Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duels Plus Reviews

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    07 Nov 2010 07 Nov 2010
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    Finally, after a few years we get a Yu-gi-oh! game on our not-so-portable console again! Was it worth the wait? Let's find out.

    Gameplay - 7/10

    As you start the game, the obvious choices to dive into are single player or multiplayer.

    If you go into the multiplayer straight away, you will receive a deck to use and battle in either a single player duel or the new style tag team duel. On top of that, you can alter the rules for what your in the mood for. A short duel with few life points or a long duel where you will probably deck out before draining away all those life points!

    Then there is the single player mode. If you have played any of the GBA or DS versions, you will know that there is a vast single player mode of choosing your opponents, unlocking new ones, choosing your booster packs and more which give at least 15 hours playtime doing the bare minimum. The single player of this game is at the least 6 matches long. You're given the standard deck of the game against every other opponents themed decks. If you haven't played the card game in a while then you will get confused at the rate the CPU plays as before you can read the new card effects, the CPU decides to do something else extremely quick! Whether you win or lose, you gain random cards to add to your deck. The more points you score by fulfilling certain criteria, the more cards you win. Unfortunately, this is the only way to get new cards... random cards. If your hoping to earn a certain card then you will have to play for a long time unless your lucky. Once you have completed the tournament, you can start again... and again... and again...

    Graphics and Sound - 4/10

    Fairly basic. No special affects. No FMV sequences. Not even moving lips. BUT, on the flip side, it is a card game. There isn't supposed to be 3D images of Judge Man or full on battle sequences between Blue eyes white dragons and Kuribohs. Graphics and sound are not great but you can discount this pretty quickly.

    Lifespan - 8/10

    Whether you like the single player or not, you will be forced to play it to get decent cards and if your heavily into collecting or having different themed decks, then your going to rack up a lot of hours. Once you've made your dream deck then you are going to rack up even more hours on the multiplayer and maybe even making new friends to tag team with.

    Achievement Completion - 8/10

    You can clear half the achievements just by playing the single player and the other half is grinding. As long as you can cope long enough to make a semi decent deck, you will get all of these eventually.

    Overall - 8/10

    As long as you like Yu-gi-oh, TCGs or fancy a new strategy game then your going to love this game. The highlight is without a doubt the multiplayer with tons of different play styles to use against opponents. Another highlight is the options for your deck as the customization is practically limitless with save states for your different decks. The single player, as mentioned before, is nowhere near the same league as it's portable counterparts. At the time of writing this review, the cards are up to date. It's just a case of seeing whether this game is kept up to date with new sets.
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    Brucey B CoolI remember those codes! It was quite smart for the time being but it looks like this game isn't going to be updated for a long while.....
    Posted by Brucey B Cool On 04 Jul 11 at 23:36
    OfficerBarbradyCard games on motorcycles?
    Posted by OfficerBarbrady On 05 Dec 11 at 07:49
    Brucey B CoolCARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Littlekuriboh....
    Posted by Brucey B Cool On 05 Dec 11 at 22:53
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    07 Nov 2010 07 Nov 2010
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    This Review will consist of 2 parts. Multiplayer and single player(though both are very much the same.
    Single Player
    Ok , First I wanna say that I am a die hard yugioh fan but I never got into the 5D's show. However I have a few problems with this game. I feel that the A.I. in this game is incredibly "lucky". I am not the kind of guy to accuse a game of stacking the deck, but I cant help but feel that this is the case literally. I find myself being destroyed by turn 2 or 3. The A.I. some how manages to summon multiple monsters with over 2000 attack points in 1 turn, and in a position to lose. The A.I. seems to have a counter for about 80% of my moves. However this may be just a problem with the card game rules as the rules have become so complicated in the latest yugioh era, that it is far too easy to summon such monsters. Whats worse the toughest characters are faced in best 2 out of 3 format. The first 3 opponents are somewhat normal, but after that........ Other then that, I like the presentation, and there is a chance to save after every duel(thank god!!!angry) But if not for the single player achievements, I would not play single player
    Score 3/10
    This where the game shine, and o it does indeed shine. You can duel opponents over xbox live. You can play 1V1 or 2v2. I really love the multiplayer cause Im playing against other people This makes the game worth buying in my opinion
    Score 10/10
    The achievements are mostly time grinders, except for 2 or 3 of them. So if your patient and good at the card game, you should no problem getting the 100%wink
    Final score
    I can not recommend this game to everybody truly, as the rules can be complicated. I recommend only to yugioh fans and other TCG fans. Single player feels so rigged, but multiplayer is amazingly fun!!!
    Score 8/10