de Blob 2 Walkthrough

6. Story Walkthrough - Levels 10 to 12

Level Ten - Inky Fabricator (Railyards)

- Inspirations: 30 Total; 8 from Bonus Challenges; 2 missable (Inspirations # 21 and 22)
- Galleries: 8 Total
- Style Bonuses: 10 Total
- S-Rank Score: 740,000 Minimum. Total Bonus Score available (8/8 Bonus Challenges + 10/10 Style Bonuses + 3/3 Gold Medals): 280,000. Minimum score required for S-Rank before completing the level: 460,000
- Video of the level

Before starting, beware that this level has a one-time-only area at the end where a bunch of extra points (Color Atoms, at least 30,000 easy points) can be collected with a short detour. It's also a level where the score is a bit tight, and therefore having those extra points will certainly help. On the other hand, this means that you have to be a bit more careful than usual with your random Liberations on the way (to collect the Yellow Clocks), so yea, if you usually don't pay much attention to liberating the Graydians as you proceed through the areas, please do so in this level to avoid running short of time at the end (I'll give you a more precise idea of how much time you should try to have before entering the final area in due time).

For similar reasons, try to not miss the Clocks and Color Atoms on your way, especially the multi-color atoms (the yellow ones are not particularly meaningful, at most you can mop them up later if you'll still need to boost your score)

Train Station 27

- You start in an area with a lot of enemies to take care of. Instead of mopping them up the hard way, turn around and go behind the building at your back (trigger/ignore the first Story Point, it doesn't really matter).
- Behind this building you will see a few enemies and two couples of small buildings, one of which has a Yellow Paintbot on.
- Become Blue Blob with the Blue Paintbot on the ground, then get on the rooftop where there is no Paintbot. From here, jump-slam the other Yellow Paintbot on more buildings in front of you, nearby a green switch, and then press the green switch itself.
- After pressing the switch, which was on the left roofs, jump/wall-run on the roofs on the right to collect Style # 01/10 (0:08) first, and then Inspiration # 01/30 (411/480) (0:09).
- Jump back to the previous area, become Blue Blob again and then jump on the rooftops on the right side (about where a Red Paintbot is). Push the purple switch here.

- This will spawn a Graviton Boost just past the Story Point. Go there now (activate the Story Point if you haven't already), and use this Boost for massive elimination of the enemies around you.
- While destroying everything, you will also break the ink helicopter in the middle of the fountain, thus receiving Inspiration # 02/30 (412/480) (0:43) in the process.
- When it's all done, go back to the rear of the previous building, where a Yellow Hole has now opened. Jump inside of it (0:50).

- Inside this building (one-time-only area) there's nothing to collect, so just complete the story tasks to use the Transformation Engine at the end.

- Outside again possibly become Blue Blob, then reach the next Story Point. You'll be asked to press two switches (red and blue) on two different "islands". As you will probably expect, the red switch is on the island with a Blue Pool, and vice versa for the other one. There are also some switching Elites and Regen Boosts in the central square, but you can ignore both (though you don't have anything to lose if you grab the Regen Boost on the way, so you might as well do so).
- Start by going on the island on the left. Watch out for the many enemies, including a Hypno Disc (its TV Set is right in front of you after crossing a bridge), and reach the rear of the structure in the middle of this circular area. There you will find a switch on the ground, which will activate a gravity wall that will take you to the blue switch. If you bothered becoming Blue Blob as suggested, you can already press this one.
- Also on this island there are some collectibles to get. On the right side there's a bunch of small houses with Style # 02/10 and Inspiration # 03/30 (413/480) (2:22) in plain sight.
- Still on this island, on the left side on the ground there are some crates. Smash them all to find Inspiration # 04/30 (414/480) (2:27), as well as a few Clocks.
- Jump on the buildings on the left side of this island (watch out for the electricity panels of course) to reach Inspiration # 05/30 (415/480) (2:32).

- Soak Blob in the Red Pool on this island, then leave to reach the other island.
- There's a bunch of enemies and a Hypno Disc here too (the TV Set is in front of you again), as well as the gravity-wall switch behind the central structure and the red switch at the top of it. Ignore the Transformation Engine that will spawn on third and a different island for now.
- On the right side, on a small roof, is Style # 03/10 (2:44).
- Jump on the buildings on the left to get Style # 04/10 (3:02).
- Past this island there is a small course of Clear Water separating you from a grassy area. You can cross it with a slam-jump on the Yellow Paintbot, or simply by using the Haz-Mat Boost on the right. Either way, cross this "river" and go left to find Inspiration # 06/30 (416/480) (3:06).
- Then go right to find a bunch of houses. Climb up them and proceed on the right to reach a platform with a bunch of Bomb Bots (watch out!) and Gallery # 01/08 (75/100) (3:10).
- Continue further on the right to get Inspiration # 07/30 (417/480) (3:14) on another rooftop.

- When it's all done you can follow your Compass to reach the Transformation Engine. Since you'll need to go up a few hot platforms to get to it, you may want to get the Haz-Mat Boost again before going there.
- Follow the next Story Point after the transformation, grabbing Inspiration # 08/30 (418/480) (3:33) on the way.

- After activating the next Story Point you'll find yourself in a rather dangerous area. You'll need to proceed carefully, especially because you'll need to perform a bunch of Charge attacks in an area full of Ink and other random enemies. Heavy Inkies too. I remind you that they will guard against your Charges, so don't try to involve them in your Charge attacks!
- Make sure you always have a Haz-Mat Boost on (there's two of them, one on the left and one on the right), and clear the area from all the tanks. You can ignore the rest of the enemies, and indeed it's advisable to do so in order to avoid a waste of "ammo". This is probably the part of the game where you will miss Blob's upgrades the most, but hold on, take your time to proceed carefully, and you'll get through.
- As you continue, you will eventually destroy the tanks on the right side, near which is a small building with Style # 05/10 (3:52).
- On the right side there are also two switches (green and brown). Activating them will spawn a Supercharge Boost in the middle of the area which can simplify your task here. Remember that you can only have one active Boost at the time, and if you get two different Boosts only the second one will apply (so you have to either give up the Haz-Mat or the Supercharge).
- After destroying the tanks, use either of the cannons up the roofs near the [Color] Pools to reach the top of the central structure and press two switches there (green and purple) as well as destroying two helicopters with more Charge attacks.
- When everything is finally done, mix up paintings to become Orange Blob and enter the respective Hole in the central structure.

