Zeno Clash II Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Zeno Clash II Walkthrough. Hopefully you have played Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition so you are not completely lost when progressing through the story, but even if that is the case, we'll take care of you and help you snag this relatively easy 400G. If you have played the previous installment of ZC, you will be in for a big shock with upgrades to the combat system, a longer and more detailed story, as well as the dreaded collectibles (and do they come in force, actually 3 different types).

The achievements are heavily loaded in favor of the single player mode although they can be awarded in co-op. On that note, only the host will unlock story-related or collectible related achievements, so if you are going to do it co-op be prepared to play it twice so your partner can also unlock achievements. Through one story save you can complete 18 of the 19 achievements leaving that pesky 19th to demand an actual, online co-op partner, albeit the achievement takes 10 minutes to unlock tops for both players.

Overall this should not be too hard, and if anything it will be more tedious than difficult. Many of the fight sequences can be largely avoided using a technique I outline in the "General hints and tips" section, and for anything worth noting, I will note it to alleviate confusion.

It is worth nothing that I have added the description for each achievement above the respected achievement I am referring to. Hopefully knowing this going into it will help alleviate a little bit of early confusion.

And finally. There are two ways to find the collectibles. You can simply go through them absent any other reading in the collectibles section, or you can do it along with the storyline section.

Without further ado, let's dive into those all too critical tips and tricks.

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