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Posted on 19 January 17 at 02:16, Edited on 19 January 17 at 02:20
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When the YouTube app of the Xbox One showed on my menu one thing went through my mind: "It's gonna be really uncomfortable, and the only reason I may use it one day will be when I'm too lazy to turn on my PC"
To my pleasure, it did not only turned out exactly like I said, but also without any warning or sign while watching a video an achievement popped out... Something I would never ask or want from an app.
The good side of it is that the achievements can be boosted in no time, and really don't mean a threat to any cheevo hunter out there.
So let's get on with the features this app offers.

-It has a fast streaming and loading system for the videos, making you able to watch any video as fast as possible without any problem.
-You can link your phone to your Xbox and then use your phone as a better remote controller than the Xbox. How ever you have to often use a long code to do it.

-You can't see comments or comment.
-You can't choose the quality of the video, which is one of the most frustrating things that anyone with a big HD TV has to struggle with.
-You can't navigate with full freedom and speed through the interface. You feel like driving a car with an ATARI stick.
-You can't use voice commands to search in case you have a kinect.
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