- Inside this one-time-only area there's nothing special, so just break your way through the enemies (help yourself with the Supercharge Boost on the way) to get to the Transformation Engine at the end.

- Outside again, you will notice that the Ink Water around you has been drained. Jump down on the lowest ground, and check under the bridge in the bottom-left corner to find Gallery # 02/08 (76/100) (5:27).


- Go to the next Story Point to enter this area. Before continuing on the left side, jump on the buildings on the right side (walk forward a bit to find some smaller ones to begin your climbing). You will come across Style # 06/10 (5:40) just near a Red Pool, where you should take a bath since you'll need to press a red switch soon.
- Keep jumping on more roofs on the right (destroy the Mortar on the way if you want), wall-running when necessary, to eventually reach a relatively hidden Inspiration # 09/30 (419/480) (5:45). You probably saw it in the previous cutscene actually, but it got out of sight afterwards.

- Jump down from here, and grab the Brown Clock on the ground nearby if you haven't done so earlier. Then go to the other side of the area, and start slamming the traffic of air-cars (mini-trains if you prefer) with LT+A. Before painting them all though, go left (upstream) jumping on the first railway from an air-car to the other one until you manage to reach the left end, where a building has Gallery # 03/08 (77/100) (5:53) on its top.
- Paint at least one air-car per railway, so a red switch appears. Make your way to it, and press it to continue.

- Reach the next Story Point. This will remove the Ink from the buildings around you, thus letting you paint them with specific colors. You can start with the green first, then orange and finally yellow.
- When it's all done, a Transformation Engine will appear: use it.

- A Z-Line has been enabled too now. Use it to reach the next portion of the area.
- You will land on a large ink boat, and there will be quite many enemies and Graviton Boosts around you.
- Start by going forward on the boat, and get the first Graviton Boost in front of you. Mop up as many enemies as you can with it.
- Then, also in front of you, climb up some buildings (near a Blue Pool, for reference) to reach Style # 07/10 (7:15).
- Wall-run on your left to get Inspiration # 10/30 (420/480) (7:31).

- On the right side of the area there are more buildings you can climb up to get another Style # 08/10 (7:25).
- Jump on the left roofs from here to get Gallery # 04/08 (78/100) (7:26) too.

- Back on the ground, turn around and start going to the other end of the boat. Check the right (as you go) side of the boat to find a few crates you can smash to get Inspiration # 11/30 (421/480) (7:49).
- Keep mopping up the enemies, and check behind a huge pillar on the right side to find Gallery # 05/08 (79/100) (7:47).
- Annihilate the rest of the enemies to spawn a hole in the boat itself. Go through it (8:01).

- Reach the bottom levels of the hole. You will soon find an area where the Ink Water raises and goes down periodically. Your timing mustn't be perfect to proceed, but you can't afford slow reactions either.
- Proceed to the right in this area, trying to remain Blue Blob (you'll need it soon), and you will automatically come across Inspiration # 12/30 (422/480) (8:13), revealed on your path as the Ink Water lowers.
- Grab the huge Color Atom as you continue, then sprint past it to reach a jumper. At the top of the jump you will see two switches, one of which is optional and blue. Press it to reveal a "secret" room, where Inspiration # 13/30 (423/480) (8:33) is.
- Then press the other ("clear") switch and continue to exit the hole.

- Outside again, a "path of Color Atoms" will help you find the way to continue. Follow it to come across Inspiration # 14/30 (424/480) (8:52), on your right as you pass on a half-sunk boat.
- Keep going to reach the next Story Point, before which you can't help seeing Inspiration # 15/30 (425/480) (8:57).

- The next area can be quite dangerous, so watch out. There's a couple of switching Elites that you should just ignore.
- What you can't ignore is a bunch of Spikeys and a Hypno Disc, the TV Set of which is on the rear of the building in the middle of the area (a Police Station). Don't give priority to this one though, or you'll get shot by the Spikeys on the ground. Instead, wait until the Hypno Disc goes away from any of the Spikeys, and slowly work your kills on them, recharging your color after every Charge. You'll eventually succeed.
- Next you'll need to slam the Red and Yellow Paintbots on the roofs on the left/right (watch out for hot platforms of course), thus becoming Orange Blob to enter the correspondent hole in the Police Station (9:41).

- There's nothing inside this one-time-only area so defeat all the enemies to spawn, and use, the Transformation Engine inside.

- Reach the next Story Point. If your timer marks about/more than 10 minutes, proceed to get the next collectibles now. Otherwise it's better if you leave them for the timer-free roaming later (you need way less time than 10 minutes actually, but better safe than sorry).
- Assuming you have enough time (you should), continue on the left side instead of jumping on the right, and smash the crates on the left of three houses to get Inspiration # 16/30 (426/480) (10:30).
- Jump on the roof of these same houses (paint them all to destroy the hot platforms on their roofs), then jump to the right, where you will see Style # 09/10 (10:35) on more hot platforms. Never mind about getting burnt: just grab the item, then quickly jump off on the left to land in the Clear Water and expire the fire (if you got caught at all).

- In the Clear Water, check immediately on your left to find a small sandy area where is Inspiration # 17/30 (427/480) (10:41).
- Float in the water all the way to the left until you reach a ledge/rock you can climb up. Do so, and keep climbing up more ledges all the way to the top, where you will find Inspiration # 18/30 (428/480) (10:52).
- On the lower ledges/rocks on the other side of this same cliff there's also Gallery # 06/08 (80/100) (10:54).
- Jump back in the water, and stick to the left side as you go. You will eventually reach a ledge near the edge of the water, where you can get Gallery # 07/08 (81/100) (11:03).
- Continue further left still in the water, but check the right side as you go. You will soon come across a jumper, a few Color Atoms and Gallery # 08/08 (82/100) (11:08), everything on a small platform/walkway near the water.

