Zoids Assault

Zoids Assault

Xbox 360

Zoids Assault Achievements

Most Earned

Rent-A-Pilot50 (50)Here's a token achievement.
Zoid Crusher
Zoid Crusher99 (75)You eat enemy Zoids for breakfast.
Scourge of Jamil
Scourge of Jamil147 (100)Jamil soldiers fear your Zoids' wrath.
Pride of Maroll
Pride of Maroll204 (125)Your success brings honor to Maroll.

Least Earned

Defeated UNKNOWN-3
Defeated UNKNOWN-3368 (200)That was the final Zoid prototype. Good work, Mace Squad.
Defeated UNKNOWN-2
Defeated UNKNOWN-2266 (150)You have found and destroyed the second Zoid prototype.
Defeated UNKNOWN-1
Defeated UNKNOWN-1172 (100)Congratulations. You destroyed a new Zoid prototype.
Mace-6335 (200)Honorary 6th Member of the Mace Squad.
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