de Blob 2 Walkthrough

3. Story Walkthrough - Levels 1 to 3


The walkthrough will be divided into the twelve levels of the game. At the beginning of every chapter you will find a quick summary telling you how many of the primary collectibles (Inspirations, Galleries and Style Bonuses) there are, specifying if there are missable items as well. You'll also be told the minimum score you need to achieve an S Rank at the end of the missions. Finally there will be a link to a video of the mission, which also shows all the collectibles with gameplay twice as fast as the original speed.

Being faster than normal, watching the video will be the quickest and most simple way of following the guide (basically ignoring the text, except for the summaries maybe), and that's how I strongly suggest to proceed. There will also be annotations warning you about missables and similar things, so don't turn them off. The only level where I suggest using the text is the last one, since it has few collectibles to get but a lot of work to do, and watching a video of someone else painting buildings for 15 minutes would be a waste of time.

The text walkthrough, although it's enough on its own, will also refer to the video, and each of the primary collectibles will be followed by a link which takes you directly to the moment of the video where you can see it picked up. So if you have any problems finding an item while following the text walkthrough, just click on that link and you'll see where it is directly. Then again, watching the videos right away is the best of your options. The text has been broken down in small paragraphs, trying to group the events and items in mini-areas as defined as possible.

Keep in mind just one thing though: starting from the third level, in the videos Blob will be upgraded. This was done to avoid a pointless waste of time (the gameplay is slowed down a bit without the upgrades), but remember that there is one achievement (Keepin' it real) for completing every level of the game without upgrades. So even if you see an upgraded Blob, stick to your no-upgrades run (on Normal difficulty) all the time and you'll be fine. Other than that, you can imitate the videos just as you watch them.

Level One - Paradise Island

- Inspirations: 40 Total; 7 from Bonus Challenges; 1 missable (Inspiration # 11)
- Galleries: 10 Total
- Style Bonuses: 12 Total
- S-Rank Score: 700,000 Minimum. Total Bonus Score available (7/7 Bonus Challenges + 12/12 Style Bonuses + 3/3 Gold Medals): 280,000. Score suggested before entering the final cave (point of no return): 415,000+
- Video of the level

Beginning A New Adventure

- For a start, test and adjust your settings (the camera) if you need, then reach the first red-question-mark-looking point (from now "Story Point"). That is the icon of the story-related missions.
- Grab the Color Atoms as you're asked, so you spawn a Transformation Engine (more info on these in the General hints and tips).
- Use the first Transformation Engine of the game to clear the path to continue.

Colour Lagoon

- Past the first transformation engine there will be an Orange Pool on your left and two collectibles, one on either side. Climb up some ledges on the left (past the pool) to reach Gallery # 01/10 (1/100) (0:18).
- Now go right, on the ground, to find Gallery # 02/10 (2/100) (0:22).

- Cross a stone bridge grabbing the Color Atoms on it, and reach the second Story Point, near a Purple Pool. While standing in the middle of a [Color] Pool, you can press RT to instantly reload your "painting ammo" to the max capacity available (by default it's 100 points). Doing so every time you can is advisable, unless of course you come across a pool of a color you don't want (for example if you come across a Red Pool but you need to paint things in blue).
- Paint a few buildings as you're told to continue.
- Use the second Transformation Engine.

- Now you should be able to see a path up some ledges on the left side, but don't go there just yet. Instead, continue forward on the lowest level to proceed below a sort of short "bridge". Past the bridge, immediately on your right, there is Gallery # 03/10 (3/100) (0:44).

- Reach the next Story Point. Now you'll be asked to paint buildings with a specific color, either Blue or Red, according to which one they "tell" you (by shining of that color). The requests of painting buildings of a specific color are typically related to Story Points and Bonus Challenges (we'll see what these are later), while most of the buildings you come across in your journey can be painted with whatever color you want. In any case it's possible to paint over the previous colors, and therefore you can always fix a wrong painting. Also, after completing the task (story-related or not) that asked you to paint something with a specific color, you're free to paint that "something" over with any other color you want. In other words the game doesn't care if you keep the demanded colors forever, as long as you fulfil (and maintain) the required painting for the current task that was asking for it.

- The game at this point tells you about the Compass: it's a very useful tool which you can access simply by pressing Y. Do so, and proceed to the next Story Point.

- The next task is about painting two more buildings, but it will also introduce the "Styles" to you. The game tells you that they change the pattern with which you paint stuff around, but their real importance is just about the boost they give to your score.
- In any case, you want to grab them all, starting from this one in plain sight, which is Style # 01/12 (1:15).
- Use the next Transformation Engine

- Before proceeding forward past the water, go up the ledges on your left to locate a side path leading to a boat with a hole in it (1:38). Inside the hole, which you can enter by pressing RT as displayed if you're exactly on it, you will easily find Style # 02/12 and Inspiration # 01/40 (1/480) (1:41). Exit the hole from where you entered to return outside.

- Now proceed past the water, on the stone bridge, to reach the next area.

Tiki Village

- Activate the next Story Point. You'll be introduced the "Graydians", creatures found usually near the houses. You will soon learn that most of them will spawn in groups of usually 2 or 4 units after painting a "block of houses" which, in this first level, is typically made of 3-4 "apartments". Once the block of houses has been completely painted with any color, the Graydians in it will be liberated in a few seconds. After liberating them, you want to "smash" them (or simply run over them) to paint them over. Each time you do this with one of them you set him free for good. Freeing the Graydians corresponds to the "Liberation" Medal, so at the end of the day it'll be your duty to set them all free. Smashing/running over a group of Graydians will also reward you with a timer (a yellow clock) which will spawn nearby. Yellow Clocks, typically related to Graydians you set free, award you with +1:00 on your Timer, making the liberation activity an important part (especially in the latest levels) of your playthroughs, since you WILL need this extra time.

- It's not essential to mop them up altogether as you pass by though: feel free to leave some of them behind if you miss them by accident, since their position will be marked on your Compass once all the Story Points and Bonus Challenges have been cleared. In short, don't skip them because you need the extra time they give you, but don't go crazy about finding them all before the end of the level (after clearing Story Points and Bonus Challenges) because things become easier then.

- Another story mission will automatically start after setting a certain amount of Graydians free. Paint the buildings as you're told
- While painting some of the buildings with Green color, you will certainly notice Style # 03/12 (2:07) on the rooftop; grab it.
- You will also need Purple, therefore head towards a Purple Pool on the left side. As you approach the Purple Pool, go left in the water to find a narrow passage. In that passage, floating on the water surface, there is Gallery # 04/10 (4/100) (2:17).
- Continue past the Purple Pool itself and go to find another Gallery # 05/10 (5/100) (2:19), on the grass near the water.