- Use the jumper nearby to get back up, and this time follow the story objectives, Charging helicopters and smashing enemies to continue.
- When it's all done, the Blue Hole in the main structure will open up -- enter inside (11:44).

- There's nothing to pick up in this one-time-only area, so keep going and pressing buttons until you can activate the Transformation Engine.

- Back outside, don't jump down yet. Instead, wait for a large air-ship to pass by in front of you, and ride it to reach Inspiration # 19/30 (429/480) (12:37) in mid-air.
- Jump down, and continue towards the next area, past a bridge. Before entering inside the cave a cutscene will trigger.
- Before entering, again, jump on the structure around the giant "thing" where you need to enter. At about the top of this structure you will find Inspiration # 20/30 (430/480) (12:59).
- Drop down on the right side (right if you face the entrance of the cave) to find also Style # 10/10 (13:00).
- Finally enter inside the cave (13:03).

Inky Fabricator

- This final area is full of optional detours, and it's a one-time-only area. In particular, there are three levels of conveyor belts. The middle one, where you start, is the one that will take you to the final area. Then you can jump off to the lower ones to get some collectibles, and get back up with jumpers from the lower ones to the middle ones. You can reach the upper conveyor belts by using some cannons to shoot Blob there, and then go back to the middle level by jumping off the higher one.
- Not all the detours are equally important though, and although five minutes (let's say 7 to add a generous margin of error) are enough to complete the level until the final timer-stopper Transformation Engine, it's better not to get lost. If you don't have said time, try to boost your timer up by liberating the Graydians from the block of houses nearby before entering inside.

- Very close to where you start, on the left, you can immediately use the first cannon. Do so to reach the first upper conveyor belt.
- Jump on the conveyor belt to proceed upstream more quickly than just running on it. Do what you can to avoid the Ink Puddles, but don't worry too much if you get contaminated: there's a Clear Water "fountain" thing on the other end of the conveyor belt, and you can use that to heal yourself. When you're not contaminated try to smash all the Paintbots you come across, so you can always be at full health, just in case.
- Once you've reached the other end of the conveyor belt, you will see a platform with a big Color Atom on your left. Jump there to get it: it's one of those that earn you +10,000 points.
- Then jump back on the conveyor belt, go back to the other side (the one where you landed after the cannon shot), and jump off the edge on the right to return on the middle level.

- From the middle level, jump off the conveyor belt again to reach the first conveyor belt of the lower level.
- Follow this one upstream too, and jump on the platform on the left when you reach its other end: another big Color Atom waits for you there. Get it, then turn around and proceed on the same direction of this conveyor belt to reach a jumper that will take you once again to the middle level.

- Now proceed on the middle level, following the direction of the conveyor belt to get through a gate that will automatically open for you.
- Ignore the second cannon on your right, and ignore the second lower-level conveyor belt on the left. Proceed through another gate.

- You will soon come across the third cannon, near which is also Inspiration # 21/30 (431/480) (13:38).
- Use the cannon to shoot Blob on the third upper-level conveyor belt. Follow it upstream as usual to reach another Inspiration # 22/30 (432/480) (13:48).
- Return on the middle level.
- Jump off on the right to reach the third lower-level conveyor belt. Follow this one upstream once again to reach the third and last platform with a big Color Atom to pick up.

- At this point your score should be about 350,000 points, more or less, which should be a more than enough base for later. You should be fine even if you have about 340,000 points, but anyways now it's time to move on and not grind.
- Use a jumper to return on the middle level again, then follow it all the way to the end to be automatically aspired by a vacuum pipe which will take you to a boss fight arena.

- The boss fight is actually very simple. You'll need to press a color switch to spawn some "color tiles" on the ground, and then paint these tiles in the correct order to lure the "Monster" enemy on a hot platform that needs to be activated with another switch (nearby) before being functional.
- The Monster can attack you, and will typically do so after being attacked in his turn, especially if you stand close to it. It can slam the ground with its fists, throw inkballs at you (jump with A to dodge), and also spin randomly in the area (duck with RT to dodge). You should manage to avoid its attacks with ease.
- Your first assault will be no problem, since the tiles you have to paint proceed in just one direction.
- The second assault will present a fork in the path of the tiles at one point: a path will go "up" and takes you to an Armor Pickup. It's the wrong one of course, so take the other path (which goes "down") to reach the next trap for the Monster. Beware that if you paint even a single tile of the wrong path you won't be able to paint the tiles of the correct path afterwards.
- The third assault will present two forks. The first one takes you either to the bottom-left, where an Armor Pickup is, or to the upper-left. Follow this second path of course. The second fork lets you choose between "up" and "down": the former takes you to an Armor Pickup, while the latter leads to the third and final hot platform to defeat the Monster.
- After a bunch of cutscenes you'll be outside, ready to use the final Transformation Engine: do so.

At this point the timer has stopped and the Bonus Challenges have appeared. Complete them all (there's 8 of them) to get up to Inspiration # 30/30 (440/480). Then get the three Gold Medals as usual.
Check if you have at least 460,000 points before completing the level. If you don't, return to the previous "hellish" area where you had to Charge a large amount of tanks earlier. In that area there are two couples of Pools, and you can paint the building attached to the Pools with the color of one Pool first and then the other one to get +30 points every time (you somehow paint three buildings at once there).

