de Blob 2 Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Hi and welcome to the de Blob 2 walkthrough. Achieving 1000G in this colorful game will take some patience and time mainly due to one of the achievements (Keepin' it real) which requires you to play through it without purchasing upgrades (such as increased ammo capacity, which doesn't get along with the necessities you have as you continue), thus resulting in an occasionally slow-paced gameplay. This introduction page will be a bit long-worded, but please read it thoroughly to understand how things work in this game.

There are a total of 12 stages you get to play, one after another, which will last anything between 30 and 60 minutes. Each of them earns you one story-related achievement, and each of them has six collectibles and a score you have to work on. There's one achievement related to five of the six collectibles (Inspirations, Galleries, and the Liberation/Environment/Clean Up Gold Medals), and one related to getting the maximum score rank available on every level (the S-Rank; it's usually an easy task which doesn't require any grinding). More info on these subjects can be found in the General hints and tips page.

Beware that some of the collectibles are missable. In particular, every now and then you will enter some buildings and play through 2D areas, which are occasionally one-time-only areas and may hold collectibles. I'll warn you about them in the Story walkthrough page, but for a quick summary here are the one-time-only areas:

  • Every area that you access by entering a "Color Hole" (a hole that requires you to be of a certain color to fit in)
  • The Lighthouse area (accessed via non-colored hole) in Paradise Island (the first level)
  • The final cavern of the Inky Fabricator (Railyards) level (it's the tenth level)
  • One of the areas accessed via non-colored hole in Rocket Range (the eleventh level)
  • Everything in the last level

As for the non-missable collectibles, you can get them on your way to the completion of the stage, but you may also leave them for the timer-free roaming between the completion of the level and the "door" to the next level. As a matter of fact, there's a timer (if it goes to zero, it's game over) which complicates your hunt as you play a little bit. However there's usually plenty of time to grab everything as you go and end with many minutes spared. The timer will stop as soon as you complete the last of the story-related tasks, right before the point where you can complete the level.

It's possible to replay a level once you finish it, but it's highly advisable to do everything on your first run, or at least make sure to combine the efforts for getting the S Rank with your work on the collectibles, since the score is strictly related to them. Moreover, the "secondary" collectibles (those related to the Gold Medals and three achievements) will reset if you restart a level. It's hard to tell exactly if the achievements related to the collectibles and S-Rank are missable or not, because on the one hand you can replay any level at any time, but on the other hand if you skip even just one in a few levels this will mean that you'll have to replay most of the game for hours to catch up. The best thing to do is using a walkthrough/guide to get everything on your first shot.

At this point we've seen 12 story-related achievements, 5 collectibles-related achievements and 1 score-related achievement. There is actually another story-related achievement which will unlock for having come across all the enemies of the game, which is a story-related thing. This brings us to a total of 19 achievements out of 26.

The other seven achievements require you to:

  • Fulfil some miscellaneous tasks for Blob survivor and Piston partisan. The former will probably come naturally after completing the first level, while the latter can be obtained easily during some of the levels (especially Comrade Black U) where many jumpers are found close to each other
  • Play a level in co-op (local co-op is the only one available, and of course you'll need a second controller for this one) for Pinky to the rescue. It's not necessary to complete the level, as the achievement only requires a second player to join the game
  • Play through every level on Normal difficulty (the hardest available by default) for Medal of Color
  • Play through every level on Normal difficulty and without upgrades for Keepin' it real. Playing on Normal is not expressly mentioned in the achievement's description, but it's implied (and necessary: tests have confirmed this) because Easy difficulty gives you the "Life" upgrades by default
  • Buy every available upgrade for Maximum Blob. Your "coin" will be the Inspirations, and the "shop" will be either the title screen (it's the third voice of the menu) or some blue-question-mark-looking spots found in the levels. You need a total of 480 Inspirations (all of them) to purchase every upgrade on Normal (the "Life" upgrades cost 100 in total, so you need only 380 Inspirations to do this on Easy difficulty)
  • The final achievement (Blob Master) is for unlocking all of the other achievements

Now that you know this we can summarize your duties as achievement hunter:

  • Don't purchase any of the upgrades
  • Play through every level on Normal difficulty, get all the collectibles and make sure to end every level with a score high enough to get an S-Rank
  • After unlocking Keepin' it real, purchase all the upgrades
  • Mop up the miscellaneous/co-op achievements if you didn't get them on the way

Note that all the "do/get [something] in all the levels" achievements can be obtained by replaying the levels where you need to do/get something. What I mean is that if, say, you forget a Gallery in the second level and keep playing all the way to the last level, you can simply replay just the second level and unlock the achievement for getting all the Galleries there. The same can be done if you fail to achieve an S Rank on one of the levels, and even if you (for any reason) play one of the levels on Easy/with upgrades: it's enough to fulfil the requirements of the achievements on every level at some point, and the order of completion of the levels doesn't matter. On the other hand, although the game keeps track of everything you did, there's no way to check the difficulty you played a level on, and there's no way to see if you played that level with upgrades either.

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