- Reach the next Story Point, and you'll be told about the "Inspirations". There's one in plain sight, so grab Inspiration # 02/40 (2/480) (2:48).
- Instead of reaching the following Story Point, jump on the roofs on your left side and continue past a blue geyser. The geysers are fairly common in this first level, but will become a rarity in the next ones. Anyway, they will automatically paint you of their color (just like the Pools), but you can't use them to refill your "ammo" (so don't bother pressing RT on them: you won't refill anything).
- Follow the path on the roofs on the left side, past the blue geyser, and you will reach another couple of collectibles: Style # 04/12 on a ledge, and Inspiration # 03/40 (3/480), on the ledge directly below the Style (2:55).
- Jump down on your right from the last Inspiration, so you reach an Orange Pool. Jump up from the level of the Orange Pool, and you will see an Inspiration # 04/40 (4/480) (3:01) very easily, past a block of small buildings.
- Jump down from the rooftop where this last Inspiration was to reach a small shore where you will find Style # 05/12 (3:02).

- Now jump up on the highest level. As you continue towards the Story Point, the Story Point itself will be on your left (past a small wooden bridge). Instead of going there, continue on the right side to reach the edge of your current platform. You will see, not far from you, an Inspiration # 05/40 (5/480) (3:08) on the platform on your right. Jump off the edge of your own platform to reach it.
- Past the Story Point there will be, on a ledge on a lower level, another Inspiration # 06/40 (6/480) (3:11), easy to spot.

- Activate the Story Point if you haven't already, and paint the trees as required. The tree-painting activity is also related to the "Environment" Medal. Painting trees doesn't earn you any extra bonus time, and you're likely to miss some of them anyway, so I wouldn't suggest aiming for them (unless they're just on your way) as you continue. As a matter of fact, they will be also marked on your Compass after completing the Bonus Challenges, so the best thing to do is wait until the game tells you where they are.
- Activate the next Transformation Engine once this last mission is completed.

- Enter the cave which opened just now, so you start a 2D section (you've already experienced a short one in the optional boat earlier on).
- As you continue you'll be taught the "Charge" attack: aim with LT, hit with RT. It's an extremely expensive attack (80 points consumed), and without upgrades it's a move you should never use unless you just have to. In this case, you have to use it to break a barricade and continue.
- After breaking the barricade, use a "blank" switch and then fall down. Once you land go left (the only possible way, actually) and you will spot Inspiration # 07/40 (7/480) (3:51) very easily in the Blue Water
- You can't miss Gallery # 06/10 (6/100) (3:53) either, since it's just on the blue switch you need to activate.
- Continue through the cave. Past some Orange Water you will see two crates, and the game will tell you to smash them (do so by pressing LT to aim, and then A to smash them, much like the Graydians. You can also smash them with RT, but of course this is much more expensive and not advisable). Smashing crates is the primary activity related to the "Clean Up" Medal, although it's not the only thing to do. In any case, smashing all the crates you come across is a good idea, since they often contain useful items (Clocks, occasionally Graydians, and sometimes even collectibles). The crates and the other "things" that belong to the Clean Up activity (likewise the Liberation and Environment ones too) will also be marked on your Compass at the end of the Bonus Challenges.
- One of the crates earns you Inspiration # 08/40 (8/480) (4:04). You will find the exit of the cave just past them.

- As soon as you're out of the cave you will spot Inspiration # 09/40 (9/480) (4:08) on your left.
- Descend towards the next Story Point, but look on your left as you do so. On the left of the orange river there will be another Inspiration # 10/40 (10/480) (4:10).
- Activate the next Story Point. On its left there is also a "red something", which represents an extra "life". This game has a terrible way of managing the checkpoints, not to mention the auto-save system which is also a rarity, so these "Life Pickups" are good to have. You're allowed to carry only one by default though, so getting more than one is pointless. To be honest you will rarely die for a large part of the game (at least until the sixth/seventh levels), but later on you will seriously appreciate the extra lives, particularly if you're not upgrading Blob (for the Keepin' it real Achievement) which causes quite some problems against some enemies.
- You will see Style # 06/12 (4:22) rather easily on the right side after jumping a short gap of Ink Water.
- Jump on the ledges on the left side and follow the path to enter another hole. Before doing so you'll be told that the "INKT tech" (black buildings) cannot be painted. Indeed, when you see them you won't be able to paint them over until you use a Transformation Engine first to "remove the ink" on them. They'll be white then, and so the painting will be possible again.

- Inside the hole of the lighthouse there will be soon a tutorial about elevators. Complete the tutorial, but then jump off on the right of the elevator to find, on the ground, Inspiration # 11/40 (11/480) (4:31). Beware that this Inspiration is a one-time-only object: if you miss it (not likely, since it's quite visible anyway) you'll need to restart the level to have another chance at getting it.
- Keep following the only possible way and activate the switches until you reach the Tranformation Engine. Use it to automatically exit this place.

- You will probably notice a blue marker which has just appeared after the transformation, outside. It'll be on your right as you continue. It's an "Inspiration Shop", which lets you consume your Inspirations to purchase upgrades for Blob. The most useful upgrades are the increases to his ammo capacity (up to 200) and the reduced cost of his Charge attack (down to 20), but unfortunately you can't get any of these if you want the Keepin' it real Achievement. So...pretend that these shops don't exist, and resist the temptation of accessing them in the future; it'll pay off at the end.
- You should also notice how the hole to the lighthouse has been sealed: being its only entrance, this makes the lighthouse (and the Inspiration inside of it) a missable item.

- Anyway, proceed to the next area, and after the newly-opened gate go immediately right to find Style # 07/12 (5:02).
- Jump down in the large Green Pool below you. Somewhere around it, under a wooden bridge (the third you come across if you take the upper path) there is an Inspiration # 12/40 (12/480) (5:07).

- Activate the next Story Point. Then jump on the roofs immediately on the right of it to find Style # 08/12 (5:16).
- Jump down from these very roofs to find, on the wooden pier below, two crates. Smash them to receive Inspiration # 13/40 (13/480) (5:18) from one of them.
- Complete the current mission.

- Head towards the next Story Point. On the right just before it there is a Red Pool. Use it to refill your energy, then jump on the roofs to the right near it. From these roofs, look on your right to find a small wooden platform in the water, with a block of houses on it. On those roofs you will easily spot Inspiration # 14/40 (14/480) and Style # 09/12 (5:41).
- Another Inspiration # 15/40 (15/480) (5:40) is found inside a crate at the bottom of this block of houses, still on this wooden platform.

- Jump back on the roofs immediately on the right of the Red Pool (those from where you jumped to reach the wooden platform), and smash another crate on the nearby ledges to get Inspiration # 16/40 (16/480) (5:46).
- Reach the top of the ledges jumping from these roofs to find another Style # 10/12 (5:47).
- Drop down from these ledges (not on the side where the Red Pool is, but on the other side) to reach a small wooden platform where Inspiration # 17/40 (17/480) (5:49) is located.

- Now follow the next Story Point and free the Graydians on the few boats ahead of you.
- Past the boats you will continue on a wooden pier. On the pier there is a crate; smash it to get Inspiration # 18/40 (18/480)(6:07).

- Activate the next Story Point, and the Super Charge Boost will be introduced to you. There will be several "Boosts" as you continue your adventure, providing more or less powerful effects for a short amount of time. This one gives you free Charge attacks, and its help is invaluable every time there is one.
- Use the Super Charge to Charge at all the stuff marked with a "blow it up" icon (crates and not only them). As you destroy everything you will destroy a crate which contains Inspiration # 19/40 (19/480) (6:17).

