de Blob 2 Walkthrough

4. Story Walkthrough - Levels 4 to 6

Level Four - The Senate

- Inspirations: 50 Total; 16 from Bonus Challenges; 4 missable (Inspirations # 01, 02, 03, 21)
- Galleries: 9 Total
- Style Bonuses: 10 Total
- S-Rank Score: 1,120,000 Minimum. Total Bonus Score available (16/16 Bonus Challenges + 10/10 Style Bonuses + 3/3 Gold Medals): 360,000. Minimum score required for S-Rank before completing the level: 760,000
- Video of the level

People's Plaza

- You begin inside a 2D area, which happens to be a one-time-only area as well.
- From where you start, follow the path and use a red switch.
- After the red switch you'll find a blue switch; push it.
- After pushing the blue switch, jump down towards the yellow switch. Just under the platform where it's located, in the water, there is Inspiration # 01/50 (131/480) (0:23).
- Jump out of the water and go right to find the Yellow Paintbot, but before going back to the yellow switch Charge the wall on the right to find another Inspiration # 02/50 (132/480) (0:27).
- Push the yellow switch. As you're raised up in the Clear Water you'll be able to pick up another Inspiration # 03/50 (133/480) (0:35) which you probably saw before any other one.
- Continue to exit this hole.

- Outside, get some color from the Paintbots, then smash three crates on a pier on the right side ("right" if your position is near the fountain where you start, facing the first Story Point). One of them has Style # 01/10 (0:45).
- Locate another small pier with another crate somewhere on the left side now (in the back-left corner of the fountain) and smash it to get Inspiration # 04/50 (134/480) (0:50).
- From here jump in the nearby water and continue in the water itself. As you go left in the Clear Water you'll go below a large staircase, in correspondence of which is (in the water) Inspiration # 05/50 (135/480) (0:57).

- Activate the first Story Point now. You'll be asked to paint some buildings of Orange/Yellow. As you do so, on one of the rooftops you will easily get Style # 02/10 (1:11).

- After completing this first task, advance to the next Story Point. You'll be asked to paint another block of buildings.
- Climb up the highest of the buildings you have to paint, and you will also reach a high walkway (where you will find a Blue Paintbot to mix up the brown paint, by the way). You want to follow the high walkway to find Inspiration # 06/50 (136/480) (1:32).
- Continue on the high walkway and you'll soon come across Inspiration # 07/50 (137/480) (1:33), right at a fork on the walkway.
- If you go all the way right from this fork you will find Gallery # 01/09 (29/100) (1:36).
- If you go all the way left you will find Inspiration # 08/50 (138/480) (1:45).
- Now go back to the building you had to paint, and complete your task if you haven't already.

- At this point go towards the next Story Point, but before reaching it look on your right to see some Ink Buildings (those you can't paint without a previous transformation, as usual). Behind the main one there are some crates: smash them to get Inspiration # 09/50 (139/480) (2:09).
- Further on the right from here you can see a few "turrets" with some paint-able billboards on them. Behind these turrets, in the water, there are some small islands of dirt with trees and crates on them. One of the crates contains Gallery # 02/09 (30/100) (2:15).

- Reach the next Story Point, which is near the rooftops where two items are in plain sight: Style # 03/10 (2:24) and Inspiration # 10/50 (140/480) (2:25).
- After getting them, follow the story markers to kill a few enemies and free some Graydians.

- Continue on the next story marker when you can, and then enter inside the Purple Hole into a 2D area.

- This 2D area is, as you probably guessed, a one-time-only area, but there are no collectibles to get so just continue until you can use a Transformation Engine to proceed.

- Outside again, go around the building where you've just been to find Inspiration # 11/50 (141/480) (3:38).
- Continue to the next Story Point and use the Rainbow Boost to paint a bunch of buildings.

- When it's done, go to the next Story Point and use the Z-Line (possibly as Yellow Blob). You will reach the entrance of the previous Ink Building, which is a Yellow Hole; enter inside.

- Inside this other one-time-only area there are no collectibles either, so just complete the tasks to use another Transformation Engine and get out of there.

- Outside, turn around and you will see a Gallery # 03/09 (31/100) (5:13) just behind you, behind a few columns. Note that if your Blob is too fat (i.e. you have too much ammo, which shouldn't be the case if you didn't get any upgrades) you won't be able to reach it normally. If so, jump down and shrink in the Clear Water (press RT) to reduce his size to 10-ammo Blob and be able to reach this item (go back up there with the Z-Line you also used previously).
- On the roof of this same building there is now Style # 04/10 (5:00).
- In mid-air behind this building there is also Inspiration # 12/50 (142/480) (5:01) to pick up. Jump down from the roof to get it.
- After landing, reach the facade of this building to find Inspiration # 13/50 (143/480) (5:06) again behind some other columns.

- Use the Transformation Engine that spawned earlier (when you came out of the last building) if you haven't already done so. The "Inky" enemies will be introduced to you now. You can consider them as stronger versions of the Blancs, despite the presence of the tanks which are just items you have to destroy with an expensive Charge. Inky + Tank = Mortar (enemy introduced in the later phases).
- Destroy every enemy/tank on the way, and continue in the next area.

Capitol Square

- Immediately as you reach this area, go right to find Inspiration # 14/50 (144/480) (5:47).
- Stay on the right side, and jump on some roofs to reach Inspiration # 15/50 (145/480) (5:53).

- Now go towards the next Story Point and activate it, but ignore your task for now.
- Instead, break the TV Set nearby and locate a Red Paintbot on the ground. From this Red Paintbot you should have no problems locating a couple of roofs where Style # 05/10 (5:58) is located.
- Stick to this side of the area (left side, from where you came) and continue forward onto more roofs. Use a wall-run when necessary, so you reach the upper-most roofs available. For reference, on the left side you can see a large couple of staircases leading upwards towards a locked area. Facing the staircases, the roofs where the last Style was are on the left buildings, while the roofs where you want to go now are on the right block of houses.

- Once you reach the upper roofs you will pick up Inspiration # 16/50 (146/480) (6:13).
- From here you can jump down on the high walkway below, and follow it to reach the upper roofs of the nearby building, where Gallery # 04/09 (32/100) (6:28) is located.
- Now follow the high walkway to its first intersection to find a Yellow Paintbot. Go right first to get Style # 06/10 (6:32).
- Continue going towards the right side and you will come to another intersection and a Red Paintbot. Continue further right (so you're backtracking towards the previous areas) to reach Inspiration # 17/50 (147/480) (6:37) which you probably already saw from afar.