By completing this level you will unlock:

Railyards liberated in de Blob 2
"Inky Fabricator" level completed
  • Unlocked by 130 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 2.02) 528

Level Eleven - Rocket Range

- Inspirations: 30 Total; 11 from Bonus Challenges; 4 missable (Inspirations # 06, 10, 13, 18)
- Galleries: 10 Total; 1 missable (Gallery # 09)
- Style Bonuses: 7 Total; 1 missable (Style # 07)
- S-Rank Score: 915,000 Minimum. Total Bonus Score available (11/11 Bonus Challenges + 7/7 Style Bonuses + 3/3 Gold Medals): 295,000. Score suggested before entering the final cave (point of no return): 590,000+
- Video of the level

Freedom Bridge

- You start on a high bridge. Jump off to the left and look for a small ledge surrounded by Ink Water to find Gallery # 01/10 (83/100) (0:02).
- Reach the first Story Point.
- Continue towards the island where a bunch of enemies that you have to defeat are. On this island are some higher buildings, with crates on their roofs.
- Smash all the crates you find to get Inspiration # 01/30 (441/480) (0:11) and, on the other side, Gallery # 02/10 (84/100) (0:18).
- Watch out for the Spikey enemies (give them priority), then mop the rest up.
- A purple switch will appear once they're all dead: press it.

- Reach the next Story Point.
- You'll be asked to paint buildings of a specific color. You can find a Yellow Paintbot under the crates on the left building (which you need to paint orange), a Red Paintbot on a ledge between the buildings, and a Blue Paintbot under a crate on the right building (which you need to paint orange).
- As you paint the orange building you may need to drop off the edge to reach the last wall to paint. When dropping off from there you will land near a crate (which is on a broken piece of the bridge which crashed in the middle of Clear Water): if you managed to keep your color on (if you didn't fall in the Clear Water), smash this crate while you're here to get Gallery # 03/10 (85/100) (1:01). Otherwise get back up and drop off the edge again to land deliberately where the broken piece of bridge is instead of falling in the water
- Press the red switch that spawned to continue.

- Turn around and become Blue Blob before proceeding (you'll need this color soon for another switch and there are no more Paintbots on the way).
- Reach the blue switch, ignoring the enemies on the way for now (feel free to fight if you just can't resist, but don't expect 100 ammo to be enough for them all), and press it to move on.

- Reach the next Story Point, located on a few ledges surrounded by Ink Water. You'll be asked to paint a bunch of buildings of different colors. There's a Haz-Mat Boost that will help you, as well as a Red Paintbot on the ledges where this Story Point is, and a Yellow Paintbot on a ledge on the left side of the area.
- There are also a Blue Pool and a Red Pool on the opposite sides of the area. Mix up the required colors, watch out for the enemies (Spikeys too) on the way, and continue.
- As you paint the purple buildings, you will easily grab Style # 01/07 (1:37) on one of their roof.
- Press the brown switch (mix Blue Pool + Red Paintbot + Yellow Paintbot) to continue.

- There are elevators and air-ships moving around this place after pressing the previous switch. In particular while standing on the brown switch, with your back at the Haz-Mat Boost, look in front of you and you will see an elevator platform which goes up and down. Ride it up.
- From where it takes you, wait until an air-ship passes by, and slam onto it to hitch a ride. Kill the two enemies that are on it, while you can.
- Let the air-ship make a whole lap counterclockwise, so it takes you near the next Story Point -- jump there to continue.

- After activating the Story Point, two cannons on the ground will become available as a shortcut to send Blob directly back on this platform (should you fall down, this is the way to return here).
- Before continuing though, go to the right side of this platform, and wait for another air-ship to pass by. This one explores the right (left from your current point of view actually) side of the previous open area. Kill the two enemies on it too by the way.
- In particular, after a short while it will take you to a high ledge (on your left) where Gallery # 04/10 (86/100) (3:09) is.
- Drop down from this ledge to find and get Inspiration # 02/30 (442/480) (3:11). If you didn't lose your color, paint the nearby tree while you're here.
- Jump back to the central area, and climb up the first buildings you come across. On their top is a platform where Inspiration # 03/30 (443/480) (3:15) is (you probably saw this while riding the air-ship).

- From the position of the last collectible you can wait for the same last air-ship to pass by again. Do so and take another ride.
- Shortly after getting on it you will reach another high ledge, also on your left, where Inspiration # 04/30 (444/480) (3:27) is.
- From this ledge you can jump towards another ledge to your right. This ledge has an upper rock with Gallery # 05/10 (87/100)(3:29), and that's where you want to jump (make a long jump; if you fail, ride the ship again; you can actually manage to get up there by jumping on the tree attached to the wall below, but it's kinda tricky).
- After the Gallery, drop down to get Style # 02/07 (3:30) on the lower rocks.

- That's all for this area: use the cannons on the other side of the area to go back to where you were.
- Other than liberating the required Graydians, smash all the crates you come across. One of those on the right side will earn you Inspiration # 05/30 (445/480) (3:47).
- Another crate, but on the left side this time, will earn you Gallery # 06/10 (88/100) (3:52).
- Enter the Brown Hole when it spawns (after liberating the Graydians) (4:03).

- This is a one-time-only area. Just past the Blue Pool where you'll land you will clearly see Inspiration # 06/30 (446/480) (4:05).
- There's nothing else to pick up then: complete this level and use the Transformation Engine at the end to exit outside and continue.

Space Centre

- Back outside, proceed to the next Story Point, which is in this new area.
- You'll have to defeat three waves of enemies (two with some offensive Boost assistance). There's a Purple Pool on the upper-left side of this area, so make sure to refill your ammo there.
- The first wave is a bunch of regular enemies; just defeat them.
- The second wave has a few Spikeys too, but luckily there's a Supercharge Boost that you can use to make your life easy. Don't ever jump of course, just Charge from the ground.
- The third wave will feature some Heavy Inkies instead, but there's a Wrecking Ball that you can get to simplify everything. This Boost is on some higher rooftops, and you can get there by jumping and wall-running behind the buildings on the left of the Purple Pool (clockwise). Before getting the Boost though, keep climbing up to reach Inspiration # 07/30 (447/480) (5:27).
- Get the Wrecking Ball Boost then, and roll over the enemies.

