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Posted on 13 July 12 at 13:07
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For those who haven't even heard of the Zuma series, it's a simple yet elegant puzzle game that basically requires you to earn combo chains by matching 3 or more collared balls. It started off as a web/flash game on PopCap, and you can still try it out there but keep in mind it's a much different game without an controller.

Zuma's Revenge is a major upgrade from the original on XBL. Now offering full screen for HDTVs, all around better graphics, more power ups, spirit animals (overall stat building) and less of a "dirty dungeon" feel across the entire game. They've added boss levels, made bombs shootable, and even fixed the bonus coins (now fruit) so that they don't ruin chain bonuses. It still features it's signature African-tribe-esk feel (now in jungles), our hero (the frog), and the classic combo chains that can make anyone feel like they're amazing at video games.

It's easy to admit that Zuma wouldn't be for everyone, but I've yet to find someone who hasn't been addicted to this game at some point or another. It is a very simple game, and the premise can be non-existent as your shoot balls through the 6 levels with what I wouldn't even call a "story". You're pretty much either going to love the game-play for what it is, or laugh hysterically when you see what a grown man like me getting giddy over such a uncomplicated game.

Granted it can be frustrating at times, especially with the less-than-precise aiming of an Xbox controller, but all around the game feels much easier then the first. If you have even gotten to a high level on the original, you'll fly through the first 4 or 5 levels with ease making it feel like a very short game. There's only 6 levels (10 boards and a boss each, plus one pre-last level), as well as other "gauntlet" (endurance) games modes. Besides the weekly challenge achievement; this game should be completely beatable in about 8 hours (with struggling). In 4 hours I got to the second last level, only trying the game modes for a brief second. As addicting as Zuma can be, it could be a blessing to your productivity how fast you can through this game. But for those looking to make $10 last, I may suggest finding a different game (unless you like playing games several times -then pick this up!).

In short; Fans of the original will love this supped up version, and anyone's who is a sucker for simple puzzle games can easily get hooked. For those looking for an "adult experience" may not be as appreciative.
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