- Return to the previous intersection (the one with the Red Paintbot) and take the other path. It will lead you to a platform with a Blue Paintbot, as well as the first enemies and objects that you need to destroy to continue with the story. Mop them up, then continue on another short portion of the high walkway to reach another platform with more enemies/objects.
- From there continue on the usual high walkway to reach yet another platform with enemies/objects to destroy. On this same platform you can't help seeing Style # 07/10 on a small roof (6:56), and at this point you should have also completed the story-related task.
- Before jumping down to reach the next Story Point though, there's still another part of the high walkway to explore. Follow it all the way to the end to collect Gallery # 05/09 (33/100) (7:01).
- Don't jump off just yet. Instead, backtrack on the high walkway and go right when the path splits, so you eventually return to the very first intersection of this high walkway (with the Yellow Paintbot). From this point (the intersection) you can jump down on the left to fall just above a statue, where (above the statue) Inspiration # 18/50 (148/480) (7:09) is located.

- At this point you're back on the ground. There's still an item to grab, and it's Style # 08/10 (7:18) found somewhere on the smaller roofs on the right side of the area. You should spot it easy enough.

- Go to the next Story Point and you'll be told to enter the Police Station via Red Hole; do so.

- There's nothing inside the Police Station (which is a one-time-only area), so just go through it and use the Transformation Engine at the end.

- Outside again, you'll be asked to raise up some towers, starting by operating a purple switch. The game will always put the Paintbots you'll need on the towers where you need it, so proceeding will be simple.
- At the top of the "yellow tower" there is an easy Inspiration # 19/50 (149/480) (8:23) near the switch.
- Continue on more towers until you reach the brown tower, which is the last one. At this point you'll be able (and told) to enter another area via Red Hole, but don't enter inside just yet.

- Instead, behind the building where you need to enter next (which is guarded by a bunch of Shepherds that you should kill as soon as possible, by the way) you will find Gallery # 06/09 (34/100) (9:08).
- Drop down in the water from this position (the rear of the building where you have to go next) to grab Inspiration # 20/50 (150/480) (8:56).

- When you're ready, get inside the Red Hole to access another one-time-only 2D area (9:17).
- Proceed as it comes natural, until at one point you will use a Haz-Mat Boost to cross some Ink Water (with inkballs, so watch out). Past the Ink Water you will push a Blue Switch, and then you'll have to use a Z-Line to go on the upper levels again.
- At the end of the Z-Line, instead of continuing right with a jumper, jump down one level to reach a secondary area on the left, where a Shepherd and some Color Atoms are. All of this accompanies Inspiration # 21/50 (151/480) (9:55).
- Jump down and use the Z-Line again to continue all the way until you spawn a Transformation Engine that will take you out of this place.

- Outside, reach the next Story Point and enter the nearby Green Hole to access yet another 2D one-time-only area.

- There's nothing noteworthy inside, so just continue until you can use another Transformation Engine. Before doing so, grab the many Color Atoms that will spawn around it.

- Once you're outside there will be another Transformation Engine waiting for you. Use it, and the "Mortar" enemies will also be introduced to you. They're enemies stuck in one place, destroyable via slam (that costs 50 points in their case!), which shoot Ink at you from long distances.

- After this other transformation you could proceed forward on the main way, but there's a couple of items on the left first. One of them is an Inspiration # 22/50 (152/480) (12:31), located behind the Clear Water waterfall on the left.
- The other one is also an Inspiration # 23/50 (153/480) (12:28), hidden inside a spiked crate on a small island that you can access by jumping from other islands on the right side.

- After getting these two tricky items, continue on the main path to reach the next Story Point.
- Ahead of you there is a Haz-Mat Boost that you can use to surf the Ink Water. Before continuing on the ground of the next area, detour in the Ink Water on the right side to find, in a small stripe of Clear Water, Inspiration # 24/50 (154/480) (12:43).

Prisma Hill

- Then continue in this other area.
- Immediately on your right after the entrance there is Style # 09/10 (12:53).
- Also on the right side on a small pier there are some crates you can destroy to get Inspiration # 25/50 (155/480) (12:52).
- Still on the right side, in the Clear Water near another pier you will find Inspiration # 26/50 (156/480) (12:56).
- Finally, again on the right side, there's a block of houses and on a small roof you can easily spot Inspiration # 27/50 (157/480) (12:50).

- Reach the spot marked with an arrow on the street if you haven't already done so, and the next Story Point will appear.
- Get to the next Story Point, then restock at the nearby large Yellow Pool to smash the enemies on the small island where there's also a statue you have to paint to complete your current mission.

- Locate and activate the next Story Point. Kill the enemies as you're asked, so a Transformation Engine spawns in the middle of the street.
- Before using it stand from where the last Story Point was and face the engine itself. From here, turn around and check the Clear Water behind you to acquire Inspiration # 28/50 (158/480) (13:40). For reference, there's a Red Paintbot quite close to the edge of the street that looks out on the Clear Water where this item is located.
- Transform the place afterwards.

- Reach the next Story Point and use the upcoming Z-Line to get on the upper bridge, where a few enemies (and four Mortars) are waiting. You'll be introduced the "Sergeant" enemy too (just a bigger Inky which adds Ink-Color effect to his attacks).
- Defeat all the enemies to continue.

- You could already get a few more collectibles now (on the high rooftops of the buildings around this bridge), but it'll be easier to get them later, so we''ll wait.
- Reach the next Story Point on the bridge, and a Haz-Mat Boost will spawn on the rooftop of a building on the left side. Make your way to it (help yourself by slamming the Paintbots for easy jumps on the rooftops), but instead of proceeding, drop down from the rooftop where the Haz-Mat itself is. If you drop on the correct (left) side, you will land on a lower roof with Gallery # 07/09 (35/100) (14:41).
- Make your way back up the bridge with the previous Z-Line, and this time follow the path on the hot platforms, protected by the Haz-Mat (they are another thing against which the Haz-Mat works) and, as Orange Blob, enter the Orange Hole to continue. Should you touch the hot platforms, you'll start burning and you'll need to get some Clear Water soon to avoid Blob's death.