- After completing the mission, backtrack towards the previous pier (on which there was a crate containing an Inspiration), and look for an orange geyser near a block of houses. Behind those houses there is Gallery # 07/10 (7/100) (6:26).
- On the left of this last collectible you should have noticed another Inspiration # 20/40 (20/480) (6:30), which is located on the rooftops of the block of buildings in the middle of a wooden platform in the water.
- There is another Inspiration # 21/40 (21/480) (6:33) on the upper rooftop of this same block of houses.

- Proceed a bit towards the next Story Point, but turn around and look on the right side to spot a Style # 11/12 (6:39) on more rooftops.
- Reach the next Story Point, and paint the buildings as you're told. The painting in this case will be a bit tricky, and as you will soon find out you need to paint the upper parts (the chimneys) first, then the bottom parts.
- You should also spot Inspiration # 22/40 (22/480) (7:30) very easily on a ledge near a red geyser as you continue.
- Use the Transformation Engine that spawns after completing the painting work.

The last Transformation Engine you used will stop the timer, meaning that your Story Points have all been cleared. At this point your compass will display the Bonus Challenges closest to you, but not the Liberation/Environment/Clean Up-related collectibles yet. The freedom from the timer gives us unlimited time to complete every optional task, so from now on you can really take it easy.

You will also notice a large "Pinky" spot on the ground. Accessing this "Pinky point" will trigger a dialogue with Pinky, at the end of which you'll be asked if you're ready to leave or not. In all the levels, except this one and the eleventh one, replying "Yes" means ending the level. In this and the 11th levels, accepting it will only open up a new door, which will take you to the last 2D area of the level, which will automatically end with the completion of the level itself.

There are also two important notes about speaking with Pinky before completing the level: if you reply "No" to the proposal about leaving/completing the level, you'll be also prompted a handy warp system which can take you to some specific checkpoint-areas. This fast travel system is not very important in this first small level, but once you reach the Blanc Cola Cannery and similar levels you'll reconsider its use. The other, and definitely more important thing to notice is that regardless of whether you fast-travel or not, after replying "No" your game will be saved. This is a sort of "induced auto-save", which all in all is a manual save since it triggers at your own will.

Finally, on a side note, remember that the default answer to the "leaving question" will be "No". It goes without saying that you should still read through Pinky's messages before the final question carefully (there's just a few of them anyway) to avoid picking up a "Yes" by mistake.

- From where you start after the last transformation you will see a Bonus Challenge icon (green board with a white question mark on it) on your left. Ignore it for now, and jump down on its left. You should land on a ledge which is between a Blue Pool (left) and a Red Pool (right). Continue forward through a narrow path to reach a larger Blue Pool. Before it, as you go, there's a destroyable item (use the Charge to break it), which is also one of the items that contribute to the Clean Up Medal by the way. Destroying it will earn you Inspiration # 23/40 (23/480) (7:14).
- Enter the large Blue Pool, and proceed sticking to your left side. Climb up a few ledges and houses, and stay on the left as much as you can. You will eventually find Inspiration # 24/40 (24/480) (7:21) on a rooftop.
- Jump on the rooftops directly on your right from here to find, at a higher height (but still on rooftops) yet another Inspiration # 25/40 (25/480) (7:23).

- Return to where you painted the buildings yellow and red for the last Story Point. There's also a red geyser, as reference. You can continue past the red geyser and on the right side to proceed on more rooftops (which were previously black-inked). Follow the way up the roofs to eventually find Inspiration # 26/40 (26/480) (7:36).
- Drop down towards the water from here, and go left after landing. Proceed and ignore Pinky's message (it's only saying that you'll head back to the first area of the game if you go there, but never mind about it), so you can continue on some rocks to find the Inspiration # 27/40 (27/480) (7:41) which you probably noticed by now.

- Go back up where the chimneys you painted yellow and red are, and reach the red geyser near one of them. Stand on the red geyser and face the closest chimney. From this position, go right and then immediately forward when you can, so you reach a grass area where you will spot a blue geyser on the right side sooner than later. Long story short, this path takes you back to the first areas of this level, and that's where you want to go. Now, remember the Purple Pool near which there were two Galleries? You want to go up some ledges on its left. To do so, locate the Red Pool of this area, and then jump on the ledges just near it. Then follow the path and jump to reach the ledges where many Colors Atoms are shining.

- As you proceed you will easily spot Inspiration # 28/40 (28/480) (7:58) on your right.
- Jump forward, to another platform where you will notice Inspiration # 29/40 (29/480) (8:02) in front of you, Gallery # 08/10 (8/100) (8:05) on the wooden ledge reached by jumping down from the Inspiration, and then Style # 12/12 (8:07) as you complete the exploration around the rocks.

At this point you want to use the Compass to find and complete all the Bonus Challenges available. This will earn you an Inspiration per Bonus Challenge, therefore you will earn (for the 7 Bonus Challenges) up to Inspiration # 36/40 (36/480). Considering that the Challenges are easy, and many times you will complete them automatically (because maybe they require you to paint every house in the nearby area, and you already did it), I won't go into detail with them. They're always very simple tasks anyway, so they're all for you.

Once all the Bonus Challenges have been completed, you will see up to three new icons on your Compass. They indicate the Liberation items available (the Graydians you still need to paint over and blocks of houses you still need to paint to release Graydians; it's a grey Graydian icon), the Environment items available (tree icon, indicating just the trees you still need to paint) and the Clean Up items (crates and anything else which can be smashed one way or another; remember that some items are only breakable with the Charge, and when that's the case the RT button will prompt; it's a burst-looking icon). Before or after taking care of them (which I'll leave to you again, obviously, since it's easier to just follow the in-game compass), there are still a few items to pick up.

- Reach the "Pinky spot" closest to where the last Transformation Engine was. From here, continue forward towards a Purple Pool. Above the Purple Pool there are some ledges. Up these ledges you will immediately spot Inspiration # 37/40 (37/480) (9:59).
- Continue up these ledges, and turn right as soon as you can to find a side path with an orange geyser on it. Past this geyser you will find another Inspiration # 38/40 (38/480) (10:03).
- Follow the other ledges around the large INKT building (which will be your final destination) to collect Gallery # 09/10 (9/100)(10:06), Inspiration # 39/40 (39/480) (10:09) and Gallery # 10/10 (10/100) (10:13). You will also receive a "Gallery Unlocked" message on the left of your screen, since it's your 10th Gallery item. You will unlock more of these Galleries (collections of pictures that you can watch from the "Extras" menu in the title screen, that is to say the first menu you access before playing) for every 10 Gallery items collected. They're worth taking a look if you have some free time to appreciate these things.

At this point you have all the three main collectibles (Inspirations, Galleries, Styles) that you can collect before entering the final area (where the last Inspiration will be found). You may still need to work on the Liberation/Environment/Clean Up items though. If that's the case, make sure you do so to receive a Gold Medal for each of them. When you've done everything, double-check the situation by pressing Start and then choosing "Progress" to see the state of your collectibles. If you have everything available so far (133/133 Liberation, 86/86 Environment, 53/53 Clean Up, 39/40 Inspiration, 10/10 Gallery, 12/12 Style), you're ready to go. Actually, before proceeding you should also check if you have at least about 415,000 Score Points, which you should have easily if you grabbed a few of the extra Color Atoms on the way. If for any reason you don't have this score, try looking for these Color Atoms (there's a few you may not have collected in the area where the 8th Gallery and three more main collectibles were). You can also paint over the buildings to boost your Score further if you need it, but I don't think you will. Again, if you have 415,000+ points (and all the collectibles except one Inspiration) you're ready to continue.

