Zombies!!! (WP) Reviews

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    31 May 2012 16 Jun 2012
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    Zombies!!! The game where you start on a central tile where there is no town until you build it!.

    This is a turn based tile board game where there is no set board as it changes everytime with the placement of each tile. The tiles get placed at the start of each players round and with each pending tile to place zombies come along with each tile.

    The tiles in the game range from a simple crossroads, to a straight street, to a hospital, a firestation and many more. However the final tile to turn up will be the helipad.

    The game is quite fun with a wide variety of cards to use from a shotgun, to a card the helps you place 10 zombies to help kill an opponent. The cards have quite a large variety and you can hold up to 3 cards at a time.

    The game can last between 15 minutes to an hour depending on how you try to win the game, there are 2 ways to win, by escaping on the helipad or killing 25 zombies. yes it does not seem like a lot but the rolls are pre-determined so you could be doomed to die before you even start your turn.

    If you happen to die in the game, it is not game over your respawn in but at a price, you loose half of your zombie kills and respawn in with 3 hearts and 3 bullets.

    The game is fun but it holds a steep price of £3.99, but if you like the board game this game holds up to the standard. I would recommend this to all but not many people would pay for the full price, but if it is ever on sale i would strongly suggest picking it up as it is a good board game and holds lots of replay value