- This other one-time-only area is a bit long, but doesn't have any collectibles in it, so I'll leave it up to you. Use the Transformation Engine at its end when you can.

- You'll be out on the previous bridge again. We can group the high rooftops of the buildings around the bridge in four groups: two on the left, two on the right. You've already been on the first rooftops on the right, to get the Haz-Mat power and enter the last building.
- The next stop will be the first rooftops on the left. You can get on them very easily by using the slam attacks on the enemies that just spawned on them to land there safely. It's also possible to jump on them the "classic" way, but you need to be accurate and make your jumps as long as possible. There will be Inspiration # 29/50 (159/480) (16:04) on the highest of them all.
- Still on the first rooftops on the left side, now you want to locate the one which has a Red Paintbot on. Go there. From here you can drop down on a lower rooftop to find Inspiration # 30/50 (160/480) (16:11).

- Jump down and get back up on the bridge with the usual Z-Line. At this point there are two more blocks of buildings to explore, one on the left and one on the right side.
- First, use the enemies on the right ones to reach more rooftops. On the highest one there is the usual Inspiration # 31/50 (161/480) (14:28).
- Then jump back on the bridge, and use the enemies once again to land more easily on the last rooftops. On this last group of buildings you will spot Inspiration # 32/50 (162/480) (16:23) and Style # 10/10 (16:24) near each other.
- From the last Style, jump on the very last rooftops you need to get on, to nab Inspiration # 33/50 (163/480) (16:25).

- Jump back on the bridge once again and activate the next Story Point.
- Enter the last area ahead of you and follow the Clear Water courses all the way to the right and left. By following the water courses on the left you will find Gallery # 08/09 (36/100) (16:37).
- By following the courses on the right you will find Inspiration # 34/50 (164/480) (16:44) and, further on, Gallery # 09/09 (37/100) (16:49).

- When it's all done, all that remains is mixing up some Brown paint (there are Paintbots of all the colors on some hot platforms which turn on and off periodically, around the main building where you have to enter) to enter the last Brown Hole and access the last area.
- This last 2D area is, once again, a one-time-only area. It doesn't have any collectible to pick up, so I'll leave it to you.

Once you use the Transformation Engine at the end of the last 2D area you will stop the timer and get outside again. At this point you can complete all the 16 Bonus Challenges first, so you collect up to Inspiration # 50/50 (180/480). Then mop up remaining items for the three Gold Medals as usual.
When it's all done, make sure that you have at least 760,000 points in your Score, and then pick "Yes" to reply Pinky's usual question and complete the level.

By completing this level you will unlock:

The Senate liberated in de Blob 2
"The Senate" level completed
  • Unlocked by 197 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.64) 528

Level Five - Comrade Black U (State College*)

* The secondary name in parenthesis appears once you complete the level, and after that this level will always be called with the secondary name instead of the old primary name. This will apply to some other levels too in the future.

- Inspirations: 50 Total; 17 from Bonus Challenges; 1 missable (Inspiration # 03)
- Galleries: 8 Total
- Style Bonuses: 10 Total
- S-Rank Score: 1,300,000 Minimum. Total Bonus Score available (17/17 Bonus Challenges + 10/10 Style Bonuses + 3/3 Gold Medals): 370,000. Minimum score required for S-Rank before completing the level: 930,000
- Video of the level

Ink Faculty

- From where you start, hop off the roof on the right and smash a few crates. There's two of them immediately on the ground as you jump down, and then another one further on, which is the one containing Inspiration # 01/50 (181/480) (0:03).
- Complete the first story missions (paint a statue and defeat a few enemies). There are some Green Pools around the buildings of this area, and you should probably refill your ammo completely there instead of using the small Paintbots.

- Either way, the next Story Point will automatically activate, and you'll be asked to paint some buildings of Blue and Yellow.
- As you paint the blue buildings, on the left you will see a small bridge taking you to Inspiration # 02/50 (182/480) (0:21).
- Drop down a couple of roofs on the right from this last collectible to find also Style # 01/10 (0:22).
- Complete the current mission if you haven't already.

- Activate the next mission, and hop on the roofs where it takes you. On these roofs you will easily spot and get Gallery # 01/08 (38/100) (0:37).
- Complete this other simple mission as well by painting the buildings purple.
- Use the Transformation Engine that will spawn afterwards.

- The "Heavy Inky" enemies will be introduced to you. These enemies are able to spray you with Ink, and they're resistant against your Charge attacks. This is a relevant issue when you will find them along with other enemies that you can only destroy by Charging at them, so try to remember this strength of theirs. Just slam them to the ground, keeping in mind that the cost for every slam is 25 points.
- Enter the Orange Hole that will open afterwards.

- Inside this first building (which is a one-time-only area) you will automatically come across Inspiration # 03/50 (183/480) (1:11), near some of the enemies you have to defeat (and near the Yellow Paintbot you need to use to become Green Blob).
- Complete the short puzzle and use the Transformation Engine inside of this place to get back outside.

- Outside again, activate the next Story Point. You'll be asked to enter the library, via Green Hole. Before entering, grab the Inspiration # 04/50 (184/480) (1:45) somewhere around the library itself, in plain sight.
- There's nothing important in the library, so just complete the tasks inside and use the Transformation Engine to exit again.

- Outside, now you'll be asked to enter another building through a Yellow Hole. Before doing this, smash some crates behind the building (the one where you're supposed to go) to find Inspiration # 05/50 (185/480) (2:13).
- On a small roof not far from this crate there is also Gallery # 02/08 (39/100) (2:14). Please note the black barricade behind this item, since it will be gone after the next transformation and you'll have access to more items then.
- Still in this area, on some other small roofs there are also three more crates and a hole where you can enter. Smash the crates first to get Inspiration # 06/50 (186/480) (2:19).
- Then enter the hole on these roofs (2:20).

- Inside this optional hole you really can't help seeing four collectibles on the way: Inspiration # 07/50 (187/480) and Style # 02/10 (2:25) are in the Orange Water, then there will be Inspiration # 08/50 (188/480) above the purple switch, and then again Inspiration # 09/50 (189/480) on the left in the Purple Water.
- Grab everything, push the switches to open up some Pools outside, then get out through either of the two exits.