- Talk to Pinky (interact with the Pinky spot), and say that you're ready to go. Continue towards the marked spot to enter the final 2D area of this level.
- The 2D area will be simple, despite a few traps (some lasers) that can only deal some damage to you, but not kill you (unless you're low on health of course).
- At one point you will eventually have to go into Orange Water to activate a couple of orange hole-switches. You really can't miss seeing the Inspiration # 40/40 (40/480) (11:36) on your left as you ride up the elevator that takes you to the Orange Water (which is on the right).
- You will complete the level by using the Transformation Engine shortly after that.

By completing this level you will unlock:

Paradise Island liberated in de Blob 2
"Paradise Island" level completed
  • Unlocked by 492 tracked gamers (93% - TA Ratio = 1.03) 528

You have probably completed it without dying too (the only way to die in this level is by taking damage from the Ink Water), and therefore you're more than likely to unlock another achievement as well:

Blob survivor in de Blob 2
Completed a level in a single playthrough without dying
  • Unlocked by 410 tracked gamers (78% - TA Ratio = 1.13) 528

Level Two - Downtown

- Inspirations: 40 Total; 9 from Bonus Challenges; 1 missable (Inspiration # 29)
- Galleries: 9 Total
- Style Bonuses: 12 Total
- S-Rank Score: 810,000 Minimum. Total Bonus Score available (9/9 Bonus Challenges + 12/12 Style Bonuses + 3/3 Gold Medals): 300,000. Minimum score required for S-Rank before completing the level: 510,000.
- Video of the level


- Turn around as soon as you start. Jump down on the street and walk forward. On your right there are some high roofs with Style # 01/12 (0:09) on them.
- Jump on the right from this first collectible to grasp, in mid-air, the nearby Inspiration # 01/40 (41/480) (0:10).
- From where you land, jump on the left buildings (on some ledges in the water) to get Style # 02/12 (0:14) and Inspiration # 02/40 (42/480) (0:16).

- Activate the first Story Point if you haven't already.
- Head towards the next one and you will spot Style # 03/12 (0:22) as you climb up to reach a marked hole.
- Enter inside the hole and operate a few switches to make your way out and open up some Color Pools outside.

- Back outside, paint all the required buildings of this first area. You will notice how you'll be freeing "Prismans" instead of the old Graydians: the difference is that the new guys are already set free after being liberated, so you don't need to paint them to count them in your Liberation items (and in fact they don't count towards that Medal; you'll find the Graydians for that purpose in optional locations/during Bonus Challenges).
- Then you'll have to continue past a bridge. Before continuing, go in the water exactly under the bridge to find Gallery # 01/09 (11/100) (1:05).

- Jump on the roofs on the right side past the bridge. From these roofs, jump forward to more (higher) roofs which will lead you to another Inspiration # 03/40 (43/480) (1:17) in mid-air, above a sign.
- Jump down and look right to spot a Yellow Pool. Climb up the roofs behind the Yellow Pool. Near the highest of them you will see an air-car with Inspiration # 04/40 (44/480) (1:27) on it. Jump to get it.
- You will notice how the air-car is moving. You can even ride it (jump on it with A after targeting it with LT, almost like if you were smashing a crate), but there's no point in doing it with this one.
- Anyway, drop down from where the last Inspiration was and look on your left to find three ledges near the shore. Jump on the upper one to get Gallery # 02/09 (12/100) (1:29).

- On the street near the lowest of the three ledges there's also a hole in the ground. Go inside (1:32).
- Inside, continue on the only possible way until there's a fork (left/right). Go right first, and drop down one level to find Gallery # 03/09 (13/100) (1:40).
- Make your way to the left now, and as you exit you will get Inspiration # 05/40 (45/480) (1:44) automatically after using the jumper that sends you out.

- Outside again, follow the street near the shore to find another Inspiration # 06/40 (46/480) (1:51) on the way.
- Now return near the roofs which were on the right of the bridge you crossed a minute ago. Instead of jumping forward like you did earlier to reach an Inspiration, this time jump on the right to reach more buildings. Climb up the roofs on their back/right, and then jump from them to the roofs of the other block of houses in front of these ones, where you should spot Inspiration # 07/40 (47/480) (2:30).

- Now just complete the painting of all the required houses.
- Use the Transformation Engine.

- Continue to the next Story Point to be told about the wall run, a simple technique that you'll need to reach quite a few items in this level (it won't be so used in the future levels, thankfully since it's a bit buggy sometimes).
- As you perform your first wall run to proceed, you will come across Inspiration # 08/40 (48/480) (2:55).

Town Hall

- Activate the next Story Point, and the "Paint Bots" ("Paintbots" if you prefer) will be introduced to you. They're presented as enemies, but they're actually friendly creatures that you will use to get and mix (as you'll soon learn) colors. Keep in mind that the same Paintbots will respawn after a few seconds in the same place, and they're basically stuck in the same position (they can barely move). They won't attack you, so they're there just to provide you with colors, really. Simply smash them like crates (LT to aim, then A to smash) to get the paint out of them (they earn you +10 ammo too). On a side note, keep in mind that they won't be able to respawn if you sit on their "corpse", so don't wait there for their respawn or you'll keep waiting forever.

- Anyway, you'll be asked to paint some buildings red. One of them has a Style # 04/12 (3:24).
- From the roofs nearby the one where the last item was, you can also jump on the right side to reach a contiguous wall of several buildings. If you wall-run on the right on this wall you will come across Inspiration # 09/40 (49/480) (3:18).
- Near the last Style there was also an air-car. If you haven't activate it yet, press LT and then A to slam onto it, activate it, and get a free ride. If you accidentally activated it earlier, just wait until it passes by this point again (it has a fixed route which repeats itself perpetually), and then reach it with LT+A as well. You want to stay on this air-car to be taken to Inspiration # 10/40 (50/480)(3:33), which stands in mid-air and will be obtained automatically since it's just on the path of the air-car.

- Assuming you've painted the buildings red and completed the last story mission, now reach the next Story Point (which is next to a roof where a Yellow Paintbot is standing).
- On the walls in front of the Yellow Paintbot, on the right, you will clearly see Inspiration # 11/40 (51/480) (3:54), which you can get via wall-run.

- Complete the current task and reach the next Story Point. Now you'll be taught the color-mixing. Color mixing is possible only with the Paintbots, since the other sources of colors (such as the Pools, the geysers of the previous level, and others that you'll find in the future) will reset your color and paint you of their own color. In other words, moving from a Blue Pool to a Red Pool doesn't make you Purple; it makes you Red. Vice versa, the Paintbots can mix your colors, following an intuitive scheme (see General hints and tips) which you will soon learn.
- The first request is obtaining Green, which is made combining Blue+Yellow (or Yellow+Blue, of course) starting from a Blank color (obtained if you go in Clear Water; NOT Ink Water of course). Do so, following the tutorial which will also tell you about switching your locked-on target.
- Once you're free from the boundaries of the tutorial, collect Inspiration # 12/40 (52/480) (4:17) from the nearby fountain.