- When they're all dead you'll have to enter another building via Orange Hole (a couple of switching Elites will be spawned too, just ignore them). Before doing this though, jump on the small buildings on the left side, and then drop on the lower platforms/buildings to the left. You will reach Inspiration # 08/30 (448/480) (5:42) on one of them.
- Also around these parts, you can smash a few crates on these buildings to get Style # 03/07 (5:43).
- Continue to the left, down to the Ink Water. Stick to the rock wall on your left as you drop down, and you will find, under a bridge near the rock wall, Gallery # 07/10 (89/100) (5:48). This item is floating on the Ink Water, in case you wonder.
- Proceed farther to go past the Ink Water and reach the Clear Water instead. On a small island somewhere in this Clear Water you will also find Inspiration # 09/30 (449/480) (5:54).
- Make your way back to where you're supposed to go, and enter the Orange Hole when you're ready (6:09)

- Proceed through this building (one-time-only area), and you will automatically come across Inspiration # 10/30 (450/480) (6:20).
- There's nothing else in this area. At one point you'll have to defeat four Elites: a good order can be Yellow Elite first, then the Orange Elites, then Red Elite.
- Later you'll have to defeat more Elites and random enemies too, but thankfully there will be a Graviton Boost helping you out.
- Use the Transformation Engine at the end to continue.

- Outside, proceed to the next Story Point. As you go down the path, on your left there will be a Red Pool. Past this Pool you will see, also on the left, small buildings with enemies and crates on them: one of the crates will earn you Style # 04/07 (7:43).
- You have to press a brown switch in a platform in the middle of Clear Water. There are Paintbots that will help you getting the correct colors. Moreover, on a small island behind the platform where the switch is you can also get Gallery # 08/10 (90/100)(7:51).
- Press the brown switch.

- This will activate a gravity wall somewhere nearby. Use it all the way up to reach the upper part of the pipes, where is Inspiration # 11/30 (451/480) (7:58).
- Reach the next Story Point. You'll be asked to push a couple of switches (there's plenty of Paintbots to get the painting).
- On the right side of the area where you are, near a Haz-Mat Boost, you should easily see a few crates. Smash them for Inspiration # 12/30 (452/480) (8:08).
- Watch out for the Spikeys, then continue to press the two switches and complete the current task.

- Activate the next Story Point, and paint the buildings as you're asked. You can do the orange first and then the purple ones.
- Get some brown painting and enter the Brown Hole (9:14).

- This is a one-time-only area. As soon as you enter there'll be an elevator on your right. Ride it down and then go left to find Inspiration # 13/30 (453/480) (9:16).
- Then continue to the right and proceed as it comes natural to reach the Transformation Engine of this area.

- Back outside, use the jumper on the top of the building where you've just been to proceed automatically through a transparent pipe, thus reaching the last area.

Launch Pad

- Activate the next Story Point; you'll be told to press a couple of switches.
- You can see the switches immediately on your right, past the Story Point itself. Grab the Haz-Mat Boost on the way too. There are Paintbots here and there to get your color, just look for them.
- There's Style # 05/07 (10:15) on a small roof just behind/left of the green switch.
- As you go right from the green switch to the orange one, on your left there will be an open area. Jump there to find Inspiration # 14/30 (454/480) (10:18) on a small ledge.
- Press the two switches to complete the current mission.

- Reach the next Story Point. Before pressing the blue switch to activate a gravity wall and continue, there's a few items to pick up in this area now that it's safe to explore it.
- Proceed counterclockwise (on the right side) from the last Story Point you just activated, and you will soon come across spiked crates that you can Charge at to get Inspiration # 15/30 (455/480) (10:51).
- Continue counterclockwise, and open your eyes to find, on the right side on the ground, Style # 06/07 (10:55).
- Keep going counterclockwise and, again on your right, look for Inspiration # 16/30 (456/480) (11:01), almost hidden on a roof.
- Proceed counterclockwise to find more spiked crates on the way. Charge at them to receive Inspiration # 17/30 (457/480) (11:06).

- Now continue counterclockwise another bit to return to the blue switch that you can now press to activate a gravity wall to continue up.
- Keep going up the tower until you're forced to enter a hole in the ground (11:32).

- This is a one-time-only area: although the hole remains open, it's not possible to reach it after exiting (the exit will be sealed). Inside this hole, proceed past a brown turn-line.
- In the area past the brown turn-line there's a cannon on the left side: use it to shoot Blob in the air and grab a bunch of Color Atoms automatically.
- You will land near a blue switch: press it, but don't proceed right quite yet.
- Instead, go down to the left to reach the lower level, where Style # 07/07 (11:53) is.
- Keep going for quite a while, using the cannons to proceed. At one point you will use a cannon to shoot Blob straight upwards, and just on the right of where you land there will be another cannon that fires straight upwards. Don't use this second cannon at first, and proceed past it to the right.
- You will soon find a bunch of gravity surfaces: follow them to reach Gallery # 09/10 (91/100) (12:54) and Inspiration # 18/30 (458/480) (12:55).
- Return to the cannon you previously ignored and continue through the area until you can use a final cannon to fire Blob up and out.

- Outside again, reach the next Story Point, and an easy color puzzle will be your next task. Complete it to proceed.

- Continue to the next Story Point. You'll have to climb up the central structure all the way to the top, where a Transformation Engine awaits. On the way you may see an Inspiration under a platform where you'll pass by, but ignore it for now.
- Use the Transformation Engine.

At this point the timer has stopped, and the Bonus Challenges are available. There's still a couple of items to get before focusing on them and the Gold Medals.

- Jump off the high structure where you are. On the ground somewhere there are two Z-Discs on two different buildings, not far from each other. One of them is useless, while the other one will lead you automatically (as you follow the Z-Line) to Inspiration # 19/30 (459/480) (14:30). Just try the first one you find: if it's not the correct one, look for the only other one.
- Jump back on the ground again, and this time jump towards the large Clear Sea area off the area where you are. Jump about from where the last Z-Disc you used is. Float in the water to reach a lonely island where, behind a rock, is Gallery # 10/10 (92/100) (14:43).