- Become Yellow Blob and go inside the next story-related building. There's nothing important inside this one-time-only area (it's a Police Station), so just continue to use the Transformation Engine at the end of it.

- Outside, a new path has become available. Make an effort to recognise, past the Police Station, the small roofs on which there was (and still is) a hole where you found four easy collectibles earlier. On the left/behind the buildings where the hole is there was a Gallery item. Behind that Gallery item there was, earlier, a barricade which prevented you from going on. Now the barrier is gone, and you can access a small grassy area.
- On this grassy area there are various groups of crates: destroy the first group to get Inspiration # 10/50 (190/480) (7:11).
- Destroy another group of crates to get Inspiration # 11/50 (191/480) (7:12).

- Continue on the next Story Point. You'll be asked to paint a block of houses with Brown color: do so to spawn a Transformation Engine and a Z-Line.
- Use the Z-Line (it's on the block of houses you just painted brown) to reach a high platform, where Inspiration # 12/50 (192/480) (3:33) is located.
- Jump down from this platform to collect Inspiration # 13/50 (193/480) (3:34) too in mid-air.
- Use the Transformation Engine, which is just near where you should land.

- After the transformation, go all the way to the right side of the area until you find a small portion where there's some Clear Water. In the water you will also find Inspiration # 14/50 (194/480) (3:51).
- Then continue on the rooftops that spawned after the last transformation. In particular, check those nearest to the "Inspiration Shop" (the blue icon) to find Style # 03/10 (4:00).

Engineering Faculty

- At this point you're entering this other area. Continue forward past a small bridge, and on the other side of the bridge you will see some ledges on the left (there's also a Blue Paintbot on these ledges). Follow the ledges to the left to find Inspiration # 15/50 (195/480) (4:04) first, and Gallery # 03/08 (40/100) (4:06) further on.
- Then follow your Compass to reach the next Story Point. As you approach it, smash the crates on its left (on the ground) to find Style # 04/10 (4:13).

- You'll be told to use a bunch of jumpers to reach your next destination. First of all, as you use them normally you will collect Inspiration # 16/50 (196/480) and Inspiration # 17/50 (197/480) (4:20 and 4:22).
- While airborne after collecting the second Inspiration, move and hold cn_LSl so that you can land on a higher rooftop where Gallery # 04/08 (41/100) (4:36) is located. Should you fail the landing, just go back on the jumpers and try again.
- Finally, you also want to use the jumpers ten times in a row (remember that you can direct your jumps with LS; do so to drive your Blob towards more jumpers instead of the rooftops) to unlock:

Piston partisan in de Blob 2
Completed 10 continuous piston jumps
  • Unlocked by 122 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.08) 528

- When it's all done, land on the rooftops/platforms where you're taken naturally by the jumpers, and activate the next Story Point.
- Your task now will be to defeat a few "Elite" enemies, now introduced. These annoying enemies (you're yet to see how annoying they can get) can only be destroyed with slams/charges if you are of the correct color (the same as theirs). In this case the things are simple: they're yellow and there's a bunch of Yellow Paintbots around the place.
- Defeat them all, then use the Red Pool somewhere near a corner to paint the buildings red, as required.

- Reach the next Story Point once this one is complete. Use the nearby jumper (on a small roof) to continue and reach another story-related hole where you can enter (5:14).

- Inside this hole (revisitable area) you'll have to press three switches, two of which are red. The first red switch will be on the bottom level, on the left of Brown Water. Then you'll have to go up again with a jumper to reach the second red switch.
- At this point (near the second red switch) you will easily see Inspiration # 18/50 (198/480) and Style # 05/10 (5:36) on the right side, in a sort of alcove.
- Continue after using the purple switch, and you'll go down a long ride on an elevator. As you go you will automatically collect Inspiration # 19/50 (199/480) (5:45).
- Make your way out when it's all done.

- Outside, reach the next Story Point and you'll be told to use a switch to activate some gravity walls. Do so to reach more jumpers.
- Use these jumpers a couple of times, and you will clearly see Inspiration # 20/50 (200/480) (6:06) in mid-air just on the right of one of the jumpers. Simply avoid using the jumper closest to it, and land on the item instead (it may take a few attempts, but you'll sort it out eventually).
- Then use the jumpers all the way to the end to reach a switch to push with an airborne slam; do so to spawn a Haz-Mat Boost.
- Get the Haz-Mat Boost, then use the Red Paintbots somewhere around the place to become Red Blob and be able to fight the Red Elite enemies. Smash some crates too, so you complete the current story mission.
- Use the Transformation Engine that will spawn afterwards.

- After the transformation, before going downwards to the next area, hop on the grassy ledges on your left. From there you can jump on the roofs of the building on the top of which there was the switch that spawned the Haz-Mat. Anyway, you will see Gallery # 05/08 (42/100) (6:41) on the roof itself.
- Jump down from here to get an easy Inspiration # 21/50 (201/480) (6:42) on the ground.

- Now go about where the last Transformation Engine was. In front of you there is, again, the path that goes downward to the next area. Instead of going there, turn around and you will see a few staircases. At the top of them there is also another switch. Push it to activate a gravity wall. Go up this wall to reach the rooftops.
- From the rooftops, you can drop right and left on some pipes to get respectively Inspiration # 22/50 (202/480) (6:47) and Style # 06/10 (6:54).
- Past the last switch (the one that activated the gravity wall) there will be a couple of small pools of Clear Water. There is an Inspiration in each of them, but you can't get one of them yet.
- The one that you can get is Inspiration # 23/50 (203/480) (6:58), which might be a bit hidden by some seaweed. As reference, the spot in the water where you should look is between a bridge (before which there are a Yellow and a Blue Paintbot) and a small roof with a jumping platform on it (and, on the street near this roof, also a Yellow Paintbot).

- From here, go again towards the spot where the last Transformation Engine was. As you walk towards that spot, on the left you'll have the ledges where you climbed up a minute ago for a Gallery collectible (just as reference).
- On the right side you can see some "glass doors" (barricades, panels, whatever). Go near them and walk right hugging them. If you continue on this direction you will soon return to the first part of this area, that is to say nearby the Library where you entered earlier.
- Back in that area, stick to the left side and continue behind the Police Station (you entered there through a Yellow Hole; it has a shiny gold police badge on it) to find some large stairs (on your left as you go) leading downward to a new area. On these stairs there is Style # 07/10 (7:07).

