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    15 Nov 2015 15 Nov 2015
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    Zoo Tycoon: Why bother?

    So this is my first review and I figure why not do a review on the last game I shelled out £30 for? £30, wow, I probably could have started by own zoo consisting of mice, gerbils, rats, rabbits (gotta have rabbits) and hares because who wants rabbits? Starting to see why this is my first review. Onto the game...

    I remembered playing another game by the same name in my early teens. It had scores of different animals, exhibits and concession stands. It was diverse in what it had to offer. You could even dismantle all of the exhibit fencing and let the animals fight it out amongst themselves. It was fantastic! Does our Xbox version offer the same bizarre attraction? Nope. But that's probably for the best, after all I'm an adult now and I wouldn't care for such silliness. Okay I would but still.

    The game itself looks great visually, and that's about it in truth. There are about 8 different animal types to choose from, of course those species such as bears contain a greater variety of bears but let's face it, a bear is a bear. There are 'smaller exhibit' animals such as peacocks but your interactions with them are heavily limited. So for the animal variety alone and let's face it , that's kinda important for a zoo game it starts off quite poorly.

    Next on the agenda for a tycoon has got to be its stalls. Sure you could pack a zoo full of animals, or in this case opt not to, but where are the visitors going to eat and drink? Well, we've got a selection of stores from pizza to burger to um did I say pizza already? Honestly, all the stores look alike and there is very little in the way of management here. No ordering in stock or having an early meeting with Julie who decided to take her time getting into work all of last week. Add a store, make money. That's as far as it goes here.

    What about challenge mode or scenario mode or whatever it's called. Again it's so bland. One mode, the player is given a target of fan happiness or raise enough money to progress to the next chapter. All very easy to hit targets unless you decide to play it on expert level and by which I mean switch your TV off and start mashing buttons. Challenge mode and campaign mode offer very little variety. A trait of this game that it has managed to be consistent in, lacking variety.

    Did I spend hours playing this game? Yes.
    Was it for the fairly easy achievements? Yes.
    Would I recommend it? Only to someone I disliked.
    There has to be something great about it though right? I'm sorry, you'll have to speak up. I'm wearing a towel.

    All in all. This game was a real let down. It only took me five minutes to realize that it was not going to be the 1990's tycoon game that I once loved. The lack of variety and customization was frustrating at best but whacking out £30 on this was my first lesson on how not to become a tycoon.