Now you can complete all the 11 Bonus Challenges to get up to Inspiration # 30/30 (470/480). Then focus on the three Gold Medals, as usual.

Like it was in the first level of the game, this level won't end immediately after talking to Pinky, but instead a new passage will open (a 100-points Red Hole), giving you access to the final 2D area of the level. Before entering inside (it's a point of no-return!) make sure you have about 590,000+ points (possibly more, which should really be no problem) before entering inside.

- In the last area there's nothing to pick up, and it's rather straight-forward too. Complete it all the way to the use of the last Transformation Engine of this level.

By completing this level you will unlock:

Rocket Range liberated in de Blob 2
"Rocket Range" level completed
  • Unlocked by 124 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.07) 528

Level Twelve - Hypno Ray

- Inspirations: 10 Total; 3 from Bonus Challenges; all missable
- Galleries: 8 Total; all missable
- Style Bonuses: 10 Total; all missable
- S-Rank Score: 1,350,000 Minimum. Calculations don't really matter here, just grab every Color Atom you come across to round up your score
- Video of the level

All the collectibles of this level are missable because this level ends with the final boss fight, to which will follow the completion of the game. You will make your way across the open space by jumping off small spheroidal asteroids, which you need to paint with a specific color every time, and also off some long satellites where you'll find Haz-Mat Boosts to protect you against various hazards (spikes, hot platforms, electricity traps) while collecting Color Atoms. Every now and then you will be able to detour in geodomes, where secondary collectibles are found (Graydians, trees, crates), as well as primary collectibles too. This is about how the level is structured.

- You start in an airship: go all the way to its end, grabbing a couple of optional Color Atoms when you find a jumper on the way.
- Press a switch on the way to exit outside.

- You are on the first satellite. Near its engines you will spot Style # 01/10 (0:15) (as well as a Life Pickup, if you continue on the left from here).
- Reach the first Story Point, then jump on a jumper to reach the first asteroid.

- On this "red asteroid" there's Style # 02/10 (0:25) on one of the houses you have to paint. There are Red Pools around, so you won't have problems completing the task (one of the twelve houses has a globe on its top that you need to paint too).
- When it's all done a Z-Line to the next asteroid will become available.

- You will reach the "yellow" asteroid, pretty much the same as the red one, except that the Style # 03/10 (0:37) is on the ground instead of on a building.
- Complete the painting work and use the next Z-Line.
- At the end of the line you will be on a small spaceship, and you'll be given two choices by means of a cutscene. Don't proceed on the next Z-Line, but instead jump off the spaceship to your right (0:54), where you can clearly see a geo-dome. Don't worry if it seems a bit too far away, you'll automatically make a long jump (there's little gravity here after all).

- Inside the first geo-dome there are 23 Graydians, 4 Trees and 11 Crates; we will double-check that everything has been collected before leaving.
- There are also 2 Inspirations (both in different crates), 2 Galleries (one on a building, one on a platform) and 1 Style (on the ground) to collect.
- Activate the Bonus Challenge, which requires you to press a blue switch. There's a Blue Paintbot on a platform which goes up and down periodically -- jump there to get it.
- You will come across Gallery # 01/08 (93/100) (0:59) naturally, since it's just on the small platform where the Blue Paintbot is.
- Press the blue switch to spawn a bunch of Color Pools and a few enemies. Defeat them.
- Smash all the crates in the central area, and then start mopping up the rest of them around the place.
- From the Color Pools, if you proceed counterclockwise you will find three crates, one of which contains Inspiration # 01/10 (471/480) (1:20).
- On the opposite side of the area from the Color Pools you will find a high building with three tiny chimneys on its top. It's one of those you need to paint green, for reference. Climb up near the three tiny chimneys to find Gallery # 02/08 (94/100) (1:32).
- At the bottom of this same block of buildings, behind them, there's Style # 04/10 (1:41).
- Continue counterclockwise from the last item to find Inspiration # 02/10 (472/480) inside a crate (1:42).
- Keep liberating Graydians, painting trees and smashing crates if necessary, until you can read these numbers after accessing the "Progress" menu (press Start to access this menu): 23 Liberation, 4 Environment, 11 Clean Up, 2 Inspiration, 2 Gallery, 4 Style.
- If it's all done, you can complete the local events as it comes natural: paint all the buildings, press a green switch, collect a bunch of Color Atoms and use the Transformation Engine to automatically exit this geo-dome.

- Outside the dome you will receive Inspiration # 03/10 (473/480) for completing the previous Bonus Challenge.
- Don't use the Z-Disc on the geo-dome's external surface yet. Instead, walk all the way on its surface to reach its bottom part (where your floor is made of rocks instead of glass). Proceed around the base of the geo-dome (about between the glass and the rock surface) until you eventually find Gallery # 03/08 (95/100) (2:46).
- Now you can go back to the Z-Disc near its top, and use it to reach the next asteroid.

- This is the blue asteroid, where you will find Style # 05/10 (3:05) on a building you have to paint, as well as a bunch of spiked traps to avoid.
- Continue with the Z-Line after painting all the buildings.

- You will reach a central platform (which rotates). Use a nearby jumper to jump away and reach a satellite.

- You will land on a spiked satellite. Use the Haz-Mat at its base, and collect all the Color Atoms on it to continue. The best thing to do is, of course, proceeding in the direction opposite the direction where the single segments of the satellite rotate. I mean that, for instance, the first segment rotates clockwise (to the right), and therefore you will go around it faster if you proceed counterclockwise (to the left) around it. It's something intuitive anyways.
- When all the Color Atoms have been collected, the traps will be gone and you will be able to access another jumper: do so to reach the next location.

- You are now on the purple asteroid, but there are no Pools available right now. Enter inside the marked hole (ignore the Style you may see on a rooftop protected by hot platforms).
- Inside the hole you'll have to press three switches: go all the way right to press the yellow switch first, then the green one, and finally the blue one.
- Soak in the Purple Water that will become available in this 2D area (near the entrance/exit), then go back outside.
- Paint all the buildings of the purple asteroid, and get Style # 06/10 (4:16) on one of them once they're all painted (and, as a consequence of this, the hot platforms are gone).