Space Faculty

- At this point you can continue to the next Story Point. You'll be introduced the Wrecking Ball Boost, a great one which allows you to roll through the enemies and kill them with no effort. You're also invulnerable in this condition (not completely, but you basically have a Haz-Mat shield on), and you're so heavy that you will always sink at the bottom of water surfaces (mostly a downside, but it will also help getting a few items here and there). You can't jump while in this condition.
- Use its devastating power to roll down the stairs and crush the enemies on your way to complete the current task.

- Advance another bit past the point where you finished the last enemies on the way. There will be a short cutscene. From where you are now, on your right you can see some Clear Water, and a small bridge with a Yellow Paintbot on it. Under the bridge, floating in the water, there are a Life Pickup and Gallery # 06/08 (43/100) (7:43).
- Now advance towards the next Story Point. As you approach it, on your left there will be some sets of stairs leading to an upper area, which is a sort of small rugby field. Between the goal posts on the opposite side of the field you can see and get Inspiration # 24/50 (204/480) (7:51).
- Go back where the Story Point is, but pay attention to your left as you descend the stairs. You will see, on a rooftop, Inspiration # 25/50 (205/480) (7:56).

- Activate the next Story Point then, and be ready to smash quite a bunch of enemies, including a few Elites.

- When it's all ready, activate the next Story Point. Become Orange Blob with the nearby Paintbots, then enter the Orange Hole (8:47).

- Inside this building there's nothing important to pick up (it's a one-time-only area), so just clear it to use the Transformation Engine at the end.

- Outside again, reach the next Story Point. A Wrecking Ball Boost will appear, and you'll have to use it in order to be able to reach a deep hole in the water, in the middle of the fountain. You have to time your movements carefully, so that you can use the rotating platforms as a four-piece path to reach the hole. You'll reach it eventually, and you'll get to the top of this fountain, or whatever this structure is.
- At the top, use the Red Paintbots to become Red Blob, then enter the Red Hole in the structure (9:43).

- Inside this last 2D (and one-time-only) area you won't find any collectibles, but there's a lot of Color Atoms to pick up on the way. Make sure you do so, since you're not very high on points in this level.
- This area is quite big and long, but you should have no problems completing it, thus spawning the last Transformation Engine of this level.

You will return outside and the timer will be gone. The Bonus Challenges have appeared on your Compass, but there's a few items to pick up first, and also some more that will be available during/after one of the Bonus Challenges.

- For a start, go about where you got the last Wrecking Ball outside. Not far from it you will see a hole in the ground: enter inside (11:45).

- Inside this hole there will be a spinning wheel. Stay on the wheel to collect a bunch of Color Atoms, as well as some collectibles: Inspiration # 26/50 (206/480) (11:50), Style # 08/10 (11:52) and then again Inspiration # 27/50 (207/480) (11:55).
- Get the remaining Color Atoms from the wheel, then exit outside.

- Outside, on your left there should be the Wrecking Ball, while on the right are some walls and small roofs. Hug the walls on your right to find, on a small roof in plain sight, Style # 09/10 (12:04).
- Go left from here. You want to reach a small rooftop where a Z-Line is. The small block of houses you're looking for is on the right of the building where you entered via Orange Hole earlier.
- At the end of the Z-Line you'll be on a high platform. Go around this platform to collect: Gallery # 07/08 (44/100), Inspiration # 28/50 (208/480) and Style # 10/10 (12:11).
- From this platform you can jump on the upper rooftops of the block of houses where the last Z-Line started. There is another Inspiration # 29/50 (209/480) (12:13) on the highest one.

- Now you want to start the Bonus Challenge which is closest to the area where you defeated the last of the enemies with the first Wrecking Ball. Simply backtrack there to find it, near a Yellow Pool. This Bonus Challenge asks you to collect a few Color Atoms with some jumpers, activated for the occasion. As you jump with them, you will clearly see Gallery # 08/08 (45/100) (12:29) on the high grassy platform where one of the jumpers is, and then also Inspiration # 30/50 (210/480) (12:31) on the platform reached after another jump from here.
- Complete the Bonus Challenge while you're here, so you get Inspiration # 31/50 (211/480). Then head counterclockwise around the main fountain of this area. As you go there, before those stairs, on your right there will be more jumpers and, in mid-air, some Inspirations.
- Use the jumpers and follow them all the way to the end to collect automatically Inspiration # 32/50 (212/480) and Inspiration # 33/50 (213/480) (12:40).
- Make sure to follow these last jumpers all the way also after the second Inspiration, since you will get a ton of extra score with some Color Atoms at the end of the line.

- You will land (after the last of these jumpers) at the bottom of the staircase/ramp you previously took downwards with the Wrecking Ball. Now go back upwards, and use the Wrecking Ball. If you remember, a while ago we mentioned that there was an Inspiration in one of the Clear Water areas around these parts.
- Get the Wrecking Ball Boost, and head up the staircase in front of you. At the "fork" (the path splits left/right of the building where a gravity wall can be activated), go left and continue onwards. On the left there will be a small water area, where Inspiration # 34/50 (214/480) (12:52) is located, deep in the water.

There is nothing else to collect at this point, so go and complete the usual Bonus Challenges (16 more) to get up to Inspiration # 50/50 (230/480). Then mop up the items for the three Gold Medals, as usual.
When it's all done, make sure that your score is at least 930,000 points, then complete the level by talking to Pinky. Should you not have the required amount of points, make sure you've collected the big Color Atoms in the same area where we got the last Inspiration (the 34th), as shown at 13:04 in the video. They're very rewarding in terms of points (you can see +1,000 displayed on the screen, but for some reason they actually earn you +10,000 points!), so they should fix your lack of score.