- Mix up the Green paint again if necessary (the fountain probably washed you up).
- After painting the buildings Green, get some Brown paint (Brown is made mixing the three basic colors, so if you're already Green, i.e. Yellow+Blue, adding Red will get you a Brown painting) by slamming a Red Paintbot while Green, and paint the last buildings to complete your task.

- From the fountain where the last collectible was, face the direction of the next Story Point. Before reaching it, check on your right to find, on the ground, another hole to enter (4:34).
- At one point you'll have to press an orange switch. Before the orange switch you can ride an elevator down. Do so. At the bottom of the elevator ride, smash a wall on the right side (slam the local Paintbots over and over if you need more points for the Charge attack) to find an Inspiration # 13/40 (53/480) (4:54).
- Become Yellow with the Paintbots down here, then ride back up. There's another elevator, still near the orange switch, which will take you up. Smash a couple of crates on the higher levels to find a Red Paintbot, which you can use to mix up the Orange paint. Do so, and don't forget to smash the crates on the platform on the right of the one with the Red Paintbot.
- One of the two crates on that platform contains another Inspiration # 14/40 (54/480) (5:10).

- On the right of the last one there's another breakable wall. Go back on the lower level if you need more "ammo", then Charge at the wall to find Style # 05/12 (5:21).
- Continue past the orange switch after activating it. In the room where you will be you will find some crates on upper platforms. Jump on them to find a well-visible Inspiration # 15/40 (55/480) (5:29).
- You can mix up Brown paint (for another switch) using the Blue Paintbot hidden in one of the crates you'll smash before the last item. Before continuing past the brown switch you want to jump down to get some valuable Color Atoms to boost your score and, on the right side after floating on the water to reach it, Gallery # 04/09 (14/100) (5:38).
- Continue until you're outside the hole.

- Back outside, don't proceed towards the Story Point yet. Instead, from the last hole, backtrack towards the right, so you reach another hole (previously locked), which is about where you painted red buildings with the first Red Paintbot. Enter inside (5:57).
- Inside this hole use the three pistons on your right to grab Color Atoms and Inspiration # 16/40 (56/480) (6:07).
- Before continuing past the green switch (feel free to activate it if you want) there are two more items to get in the water. Since they're a bit too deep in the water, you'll need to position yourself (in the water) in correspondence of the pistons, and let them push you down in the water. Do so below the second and third pistons to get Style # 06/12 (6:21) and Inspiration # 17/40 (57/480) (6:25) respectively.
- Exit the hole when it's all looted.

- Now head towards the Story Point. In fact, you may notice that there are two Points this time (a rare occasion). As you approach one of them there will be a short cutscene about a creepy creature that will soon be introduced as an enemy.
- Anyway, jump up the roofs on the left side of the two Story Points to find Gallery # 05/09 (15/100) (6:43).
- Now you want to climb up the roofs of the building closest to the first of the two holes where you've recently been for collectibles. Do so, and on one of the roofs you will see Gallery # 06/09 (16/100) (6:57), not exactly in plain sight.
- From these same roofs you can also jump on an air-car. If you can't see it you must have activated it already, so just wait until it passes by again and then ride it. It will take you close to Inspiration # 18/40 (58/480) (7:04), but you'll need to jump to get it yourself. You probably noticed this Inspiration on a sign when you collected the fifth Gallery.

- Now reach the Story Point which is on a roof. Behind it there are some billboards that you need to paint with wall-run. Also with wall-run, from left to right, you can reach Inspiration # 19/40 (59/480) and Inspiration # 20/40 (60/480) (7:11).
- At the end of the wall-run, stick to the walls and proceed to your right. At one point there will be an ink-black building (one of those you can't paint without transforming the place first), and Style # 07/12 (7:15) will be standing on it.

- Activate the Story Point on the ground, and slam a few enemies that will spawn. A hole will open up on the ground afterwards, and you'll have to enter it (7:31).
- Inside the hole, follow the only possible path by slamming (LT+A) the floor when necessary.
- In correspondence with the slammed ground there is also an elevator. Reach its bottom level (where you land naturally after slamming the floor). From there, jump on the right side (where a lonely enemy is too) to reach a breakable wall on your right. You need to Charge at it to get through and find Style # 08/12 (7:59).
- The lowest level is a bit tricky, and you'll need to "shrink" first (press RT in Clear Water to reduce yourself to the size of 10-ammo Blob, very small) to be able to get through the passage on the left of the Brown Water. The game will tell you about this anyway -- get out once all the targets are dead.

- Complete the other Story Point if you haven't already (it requires you to paint some billboards), so another one spawns.
- The next Story Point requires you to enter a Blue Hole to get inside the cinema. The cinema is a one-time-only location, but there's nothing important inside anyway, so just complete the short events in there, which will end with a Transformation Engine that you'll use to exit automatically.

- Outside again, some gates will open. Past the gate you can find an Inspiration # 21/40 (61/480) (9:01) on a ledge on the right.
- Make your way to the next Story Point, crossing the Clear Water. You'll be introduced the "Leech Bots", weak enemies that you will simply slam to the ground when you find them.
- Immediately on the left from the last Story Point there are some boxes you can climb up to reach Inspiration # 22/40 (62/480)(9:32).

- Reach the next Story Point, and you'll be asked to paint some buildings with Orange paint. There's a Red Paintbot on the nearby rooftop, so mix it up with the last Yellow Paintbot you found to get the correct color and continue.

Opera District

- As you move on you will enter this area. You'll be going up a street which leads upward, and on your right you will clearly see Style # 09/12 (9:51) on the rooftop.
- Go up the street a bit further, and jump on the next building on the right. From this building you can wall-run to the right side to reach a quite hidden Inspiration # 23/40 (63/480) (9:53).
- As you continue on the street you should also notice another Inspiration # 24/40 (64/480) (10:34) on the walls above some white tiles (which clear your color, whatever it is; they will disappear once you paint the block of houses to which they belong). You'll need wall-run and wall-jump. to reach it; it may take a few attempts, but you'll eventually succeed

- Continue in the next area and the "Blanc" enemies will be introduced to you. These enemies will keep coming from some spawning points, which will be common in this and the next level. Their destruction is expensive, but necessary and well worth it.
- Now, from the entrance of this area you found the enemies on the left side. Further left, on some roofs (which you didn't need to paint orange) there is a Gallery # 07/09 (17/100) (10:49), and you should have no problems seeing it.
- On the ground near this last item there is also a crate somewhere. Smash it to get Inspiration # 25/40 (65/480) (10:47).
- The next item is a bit tricky. From the area where the Blancs where, face the rooftop where the last Gallery was. You should have the roof of the Gallery on your right, while on your left you should notice that the tall buildings are, in a certain spot, missing (so basically instead of a contiguous wall of tall buildings there's a spot with just small houses). Go on these small houses, and jump on the rear of the taller buildings by using the wall-run. As you do this, you should easily spot Inspiration # 26/40 (66/480)(11:07). It's probably the only case in the whole game where you may need to press RT to drop off during a wall-run (do so if you are wall-running too high from the item).

