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  • The DrenThe Dren306,240
    16 Jul 2012
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    If you like anime girls with impossible hair/eye color combinations, skimpy outfits and big hooters, this game is for you.

    No, the game doesn't make any sense, and you will you will want to use the guide at x360a if you can't read Japanese.

    You're guaranteed 30-45 minutes of confused laughter as you watch the screens scroll by in the incredible Japanese Dating Simulator.

    Five stars all around! If you have a Japanese console, don't miss this game. If you don't have a Japanese console, this game is worth getting one to play.

    Streak Leader said this was by far the best Japanese Dating Simulator he has ever played.

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    VoltFiebergiving a Game 5 Stars you don't even UNDERSTAND is stupid, really stupid!

    Besides that, the whole Game seems to be pretty poor, esp. the Plot!
    So giving it 1-2 Stars and saying: "Except 1000G there is nothing to get from
    the Game" and writing a bit more about it would been more helpfull to people!
    Posted by VoltFieber on 17 Jul 12 at 18:10
    The DrenThis is the best Japanese Dating Simulator I have ever played, therefore, it gets 5 stars for being best in class. What was the plot of the game? Looks like I've played the game and written 100% more game reviews than VoltFieber. Five stars for me too!

    Posted by The Dren on 17 Jul 12 at 20:12
    ROGUE 1992Weird Japanese love games FTW five stars all day !!!
    Posted by ROGUE 1992 on 18 Jul 12 at 04:58
    Knockout Moose+1 for the use of the word 'hooters'
    Posted by Knockout Moose on 18 Sep 12 at 05:59
    The DrenThanks!
    Posted by The Dren on 18 Sep 12 at 21:47
    HamletBaconhavent started this yet because i cant find the 360a guide you speak of.. can you link it please
    Posted by HamletBacon on 17 Mar 13 at 15:02
    Hitchman1This is the very first post in the forums (of which there is only 3 posts)!!!!!!! It took more time to find and post this link than it took me to finish this game.
    Posted by Hitchman1 on 17 Mar 13 at 22:11
    The DrenThat's it, thanks Hitch. Wonder if we get to play any more of these this summer.
    Posted by The Dren on 18 Mar 13 at 01:45
    Hitchman1I have about 15 of my own that I will bring. None are 45 minutes though.
    Posted by Hitchman1 on 18 Mar 13 at 15:09
    Baby SheamusThe best part is that rock song!
    Posted by Baby Sheamus on 27 Jul 21 at 00:18