By completing this level you will unlock:

Prisma Community College liberated in de Blob 2
"Comrade Black U." level completed
  • Unlocked by 174 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.74) 528

Level Six - Blanc Cola Cannery (Soda Falls)

- Inspirations: 50 Total; 14 from Bonus Challenges; 4 missable (Inspirations # 03, 05, 26, 35)
- Galleries: 8 Total
- Style Bonuses: 10 Total
- S-Rank Score: 915,000 Minimum. Total Bonus Score available (14/14 Bonus Challenges + 10/10 Style Bonuses + 3/3 Gold Medals): 340,000. Minimum score required for S-Rank before completing the level: 575,000
- Video of the level

Before starting this level, let me explain how it's going to work. You will travel through a certain amount of "Towers", which will be more easily referred to according to their color, and there will be collectibles both on these towers (occasionally even inside them) and at the bottom of the Towers themselves. In order to reduce the amount of backtracking required, we will leave the bottom of the towers a bit behind at first, and then come back to wipe the items found there. You can reach the bottom of the towers simply by jumping off their upper levels. To get back up, at the bottom of the towers there will be two holes that will take you to the base of the tower. After clearing the events in each tower, there will be also a jumper at the bottom of the tower, which will take you through a transparent pipe that will send you directly to the top of the tower itself.

In any case, be ready for a lengthy level which will take you quite some time to clear. It will be a very good idea to try to work on the Gold Medals as you go (so if you read "Graydians Liberated" after painting a block of houses, it's advisable to take your time to spot where they are, take them out, and grab the Yellow Clock reward too while you're there). This will save you quite some time later.

Lemony Zest

- The first tower is the "yellow tower". After soaking in the Yellow Pool, you will spot Style # 01/10 (0:09) on the platforms where you will jump.
- Remain on the same level as this first item and continue on the right to find Inspiration # 01/50 (231/480) (0:13).
- Next jump up two roofs. As you do so, on your left there will be some pipes with an Armor Pickup on them. Follow the pipes around the corner to reach Inspiration # 02/50 (232/480) (0:16).
- Climb up the tower and enter inside the Yellow Hole at the top of it (0:20).

- As you make your way through this 2D (one-time-only) area you will probably see an Inspiration in mid-air when you fall down at one point. Ignore it at first, and continue until you push a green switch.
- After the green switch, a yellow switch will appear. Turn yellow and push it. As soon as you push it, Yellow Water will raise you all the way up. You want to stay in the middle of the water, so you can acquire Inspiration # 03/50 (233/480) (0:41) as you're lifted up. If you miss it, there's no way to go back down and you'll have to restart the level.
- Use the Transformation Engine afterwards.

- You will be outside the tower, and you'll be able to use a cannon to shoot Blob directly on the next tower. To do so, simply press RT in correspondence with the hole behind the cannon.

Red Rhumba

- This is the "red tower". Continue on your left up three moving platforms, and then farther left on more moving platforms.
- After this second group of platforms you will be on a solid space where Style # 02/10 (1:11) is, in plain sight.
- From here you're supposed to jump on rooftops to get on more moving platforms. Before doing so though, still on the same level as the last collectible, move on the left to find, towards the bottom-left part of the screen (the camera doesn't help at all here), the continuation of the platform where you're standing. Once it ends you can jump on the nearby platform, where Style # 03/10 (1:14) awaits.
- Go back on the main area, and continue up the red tower. At one point you will come across Inspiration # 04/50 (234/480)(1:27); you can't miss it.
- Just before reaching the Red Hole at the top of the tower you will see a few Heavy Inkies: refrain from the temptation of slamming them, or you won't have enough points (50) to enter the Red Hole (1:32).

- Inside the red tower (one-time-only area) there will be a collectible just like in the yellow tower. Before reaching the Transformation Engine you will find yourself pushing a red button that will raise Red Water. As you're lifted upwards, stay in the middle of the water to get Inspiration # 05/50 (235/480) (1:59).
- Use the Transformation Engine at the end to continue.

- Outside the tower, use the cannon to be shot on the next tower (so you collect the Color Atoms in the air), but before proceeding there's some backtracking to do.
- The first thing to do is backtrack towards the red tower (just turn around and follow the way); then, from the red tower, feel free to jump down to the bottom and reach the bottom of the yellow tower.
- As you approach the bottom of the yellow tower, on your left you will see a small waterfall (made of two consecutive small waterfalls). Check on the right side of these waterfalls to find Gallery # 01/08 (46/100) (2:24).
- Continue counterclockwise in the water around the bottom of the yellow tower, and you will find Inspiration # 06/50 (236/480) (2:29) on a small ledge in the water.

- Turn around and start walking towards the bottom of the red tower. Between the yellow and the red towers (speaking of their bottoms, of course) there are some pipes in the middle of the water, and a bunch of wooden platforms/houses on their sides.
- In particular, follow the rooftops on the left and jump on them. Sooner or later, an air-car will pass by and you'll be able to take a ride on it (LT+A). Use it to be taken just close to a rooftop with a large billboard (as reference) on one side, and Inspiration # 07/50 (237/480) (2:42) on its top.
- In the water near the building where you got your last collectible there is a boat with two crates on it. Smash the crates to get Gallery # 02/08 (47/100) (2:44).

- Now walk past the red tower's bottom, and continue on the path that takes you towards the next tower. Stay on the houses on the left, and you will come across Inspiration # 08/50 (238/480) (2:50) on one of their roofs.
- Stay on the left side, and reach the bottom of the next tower without losing your color. If you succeed, you'll be able to smash the many crates here and there around the bottom of this new tower. Inside the crates of the first wooden pier on the left is Inspiration # 09/50 (239/480) (2:54).
- Then smash the only crate on the boat on the left to find another Inspiration # 10/50 (240/480) (3:02).

Blue Ruin

- At this point you can use either of the two holes at the bottom of this tower to reach its top. You'll see that this is the "blue tower".
- Climb up the tower all the way to the top (do not fight the enemies, or you won't have the 50 ammo required to enter the next hole! This will apply to the next towers as well). Before entering the Blue Hole climb up the rooftops on the left. You will be able to pick up Inspiration # 11/50 (241/480) (3:27), which you probably saw earlier on your way to the top
- Enter the Blue Hole when you're ready. There's nothing inside this tower (one-time-only area), so just continue until you can use the Transformation Engine at the end.

Primary Pop

- Use the cannon when you're back outside, so you reach the next tower. This is a "rainbow tower" (the first of two).
- Grab the Rainbow Boost from the roofs on the left and paint all the buildings.
- When it's all done you'll have to reach the Transformation Engine that will spawn on the upper platform of this tower. On this same platform, on the opposite side of the engine, you will find Inspiration # 12/50 (242/480) (4:55).
- Use the Transformation Engine afterwards.