- Go up the street (assuming you don't have anything else left to do here) to continue. In the new area, instead of fighting the Blancs right away, reach the next Story Point to be told about the Rainbow Boost. This is another excellent tool, which simplifies the painting when it's available. It will always vest you of the correct color for the work, and it will also let you paint/slam anything without consuming ammo. Use it to tear the Blancs (and their spawning spot) to pieces, and then paint the buildings that you're required to paint.
- As you paint some of the buildings you will notice Inspiration # 27/40 (67/480) (11:42) on one of the smallest houses.
- Then, following more rooftops, you will also come across Style # 10/12 (11:45) and Gallery # 08/09 (18/100) (11:47) very easily.
- From the last Gallery you can continue with a wall-run and then wall-jump on your right to get another tricky Inspiration # 28/40 (68/480) (12:11)
- Finally there's Style # 11/12 (12:04) which we left behind us a moment ago. From the sloped street that you took upwards to access this area, check immediately on the left side (left if you come from the street towards the open area) to find, on a roof behind a tall building, this Style item.

- You may have noticed an optional hole in the ground around these parts too (it's on the right side), which doesn't have anything important inside (it's the only useless optional location of the game).
- Continue to the next Story Point and defeat a few more enemies. You'll then be asked to turn Orange to enter the Opera House through an Orange Hole; do so.

- Make your way through the Opera House, which is a one-time-only area and has some collectibles in it. You'll need to turn Green first (combine a Blue Paintbot with a Yellow Paintbot), then some Red Jets will spray you and make you ready for the upcoming red switch and continue past that point.
- At one point you will come across a Supercharge Boost. You can use it to Charge the spiked crates (which you can't slam like regular crates) here, thus revealing Blue and Yellow Paintbots that you'll use to become Green. You don't have to smash them all, since they don't count as part of the Clean Up (in fact, you probably already have the Gold Medal on that one by now).
- Continue after pushing a green switch and you'll be in an area with many things to destroy to continue, as well as another Supercharge. Before doing anything else, use another Charge attack to smash the wall on the right side (on the lowest level), so you can get a Color Atom and most importantly also Inspiration # 29/40 (69/480) (13:44).
- Mop up the rest of the stuff to spawn the Transformation Engine, then use it being aware that this means exiting the Opera House permanently (which is not a problem if you got the Inspiration).

At this point the timer has stopped and the Bonus Challenges have appeared on your Compass. There are some items to collect first though.

- Jump down behind the Opera House to land on a shore. You will find Inspiration # 30/40 (70/480) (14:13) here.
- Follow the shore to the left to find a cave (14:17).

- Inside the cave, reach the bottom floor and continue to the right (there's some Green Water on the left if you need to paint yourself for the green switch you'll need to push). As you continue, jump up some boxes to find Inspiration # 31/40 (71/480)(14:31) on the far right end.
- From the last item, jump on the other platforms on the left to reach Gallery # 09/09 (19/100) (14:34).
- Before going back all the way to the left, jump back down on the right side, and drop in the Clear Water. Follow the path under the platforms, in the water, all the way to the right to reach Style # 12/12 (14:39).

This is the last of the primary collectibles which you can get in free-roaming mode. The rest of the Inspirations will be awarded after completing the 9 Bonus Challenges, thus bringing you to a total of Inspiration # 40/40 (80/480). After the Bonus Challenges you will focus on the Liberation/Environment/Clean Up Gold Medals, so everything is clear and you're ready to go.
When it's all done you can talk to Pinky. Make sure you have at least 510,000 points in your Score, then reply "Yes" to its question to complete this level.

By completing this level you will unlock:

Downtown Prisma City liberated in de Blob 2
"Downtown" level completed
  • Unlocked by 290 tracked gamers (55% - TA Ratio = 1.34) 528

Level Three - Blanctown

- Inspirations: 50 Total; 17 from Bonus Challenges; 1 missable (Inspiration # 33)
- Galleries: 9 Total
- Style Bonuses: 10 Total
- S-Rank Score: 950,000 Minimum. Total Bonus Score available (17/17 Bonus Challenges + 10/10 Style Bonuses + 3/3 Gold Medals): 370,000. Minimum score required for S-Rank before completing the level: 580,000
- Video of the level

Canal Estates

- First of all, activate the first Story Point and enter the hole that becomes available afterwards (0:06).

- Inside the hole you will come across three [Color] Waters (Red, Yellow, Blue). After the third one you will notice a slammable part of the floor. Press LT+A to break through it and reveal a small secret (so to speak) area where Inspiration # 01/50 (81/480) (0:20) is located.
- Get out of the hole, as Yellow Blob.

- Outside the hole, activate the yellow switch to spawn a few [Color] Pools around the place.
- From the switch that you activated, go back towards the other side of the area (the one where you came from). As you go, you'll come across a river of Clear Water with a few bridges here and there. Under one of these bridges you will find Gallery # 01/09 (20/100) (0:40). It's the bridge closest to the building where the next Story Point is.
- From under the bridge of the last collectible, now follow the water towards the shore closest to you. If you're standing on the bridge itself and you face the building where the next Story Point is, the direction you will take will be to your right. You will see an Inspiration # 02/50 (82/480) (0:43) standing on a small island in the middle of the water, near the shore.
- Follow this shore towards the side of the area where the hole where you first entered is. On your right there will be a boat with a crate, and further on also a small wooden pier with two more crates on it. Smash these two crates to get Gallery # 02/09 (21/100)(2:48).

- Jump up the roofs of the building closest to the last collectible (to get there you need to jump off the roofs of the nearby building) to find Style # 01/10 (0:58).
- Jump from the roof of the last item onto another roof with Inspiration # 03/50 (83/480) (0:59).
- Between the buildings on the roofs of which you got the last two items there are some spiked crates to destroy. There are some Yellow/Green Pools nearby as well if you need to refill your "ammo". When you can, Charge at these spiked crates to find Style # 02/10 (1:06).

- From these last spiked crates, face the Yellow/Green Pools. Past these pools there are some blocks of houses on a wooden platform (there's a bridge that can take you to them).
- On the rooftop of one of them (the left-most, coming from the Pools) you will find Style # 03/10 (1:19).
- On the roof of the other one (the right one) there's Inspiration # 04/50 (84/480) (1:22).

- Now go all the way back to the Story Point and follow it to another hole on the opposite side of the area. Before entering the hole you will easily see a wooden pier with a Life Pickup and a crate on it. Smash the crate for Inspiration # 05/50 (85/480) (1:48).
- Enter the hole afterwards (1:50).

- Inside the hole you will soon fall in some Green Water. From the Green Water, go left and fall down. At the bottom you will find, on the left, a wall that you can Charge to find Inspiration # 06/50 (86/480) (1:54), as well as one of the switches you have to operate.
- Locate and press the other three switches to open the way to exit the hole.

