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Retail Releases: Week of December 9th, 2013

Just when you thought last week signaled the worst week in a long time for retail releases, this week appears to be outdoing even that. As Christmas draws ever closer, game releases are continuing to

Posted 10 years ago by Marc Hollinshead

Tuesday XBL Content Roundup: December 3rd, 2013

After the excitement of Black Friday and all of the bargains that accompany this day, most people may not have that much money left. Despite this, you may still want to take a look at today's new Xbo

Posted 10 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Retail Releases: Week of November 25th, 2013

After the plethora of titles to greet the new generation of hardware last week, things have really slumped this time around. An air-combat title flies over and above the rest, as the bulk of the othe

Posted 10 years ago by Keith Gray

Young Justice: Legacy Launch Trailer

Young Justice: Legacy is a video game tie-in to the fan favorite Young Justice Cartoon Network series. Fans of the TV series will be pleased to know that this game was made in collaboration with the

Posted 10 years ago by Joshua Rust

Tuesday XBL Content Roundup: November 19th, 2013

Today lends its focus to DLC once again as we have new content for eight Xbox 360 retail titles. None of these add achievements to their list. We do have region exclusive DLC for four games, although

Posted 10 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Retail Releases: Week of November 18th, 2013

In the week that will see the gaming world welcome in the next generation of consoles, the current-gen has plenty of new titles to keep everyone else busy. The latest iteration in the long-running Ne

Posted 10 years ago by Keith Gray

Young Justice: Legacy Screens Save the Day

Little Orbit's video game rendition of the Primetime Emmy Award winning animated series Young Justice: Legacy has received some brand new screenshots, in case the previously released trailer didn't c

Posted 10 years ago by Dread Reaver

Young Justice: Legacy Trailer Blasts Off

Based off the Primetime Emmy Award winning animated series, Young Justice: Legacy fills in the holes between the show's first two seasons. We detailed this with the game's original announcement early

Posted 10 years ago by litepink

Young Justice: Legacy Screens and Trailer Released

Nearly a whole year has passed since Young Justice: Legacy was revealed to be in development. The game will do what few other tie-in games do and actually be a story unto itself as opposed to simply

Posted 11 years ago by Michelle Balsan

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