- Use the Z-Line afterwards, and you will land on another small spaceship. On your right you will see the second geo-dome: ignore the Z-Line on the spaceship as you did earlier, and jump to the geo-dome itself.

- In the second geo-dome there are 17 Graydians, 3 Trees, 9 Crates.
- There are also 2 Galleries (one on a building, one inside a crate) and 1 Style (inside a crate).
- Reach the Bonus Challenge marker up a small building, then smash a few enemies and press a green switch as demanded.
- A Rainbow Boost will spawn now, as well as some Color Pools and a few enemies. Get the Rainbow Boost to eliminate the enemies more easily, and then start painting the buildings with it (watch out for the hot platforms).
- On the top of the block of buildings closest to the green switch you previously pressed, near a chimney on the right side, you will find Gallery # 04/08 (96/100) (5:17).
- Smash all the crates around the buildings to find also Gallery # 05/08 (97/100) and Style # 07/10 (5:00 and 5:03).
- When it's all painted you're ready to go. Double-check if you have these numbers in your Progress summary: 40 Liberation, 7 Environment, 20 Clean Up, 3 Inspiration, 5 Gallery, 7 Style.
- If you do, you're ready to go: get the Color Atoms on the various platforms that will spawn after completing the painting work and pressing a green switch, and use the Transformation Engine to exit this geo-dome.

- You will receive Inspiration # 04/10 (474/480) for completing the Bonus Challenge.
- Still on the external surface of the geo-dome, now reach its bottom as you did with the first geo-dome to get another Gallery # 06/08 (98/100) (6:22).
- Continue with the Z-Line at the top of the external surface of the geo-dome.

- You will reach the green asteroid, which doesn't have Green Pools available outside like the previous one. You can grab Style # 08/10 (6:33) right away on the roof of one of the houses, since this time the danger is represented by hot platforms on the ground while the rooftops are free.
- Enter inside another hole in the ground, and complete the mini-puzzle there (push the green and orange buttons), possibly while also collecting Color Atoms, to spawn and soak in some Green Water.
- Back outside, complete the usual painting work and continue with the next Z-Line.

- You will land on a satellite with hot platforms on its surface. Pick up the Haz-Mat at the base of the satellite, then get all the Color Atoms to spawn the next jumper.

- Use the jumper to continue and reach the orange asteroid, where electric traps are placed on the roofs of the buildings.
- Enter inside the hole (there won't be Color Pools outside on the remaining asteroids either) and continue to the left to press the yellow button first, and then the orange one. This will spawn Orange Water.
- Back outside, paint all the buildings and then get Style # 09/10 (8:16) on them, once the electric traps are gone (which happens when the painting is complete).
- Use the next Z-Line to proceed.

- You will land on some small spaceships with Paintbots and enemies on. Defeat the enemies to reach the big central rotating satellite.
- In the middle of this rotating satellite you'll be able to climb up four gravity walls. They rotate too, so wait until they're aligned to continue. Use the Z-Line on the fourth one to reach another rotating satellite.
- Locate a jumper with a bunch of Color Atoms on, and use it to reach the next satellite.

- You're on a satellite with some electric traps on. Get the usual Haz-Mat Boost from its base, then collect the Color Atoms on its surface to be able to proceed with the next jumper.
- You're on another satellite with electric traps, Color Atoms and Haz-Mat. Do what you have to to spawn the jumper to continue.

- You will now reach the final asteroid, the brown asteroid, with electric traps on the ground.
- Enter the hole in this place, and press the two buttons inside to open the doors to the Brown Water.
- Paint everything outside, and use the Z-Line that will spawn to reach the next spaceship with a geo-dome on the right.

- From the spaceship, jump to the right to enter the geo-dome.
- In this third and last geodome you will find the last Graydians, trees and crates of the game. Smash everything until you have the three Gold Medals.
- There are also 3 Inspirations (one on the ground behind some buildings and two more inside the crates), 1 Gallery (up a high building) and 1 Style (on the ground).
- While getting all the stuff, proceed with the tasks related to the final Bonus Challenge as well. Keep your Brown Blob color, since there's a brown switch to press before doing anything else.
- Get Style # 10/10 (10:26) on one of the small buildings around the Ink Water in the central area.
- Smash the crates behind the brown switch to get Inspiration # 05/10 (475/480) (11:03). Press the switch to spawn more enemies, Color Pools and a Haz-Mat Boost.
- Smash more crates found if you proceed counterclockwise from here to get also Inspiration # 06/10 (476/480) (10:33).
- Continue behind the buildings just near the last crates to find Inspiration # 07/10 (477/480) (12:42) as well.
- Complete all the story-related tasks (defeat enemies and paint buildings) and make sure you have the three Gold Medals. You're still missing a Gallery, but don't worry about it for now.
- Press the final orange switch (you need the Yellow Paintbot up a platform to get this color) when it spawns, thus raising up the usual final platforms with Color Atoms on.
- At this point you can get Gallery # 07/08 (99/100) (12:28) by jumping off one of the platforms that go up and down. In particular, you want to jump off the one closest to the Yellow Paintbot, since the Gallery is just above it.
- Jump back to the highest platform and get the Color Atoms to spawn the last Transformation Engine: use it to exit.

- On the external surface of the third geo-dome you will get the usual Inspiration # 08/10 (478/480) for completing the Bonus Challenge.
- Reach the base of the geo-dome from its external surface to find the last Gallery # 08/08 (100/100) (13:15). You won't hear any sweet pop-up sound right now, since the Achievement for getting them all will unlock only at the end of the level.
- Proceed with the story by using the Z-Line at the top of the third geo-dome.

- You will land on the last rotating satellite. Mix up the orange painting, then keep going with the story to enter a Orange Hole.