- Outside again go forward on the street (ignore the turn to the right which continues with a bridge). On your left you will soon notice another Inspiration on a small island. Before that though, you can also find a crate near some buildings on the left side of the street: smash it to get Style # 04/10 (2:28).
- From the last collectible, reach the aforementioned small island with Inspiration # 07/50 (87/480) (2:36).
- On the same island there is also a crate that you will probably smash (in fact, you can reach this island more easily if you slam the crate as a way to jump there). It contains Gallery # 03/09 (22/100) (2:36). There's a handy Purple Pool nearby, in case you miss the jump and need to get back some color.
- From the Purple Pool, jump up the roofs on the left and follow them up until you come across a crate. Slam it to get Inspiration # 08/50 (88/480) (3:33).

- Now you can follow the arrow on your Compass to enter the Green Hole of the Library. It's a one-time-only area, but there's nothing to pick up inside, so just clear the place and use the Transformation Engine at the end.

- Continue with the story missions, and enter the Town Hall through the Yellow Hole. This is another one-time-only area, but there's nothing inside it either, so just transform it with the Transformation Engine at the end.

- Once you're outside again, reach the next Story Point and you'll be introduced the annoying "Hypno Disc-Shaped Aircrafts" (just Hypno Discs from now on). These "enemies" will always be accompanied by either a TV Set (which you can slam with LT+A) located somewhere up a pole in the area, or by a "Shepherd" enemy (later introduced). Regardless if it's the TV Set or the Shepherd, these Hypno Discs can't be defeated directly. You need to break the TV Set/slam the Shepherd to automatically destroy the Hypno Discs themselves. If a Hypno Disc hovers above your head, the "Duck" message will prompt, telling you to hold RT to duck and avoid being captured by its ray. It that happens, you'll be moved away by the Hypno Disc, and this usually means falling in the water (Clear/Ink) or off some platforms or even in some other traps that you'll find later. In short, duck if a Hypno Disc comes close to you, and give top priority to the destruction of the TV Sets (and later the Shepherds) in pretty much any fight where these enemies are involved.
- Your current task is just to destroy the four TV Sets of the area: locate them (again, they're up some poles) and slam them with LT+A.
- Use the Transformation Engine which will spawn afterwards to clear this area completely.

- While using the last Transformation Engine you will probably see something hidden under the bridge where the engine itself was. Now that the water is clear instead of inky (after the transformation, that is) you can safely pick up Inspiration # 09/50 (89/480) (5:35) under the bridge itself.
- The "Zip" creature will also be introduced to you during a cutscene. It's neither an enemy nor a friendly creature. It's simply a random character of the game related to the plot, but you'll never find him as a "thing" with which you can actively interact in your journey.

Church Island

- Proceed through the gate that opened after the transformation, following the course of the water up to the dam to reach this new area.
- On your right as you approach the dam you can't help noticing Inspiration # 10/50 (90/480) (5:42), which you certainly noticed in the previous cutscene as well.
- On the other side of the dam you will also find, in the Clear Water, Inspiration # 11/50 (91/480) (5:43).
- From the last collectible, instead of going left to follow the Story Point, go right to jump on a walkway (or something) where you can see Gallery # 04/09 (23/100) (5:44).

- Reach the next Story Point and you'll be told about the Big Paintbots. These things are simply bigger than the regular ones, and will give you +50 "ammo" instead of the usual "+10" of the regular Paintbots. We'll usually refer to either of them as Paintbots indiscriminately.
- On the roofs that you have to paint for story-related reasons there's Style # 05/10 (5:55) in plain sight.
- If you move the camera to the right from the last collectible you should spot an Inspiration up some roofs on the buildings not far from there. Go towards those buildings, but before climbing up to get the Inspiration make sure to break a crate on the nearby pier to collect Gallery # 05/09 (24/100) (5:56).

- Then get on the rooftops and grab Inspiration # 12/50 (92/480) (6:00) too of course.
- Jump back down to where the last Gallery item was, and continue forward following the paintable houses on your right. Past the last of these houses there is an Ink Pool and past this pool, on the left, there are three spiked crates. Charge at them to get Inspiration # 13/50 (93/480) and Inspiration # 14/50 (94/480) at once (6:05).
- Return towards the building where the "big" Yellow Paintbot was. Facing the unexplored area ahead of you, the last collectibles were on the right side. Now you want to go on the left side of the area, past a small bridge, in a portion of this place where there's also a Hypno Disc hovering around. Somewhere between the buildings you will soon find three more spiked crates to Charge. Do so for Inspiration # 15/50 (95/480) (6:19).

- Now follow the last story mission if you haven't already, and you'll be told about the Z-Line, made of Z-Discs and Z-Jumps. You'll figure out how it works following the in-game tutorial.
- After using the Z-Line, a hole in the ground will be marked for story-related missions, so go inside of it (6:39).

- Inside the hole, make your way to the first blue switch. Past it there will be a tricky part where the Clear Water raises and then goes down again continuously. Time your movements to go past it when there's no water to keep your color.
- After this part you will come across the second blue switch. After pushing it down, the doors on your left and right will open. The way to continue is on the right, but on the left you just opened a passage to Inspiration # 16/50 (96/480) (6:50) too, so go there and get it before continuing.
- Proceed and there will be another tricky part with Clear Water going up and down. Past this part there's a jumper that you can take to go up again. The way to proceed is on the right, but you want to Charge the wall on the left first in order to reveal a secondary passage with Inspiration # 17/50 (97/480) (6:55).
- Make your way to the third blue switch and exit the hole.

- Outside again, reach the blue switch marked for story-related reasons and press it.
- After pressing it you'll be asked to press a red switch too. There are Red Paintbots to use to become Red Blob (one is just on a roof near the red switch). As you go from the blue switch to the red switch you will also step on a bridge (which is also close to the end of the Z-Line you previously used). Under this bridge there is, floating in Clear Water, Inspiration # 18/50 (98/480) (7:23).
- Press the red switch too and a few [Color] Pools will replace the previous Ink Pools.

- Now jump on the roofs closest to the red switch (where the Red Paintbot was too). On the roofs of this block of buildings there are two Inspirations that you'll see as you climb up, on the left and right. Get them both to collect Inspiration # 19/50 (99/480)(7:37) and Inspiration # 20/50 (100/480) (7:39).
- On another roof of this same block of buildings there's also a Z-Disc. Use it and follow the short Z-Line to land on the roof of the nearby building, just on the right of Style # 06/10 (7:43).
- Jump down on the street on the side closest to the Clear Water canals, and continue towards the buildings which still need to be painted (should be on your right). You will soon come across a crate in a corner between a couple of buildings. Slam it to get Style # 07/10 (7:53).

- Follow the other blocks of buildings which still need to be painted. As you continue you will notice Inspiration # 21/50 (101/480)(7:51) on the roof of one of them.
- Jump down on your right to find a small grassy area with a few trees and a small statue in the middle. There are also a few (three) crates to smash here. Do so to get Inspiration # 22/50 (102/480) (8:02).
- Still around these parts, on a boat just opposite this small grassy area (the boat is in the Clear Water canal) there is another crate to smash for Inspiration # 23/50 (103/480) (8:09).
- From here you can head back to the central part of this area. Facing the central part from the boat where the last collectible was, you should see a few Hypno Discs and a lot of Ink Buildings on the right side (a bit more on the left you should see an Orange Pool instead). Follow the Clear Water canals on the right side in this "grey inky area" and pass under the bridges to find Inspiration # 24/50 (104/480) (8:12) under one of them, floating in clear water.

