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Zumba Fitness Core Launch Trailer

Gamers can finally chuck the fake abs spray in the bin, whip off their shirt, spin it like a helicopter and starting partying your abs off because Zumba Fitness Core is finally here! Just before some

Posted 11 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Retail Releases: Week of October 15th, 2012

Coming to stores this week is a varied bunch of retail titles. You can save the world as James Bond or just prove your intelligence on a few game shows or do plenty else in between. What'll it be? No

Posted 11 years ago by Mark Delaney

Release Date Announced for Zumba Fitness Core

You've watched the trailer and maybe even downloaded the demo, so you're probably wondering by now (if you've bothered to do both those) when you can start dancing your way to abs that will merit the

Posted 11 years ago by Michelle Balsan

Demo Roundup: September 10th, 2012

With the quiet summer period coming to an end, this week sees three new demos arrive on the Marketplace and it seems there is something for almost everyone. Fans of Formula 1, or just racing in gener

Posted 11 years ago by Lexley Ford

Zumba Fitness Core Trailer Released

It's probably safe to say that, for many of us, gaming fills certain holes in our life. It's a wonderful form of escapism that allows us to become, heroes, kings, and rock stars. Well, if the gaping

Posted 11 years ago by Michelle Balsan

Zumba Fitness Core Announced At E3

Today, Majestic Entertainment revealed the latest title in their best-selling Zumba franchise, Zumba Fitness Core. The newest title follows in the footsteps of the other games in the series, Zumba Fi

Posted 11 years ago by Andrew Ogley

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