Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (JP)

Xbox 360

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (JP) Achievements

Most Earned

First Contact
First Contact50 (50)Complete Fitness Test & Quiz.
Calorie Score 100
Calorie Score 10021 (20)Burn 100 calories.
Calorie Score 200
Calorie Score 20022 (20)Burn 200 calories.
Calorie Score 300
Calorie Score 30023 (20)Burn 300 calories.

Least Earned

Calorie Score 10,000
Calorie Score 10,00097 (50)Burn 10,000 calories.
Calorie Score 9000
Calorie Score 900097 (50)Burn 9000 calories.
Calorie Score 8000
Calorie Score 800097 (50)Burn 8000 calories.
Calorie Score 7000
Calorie Score 700096 (50)Burn 7000 calories.
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