- Follow the Compass to reach the next Story Point, jumping down in some streams of colors. Before reaching the Story Point, in the Red Stream you will find Inspiration # 13/50 (243/480) (5:13), easy to spot.
- Now you'll be introduced the "Spikey" enemies, by far the most annoying of the game. They can only be defeated with an expensive Charge attack, and if you jump within their line of sight they will shoot you (they also have a long range of action). They're the primary reason of nuisance related to the Keepin' it real achievement, but you'll get through somehow, don't worry. Just be careful, since their attacks deal -50 points of damage every time.
- Defeat the six enemies and activate the three switches (the last one will be a red switch) to proceed.

Secondary Sodas

- After a short cutscene, head down the new streams of colors to reach this other tower. It's the other "rainbow" tower.
- Activate the Story Point here, and grab Style # 04/10 (6:07) from the nearby rooftop. Fully paint the buildings, then smash the Graydians to complete the current task and spawn another Transformation Engine at the top of the tower.
- Transform this place for good.

- Hop back on the lower level and reach the next Story Point.

Lime Time

- This is the "green tower", and immediately after the Story Point you will be able to get Style # 05/10 (6:49).
- As you move on, the "Bomb Bot" enemies will be introduced to you. These are kamikaze enemies that you just have to avoid. Keep in mind that they will spray Ink color around them when they blow up, thus possibly cancelling your painting work on some things. You could Charge at them to destroy them safely, but it's not an option if you're after Keepin' it real (it would be too expensive).
- Anyway, do what you can to dodge them and jump away from them if they spot you. Then continue climbing up the tower, keeping in mind that there will be two big Paintbots (Yellow and Blue) just before the Green Hole, so you can afford a couple of kills on the enemies if you want. I still suggest avoiding them.
- You will need a Haz-Mat Boost to pass on the hot platforms too, but other than that there's nothing important to point out outside the tower.
- The inside is a one-time-only area, as usual, and it's empty as far as collectibles are concerned. Continue to its end (use the Super Charge Boost when you come across it by the way, it's extremely useful against the Spikey enemies) and use the Transformation Engine to move on.

- Back outside, use the cannon to shoot Blob directly to the next Story Point.
- From where you land, smash a crate on your left to get Inspiration # 14/50 (244/480) (8:32).
- Before continuing on the pipes towards the next area, you can drop below more ledges behind you to find two items in plain sight: Inspiration # 15/50 (245/480) and Style # 06/10 (8:34).

Orange Ale

- Jump back up the ledges and continue towards the next tower. Before going through the hole at its bottom to reach its top, detour counterclockwise on the right side.
- On the right you will see a wooden platform with two crates (and a Yellow Paintbot) on it. Continue counterclockwise from here to find two boats, one of which has a Red Paintbot and a crate on it. Smash this crate to get Inspiration # 16/50 (246/480) (8:43).
- On the right of this boat there's an isolated ledge with a crate sitting on it, in the water. Jump and use the LT+A slam onto this crate to reach it and smash it, thus obtaining Inspiration # 17/50 (247/480) (8:44).
- Continue counterclockwise, but go back closer to the bottom of the tower. There is a wooden pier with a crate on it: smash it to get Inspiration # 18/50 (248/480) (8:49).
- Continue counterclockwise, but farther from the bottom of the tower, to see another ledge in the water. This one has Inspiration # 19/50 (249/480) (8:53) ready to pick up.
- Move on counterclockwise again, and you will fin a rather long wooden platform, with a few houses on its right side. Towards the end of this wooden platform you can find a Yellow Paintbot (just as reference) and, on the right, a billboard. There are also two crates you can smash on this platform; do so to get Inspiration # 20/50 (250/480) (8:59).
- The billboard we've just mentioned is somehow hiding a boat in the Clear Water behind it, and on this boat you can get Gallery # 03/08 (48/100) (9:01).
- From where the Yellow Paintboat was, if you look on the right you should also be able to see an isolated ledge with a cannon on it. On this ledge there's also a paintable tree and a crate. Smash the crate (the jump here is a bit tricky, and it's probably easier to jump from the last boat than from the wooden platform) to get Style # 07/10 (9:03).

- Fair enough, now you've mopped up this area and you can enter through the marked hole in the ground to reach the "orange tower".
- There's nothing important on the way to the Orange Hole (located at its top like the other ones), except the new (and last) kind of trap of the game, the "electricity panels". These panels will instantly deal some damage to you, but you won't need to get some Clear Water to recover from their damage (unlike the Ink and the hot platforms). The Haz-Mat (there's one on the way, later) protects you from them too.
- There is nothing worth mentioning inside the orange tower (one-time-only area) either. Just be careful with the enemies, as usual, and use the Transformation Engine when it's all done.

- When you're back outside, locate the usual cannon and use it to send Blob towards the next destination.
- Use the Z-Line where you'll land to reach the next Story Point.

Grape Escape

- You're at the bottom of the "purple tower".
- Proceed counterclockwise on the left side to find a few houses and some crates nearby. Smash the crates to get Inspiration # 21/50 (251/480) (10:54).
- Near these crates there's also a boat with two more crates on. Smash them as well to get Inspiration # 22/50 (252/480) (10:55) as well.

- Now reach the opposite side of this area (the right side). If you check the edge of the Clear Water you will see, at one point, a 90-degree-shaped turn of a waterfall. Help yourself by rotating the camera to find the correct spot. Anyways, if you drop down in correspondence of this 90-degree-shaped angle of the waterfall, you will land on more Clear Water, where Inspiration # 23/50 (253/480) (11:03) is located.
- From where you are now there's only one way to proceed, and this is by jumping down on more Clear Water on the left side. Do so to land somewhere close to the bottom of one of the "rainbow towers" (the "Secondary Sodas"), where you can easily spot Inspiration # 24/50 (254/480) (11:07) floating in the water.
- Proceed towards the right side of the Clear Water area around the bottom of this rainbow tower, and you will eventually spot a ledge near the edge of the water. On this ledge (there's a bunch of them actually, but you'll eventually find the correct one) is Gallery # 04/08 (49/100) (11:11).

- To make your way back to the bottom of the purple tower, use the jumper at the bottom of this rainbow tower to reach the tower itself.
- On the tower, locate the only Ink Stream left, and jump down from there to land in the Clear Water around the "purple tower".
- Now finally go inside one of the holes at the bottom of the purple tower to reach its top.

