a blue meteor inside, melt this meteor to reveal another Ice Switch. In order to shoot the Ice Switch, you'll have to circle back around to the front of the crane, however, once you arrive and shoot the Ice Switch, you'll receive your 3rd Pagie for this World (3 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies). Exit the Crane Island, back to open sea.

Turn right and follow the pipe in the sky to return to the island housing the World Entrance. Circle around to the back of the island to find an Orange meteor, destroy it to reveal 3 Quills that we must return for later as Yooka-Laylee. After revealing the Quills, return back towards Crane Island and go past it to get to the other side of Dr. Puzz's piers. Melt the two Blue Meteorites to reveal and collect two more Quills (33 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). You can also use the Flamethrower to melt a block of ice with a Torn Pagie trapped in it, but we cannot complete its challenge just yet, so you may as well ignore it. Instead, sail around to the back of Lighthouse Island to find a few more Meteorites you can destroy and reveal both a handful of Quills and a hidden "door", all of which are only accessible by Yooka-Laylee. With this, we've done all we can in Space Ship form, so return to Dr. Puzz's D.N.Ray and back to Yooka-Laylee.

Once back to normal, head around behind you to the section of the Pier with the Torn Pagie to get 5 more Quills (38 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Straight ahead of you is Crane Island, and you can now fly over and collect the 9 Quills high up along the rocks, they are in groups of three (47 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills).

Galleon Blue Ghost Writer

Before leaving Crane Island, however, fly over to the Red Crane and land on the roof of the building to find the Blue Ghost Writer with Sonar Shot (3 of 5 Galleon Galaxy Ghost Writers).

Head back to Lighthouse Island and follow the pier up and behind it to get to those 3 Quills (50 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills) and hidden "Door" we uncovered as the Space Ship, then enter the "Door" to Cosmic Cavern.

Galleon Galaxy Pagie #4, Cosmic Cavern

Cosmic Cavern

Once you enter the Cosmic Cavern, stand still for a moment and you'll watch all the enemies die from a red laser grid that constantly rises and lowers from beneath the floor. Our goal is to roll along this floor using Sonar Shield sparingly in order to collect 5 Quills (55 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills) and reach the next room. Once in the next room, defeat all of the enemies waiting for you, then turn right and hop into the tunnel in the wall. Roll/jump through the tunnel with Sonar Shield protecting you to collect 4 more Quills and arrive inside a large rotating cylinder with another 3 Quills (62 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). Inside the cylinder, you'll have to carefully use Sonar Shield to protect yourself from the red laser fences while the cylinder rolls into position, allowing you to exit from the other side. In this final room, Buddy Slam the switch to deactivate all of the red laser fences in Cosmic Cavern and grab your 4th Pagie for this World (4 of 25 Galleon Galaxy Pagies).

Galleon Power Extender

Before leaving, we have one last thing we need to do which you may have noticed while watching the lasers deactivate. Head back into the large cylinder and fly up onto the bar in the middle to get this world's Power Extender (1 of 1 Galleon Galaxy Power Extenders). From here backtrack out of Cosmic Cavern.

Once outside, either fly or use the Fly Tube to return to the World Entrance and grab the 3 Quills we uncovered with the Space Ship behind it (65 of 200 Galleon Galaxy Quills). With that, we are now done with Galleon Galaxy's Non-Expanded version, so make sure your stats are the same as mine before you leave:

Galleon Galaxy

Pagies: 4/25

Quills: 65/200

Power Extender Obtained

Mollycool Obtained

Ghost Writers: Yellow, Blue, Pink


Hivory Towers

After leaving Galleon Galax, it's now time to get the final Pagie for Hivory Towers. To do so, backtrack through Area 5 and fly back across the acid river to get to Trowzer and where he taught you how to Fly. From Trowzer's location, turn around and follow the dirt path straight past the wooden bridge and to another river of acid flowing into a pipe.

Hivory Towers Pagie #20, Acid Tunnel

Acid Tunnel

At the entrance to the Acid Tunnel, activate Sonar Shield and roll all the way through to the end, while grabbing butterflies to refill your energy, and find your 20th and final Pagie for this World (20 of 20 Hivory Towers Pagies). With that, Hivory Towers is now 100% Complete, so backtrack through the Acid Tunnel and head back to the Tribalstack Tropics Grand Tome.

Before entering Tribalstack Tropics, it's finally time to Expand it. To do so, stand on the plinth in front of it and accept to spend 3 Pagies when prompted. This will Expand Tribalstack Tropics and unlock the remainder of the world as well as...

Size matters

Expand a Grand Tome world

Size matters
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