- You'll be in the last 2D area of the game. There's nothing noteworthy for quite a while, so I'll let you go on your own.
- At one point you will go through a transparent pipe and end up in Purple Water. At this point you'll have to fight a set of tanks (there's a Supercharge somewhere to help you out), which is the second group of them you come across since you just fought another one a short while earlier.
- After defeating these enemies you will use a cannon, a jumper, and then another cannon to land in an area with 7 enemies to kill. You should naturally see an Inspiration at this point (after the last cannon shot you land on a gravity ceiling, and on the floor above your head there's the Inspiration).
- Defeat the 7 enemies and use a short Z-Line to find two more. Then jump to the right of the end of the Z-Line, towards a cannon, and then jump down to the left from this cannon to reach the Inspiration # 09/10 (479/480) (14:57) that we mentioned a moment ago.
- Keep going on with Z-Lines and jumpers, and you will naturally see Inspiration # 10/10 (480/480) (15:10) to your right, in a small alcove, as you use a Z-Line. Go to the end of the Z-Line, then jump down to the right to get it.

- This is all -- complete the events in this 2D area to access the final boss fight.

- The final boss fight will last quite a few minutes, and it's somehow similar to the fight against "Monster" in the Inky Fabricator (Railyards) level. However, in this case there are no "wrong paths" to paint on the ground, and therefore you can take your time, skip some tiles, and so on.
- I'll leave the simple fight up to you, but keep in mind that there will be many enemies that you should ignore, as well as hazards (even a new entry, a giant electric sphere which hits you even if you're under the Haz-Mat protection), and different Boosts.
- The game will spawn the Haz-Mat Boost first, then the Regen Boost, and then the Supercharge. The Regen Boost is probably less useful than the Haz-Mat in this situation (there are enough Paintbots to recover your ammo easily, and enough traps to want to have the Haz-Mat protection on), so I'd suggest to stick with the Haz-Mat and ignore the Regen. The Supercharge is just too much better than the Haz-Mat/Regen though (you have to Charge at a lot of stuff), so use it when it becomes available.
- At the end you'll have to defeat 100 enemies: get the Supercharge again to make this task easy.

When it's all done, the ending and the credits will roll for about 7 minutes total. Then the final score screen will prompt on the screen. You should have achieved the S-Rank with no problems (1,350,000 points), and a lot of achievements will now pop-up.

By completing this level you will unlock:

Hypno Ray destroyed in de Blob 2
"Hypno Ray" level completed
  • Unlocked by 123 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.08) 528

Since you also came across the last of the enemies for story-related reasons, you will also unlock:

INKT informed in de Blob 2
Pinky's Guide to Inkies completed
  • Unlocked by 123 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.08) 528

If you completed every level of the game on Normal you will unlock:

Medal of Color in de Blob 2
All story levels completed in normal mode
  • Unlocked by 106 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.25) 528

If you completed every level of the game without upgrades while playing on Normal too (remember that on Easy you have all the Life Upgrades by default) you will unlock another achievement too. In case you wonder, the "buggy" flag indicates only that the achievement's description doesn't exactly explain the requirements you need to unlock it (because it doesn't state openly that you need to play on Normal). There's no other glitch whatsoever. Here is the achievement:

Keepin' it real in de Blob 2
All levels completed without upgrades
  • Unlocked by 74 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.68) 528

If you achieved an S-Rank score on every level of the game you will unlock:

Nothing but the best in de Blob 2
All story levels completed to "S" class
  • Unlocked by 88 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.46) 528

If you collected all the Inspirations in all the levels you will unlock:

Totally inspired in de Blob 2
Every Inspiration pickup collected or earned
  • Unlocked by 73 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.70) 528

If you collected all the Galleries in all the levels you will unlock:

Every picture in de Blob 2
Every Gallery pickup collected
  • Unlocked by 71 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.74) 528

If you got the Liberation Gold Medals in all the levels you will unlock:

The People's Hero in de Blob 2
All Gold Liberation awards completed
  • Unlocked by 99 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.33) 528

If you got the Environment Gold Medals in all the levels you will unlock:

Nature Lover in de Blob 2
Nature Lover174 (75)
All Gold Environment awards completed
  • Unlocked by 100 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.31) 528

If you got the Clean Up Gold Medals in all the levels you will unlock:

INK Smasher in de Blob 2
INK Smasher177 (75)
All Gold Clean-up awards completed
  • Unlocked by 97 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.35) 528

Note that all of these "do/get something in all the levels" achievements (the last eight) don't have to be necessarily unlocked at the end of the last level. If, say, you forgot to get an Inspiration in the Downtown level, and then got all the other ones, it'll be enough to replay Downtown, get the Inspiration and complete the level to save your progress and make it count: you will unlock the "Totally Inspired" achievement at the end of the replayed Downtown level. The same thing applies to the other seven achievements of this kind, and to any level of course.

At this point you should only need two more achievements. One is for purchasing all of Blob's upgrades. You can do this in any level by accessing the "Inspiration Shops", but it's even easier if you do this from the title screen menu (third option). Fully upgrade Blob with all the Inspirations you have to unlock:

Maximum Blob in de Blob 2
Maximum Blob123 (50)
Blob and Pinky completely upgraded
  • Unlocked by 88 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.46) 528

Finally play any level of the game and plug a second controller to join as Pinky with Player 2's profile. You will unlock:

Pinky to the rescue in de Blob 2
Blob and Pinky played a level together
  • Unlocked by 194 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.65) 528

With that you'll unlock the final achievement for unlocking every other achievement:

Blob Master in de Blob 2
Blob Master292 (100)
Master De Blob 2 in all possible ways
  • Unlocked by 63 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.91) 528

That is all folks. You can still mess around with the game a bit if you want, maybe take a look at the pictures in the galleries in the Extra menu of the title screen (some are really nice), or listen to the optional tracks of the levels (see general hints and tips). I hope you enjoyed your ride through this game despite a few screams here and there from the Spikeys and Hypno Discs.

Congratulations on your 1000G and thanks for reading!

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