- As you climb up this tower there will be quite a few Spikeys, so make sure you get the Supercharge on the way to simplify your mission.
- Continue on some moving platforms located between hot platforms. Before proceeding past the last hot platform, stand on the last moving platform to be lifted down. On this lower level you will find Inspiration # 25/50 (255/480) (11:46).
- Then continue all the way to the top of the tower, and enter the Purple Hole (12:09).

- Continue inside this purple tower (one-time-only area) as it comes natural, until you reach a frozen section.
- Proceed a bit in this frozen area and you'll have to press a blue switch; do so.
- After pressing the blue switch you will use some jumpers to go up again. After the second jumper you're supposed to continue on the right side (where some Bomb Bots are), but first you want to land on the left side to get Inspiration # 26/50 (256/480)(12:49).
- Complete the puzzles with the assistance of the Haz-Mat Boost to go past some hot steams, so you reach the Transformation Engine at the end.

- Outside the tower, don't use the cannon this time. Instead, drop down from the top of the tower and locate the Purple Stream somewhere nearby. Follow it to jump downward (so you still land in the Purple Stream) in order to collect Gallery # 05/08 (50/100) (13:25).
- As you follow this path you will be approaching one of the rainbow towers again. From where the Purple Stream ends, go left to find three large pipes (purple, green and orange). Jump down between the purple and green pipes to land just about where the next Transformation Engine has spawned.
- Use the Transformation Engine.

Mocha Tower

- This is probably the most dangerous platforming area of the game (nothing too hard, don't worry; be careful though), so open your eyes and take your time to move safely. In particular, the "danger" is mainly represented by your path: it's made of timed platforms where you need to step on in the correct moment (they periodically move from the horizontal position, that you can use to pass, to the vertical position).
- The first set of platforms is rather easy, so you won't have problems continuing to the next Story Point. Ignore the Inspiration on the pipes on the right for now.

- Before doing anything else, find and destroy the Mortar up the path on the right side.
- Then drop down in the three Color Streams on the right side to get Inspiration # 27/50 (257/480) (13:51) from the purple one
- Use the orange stream to become Orange Blob, then grab the Style # 08/10 (13:53) nearby.
- Press the orange switch to open the path forward activating more platforms, while also activating more platforms backwards.

- Before continuing to the next area, you can now get the previously-ignored Inspiration # 28/50 (258/480) (13:58) by using the platforms you've just activated.
- Then proceed to the next area, this time ignoring a Style item on the right side (we'll get it later, just like the previous Inspiration).
- Destroy the two Mortars.

- Become Green Blob by soaking in the correct stream of color, then locate a large block of houses near the streams of colors. There's a Red Paintbot on a wooden ledge there, and you can use it to become Brown Blob for the next switch.
- Instead of going back to press the switch right away, climb up the roofs of this block of buildings to find Inspiration # 29/50 (259/480) (14:21).
- Then explore the rear of the large chimneys to find Gallery # 06/08 (51/100) (14:23) too.
- Now go back to the brown switch and press it.

- Before continuing, backtrack on the newly-activated platforms to get Style # 09/10 (14:36) (the one we ignored a moment ago).
- Go back to the brown switch now. If you look at the path ahead you will see that there aren't enough platforms to continue that way. You'll need to find another route: locate a ledge/block of buildings on the left side, and jump there to proceed.
- On a ledge here you will soon see, on the left, Style # 10/10 (14:44).
- On a wooden platform on the right, before climbing up the houses, there is also Inspiration # 30/50 (260/480) (14:47).

- Climb to the top of these houses and jump forward to reach another solid platform.
- On the right side of this platform there are some pipes. Move carefully on them to grab, by dropping down on more pipes, Inspiration # 31/50 (261/480) (14:54).
- Drop down some more to get Gallery # 07/08 (52/100) (14:55) too
- Go back on the upper pipes, then cross them to reach a platform on the right side of the area.

- From here you can easily drop down to get Gallery # 08/08 (53/100) (15:01), near a Life Pickup.
- Drop down another level to reach Inspiration # 32/50 (262/480) (15:25).
- Hop on the rooftops of the small block of houses in front of you to get Inspiration # 33/50 (263/480) (15:27) too.
- Near these houses there's also a Yellow Paintbot; keep it in mind since you will soon need yellow painting.

- Smash two more Mortars, then become Yellow Blob to press the final yellow switch.
- This will spawn a Transformation Engine -- activate it.

- Now you've activated two sets of moving platforms. Those on the right side will move in a way that can be used only to backtrack, so make sure you jump on those on the left side to continue towards the next Story Point!
- Use the Z-Line to reach the base of the "brown tower".

- Here you'll have to press a purple switch first, to activate a gravity wall and reach the upper levels.
- Then you'll need to become Brown Blob. On the left of the brown switch there's a Yellow Paintbot to use for this purpose, so slam it to get the correct color. On the same rooftops where this Yellow Paintbot is, you will also see Inspiration # 34/50 (264/480) (16:11).
- Press the brown switch. This will activate a jumper near where the purple switch was.
- Jump on the jumper to reach the upper part of this tower, and then enter the Brown Hole (16:25).

- Continue by your own inside this tower (one-time-only area), until you reach a Wrecking Ball Boost that you need to use to continue. At this point, take this Boost and follow the path. You will come across three spiked pistons on your way as Wrecking Ball.
- Time your movements to get past the first two pistons, but stop under the third piston. Let it push you down, so you reach Inspiration # 35/50 (265/480) (17:09).
- Proceed to the end of this tower as well, and use the final Transformation Engine to exit outside automatically.

- From the exit, jump down to the base of this brown tower (about where the jumper you used to reach the Brown Hole is). Look at the area around you to spot the large globe of the "purple tower". If you drop down from the platform at the base of the brown tower towards the purple tower, you will land on a small ledge (with a long yellow column in the middle of it) with Inspiration # 36/50 (266/480) (18:14).

At this point the timer has stopped, and you can complete the 14 Bonus Challenges to get up to Inspiration # 50/50 (280/480). Then mop up the Gold Medals and you will eventually be finished with this level. You should have no problems having more than 575,000 points to get the S-Rank too.

By completing this level you will unlock:

Soda Falls liberated in de Blob 2
"Blanc Cola Cannery" level completed
  • Unlocked by 159 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 1.82) 528

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