- Now you can finally reach the Story Point (which is on the other side of the area). You'll be introduced the Shepherds, and then also the Haz-Mat Boost, which is a useful defensive tool that will protect you from almost (we'll see the exception soon) any source of Ink (and also a few more traps that will be introduced later). Please keep in mind that it doesn't protect you from other attacks of the enemies, but just from the ink attacks (that belongs to an enemy you're yet to come across, the "Heavy Inky"), so you still need to watch out for Hypno Discs and other enemies. It does allow you to float peacefully on the Ink/Clear Water/Pools/Whatever without any consequence on your color though, and it doesn't prevent you from absorbing colors from other sources. In other words, you can't absorb the Ink Color and Clear Color (i.e. being "cleaned" by Clear Water) from (almost) any source while under its protection, but the other colors can be absorbed.
- You can also see a couple of Shepherds on the platform around the Church that you have to enter through the Blue Hole. Enter inside when you're ready (8:44).

- As you probably guessed, this is another one-time-only area, but it doesn't have any collectibles anyway, so just go through it and transform it with the Transformation Engine at the end. On a side note, as you go you'll have to use a Haz-Mat Boost to go past some Ink Water, and you'll see some "inkballs" raising from the water. If they hit you you'll become Ink Blob despite your Haz-Mat protection. This is the exception to the total protection of the Haz-Mat that I was mentioning earlier.

- Once you're outside, go around the Church building itself to find a Gallery # 06/09 (25/100) (9:59).
- Reach the next Story Point, and a bunch of Blancs anxious to get slammed will spawn. Smash them all to the ground, refilling at the Yellow and Orange Pools when you come across them. Near these Pools you should also see a boat with a Z-Disc one. Ignore it for now, and complete your current task first.
- When they're all dead, a Transformation Engine will spawn. Use it to clear the area of the Hypno Discs and open the way forward.

- Now go back to the Z-Disc on the boat (again, it's close to Yellow/Orange Pools) (10:51), and use the Z-Line as a shortcut to reach the upper levels. You will land on a bridge where Style # 08/10 (10:54) is also located.
- Go on the other side of the bridge after getting the last item, and you'll soon find a hole in the ground nearby. Enter inside (10:58).

- Inside the hole, continue by pressing the blue switch first, and then the green switch (watch out for the Shepherd). Past the green switch, continue on the right to enter an area with more spiked crates and Graydians/Blancs.
- In this area there's a Red Paintbot on the left, as reference. Then, under the platform where the crates/Graydians/Blancs, there's some Clear Water. In this Clear Water you will find (jump under the platform from the left side) Inspiration # 25/50 (105/480)(11:20).
- Clear this hole and then get out of it from the exit.

- Nearby the last hole, on the left, there is a block of buildings. You can climb up their roofs to reach, on one of the highest of them, Inspiration # 26/50 (106/480) (11:39).

Serenity Hill

- Now you can jump back down and proceed through the gate that opened after you used the last Transformation Engine, a while ago, so you access this final area of the level.
- Reach the next Story Point and go down the hole as you're told (12:03). There's nothing noteworthy inside, so just go through it and exit when you find your way out.

- Outside again, use the just-spawned Yellow Paintbots to become Yellow blob and activate the yellow switch marked for story-related reasons
- Just nearby the yellow switch you can't help noticing Inspiration # 27/50 (107/480) (12:39) on a small roof.

- Some [Color] Pools will spawn now. Locate the closest Blue Pool. From this pool, if you look on the street that can take you back to the previous area of the level, you should see a couple of crates and an object you can Charge. Charge that object on the street to get Inspiration # 28/50 (108/480) (12:43).
- From the last collectible, look towards the gate leading to the previous area. From this position, on your left you should see some ledges with a Blue Paintbot/Yellow Clock/Life Pickup on them. Go up those ledges, and then drop down to the lower ledges on the other side (they look out on the very first area of this level). On these ledges you will find Gallery # 07/09 (26/100) (12:58) and Inspiration # 29/50 (109/480) (12:59). While you're here you might as well paint the trees and the billboard, so you don't have to come back here later.

- Now follow the story mission and paint the required buildings as Orange Blob. There's a Red Pool and a Yellow Paintbot nearby that you can use to mix up the paint you need.
- Near the Red Pool there are also three spiked crates (and a bunch of Blancs and their spawning point). Charge at the spiked crates to get Inspiration # 30/50 (110/480) (13:26).
- In this same area there is also a black object you can Charge at to destroy (similar to another one we destroyed a minute ago for another item). Break it down to get Style # 09/10 (13:35).

- Complete the next few story tasks (destroy the Hypno TV Sets as you go by the way, so you're not annoyed by the Hypno Discs): paint buildings Green, then Green & Blue (Green first, then Blue, since the Green buildings are higher than the blue ones), and finally Orange & Red & Yellow.

- Reach the next Story Point when it's all done. A Z-Line will be available at this point. Use it, but not all the way to the end. Instead, drop down (press RT instead of LT+A) after the second jump, that is to say drop on the high bridge when you're on the Z-Disc above it. This bridge has a Brown Clock (+3:00), as reference.
- From the high bridge you can jump on the roofs on the left/right of the bridge itself. Facing the previous areas, if you jump on the left you'll land on the rooftops that you previously painted Green, and on them you can collect Inspiration # 31/50 (111/480)(14:50).
- Drop down and land in the Ink Water below the bridge. In the Ink Water there is Inspiration # 32/50 (112/480) (14:52). You can use the White Tiles nearby to clear yourself right after that.
- Now return to the Z-Line and use it partially to get on the bridge again. This time jump on the right rooftops (painted Orange) to get Style # 10/10 (15:00).
- Finally become Red Blob (the Red Pool is just nearby) and use the Z-Line all the way to the end. As soon as you land, sprint towards the Red Hole to enter the final 2D area of this level (15:07), with or without killing the three Shepherds first.

- This last area is a one-time-only area again.
- Inside, go forward and smash the first Blue Paintbot you come across to get some color after the wash-up that you received automatically when you entered. Then backtrack on the left from the Blue Paintbot, and slam the ground to find a secret area. Here you will find Inspiration # 33/50 (113/480) (15:12).
- Go all the way to the end and use the final Transformation Engine when it's all clear.

At this point the timer will stop, and the Bonus Challenges will be displayed. There's just a couple of more items (which recently became available) to pick up before going after them.

- From where you spawn, outside the last area again, you'll see some Clear Water courses on your right/left. Facing the building where you last entered, follow the right course of water towards its source (a small waterfall) to find Gallery # 08/09 (27/100)(16:02) in the water.
- Also in the water, near the closest dam (the one which was, previously, at the top of the Ink Water course where an Inspiration was), there's another Gallery # 09/09 (28/100) (16:05).

Now all there's left is completing the Bonus Challenges and get the usual three Gold Medals. The 17 Bonus Challenges will earn you up to Inspiration # 50/50 (130/480).
When your Score is no less than 580,000 points talk to Pinky to complete this level.

By completing this level you will unlock:

Blanctown liberated in de Blob 2
"Blanctown" level completed
  • Unlocked by 233 tracked gamers (44% - TA Ratio = 1.50) 528

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